Nieuws 10.2.2021

NL – 9 op de 10 internetgebruikers beschermen persoonsgegevens
NL – Amerikaanse techbedrijven storten zich op vaccinatiedata
NL – Antonius Ziekenhuis gaat coronapatiënten thuis monitoren
NL – Avondklok in Duitsland (opnieuw) door rechter ‘onwettelijk’ verklaard
NL – Bill Gates voorspelt twee volgende crisissen na de coronapandemie
NL – Commissie keurt coronabehandeling Drentse huisartsen goed
NL – Corona-uitbraak twee weken na vaccinatiemoment in verpleeghuis Duitsland
NL – Coronawetenschap – Deze crisis kan een historische scheidslijn zijn voor de muziekindustrie
NL – De zoektocht naar voedsel wordt steeds lastiger
NL – Door E10-benzine kunnen kankerverwekkende dampen vrijkomen
NL – Duits ministerie schakelde wetenschappers in om corona-angst op te wekken
NL – Europese consument is kritisch over voedselaanbod
NL – Evelien Deiters Kinderpsycholoog – Buiten Parlementaire Onderzoeks Commissie
NL – Hacker probeert watervoorraad van Amerikaanse stad te vergiftigen
NL – Hersenen baby veranderen door cafeïne tijdens zwangerschap
NL – Inspectie Gezondheidszorg en Jeugd heeft PCRtestNederland een bevel opgelegd
NL – Klimaatverandering oorzaak pandemie
NL – Lab coronatestbedrijf PCR Test Nederland moet per direct dicht
NL – Lockdowns slopen MKB
NL – Maculadegeneratie en COVID-19: zelfde risicofactoren?
NL – Nanodeeltjes dringen ver door in voedselketen door van vorm te veranderen
NL – Nieuwe afspraken om steden te bevoorraden zonder CO2-uitstoot
NL – Nieuwe campagne VWS wil stress rond zwangerschap verminderen
NL – Onderzoeker naar gezondheidsvoordelen oranje paprika’s en pepers
NL – Permaculture Garden produceert 7000 pond biologisch voedsel per jaar
NL – Slapen beschermt tegen aderverkalking
NL – Smeer hondenpoot in met vaseline
NL – Sociaal werk, uitgedrukt in euro’s, is maatschappelijk rendabel
NL – TNO onderzoekt effect schaduw windturbines op zonneparken
NL – Top Europese Commissie onder vuur door vaccinruzie en Ruslandreis
NL – Vijftig kerncentrales nodig om Schiphol op gang te houden
NL – Vrouwen werken na studie gezondheidszorg vaker dan mannen in de zorg
NL – Wat is het resultaat van dit wereldwijde lockdown-experiment?
NL – WHO-missie in Wuhan – ‘Vismarkt niet de bron van het coronavirus’
NL – Zwanger? Waarom je nog even moet wachten met vaccineren

Video – A Pollution Hot Spot In Bosnia
Video – ADHD and Visual Imagery – A Root of Some Focus Issues
Video – Blood clotting unravelled
Video – Boer krijgt avondklok boete van politieagent terwijl hij aan het werk is
Video – China Has A Plastic Problem
Video – Dr. Daniele Ganser – Corona und die Angst (Wien 29.10.2020)
Video – Dr. Yogish Kudva discusses diabetes and COVID-19 connection
Video – Fauci warns against 2-dose regimen deviation
Video – Geweldige spontane verbintenis door de sneeuw in Amsterdam
Video – Have reasons for GMOs been a lie?
Video – Jay Bhattacharya Professor Stanford University spoke out against lockdowns from the start
Video – Menopause/hormone therapy, Pt. 1
Video – Ouders van overleden Pepijn (14) zagen hem afglijden in de lockdown
Video – Psychische gezondheid bespreekbaar maken met jongeren
Video – South Africa halts use of AstraZeneca’s vaccine due to Covid variant
Video – South Africa Will Stop Using AstraZeneca Vaccine
Video – The Clinical Application of Sound Healing
Video – The Root Causes Of Childhood Obesity
Video – Three fallacies about pain that keep you in pain
Video – You Will Never Be Stressed Again

1918 pandemic second wave had fatal consequences
32% of Americans Oppose Government Vaccine Mandates
39-Year-Old Medical Doctor and Son of Former Chief Justice of Trinidad Found Dead After COVID Injection in Ireland
A link between new diabetes cases and COVID-19
A Microwave News investigation – Portrait of a Conspiracy
A Quarter Of Irish Nursing Home Residents Dead After Covid Vaccine
A third of Covid patients put on ventilator report PTSD symptoms
About two-thirds of Portugal’s catering sector insolvent due to COVID-19
Adults with Prader-Willi syndrome exhibit a unique microbiota profile
All travellers to the UK to take two Covid tests while they quarantine
Antiviral medication works against coronavirus in the lab
Are We Dealing With A Slow Motion Bio Weapon?
Argentina detects first cases of Brazilian coronavirus varia ..
As alcohol abuse rises amid pandemic, hospitals see a wave of deadly liver disease
As Israeli Media Blames Ultra-Orthodox for COVID-19 Spread, Journalist Says They’ve Become Easy Prey
Baby Food Makers Knowingly Sell Products With High Levels of Toxic Metals
Better detection of leukemia infiltration in the nervous system
Bifenazate exposure induces cardiotoxicity in zebrafish embryos
Brain changed by caffeine in utero, study finds
CDC director warns Covid variants could reverse the recent drop in cases and hospitalizations
Climate Activists Target Major Banks in Fight to Defund Toxic Line 3 Pipeline
Climate and COVID as Crises of Environmental Sustainability
Companion Animals Play a Role in Teleworking Experience
Coronavirus South Africa strain – Worsening shortness of breath after a week is a sign
Covid deaths of Yanomami children fuel fears for Brazil’s indigenous groups
COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines
Death by suicide? Drug overdoses muddy waters for investigators, amplify mental health crisis
Deaths After Pfizer Vaccination at Spanish Nursing Home Aggravate Concerns
Don’t Stop at Big Tech — We Need to Break Up Big Food Monopolies, Too
Environmental exposure to urinary Bisphenol-A in North Indian children aged between 6 and 16 years and its association with body mass index
European Union will not block Pfizer coronavirus vaccine doses bound for Australia
Federal Court Allows Harmful Oil Project to Continue
Fossil fuels caused 8.7m deaths globally in 2018, research finds
Fruit famine is causing elephants to go hungry in Gabon
Genetic effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields
German Court Moves To Silence Relentless Critic of RF DNA Studies
Glyphosate endangers wildlife, too. Tell the EPA to ban it
Google’s monopoly power allows it to weaponize data against its political opposition
Greece agrees vaccine passport deal with Israel as ‘trial run’
Green energy components are almost all made in China, and many use minerals from dirty mining operations
High protein diet leads to prediabetes remission
Hoe effectief is nieuw Israëlisch medicijn tegen corona?
How California Crops Fought Off a Pest Without Using Pesticide
How Does Sunshine Affect Your Mood?
How Scientists Reversed Aging, And What It Means For You
Living near streetlights lowers melatonin and increases risk says study
Lockdown linked to drop in asthma attacks, GP data suggests
Long-term loneliness could raise Alzheimer’s risk among the elderly
Low Covid Infection Rates Seen in Daycare, French Study Finds
Mandatory vaccination for health care workers
Mexico bans GM corn, plans to phase out imports and the use of Monsanto’s glyphosate
Moderna, Pfizer Test mRNA Experimental Biologics on Children
Mount Sinai Study Finds Wearable Devices Can Detect COVID-19 Symptoms and Predict Diagnosis
Music Therapists Are Trying To Help COVID-19 Patients Who Experience Loneliness
NATO countries complain as planned Russian 5G testing near St. Petersburg could interfere with military aircraft systems
New clues to how SARS-CoV-2 infects cells
New drug target for Ebola, Marburg viruses
New lab-grown meat more like steak, better for environment
New study reveals post-traumatic growth during the COVID-19 pandemic
NY Doctor Proved Everyone Wrong About Hydroxychloroquine | Dr. Joseph Mercola
Older adults classified as “prediabetic” seldom progress to full diabetes
Our Children Have a Right to a Decent Future
Part 2. Scientific Fraud – Prof. Alexander Lerchl
Periodontitis treatment that changes oral bacteria also reduces severity of diabetes
Prediabetes diagnosis less useful in older patients
Proposed Bayer/Monsanto Settlement for Roundup Victims Offers Payments and Challenges
Radiative cooling and solar heating from one system, no electricity needed
Russia says world closer to return to normal than many recognize, as global population nears threshold needed for herd immunity
Russia’s real pandemic death rate similar to US & UK
SARS-CoV-2 seroprevalence study in daycare centres in France suggests low rates of infection in very young children
Some types of coronavirus steal the hosts’ genes to elude their immune system
South Korea launches test for pet cats and dogs
Study Disputes That Earth Is in a ‘Climate Emergency’
Study Identifies 10 Major Flaws In COVID-19 PCR Tests
Study reveals Bayer’s Roundup linked to “a host of chronic and mental illness”
The Arctic has Descended – Snowstorms and Ice bring much of Europe to a Standstill
The Big Tech takeover of agriculture is dangerous
The Gates Empire Will Own Everything
The Many Faces of Covid-19 Experimental “Vaccine” Deaths
Towards a Police State in Switzerland? The Covid Face Mask
U.S. Military Troops Deploying Overseas Refuse Covid Jab
UK COVID-19 Variant Doubling Every 10 Days in the US
UK Petition – Do Not Rollout Covid-19 Vaccine Passports
Von der Leyen urges member states to donate vaccines to Ukraine
Wake up and smell the glyphosate
Weill Cornell researchers detect key flaw in brain modeling
When Scientists Become Allergic To Their Research
WHO team gives briefing in Wuhan following investigation
Why are Swedish towns banning masks?
Work addiction can be harmful to mental health
Yale study finds link between autism in children, premature birth of their parents