Nieuws 12.1.2022

1 op de 5 hartpatiënten gebruikt medicijnen voor de geestelijke gezondheid
440 of 432 Hertz, hoe zit het eigenlijk?
Acht stoffen toegevoegd aan rapport over kankerverwekkende stoffen
Advocaat maakt zich ernstig zorgen om democratische rechtsstaat
Beëindig massale vaccinatie en behandel Covid zoals griep, zegt voormalig UK Vaccine Chief
Bijna 70.000 aangiftes tegen De Jonge ingeleverd bij OM
Burgers in Groningen moeten in de rij staan om subsidie aan te vragen vanwege schade aan hun huis
Chihuahuavereniging denkt dat gedumpte hondjes van broodfokker kwamen
Cijfers die niets zeggen, adviezen die niets waard zijn
Corona is voorbij (en was gewoon ‘de griep’)
De oorsprong van het covid misdaadsyndicaat
Eigen bijdrage jeugdzorg geen appeltje-eitje
Geef boeren meer keuzevrijheid in aanpak vermindering stikstof
Google – Onbetrouwbare en schadelijke beweringen
Handhaving verstoort bijeenkomst Spirituele Wereldkerk
Helft consumenten bereid (iets) meer te betalen voor biologisch
Hoe ranzig zijn scooterhelmen?
IC-capaciteit moet prioriteit nieuw kabinet zijn
IC-verpleegkundige doet boekje open
Interview met Tom Meert over de manifestatie van 23 januari 2022 – Brussel
Jelle van Baardewijk in gesprek met Josette Daemen over coronapolitiek
Londen lijkt over het ergste heen te zijn
Maak grensoverschrijdende situaties zichtbaar rood
Neuroloog waarschuwt, kans op hartspierontsteking na tweede injectie 4 keer zo groot
Nu adviseert het OMT mondkapjes buiten?!
Opmerkelijke uitspraak over inzagerecht nabestaanden
Prikken leidt niet tot herstel vrijheden
Robbert Dijkgraaf, niet iedereen die vragen stelt is een complotdenker
Sander Jansen gooide zijn sportschool open voor zorgpersoneel
Somberheidsklachten bij 30 procent ‘vergeten generatie’ van jonge twintigers
T-cellen van verkoudheid kunnen beschermen tegen coronavirusinfectie, aldus studie
Te kleine subsidiepot aardbevingsschade in een dag leeg
Verpleegster luidt de klok over covid problemen in ziekenhuis
Wat houdt de overheid tegen om de sportsector te openen?
Willem bespreekt met Alexandra Latypova medische zaken, waaronder de ‘toxic batches’


190 – How to heal from trauma and break the cycle of shame
5 Theories on the Origin of Omicron, the Variant That Might End the Pandemic
80% of airline pilots aren’t going to take the booster
A little exercise may ease Gulf War illness symptoms
A third Chinese city has locked down its residents, raising the number confined to their homes in China to 20 million
Abandoning Inconvenient Science How RF Research on the Blood-Brain Barrier Was Shut Down
After once claiming his shots are “100 effective,” Pfizer CEO now says 2 COVID shots “offers very limited protection, if any,” against COVID-19
AI offers a faster way to predict antibiotic resistance
Alcoholics who are given KETAMINE alongside therapy are more likely to stay sober for six months
An algorithmic method to identify epidemic waves of COVID-19
ANOTHER Chinese city enters lockdown – forcing five million more people to stay inside their homes
Anti-vax group decries new restrictions warning (VIDEO)
Are Climate Lockdowns Coming Because of a ‘Climate Emergency’?
Are the vaccines doomed, or are we?
As China converts to clean energy, households should consider using heat pumps
Association between dairy protein and body composition in middle-aged and older women
Austria intensifies controls of adherence to COVID rules
Author says being ‘censored’ led him to write a book on the social harm of lockdown
Bill Gates Funded Research Finds Ivermectin Is Safe To Use Months After It Was Maligned By Media And Government
Blatant Fake CDC Covid Mask Idiocy Revealed
Breakthrough into the cause of male infertility
Building a Better immune System
Can Lab-Grown Palm Oil Save the World’s Tropical Forests?
Can Prozac fight deadly brain cancer?
Case report from UK provides conclusive evidence of immune-mediated liver damage triggered by Moderna vaccine
CDC Director Admits OVER 75% Of Covid Deaths Were Among People With ‘At Least Four Comorbidities’
CDC Director Admits Vaccines Don’t Prevent Transmission
CDC Director Makes SHOCKING Admission About Covid-19 Deaths [WATCH]
Chemicals from thyme and oregano carry anti-tumor properties
China Dismisses Official Who Speaks Truth About COVID Lockdown
China works to keep Omicron at bay ahead of Beijing Winter Olympics
China’s “Artificial Sun” Sets New World Record
Citigroup Will Fire Employees Who Haven’t Been Vaccinated Against COVID
CNN’s Jake Tapper rips into “misleading” COVID hospitalization numbers
Coastal ecosystem being destabilized by climate change
Cologne, Germany protesting the mandates
Common cold might have given Brits protection from Covid before pandemic began
Common Herbs May Hold Key To Tumor-Killing Cancer Treatment
Complementary and Alternative Treatments for Postpartum Depression
Complete Polyp Resection with Cold versus Hot snare Polypectomy for Polyps sized 4-9 mm
Cooking with just HALF a tablespoon of olive oil a day keeps your heart healthy, study claims
Could Climate Change Make Plants More Toxic?
Could Your Friends Be Harmful to Your Health?
Councillors slam van Holst for ‘exceptionally misleading’ COVID-19 claims
Covid Fearmongering Has Devastating Impact On Mental Health
Covid is now killing HALF as many people per day as a bad flu year
COVID Survival Rate For Under 20s is 99.9987%
COVID-19 hospitalisations in France see biggest jump since April 2021
David Wolfe | Freedom Over Fear – Jing Energy, Detoxification & Balance
Deltacron variant discovery most likely lab error, health experts say
Demographics of Vaccine Hesitancy in the Age of Vaccine Mandates
Development of new antitumor compounds acting on cancer stem cells, with the support of the ‘la Caixa’ Foundation
Diabetes – Is your tongue smooth or rough? The symptom of high blood sugar ‘not to ignore’
Divorce is VERY bad news for men’s health as study reveals
DJ Mr.P speaks with John O’Looney, a funeral director from Milton Keynes in the UK who has decided to speak his truth
Djokovic is the whipping boy for angry Australians who realise their two-year obsession with zero-Covid has done their country more harm than good
Do low salt levels slow down stroke recovery? DR MARTIN SCURR answers your health questions
Dr. Fauci tries to lie to Marco Rubio, Gets HUMILIATED in Congress instead
Dr. Robert Malone Warns of New Ebola-Like Hemorrhagic Fever Virus Spreading Across China Prior to Winter Olympics
EcoHealth Alliance wanted to block disclosure of Covid-19-relevant virus data from China
Effect of 2400 mobile phone radiation exposure on the behavior and hippocampus morphology in Swiss mouse model
Effects of Different Green Tea Extracts on Chronic Alcohol Induced-Fatty Liver Disease by Ameliorating Oxidative Stress and Inflammation in Mice
Emissions in the US have spiked under President Joe Biden, proving he is “hypocritical”
EP 190 – 10 Common Intermittent Fasting Myths
EU watchdog condemns Parliament over illegal data transfer from COVID website
Evaluation of psychological well-being and social impact of atrophic acne scarring
Exercise may protect your brain even if you have signs of dementia, study finds
Exposure to second-hand nicotine from VAPING doubles risk of young adults developing a wheeze
Facebook mandates Covid boosters
Factors associated with declines in physical health, function among women during midlife
Fauci admits government is planning to change definition of “fully vaccinated” to include more shots
Feeling fatigued and cold, even in summer? It could be your thyroid gland
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders in Adults – Results from a Diagnostic Outpatient Clinic
Fighting Deforestation on the Ground
Five Reasons Omicron is Good News
Fox Reporter Presses Psaki On Biden’s ‘Pandemic Of The Vaccinated’ Claim
Fukushima Takes a Turn for the Worse
Glyphosate In RoundUp Definitely Causes Cancer In Animals And Is A Probable Human Carcinogen
Has the virus been isolated?
High Recorded Mortality in Countries Categorized as Covid-19 Vaccine Champions
How COVID Vaccines Exposed Indias Adverse Events Reporting System
How Pfizer Helped Create The Chinese Vaccine Passport System
How plant-based diets not only reduce our carbon footprint, but also increase carbon capture
How the current COVID surge is hurting learning and kids’ mental health
How the speed of climate change is unbalancing the insect world
How to end the pandemic?
How to SLEEP BETTER – does a cold room really help?
Important Omicron/COVID Research
Intra-body nano-network
Ireland mulls mandatory vaccinations
Is the Tide Turning? Reiner Fuellmich on Nuremberg 2.0
Israel – Breakthrough Surgery Restores Blind Womans Vision
Issue of Waist Circumference for the Diagnosis of Metabolic Syndrome Regarding Arterial Stiffness
It’s Time To Drop The Hysteria And Learn To Live With COVID
Judge Finds That During Appeal, San Diego School District Cannot Require Covid-19 Vaccine
Lockdowns failed to serve the collective good
Long-term exposure to air pollutants may increase the incidence of COVID-19
Mass Formation – Deployed on You After Over 200 Years of Study
Miracle Parkinson’s treatment to be trialled in Australia | 7NEWS
More Than Ever, Food Not Bombs Needs To Become A Reality
More than half of plastics in Mediterranean marine protected areas originated elsewhere
Nasal spray made with nasty gut bug to stop flu
New Big Data Study of 145 Countries Show COVID Vaccines Makes Things Worse (Cases and Deaths)
New GMO Tomato May Not Even Be Safe, Much Less ‘Healthy,’ Scientists Say
Oat and almond milk could cause people to miss out on essential nutrients, warns food expert
Omicron infection rates skyrocket in Israel
Omicron Is Literally The Vaccine That Big Pharma Could Not Make Claims US Doctor
OMICRON presents an immune re-challenge, not breaching of natural IMMUNITY
Oncology Professor – Obsessive COVID Testing Hysteria Is Like Self Harm
Orange Juice Attenuates Circulating miR-150-5p, miR-25-3p, and miR-451a in Healthy Smokers
Osteoarthritis – Stem cell treatment could regenerate cartilage without requiring surgery
Our Olympic Athletes Are Going To Become The Next Victims
Pandemic of the vaccinated – COVID cases skyrocket at the Capitol, mostly affecting fully vaccinated individuals
Peter Attia on The 4 Types of Death
Peter Doocy debunks Biden’s COVID testing claim
Pfizer – developing new vaccines because current ones don’t have the safety profile that we hope we can achieve
Pfizer Admits Not Enough Study On Child Vax Effects
Pfizer CEO now says 2 COVID shots “offers very limited protection, if any,” against COVID-19
Professor Ehud Qimron – Ministry of Health, it’s time to admit failure
Recovered From COVID? Your Own Immunity Doesn’t Count, Says Big Government
Reinfection rates among patients previously infected by SARS-CoV-2
Reinfection with new variants of SARS-CoV-2 after natural infection
Research on magnetite in salmon noses illuminates understanding of sensory mechanisms enabling magnetic perception
Rising Alcohol Consumption During COVID Pandemic Projected to Cause More Liver Disease, Deaths
Saving mainland China’s wetlands and endangered plants and animals
Scientists discover how key protein drives our immune response against viruses
Scientists Map Skin Cells That Contribute to Diabetic Foot Ulcers
Scientists may have discovered why severe depression affects women and men differently
Scientists study long-term effects of “Great Green Wall”
Sea creatures ‘hitchhiking’ on ships could damage continent’s fragile eco-system, scientists warn
Secondhand nicotine vaping at home may increase risk of bronchitic symptoms in young adults
Secret Of The War On Cancer – Ralph Moss
Sensemaking in the Age of Social Media Algorithms
Simple movement is connected to better brain health in older adults
Solar Panels Might Endanger Hawaiis Birds
Spain wants EU to manage COVID as common flu
Spike Protein Goes to Nucleus (Expression of Concern)
State legislators propose to deny medical insurance coverage to the “unvaxxed”
Staying Open | Full Measure
Stop vilifying the unvaccinated
Study reveals how triclosan, likely found in toothpaste, is triggered to harm the gut
Suddenly Liberals Are Mocking the CDC
Sweden’s New Restrictions Motivated by Spread of Ordinary Flu Met With Discontent
Symptoms and Causes of Metastatic Cancer and Cell Metastasis in Body with Engda Hagos
T cells from common colds cross-protect against infection with SARS-CoV-2
Team links more sun to lower breast cancer risk for women in Puerto Rico
The BEST Respiratory Mucus and Phlegm Remedy
The connection between oxytocin and autism, explained
The diversity of plants water usage strategies makes forests resilient to extreme drought
The Efficacy of Acupuncture on Foot and Ankle for Pain Intensity
The EU taxonomy is also about tackling chemical pollution
The Long-Haul Breastfeeders of COVID
The superfood that suppresses appetite and burns the ‘dangerous’ belly fat
The U.S. Government’s Secret Mission to Find a Miracle Cure for Malaria (2014)
Therapeutic implications of prion diseases
There’s no evidence at present to support a fourth jab
Think Twice Before You Vaccinate Your Kids, Dr. Robert Malone Warns Parents On COVID-19 Shots
This biosensor can detect infections post surgery
To Learn How Covid Affects the Ear, Scientists Turn to Cadavers
UCI-led team first to discover new neural circuits that regulate spatial learning and memory in the brain’s hippocampal formation
Unintended consequences of edicts to wear a mask
Unraveling the complexity of vitamin B12 diseases
Unvaccinated Italians Now Barred From Public Transport Unless Recently Recovered From COVID
Use Fasting To REVERSE YOUR AGE & Prevent Disease
Very clear thinking from an RCMP officer who is now on unpaid leave
What Djokovic’s Battle to Compete in Australian Open Means for Health Freedom Movement
When your ‘brain fog’ isn’t menopause – it’s middle-age ADHD
Why Do People Not “Trust the Science”? Because Like All People, Scientists Are Not Always Trustworthy
Will Acceptance of COVID Vaccine Lead to ‘Genetically Modified Food Colony’?
Women with ADHD being misdiagnosed