Nieuws 10.6.2021

381 meldingen van overlijden na coronavaccinatie
Accepteer corona en genees veroudering
BPOC 2020 – Politieverhoor 71
Burgers slecht geïnformeerd over vaccinatie
Chinese regeringswetenschapper diende COVID-vaccinoctrooi in voordat pandemie begon
Chinese wetenschappers zwijgen tijdens symposium over lab-lektheorie
Clip opgedoken waarin Peter Daszak vertelt over zijn “collega’s in China” die virussen manipuleren tot “killers”
COPD-patiënten gevoeliger voor verschil in hartslag en metalen in fijnstof
Coronacrisis heeft blijvend effect op nieuwsgebruik
Coronaperiode trekt wissel op meerderheid zorgprofessionals
Covidbeleid heeft geen enkele juridische grond
De aanhoudende manipulaties van het RIVM
De rol van een niet rokende partner bij een stoppoging
Depressieve kinderen lopen later meer risico op chronische ziekten
Dieselgate – voormalige topbestuurders Volkswagen moeten 288 miljoen euro ophoesten
Doorbraak bij kanker – nieuwe test toont of behandeling aanslaat
Dr Palevsky – vaccinaties meer gebaseerd op geloof dan op wetenschappelijk bewijs
Drenthe benoemd tot experimenteergebied om landbouw te verduurzamen
Duitse ARD erkent – massahysterie mede door de media
Een op negen studentes verkracht tijdens studententijd
Eerst kijken naar wat iemand nodig heeft, dan pas naar de regels
Explosieve stijging ziekenhuisbezoeken na docu Dionne Slagter over borstimplantaten
Gesteggel om het gele boekje
Het Wuhan-lab – complottheorieën dan toch niet zo gek?
Hugo de Jonge gaat quarantaineplicht HANDHAVEN
Invloed mentale gezondheid moeder op aanrakings- en bewegingsgedrag baby
Is 5G wel veilig voor de gezondheid?
Jongeren in het nadeel als thuiswerken normaal wordt
Kamer – voor 1 september helderheid over basismaatregelen corona
Komt er ooit een proefdiervrije wereld?
Meerderheid zorgpersoneel heeft fysieke of mentale klachten
Mensen denken dat het nu voorbij is, maar..
Nederland weigert kinderen eigen sociale zekerheid
Over 6 weken is er een verplicht Europees digitaal Covid-certificaat
Overheden collaboreren met de aanvaller
Petitie voor schonere lucht
Schadelijke invloed dieseluitlaatdeeltjes en ander fijnstof op de luchtwegen
Succesvol ‘blended working’ tijdens en na coronatijdperk
Te weinig leerkrachten om alle achterstanden weg te werken
Tientallen websites overheid voldoen niet aan veiligheidsrichtlijnen
Tweede Kamer jaagt op graaier Sywert
Van dit verhaal word je heel stil – U.S. Syphilis Experiment in Tuskegee
Verband tussen geboortegewicht en risico op osteoporose op latere leeftijd
Verbod op kleurstof E-171 (titaniumdioxide) nabij
Waar burger moet vergroenen, blakert de overheid alles zwart
Waarom niet iedereen staat te springen om terug te keren naar kantoor
We moeten vechten voor onze vrijheden en rechten
WHO-klokkenluider komt met onthullingen
Wie beheert onze data?
YouTube verwijdert kanaal BPOC2020 in opdracht van overheid, krabbelt terug na dreiging kort geding
Zonder dierproeven veiligheid chemische stoffen testen
Zonnevlammen verklaren mogelijk Fermi-paradox


27 Experts Launch Citizen Petition Demanding FDA ‘Slow Down and Get the Science Right’ Before Approving COVID Vaccines
3 Ways Fauci Emails Expose Trail of Manipulation and Deception
30,000 nurses go on strike in NZ for better pay
78% Of Those Not Planning To Get Vaccinated Unlikely To Change Their Mind
A systematic review of clinical trials affecting anxiety, stress and fear of childbirth in expectant fathers
A U.S.-Funded Study Of Whales’ Hearing Is Going Ahead Despite Concerns For The Whales
Adults with Down syndrome are THREE TIMES more likely to contract COVID-19
Advocacy Tasmania says state’s Public Trustee legislation is the ‘worst in Australia’
Aerogels that suck up pollution just need a wash for reuse
After Years of Low Carb – Has My Insulin Resistance Reversed?
Almost 2 Billion People To Face Water Shortage as Hindu Kush?Himalaya’s Ice Melts
Americans split on workplace vaccine mandates
America’s Covid Groupthink Functioned Like China’s Repression
Aspirin does not improve survival chances for hospitalized Covid patients, British study finds
AstraZeneca only big pharma company providing vaccines ‘without making a profit’
Bacterium (called Subdoligranulum) is almost absent in obese and diabetic people
Behind The Scenes Manipulation Of Science And Media To Protect Products Harmful To Your Health
Best Treatment for Eye Floaters
Biometrically accessed digital wallet coming for EU citizens
Birth weight is associated with osteoporosis risk later in life
Burnout signs – what does burnout feel like?
Can Hashimoto’s Antibodies Go Into Remission? – Dr. Martin Rutherford
Candida Overgrowth and Gut & Brain Inflammation with Donna Gates
Cell Tower Could Cause Harm Say Experts at Pittsfield Board of Health Forum in Massachusetts
Chinese army medical researchers bioengineered lab mice with “humanized lungs” to test coronaviruses
Chinese Government Scientist Filed COVID Vaccine Patent Before Pandemic Began
Chinese scientist was already trying to patent a vaccine in February 2020
Cholesterol metabolite induces production of cancer-promoting vesicles
Climate change is making ocean waves more powerful, threatening to erode many coastlines
COVID Hospitalizations, Deaths for the Vaccinated More Than Triple in One Month, CDC Reports
Dementia expert says evidence behind Biogen Alzheimer’s drug ‘wasn’t sufficient’ for FDA approval
Did the United States suspect a lab leak in Wuhan last year?
Dietary protein intake and long-term outcomes after kidney transplantation
Discovery of circadian rhythm gene in mice could lead to breakthroughs
Do Athletes Get Better Performance From Eating Animal Or Plant Based Protein?
Dr. Michael Snyder on Continuous Glucose Monitoring
Dysosmobacter welbionis is a newly isolated human commensal bacterium preventing diet-induced obesity and metabolic disorders in mice
Effect of CGM on Glycemic Control in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Treated With Basal Insulin
Effect of fulvic acid on gastric mucosa damage caused by chronic water avoidance stress
Endangered Whales Are Shrinking in Size Due to Human Activities, Study Shows
EPA Admits To Altering Data On Deadly Herbicide Dicamba
Exercise likely to be best treatment for depression in coronary heart disease
FDA Approves New Alzheimer’s Drug Despite Little Evidence It Works
Fine particulate matter and out-of-hospital cardiac arrest of respiratory origin
Florida, Alabama discontinue daily Covid data reporting in shift to ‘next phase’ of pandemic
Glitter is a toxic pollutant that should be banned, warn scientists
Governor Bans Vaccine Passports For Private Businesses And State Government
Health Canada regulates UV, ozone devices it says could pose risk to people
High-protein, low-carb diets put you at greater risk of severe COVID
Hilarious Video of Weatherman Dissing the Global-Warming Idiocy
How Can We Reduce Our Dementia Risk?
How COVID-19 Can Lead to Diabetes
How Us Mega-Dairies Are Killing off Small Farms
How Your Phone Can Predict Depression and Lead to Personalized Treatment
Humanity Must Embark on ‘New Relationship With Natural World’
In 2020 Indian Scientists Discovered COVID-19 Was Engineered With AIDS-Like Insertion
India dumps Favipiravir, Ivermectin, Vitamins from treatment plan
Internal compression stocking helps against varicose veins
Investing the Lab Leak
Is The Government About To Ditch The Vaccine Passport?
It’s Beginning To Happen Everywhere | David Icke
Ivermectin and COVID Anosmia A Review of Studies
Lab leak evidence ‘compelling’; no evidence yet it was ‘purposeful’
Lawmakers Respond to Pushback From Medical Freedom Activists, Allow New Yorkers to Opt Out of State Vaccine Database
Lockdown Could Be Extended by “Between Two Weeks and a Month” Following “Grim” Briefing to Ministers by Whitty and Vallance
Low Carb Substitutions for High Carb Snacks
Lymphatic Yoga – Edely Wallace
Mass Protests Can End Vaccine Passports
Melatonin improves the antioxidant capacity in cardiac tissue of Wistar rats after exhaustive exercise
Men with sensory loss are more likely to be obese
Mexico wants to import non-GMO corn and US farmers say they can deliver it
Microgel coating gives donor cells a boost in reversing pulmonary fibrosis
Molecular Breast Cancer Diagnosis and The Benefits of Risk Assessment
Monsanto Just Got Their Asses Kicked In Court
More Countries Should Ban Twitter, Facebook Over Free Speech Denial, Trump Says
Mosquitoes Exposed to Glyphosate More Likely To Spread Malaria
Mothers’ mental health may affect twins’ and singletons’ touch and movement during pregnancy
Mumbai Move for Ivermectin Prophylaxis While Uttar Pradesh Smashes COVID-19
Mysterious East Asians vanished during the ice age. This group replaced them.
New Covid variant in China causes fresh supply chain disruptions
New report says NHS and social care staff burnout at ’emergency’ level
New symptoms linked to Delta variant as doctors report gangrene and hearing loss
Nintendo Wii therapy can help improve balance in children with cerebral palsy
Noisy Homes During Pandemic Drive Future Design Choices
Non-profit long-term care homes have lost too many residents to COVID-19
Not All Water is Created Equal
NSW Government support of deforestation will see the end of koalas
Osteoarthritis linked to higher Parkinson’s disease risk
Osteoporosis detection by a simple physical function test
Peace accord in Colombia has increased deforestation of biologically-diverse rainforest
People who suffer rare reactions after vaccines ‘left in the dark’ without any support, warn families
Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine possibly linked to cases of heart inflammation in 7 teens
Preclinical study suggests new approach to reduce COVID-19 death among the elderly
Pregnant women should avoid use of certain anti-inflammatory drugs
Prevention fatigue driving sudden COVID surge in Taiwan
Protecting the Endangered Dolphins of the Amazon
Renault charged with ‘deceit’ in diesel emissions inquiry
Saving the climate with solar fuel
Scientists discover immune cell behaviour that plays a key role in Alzheimer’s disease
Sleep Problems in Autism Linked to Glial Cells, Blood-Brain-Barrier and Serotonin
Spanish Coast Under Threat
Speech droplets drive transmission of SARS-CoV-2
Statins side effects – The painful and embarrassing symptoms caused by drug use
Study reveals changes in cigarette smoking during the COVID-19 pandemic
Susceptibility of COPD patients to heart rate difference associated with exposure to metals in PM2.5
Switzerland to vote on synthetic pesticides ban
Texas Adopts Resolution Combating Communist China’s ‘Murder in the Form of Forced Organ Harvesting’
Texas Bans Businesses From Requiring “Vaccine Passports”
The association between inhaled corticosteroid and osteoporosis and fracture
The Climate Yawns At Exxon ‘Coup’
The COVID-19 Road Map – Totalitarian Plan
The food group that is the ‘key’ to reducing the belly fat
The Great Lockdown and Global Trade
The Media’s COVID Lies Are Weakening America
The Real Danger is “Agenda ID2020”. Vaccination as a Platform for “Digital Identity”
The Stomach – Our Second Brain
The unspoken “Back~line” of the COVID 19 frontline excerpt
The Worst Possible Time to Use Artificial Sweeteners
These algae curtains combat air pollution in urban environments
This Juice Treat Diabetes, Gastritis, And Lowers Blood Pressure
Thousands of people with mental health disorders are being jailed when they could be treated
Tip of the Iceberg? County Officials Find 25% of COVID Deaths ‘Clearly Not Caused by COVID-19’
Trump’s surgeon general blasts Biden and states’ unhealthy vaccine incentives
Twitter working on new censorship shtick
TX Vaccine Passport Ban & Threat Of A Social Credit System
Understanding the Heart (Disease) of the Matter
Unvaccinated Cadets at West Point Forced to Live in Tent for Summer Training
US State Ohio Sues To Have Google Declared A Public Utility
Was the Whole Pandemic About the Vaccine?
Washington State Bribes Residents To Get Covid Vaccine With Marijuana
We Can Take Your Travel Away at Any Moment
Weak brain waves may warn of age-related neurodegenerative disease
Who Loses When The China-Bat-Cave Narrative Implodes?
Who’s Paying The Human Costs Of Plastic Pollution?
Why it’s difficult for children to understand sarcasm
Why naturally early risers are happier than night owls
Why was Mark Zuckerberg so involved with Fauci? | Brian Kilmeade Show
Women’s mental health has higher association with dietary factors