Nieuws 1.8.2022

80-tal verwaarloosde schapen bevrijd uit weides in Olmen en Meerhout
9 eigenschappen van gelukkige mensen
Afschaffing contant geld komt snel dichterbij
Amerikaanse rechtbank stopt ‘gevaarlijke’ installatie van 5G-zendmasten
Begrafenisondernemer vertelt wat hij ziet bij mensen die de prik hebben gekregen
Bill Gates is aan het wankelen nadat McDonald’s ‘nepvlees’-project heeft geschrapt
CDC vertelde Big Tech om COVID-claims te censureren die nu worden besproken door reguliere wetenschappers
Combinatie van twee medicijnen lijkt zeer beloftevol tegen kinderkanker
De onzichtbare hand van Kafka
De Participatiewet in balans. Deel 3
Deze afgedankte groentes krijgen een nieuw leven als soep
Dit is wat er zoal uit lichamen van gevaccineerden wordt gehaald
Een dagelijkse dosis fermenteerbare vezels kan allerlei soorten kanker voorkomen
Egypte’s worsteling met de komende klimaattop
Gehoorschade door draadloos gebruik
Gemeenten kijken bij jeugdzorg goed naar de buren
Half miljoen medische behandelingen door vaccins bij één Duits ziekenfonds
Het Europese financiële systeem is niet voorbereid op de kettingreactie die een klimaatramp of plotse veranderingen in het beleid kunnen veroorzaken
Het muntje valt? – zo wordt de Covid-pandemie in stand gehouden en tegen ons gebruikt
Hoe de controlled media bewust de boeren demoniseren
Hoe hoger opgeleid iemand is, hoe makkelijker diegene in de maling is te nemen
Is de “vogelgriep” een oorzaak van ons draadloos gebruik?
Is dit het woonmodel dat Vlaanderen wil stimuleren?
Jensen – wij moeten China worden
Kamerleden willen ‘bewijs’ stoppende veehouders en natuurherstel
Lareb schatte aantal bijwerkingen vijftien keer te laag in
Lely adviseert – onze machine lost het stikstofprobleem op, wetenschappers twijfelen
Marlies Dekkers in gesprek met vaccinatiedeskundige Theo Schetters en viroloog Robert Malone over de meest recente kennis rondom de mRNA vaccinaties
Met doemverhaal over airco’s is NRC-lezer verkeerd voorgelicht
Onze ADD en ADHD-diagnoses hebben nooit geklopt – Nieuwe genetische eigenschap ontdekt
Opvallende correlatie tussen vaccinaties en oversterfte
Ruimen aannemers gedumpte rommel op snelwegen niet op vanwege intimidatie?
The Trueman Show 83 Kees de Lange
Thierry Baudet pakt ChristenUnie politica aan m.b.t stikstof
We leven nu in tijden waar we zien wat het resultaat is van het negeren van lessen
Wildplukken is onze natuurlijke toestand
World Economic Forum zit achter wereldwijde ‘oorlog tegen boeren’
Zijn er wellicht meerdere waarheden..?

Natuurlijke multi
Natuurlijke vitamine C
Omega 3 olie uit algen
Chlorella pillen of poeder
Spirulina pillen of poeder
Groene smoothie recept

1 in 4 say harassing health officials over COVID-19 closures is ‘justified’
125 years of aspirin – The role of aspirin in cancer
23-Year-Old Plants Thousands of Trees a Day
4 in 10 nursing homes have a COVID outbreak and the death rate is high. What’s going wrong?
5.7.2022 – EU – POST-VAC FLIGHT RISKS – Are you safe on board a plane
96% of U.S. Climate Data Is Corrupted
A new path for treating brain cancer, with a Yale-developed compound
A Review of Lockdown Efficacy with Phil Magness and Michael Makovi | The AIER Standard
A stand-alone solar farm in Crete that integrates graphene perovskite solar panels
A Treatment For Cancer That’s Cheap And Effective
A whole world of mRNA vaccine side effect case reports
About 100 bottlenose dolphins slaughtered in new Faroe Islands hunt
Africa will receive a humanitarian shipment of Russian fertilizers
After Biden Contracted COVID, an Apology Is Owed to the Unvaccinated
After only 95 COVID deaths, Biden wants to purge tens of thousands of unvaccinated personnel.
Airlines have ‘toxic culture’ and excessive workloads, causing safety concerns, says Emirates pilot
Americans’ distrust in institutions and one another is fueling cynicism. Is it all bad?
Another study says ultra-processed foods harm the brain
Anthony Fauci, NIH fund China’s military-run labs using US taxpayers money
Are anti-vaxxers the chosen ones
Are Skittles Toxic from Titanium Dioxide?
Are They Hiding The Effect Of 5G By Calling It “Long Covid”?
Artificial synapse could make neural networks work more like brains
Austrian Green MPs Call Parliamentary Oversight by the Opposition ‘Abuse’ and ‘Harassment’
B12 deficiency – The hard to reverse sign in your feet – ‘only’ symptom in 25% of cases
Bacteria That Can Cause Deadly Infections Detected for the First Time in US Soil And Water
Better insight into the vagus nerve’s link to brain
Biden says burn pits killed his son
Big Pharma Flooding Airwaves With Disinformation to Kill Drug Price Reform
Black Bear Family Drinks From Hummingbird Feeders || ViralHog
Brazil grants permit to pave highway through heart of Amazon forest
Breakdown of the Marine Food Web
Bumblebees appear to feel pain
Buyers Beware in Alzheimer Disease Neuroscience
Californians overwhelmingly favor curbing neonic pesticides
Can Humanity Handle the Heat?
Can Psychedelic Therapy Offer a Sense of Peace for the Dying?
Can the CDC be SUED for helping Big Tech CENSOR US?
Canada’s shadow pandemic – Femicide
CDC Official Used Flawed Data to Justify COVID Shots for Infants and Children
Children Who Lack Sleep May Experience Detrimental Impact on Brain and Cognitive Development That Persists Over Time
Chile’s Lithium Provides Profit to the Billionaires But Exhausts the Land and the People
China’s Exploitation of Congolese Children for Cobalt in Electric Car Batteries
Christianity was a major part of Indigenous boarding schools – a historian whose family survived them explains
Climate change exposes growing gap between weather we’ve planned for—and what’s coming
Coming wave of opioid overdoses ‘will be worse than ever been before’
Compared to Neanderthals, Human Brain Growth is Slow and Steady
Compound found in the fruity treat can reduce inflammation of the brain and stop the development of Alzheimer’s
Cosmic Rays are Decreasing
Could the COVID-19 vaccine have blunted immunity to Omicron infection?
COVID-19 Vaccine Induces a Profound Impairment in Type I Interferon Signaling
Dan Wootton is joined by participants of vaccine show who slam the BBC as ‘bias’
Deep-sea mining could wipe out 1 million species. We can’t let it cause irreversible damage
Digital ID Systems Could Lead To Severe, Irreversible Human Rights Violations
Disposable barbecues ‘must be banned completely before next heatwave’
Does exercise in heat burn more calories?
Does the mystery leading cause of death in Alberta apply to certain age groups?
Dolphins May Remember Personal Experiences
Double boosted Biden gets COVID, the latest and most public debunking of the narrative “the vaccinated won’t get COVID.”
Dr Mosley on the relaxing activity that can ‘protect against dementia’
Dr. Mary Bowden – Taking On a Corrupt Medical System
Dutch Farmer Speaks
Early exposure to antibiotics kills healthy bacteria in the digestive tract and can cause permanent asthma and allergies
Economic After Effects of Covid
Elana Freeland – Stages Of Soul Development
EU must tax pesticides to cut use, expert warns
Exposure to urban greenness has unequal effects on men’s and women’s mental health
Farm Stops – A New Way to Enhance Local and Regional Food Systems
Fauci agency still funding Chinese Communist Party labs
Flaviviruses make you smell like a perfume to attract blood-seeking Aedes mosquitoes
Food and drinks are getting sweeter. Even if it’s not all sugar, it’s bad for our health
Food is the raw material that makes people. More food, more people; less food, fewer people.
Food Supply Shutdown – Deer, fish, pigs euthanized; crops not planted
Foods That Improve Sexual Function in Women
From Bill Gates to “The Great Refusal”
Gaia- The Power Of Grounding ( Honor Thy Mother)
Geoengineering might be our final and only option. Yet, most geoengineering proposals are earth-bound, which poses tremendous risks to our living ecosystem.
Glyphosate Has No Place in the Future of EU Agriculture
Greenhouse Gas Effect Does Not Exist Says Swiss Physicist
Gregg Braden – The World Without OIL and Remote Viewing BEYOND 2030
Groups launch last-ditch effort against drug pricing changes
Has the lab leak theory really been disproved?
High Oxytocin Receptor Expression Linked to Increased Cell Migration and Reduced Survival in Patients with Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
Higher potency cannabis associated with increased risk of psychosis and addiction
Hospital System Pays Huge Price For Vaccine Mandates
How to Learn to Stop Worrying and Love CO2
Humpback whale slaps diver in South Africa
Immune boosting by B.1.1.529 (Omicron) depends on previous SARS-CoV-2 exposure
Indian tribes fight to save forest homes from coal mining
Inventing Diagnoses to Cover Up Vaccine Injury — a Con as Old as Vaccination Itself
Is Fauci Retiring to Avoid Accountability?
Is mindfulness the new paracetamol?
Is The Relocation of Elephants Cruel or Necessary?
It doesn’t matter much which fiber you choose – just get more fiber!
It’s looking more and more like monkeypox is a cover story for covid vaccine-induced shingles, autoimmune blisters and herpes
Jab to ‘cure’ genetic heart conditions that cause sudden death could be just a few years away
Jacinda Ardern’s government ‘slowly unravelling’ and ‘losing its popularity’
Ketamine Therapy Lifts Patient From Treatment-Resistant Depression
Kids’ “Sex Change” Clinic Founder Got Money From Makers of Puberty Blockers
Killing prisoners for transplants – Forced organ harvesting in China
LA Plans To Recycle Wastewater Into Taps
Levels of ‘forever chemicals’ reaching Antarctica have been increasing
Like Humans, Chimpanzees Talk to Coordinate Cooperative Hunts
Many kids with autism don’t get mandated early intervention
Marketing Of Chemical Imbalance Myth May Have Led To Untold Damage & Lost Lives
Mass hypnosis and the gateway to tyranny
Meditation – Can It Really Rewire Our Brains?
Mediterranean Sea Ecosystem Threatened by Heat-Induced ‘Marine Wildfire,’ Scientists Warn
Microbes and Mental Health – Mood-Enhancing Effects of Gut Microbes
Millions don’t know they have Insulin Resistance Syndrome
Mississippi residents are 50% more likely to die than anyone else in America
Mother Files Lawsuit After Son Bribed At School Into COVID Shot Suffers Adverse Reactions
Myocarditis – Internet Search Association With Vaccination
National Academies advises testing our blood for PFAS contamination, tracking health impacts
Natural Fertility Solutions – CHTV 410
New Data From the Netherlands Reveals Link Between Higher Vaccine Uptake and Higher Mortality
New Documents Show CDC Worked Directly with Tech Giants to Crush Opposition to COVID Vaccine Regime
New FDA documents reveal concerns about COVID vaccine booster timelines
New paper suggests Covid mRNA vaccination rates are linked to increases in overall deaths
New Study Shows The Impact of Diet on Prostate Cancer | Mark Scholz, MD | PCRI
New ‘Must-Read’ Data Reveal Fatal Problem With COVID Shots
Novel drug promotes nervous system repair in animal models of stroke
Ontario doctor, 27, dies after collapsing during triathlon
Ontario’s construction industry uniquely vulnerable to opioid-related deaths, new study reveals
People with poor sleep behaviors may be at risk for fatty liver disease
Pharma Lobby Enlists Minority Groups to Fight Drug Pricing Reform
Promising eco-friendly plug to treat nosebleeds
Put down devices, let your mind wander, study suggests
Radiation Dose and Cancer Risk
Rapid loss of smell predicts dementia and smaller brain areas linked to Alzheimer’s
Raspberries Improve Postprandial Glucose and Acute and Chronic Inflammation in Adults with Type 2 Diabetes
Recalled Baby Bottles Violate United States Federal Lead Content Ban
Research shows gold nanoparticles can be used to safely kill tumor cells
Response to Criticism of Our Serotonin Paper
Rethinking our understanding of mental health and mental illness
Reverse Illness & Ageing, Get More Energy, Lose Weight and Feel Amazing Today
Reviews That Recommend Cell Towers Be Distanced Away From Homes and Schools
Risks of Psilocybin with Dr. Ekaterina Malievskaia | Brain Waves
Royal Dutch Shell Ignoring Workers’ Exposure to Unsafe Levels of Radiation Could Be Causing Illness and Death
Science has a solution for sonic weapons caused cancer
Scientists May Have Found a Key Shift Between The Brains of Humans And Neanderthals
Senator Asks CDC To Clear Up Conflicting Statements On Vaccine Safety Research
Senator Malcolm Roberts against Schwab’s Great Reset agenda
SENATOR Ron Johnson going after CDC Director Rochelle Walensky for her obfuscation and lies
Serious self-harm in young people jumped during strict COVID-19 lockdowns – study
Seven reasons Nordic walking is better for you than the normal kind
Shining fluorescent light on bee sperm could help explain colony survival
Ships must slow down to save endangered whales, US gov’t says
Should Breastfed Infants Poop Less?
Sidestepping Hunger & Boosting Food Security
Silfra Fissure – The World’s Clearest Water
Simple jab can cure genetic heart defects that kill the young
Since 2021, Big Oil Has Spent Over $200 Million to Sabotage Climate Action
Sky is falling – birds and 5G
Social effects of friendships for people with learning disabilities and/or autism
Solar Project Divides Community; “I don’t have very many neighbors talk to me anymore”
Some types of stress could be good for brain functioning
Sowing Hunger & Reaping Profits – The Grassroots Battle Against The “Food Crisis”
Specialized brain regions recognize vocal cues that don’t involve speech
Spike Damages The Heart Muscle Through Innate Immune Arm Activation (Study)
Spike Protein Destroy Mitochondria (Studies)
Sprint then stop? Brain is wired for the math to make it happen
Sprite Ditches Green Bottle in Favor of ‘Greener’ Option, Environmentalists Call Greenwashing
Stroke drug improves memory and repairs injured brain tissue in mice
Study shows the importance of certain neural connections in identifying consciousness
Study shows the link between common viruses and onset of Alzheimer’s disease
Syrian ship carrying ‘stolen’ Ukrainian grain docks in Lebanon
Tell CA Officials – Toxic Neonic Pesticides Are Harming Us
The best herbs for your blood sugar
The best way to feed the world is to let communities feed themselves
The carcinogenicity of occupational exposure as a firefighter
The causal relationship between allergic diseases and heart failure
The Corruption of Academic Medicine
The Dumbing Down of Society
The Eco Friendly City Of The Future Is A Dystopian Hellscape
The Energy Transition Runs Into a Ditch in Rural Ohio
The Gut Patrol – A fascinating new look at what drives T cells to guard the intestines
The Mortality Cost of Carbon?
The Pfizer Paradox – Issues Recall for CHANTIX due to ‘theoretical increased risk of cancer’ yet its experimental COVID-19 mRNA shots are considered safe?
The Problem With Gene Therapy – Once You’ve Done It, You Can’t Go Backwards
The REAL Reason Why Your Arteries are Calcifying and Turning into Bone
The Research Cartel
The revelations by brave whistleblowers that finally brought disgraced gender clinic Tavistock down
The struggles COVID long-haulers face at the workplace
The summer snack that can stop your cells from becoming cancerous
The Technological Reset | Part 1
The Truth Behind #NationalHamburgerDay
The Weaponization of Food
The WHO’s Reckless Disregard for Truth
The World is Going Dutch — LaRouche youth in action for a new, just economic order
The world of work is changing fast – and the government isn’t keeping up
There Are No Long-Term Trials to Know if the Benefits of Psychiatric Drugs Outweigh the Harms
There Are Two Types of Narcissist, And The Difference Is Critical, Research Shows
These Habits DESTROY Your Health & Decrease Lifespan! | Dr. David Sinclair
This Is WHY There’s Such A Drastic Divide
This stick-on ultrasound patch could let you watch your own heart beat
Thousands More Dead Birds Soon After New 4G Antennas Had Been Added to Existing Cell Towers. Coincidence?
Toxic Air – How Leaded Aviation Fuel Is Poisoning America’s Children
Two Decades Of Alzheimer’s Research May Be Based On Deliberate Fraud
U.S. may need $7 billion for monkeypox, Biden administration estimates
U.S. polio case tied to viruses detected in U.K., Israel, suggesting silent spread
UK Food Chain Installs “Orwellian in the Extreme” Facial Recognition Cameras to Stop Crime
UK Sea Level Rise Speeding Up–Claim Met Office
UK street lights could be dimmed ‘in Germany-style blackout’ to save energy
Ultrasound stickers could continuously image internal organs for days
UN, WEF Behind Global War On Farmers
Uncivil Society – Climate Alarmists’ Last Stand?
Under fire, US officials say monkeypox can still be stopped
Understanding Immune Responses to Viruses—Do Underlying Th1/Th2 Cell Biases Predict Outcome?
Ute Kruger – COVID vaccination and turbo cancer – pathological evidence with English subtitles
Vaping Safety Views Shifted Following Lung Injury Reports
War on Farmers and Food | Beyond the Cover
Watch this sponge clean up an oil spill | Hard Reset
What’s goin’ on? 50 great soul music artists have died (suddenly?) in 2022
What’s the deal with nitrites and nitrates?
Who pays the price for pesticide use?
WHY Are Dutch Farmers Protesting?
Why are Farmers NOT Allowed to Produce Food?
Why aren’t you interviewing Professor Nicholas Larsen at Stanford?
Why Is The CDC Hiding Excess Death Data?
Why would government restrict farming at a time when food shortages and famine loom on the horizon worldwide?
Will American Medical Science Follow the American Economy on the Road to Destruction?
Woman Dies and is Shown the Truth about Life and Death (Near Death Experience)
World Economic Forum Paper Declares ‘Time To Look Beyond’ Private Car Ownership
Yale Scientists Identify Genetic Risk Factors for Opioid Use and Related Substance Use Disorders
You Are Eating These Hidden TOXINS
You will rent FOREVER and be happy (the great housing manipulation)