Nieuws 11.2.2021

Als we nou die varkens ook op 1,5 meter afstand van elkaar in de stal zetten
Beveiliging van schiet tekort
Blijf op de paden, we vinden veel dode reeën
Britse en California West Coast-mutatie ontdekt op Aruba
Cliëntenraad verpleeghuizen niet altijd betrokken bij besluitvorming bezoekersregeling
Complicaties tijdens de zwangerschap zijn van invloed op hart- en vaatziekten
Corona verspreidt zich makkelijker bij steenkoud weer
Coronapatiënten herstellen goed na ontslag uit het ziekenhuis
Daarom moet je ook in de winter voldoende water drinken
De dwaasheid van mensen die aldus wensen te overleven
De onzichtbare moordenaar – nanodeeltjes
De wetenschap mag niet waarschuwen voor het gevaar van draadloos gebruik
Die ‘hotspot’ toch
Dierenpolitie krijgt veel meer meldingen binnen over dieren in ijzige kou. Terecht of onterecht?
Dubai bleef sterren en influencers lokken ondanks pandemie, nu betaalt het de prijs
Duitse overheid gebruikte wetenschap om bevolking bang te maken tijdens eerste golf
Een ongewoon gesprek met de gemeente ambtenaar
Experience your wellness geeft nu advies bij huiduitslag door mondkapjes
Faag vernietigt antibioticaresistente bacterie
Farmareus moet EU-prijs kankermedicijnen fors verlagen
Greta Thunberg onthulde per ongeluk dat ze slechts een marionet is
Hugo de Jonge – Even een prikkie halen!
Huisuitzetting is een traumatische ervaring
Hulp nodig voor buitendieren
Kabinet verlengt coronawet met drie maanden tot 1 juni
Kan een behandeling met het knuffelhormoon mensen met autisme helpen ?
Koorts mildert symptomen autisme
Maak einde aan de censuur van plantaardige zuivelproducten
Medicinale druppels voorkomen maculaire operatie
Meer dan drie kwart van de thuiswerkers wil na corona weer naar het werk
Mogen dieren nu buiten in de kou staan of niet?
Nanodeeltjes dringen via voedsel door tot in het brein
Natuurorganisaties roepen provincie op om megastal bij Kampina te voorkomen
Nederland laat rug- en nekpatiënten in de kou staan!
Overzicht van vaccin slachtoffers
Rechtszaak horeca voor schade compensatie
Sommige zaadcellen spelen een vies spelletje
Taco is permacultuur-boer, een radicaal andere manier van voedsel verbouwen
Vergunning voor bedrijf met 11.000 varkens in Creil onder vuur
Verkoop van slaapmiddelen sterk gestegen afgelopen jaar
Walnoten kunnen negatieve gevolgen van H. pylori-infectie verminderen
Welke redenen hebben burgers eigenlijk om regels te volgen?
Winterkou kost gemiddeld 2 tientjes aan extra gas per week
Zuid-Afrika wil gaan inenten met Janssen-vaccin
Zwitserland keurt AstraZenica vaccin af


“Build back better” team
Ad Nuis – Een permanente brandoefening
Als kapper in de kou gezet
Beating Anxiety with Food with Liana Werner-Gray
Bewoners woon-zorgcentrum Zuidoost dagenlang in de kou
Biomedical scientists have discovered a biomarker that rapidly detects severity of COVID-19
Cancer Epigenetics – The Key to Combating Cancer?
Censorship, Dangerous Speech, and Monopolies – Should We Regulate Big Tech?
Corona rap Daisy Veenstra
Could SARS-CoV-2 have come from a lab?
Covid-19 – Behind the PCR Curtain
Drones to fly medical supplies to remote Northern Territory communities
Farmers warn Australia is on the brink of a food crisis
Geknipte Hugo de Jonge over het verlengen van de avondklok
Het heeft geen zin mensen onder de zestig te vaccineren
How The Rulers Get Away With Poisoning Thousands
If today was my last day, this would be my message
Is OATMEAL the perfect food for DIABETICS?
Mega-schandaal in Duitsland! Ook “angstzaai-planning” in Nederland?
Prof Chris Exley – Aluminium and its role in chronic illness
Reversing the Aging process
Scientists gauge impact of Covid-19 on the human brain
Screen Time, Sleep, And Childhood Obesity
Sibel Edmonds Launches to Fight Illegal Government Ordered Mandates
Solar System is Shifting
Teen sleep study reveals the impacts of lack of sleep
The Gary Null Show – 02.09.21
Vaccine Passport may contain TERRIFYING risks to YOUR privacy & information
Vaping Disrupts Blood, Air Flow Matching in Asymptomatic Users
Wat deed jij, toen Nederland instortte door de eindeloze lockdown en avondklok?
Wie kan ervoor zorgen dat deze bij Rutte komt?


10-year study shows elevated suicide risk from excess social media time for teen girls
13 years is too long for victims of Shell’s oil spills to wait for justice
A ‘skeletal age’ calculator to predict bone fracture risk
A Microwave News investigation = Portrait of a Conspiracy
Accelerated Overdose Deaths Linked With COVID-19
Active ingredient in psychedelic tea puts the brain in a “dream-like state,” shows promise as treatment for psychiatric disorders
Activists have been silenced by governments during the pandemic, new report says
Addressing industry profits as part of tobacco control
Air conditioning equipment days of use will double without climate action
Ancient Amazonian farmers fortified valuable land they had spent years making fertile to protect it
Appalachian Trail Conservancy Refuses to Make Public $19.5 Million Pipeline Agreement
Arctic Permafrost Releases More CO2 than Once Believed
Are eggs good or bad for you? The truth may be somewhere in between
Are the New COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines Actually Killing and Injuring Some Patients or Are the Deaths and Injuries Just Coincidental?
As Pandemic Fizzles, Doubts Rise About Pasteur’s Germ Theory
Back in the 1950s and 60s, leftists demanded more freedom. Now they demand more totalitarianism.
BBC’s Environment Reporter Openly Crusades Against Coal
Beyond COVID-19 – Can mRNA Treat Diseases, Too?
Big Pharma’s true influence
Births In China Plummeted 15% In 2020
Black coffee can be good for your heart
CCHR Reports 1 Million Decline in US Children on Mind-Altering Drugs
Challenges of animal ownership during the pandemic should be considered
Child Proton Pump Inhibitor Use May Increase Asthma Risk
Clear-sky detection methods in a highly polluted region still need further improvements
Climate crisis pushing great white sharks into new waters
Clinical Levels Of Psychiatric Distress Found Among Parents Of A Child With Autism
Close to 1000 Post-Vaccination Deaths
Consulting giant McKinsey allegedly fed the opioid crisis
COVID-19 may lower sperm counts, small study finds
COVID-19 vaccine maker Pfizer was involved in the largest healthcare fraud settlement in history in 2009
Covid-19 vaccines are likely safe during pregnancy. When will we know for sure?
Czech drug expert criticises Commission’s tobacco-free Europe plan
Dentists Say COVID ‘Mask Mouth’ Can Cause Serious Health Complications
Doctor warns of ‘timebomb’ in children’s mental health due to Covid
Doctors Link Pfizer, Moderna Vaccines to Life-Threatening Blood Disorder
Does sun exposure cause endometriosis?
Egg, cholesterol consumption linked to higher mortality from CVD, cancer
Eight EU countries have not yet submitted recovery plans to Brussels
Elderly man collapses, dies shortly after getting COVID-19 vaccine at Javits Center
Environmental toxicants in the brain
Ex-Robinhood Employees Detail Inadequate Customer Support In Suicide Lawsuit
Experiment shows how our visual system avoids overloading
Facebook Will Now Take Down Posts Claiming Vaccines Cause Autism
False Positives Used to Justify the Lockdown and Closure of Economy
Fetal exposure to antibiotics in mid to late pregnancy linked to childhood asthma risk
Function identified of ‘mystery protein’ that kills brain cells of people with Parkinson’s
Global Warming Likely Started Before Industrial Revolution
GMO crop researchers denounce pro-GMO “hype cycle”
Hair loss treatment – Pumpkin seed oil reverses ‘mild to moderate’ alopecia
Hospitalised patients put on ventilators suffer from PTSD
How Facebook Plans to Read Your Brain
Hundreds of fish species, including many that humans eat, are consuming plastic
I get better sleep – the people who quit social media
In China, an App Offered Space for Debate. Then the Censors Came.
Indian military deploys canines to sniff out Covid-positive troops
Israel Leading Scientist Admits – the Vaccine May Not be as Effective as We Thought
Israel scientists cure 100% of covid patients with new therapy that mitigates cytokine storm
LDL Cholesterol and Brain Bleeding
Lead Contamination in Hot Sauces
Male sex, BMI, smoking and depression all increase biological age
Man in 70s Collapses, Dies After Getting COVID Vaccine in NY
Mandating COVID-19 Vaccines
Many Bulgarian parents against their children being tested for COVID-19
Merck’s statement against its own ivermectin exposes ‘big pharma’ lobbyists
Most Dissatisfied With Vaccine Rollout Under Biden
NASA Euthanized 27 Monkeys in a Single Day
New data on AstraZeneca vaccine add to worries over coronavirus variant from South Africa
New Docu-Series Big Pharma Doesn’t Want You To See
New German insect protection legislation draws a sharp divide
New study finds COVID-19 lockdown made Montreal’s air cleaner
New study links fiber intake to PTSD
Newspaper editors raise concerns over whether the government is blacklisting journalists
Nitrate in maternal drinking water may impair fetal growth
Oudste Europeaan overleeft coronabesmetting, viert 117e verjaardag
Peanut allergy affects even more U.S. adults than children
People may need to take Covid-19 vaccine annually ‘for the next several years’
Pfizer, Moderna Vaccines Could Cause Long-Term Chronic Illness
Police need more training in dealing with autistic people
Pre-COVID Subway Air Polluted from DC to Boston
Press Freedom Groups Call On DOJ To Drop Assange Charges
Protein behind less spread of coronavirus variant in Asia
Radiative cooling. Solar heat. All from one system, no electricity needed.
Regular walnut consumption may reduce negative outcomes of H. pylori infection
Researchers Find Gut Bacteria Behind Crohn’s Disease
Scientists label mutation found in Bristol as ‘variant of concern’
Sign in your legs of high blood sugar – the ‘pain’ you shouldn’t ignore
Social distancing in the natural world
Striking French refinery workers & climate protesters clash with police outside office of oil giant Total
Study reveals mechanism behind “Fecal Microbiota Transplantation”
Sunspot opening on the surface of the Sun and could spark solar flare, NASA images show
Swedish Radio Shamed for Exposing Academics Critical of Gov’t’s Corona Strategy
Texas, California see large drop in COVID-19 cases
The Amount Of Coffee You Should Drink To Lower Your Heart Failure Risk
The Coming Currency Reset with Catherine Austin Fitts
The Covid Deception Requires the Suppression of Science
The Disturbing Truth About Moderna and its mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine
The Lancet – Lockdowns Causing ‘Substantial Collateral Health Damage’
The new coronavirus directly targets the pancreas, infecting and damaging its insulin producing cells
These Foods Cause Liver Damage
Those with dementia are more at risk of getting COVID-19
UK could experience lockdowns for ‘SEVERAL YEARS’ despite vaccination program
UK Government Releases Shocking Report On COVID Vaccine Side Effects
UK quarantine violators face heavy fines, up to 10 years in jail
UK threatens Covid-19 rule breakers with £10,000 fines and up to 10 years behind bars
Vaccines Or Not, ‘Scientists’ Say COVID Is Here To Stay
Vitamin B1 Deficiency Is Killing Wildlife Around the World
WHO attacks AMERICA after Wuhan whitewash
Why the flu has ‘disappeared’