Nieuws 12.2.2021

440.000 euro boete voor OLVG vanwege onvoldoende beveiliging medische dossiers
Belangenverstrengelingen van Peter Daszak, uit WHO-onderzoeksteam
Centrale regie nodig voor aanpak coronaproblemen kinderen
Dierenpolitie krijgt veel meer meldingen binnen over dieren in ijzige kou
E-sigaretten met chocoladesmaak bijzonder schadelijk voor de longen
Er komt 14 miljard dollar beschikbaar voor de Great Green Wall in Afrika
Gezondheidsclubs willen wetgeving tegen ongezond voedsel
Hoe stamcellen, een centrifuge en een 3D-printer een amputatie voorkomen
Jongeren down door de lockdown
Kan een keelontsteking tics bij kinderen verergeren ?
Loslopende honden jagen wild de stuipen op het lijf
Mark Rutte schoof 325 miljoen euro naar vaccinclub GAVI
Onverklaarbaar veel pubers met wintertenen sinds corona
Op één maart zou de coronawet ten einde lopen
Pano maakt balans op na 9 maanden contactopsporing
Sneeuwpret lijkt mentale zuurstof waar we laatste tijd naar op zoek waren
Tienduizenden jonge, gezonde mensen gesloopt door corona
Verbanden tussen vervuiling en kanker bij wilde dieren
Voorkom ouderverstoting door inzet van specialist
Wetenschappers zetten ‘belangrijke stap’ in onderzoek naar behandeling Parkinson
Ziekteverzuim vierde kwartaal hoogste in 18 jaar


Big Government Won’t Make You Feel Fulfilled
Big Pharma Greed Getting In The Way Of Vaccine Distribution
Breast Implant Illness – Sisters Suffering in Silence
Chocolate-flavored E-cigarettes Are Most Harmful to Your Airways
Current Epidemic in Israel is Influenza
Depopulation – That Means You
Earth’s Magnetic Poles May Be About to Flip – Exposing Humans to Radiation and Global Blackouts
Golden Retriever Spent His Life In A Cage And Now He Runs On The Beach
How Brain Circuits Function in Health and Disease
How Plant Medicines Make Their Way To You – By Author Chris Kilham
Is Cheese a Good Probiotic?
Is Fruit Good Or Bad For You? 2021 Fructose Research
Janice Haaken – Trauma and Mental Health in Social Movements
Masked kids are collapsing during games
Ontheffing van de avondklok voor ziekenbezoek
Reporter Finally Corners Press Sec. on Opening Schools
Sleep and Mental Health
Smart Natural Killer Cells For Cancer Treatment
The Big Lie of Big Tobacco
The History Of Our Food System
True Health – Gut and Lung Connection
Woman Spends 5 Months Saving A White Squirrel


14 German Care Home Residents Test Positive for UK Covid-19 Strain After Getting 2nd Pfizer Jab
1918 influenza provides warning for potential future pandemic reemergence
Adult Neurogenesis May Hold Clues for More Effective Treatment of Alcoholism
Air pollution in US subway systems stuns researchers
Allergy Seasons Are Worsening and Climate Change Is Playing a Significant Role
Amazon ordered to stop selling illegal pesticides
Antibodies to common cold coronaviruses do not protect against SARS-CoV-2
AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine has been confusing from the start
At least 36 people develop blood disorder and a doctor DIES after receiving Pfizer or Moderna COVID vaccines
Battling cancer and preventing cancer recurrence with cruciferous vegetables
Biomarkers that could help determine who’s at risk for severe COVID-19 symptoms
Boris Johnson warned he risks leaving children ‘languishing in poverty’
Brain tumor study reveals surprising gene deletion and method to overcome drug resistance
Breastfeeding with COVID-19 doesn’t infect babies — it might even protect them
Can Strep Throat Make Tics Worse in Kids?
CDC Inflated COVID-19 Fatality Rates By 1600%
Children with Type 1 diabetes have lower brain volume, verbal IQ, and overall IQ
Chills, appetite loss, headache may also be COVID-19 symptoms
Circulatory MicroRNAs as Potential Biomarkers for Stroke Risk
Concerning news vaccines may not work against variants
Coronavirus may infect key brain cells, causing neurons to die
Could Spike Protein in Moderna, Pfizer Vaccines Cause Blood Clots, Brain Inflammation and Heart Attacks?
COVID has reached Antarctica. Scientists are extremely concerned for its wildlife
COVID-19 Could Increase Dementia, Brain Disorders for Many Years
Diabetes drug hailed as a ‘game changer’ after trial reveals dramatic weight loss
Difficulties to care for ICU patients caused by COVID-19
Doctor calls COVID-19 vaccines an “experiment”
Energy drinks can be really bad for heart cells
EPA again orders Amazon to stop selling illegal pesticides
Fossil Fuel and Other Polluters Gave Tens of Millions in Campaign Cash to GOP Lawmakers Opposing Biden’s Leasing Freeze
German lawmakers call for ending exports of banned pesticides
Global salmon farming harming marine life and costing billions in damage
Government investigating massive counterfeit N95 mask scam
Great Reset? Putin Says, “Not So Fast”
Handy pen lights up when exposed to nerve gas or spoiled food vapors
Heart disease deaths rising in young women
How American pharma giant Merck, also a vaccine titan, lost the COVID race
How Overfishing is Destroying the Rainforests of the Ocean
If you didn’t wear a mask at the Super Bowl, the police are now hunting for you to press criminal charges
In Utero Exposure to Antibiotics May Up Asthma Risk in Vaginally Born
India’s row with Twitter escalates after social media site refuses to block more than 1,000 accounts
Instagram removes vaccine skeptic Robert F. Kennedy Jr. account with 800,000+ subscribers
Investigating the Long-term Effects of COVID-19
Japan could be forced to toss out MILLIONS of vaccine doses due to shortage of suitable syringes
Japanese goldthread grown with hydroponics is just as potent as wild variants
Links between pollution and cancer in wild animals
Lipid epoxides target pain, inflammatory pathways in neurons
Lockdown sceptics should be more sceptical of their scepticism
Lockdowns in China (2021)
Long-term environmental damage from transportation projects in Kenya, scientists warn
Long-term stress linked to increased risk of heart attack
Lung ultrasound helps predict COVID-19 patient outcomes
Moderna to develop booster shot after South African strain decreased its coronavirus vaccine’s antibody levels
Most parents of children with autism experience serious mental health issues
New report details devastating impact of the Trump administration’s health-harming policies, calls for sweeping reforms
New study uncovers link between perception of time and sense of touch
New targets for the development of a drug treatment for obesity and type 2 diabetes
New technology makes foldable solarcells a practical reality
No technical barrier to novel GMO detection
Obesity bigger killer than smoking in England and Scotland – study
Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine Reduces Viral Load
Pigs can play video games, scientists discover
Pregnant women weren’t included in the Covid vaccine studies. So how do they decide about the shot?
Rivers of gold rush through the Peruvian Amazon in stunning NASA photo
Russia announces development of new Covid-19 test with accurate results in less than 2 hours
Russian scientists significantly improved coal-burning efficiency
Short On Syringes, Japan May Waste Millions Of Pfizer Vaccine Doses
South Africa to give up to 500,000 health workers Johnson & Johnson Covid jab
Specific protein deficiency in US and Europe may have caused faster spread than in Asia – Indian study
Statins Side Effects – Scientists Determine The Risk For Developing Myopathy
Substance in the blood of pregnant women fights pathological immune reaction
The false ivermectin narrative begins
The Flint indictments are a reminder of Pa.’s failure to protect children from lead poisoning
The WHO’s China mission – Five questions still unanswered
This Widely Used Pesticide May Increase Your Risk of COVID
Tiny population of neurons may have big role in depression
Tougher EU privacy rules loom for Messenger, Zoom
Undercover footage at French pig farm shows ‘abusive’ conditions
University of Minnesota Medical School study points to effectiveness of remdesivir
Vegan diet better than Mediterranean diet in weight loss, cholesterol control
Whole-Grain Intake and Pancreatic Cancer Risk
Why Black Men’s Prostate Cancer May be More Responsive to Immunotherapy