Nieuws 1.7.2021

Andrea Evers bij EenVandaag over het einde van de mondkapjes
Bacteriën aanvallen via suikers
Beantwoording Kamervragen over ernstige gevolgen siliconen borstimplantaten
Bestrijdingsmiddelen in een derde van de drinkwaterbronnen in Nederland boven de norm
Bij draadloos gebruik is het biologisch effect op mensen niet eens wetenschappelijk onderzocht
Bijna 300 varkenshouders stoppen, resterende middelen naar andere stikstofmaatregelen
Boosheid bij kinderen en jongeren met angststoornissen
Britse ex-premier Theresa May ontpopt zich tot anti-lockdownstrijder
D66 wil testplicht vakantiegangers
De straling van de zon
Dierenmishandeling in slachthuizen is pure smeerlapperij
Dr. Seligmann en Haim Yativ – hoe ouder je wordt, hoe gevaarlijker de vaccins
Duitse politie doet 8 huiszoekingen in verband met sensationeel vonnis van coronarechter
GGD stopt met sneltest en stapt over op PCR-test om varianten op te sporen
Goede nachtrust sleutel voor kinderen met autisme
Huidkankermedicijn kan leiden tot misvormingen bij ongeboren kind
Israël ziet explosie aan coronabesmettingen onder gevaccineerden
Jaap van Dissel heeft geen verklaring getekend inzake belangenverstrengeling OMT
Kabinet moet milieueffecten windmolens beoordelen
Kamerlid Agema roept Marion Koopmans tot de orde
Meningitis bij pasgeborene en de onvolgroeidheid van microbiota
Niet alle artsen zijn het ermee eens dat het goed is om kinderen te vaccineren tegen corona
Noodwet nodig om problemen op stroomnet te voorkomen
Toename angststoornis of depressie onder jongvolwassenen
Totale fusie tussen NPO en D66 & Staat en Media
Virale infecties in Israël nemen toe naarmate COVID afneemt
Volgens medicus William Cortvriendt slaan we door in hygiëne
Voorspellingen van WHO zijn deels accuraat gebleken
Zijn katten aanhankelijker geworden tijdens de lockdown?


5,000-year-old man was ‘oldest plague victim’
A 50% rise in carbon dioxide level could reduce rainfall in the Amazon more than deforestation
A Carb-Centric Diet Helped Me Recover from Type 2 Diabetes
A Good Night’s Sleep Key For Children With Autism
A Massive Lake Suddenly Vanished In Antarctica, Scientists Discover
A prospective controlled study on Ramadan fasting in the healthy young males in summer in Germany, effect on cytokines
A Quest for Fauci’s Mythical “Holy Grail of Science”-Peer reviewed vaccine data not available until 2022-2024
A Revolutionary Solar Fridge Will Help Keep COVID Vaccines Cold In Sub-Saharan Africa
Air turbulence from coughs and sneezes can cause Covid-laden water droplets to travel at ‘near-ballistic speeds’ and spread virus much further than originally thought
Analysis of 58 studies finds male sex and obesity are not associated with ICU mortality, but many factors are
Antibodies help identify women protected from placental malaria
Asymptomatic Israelis are protected against Delta Variant
Australia’s new rules around mandatory vaccination
Beverley Turner clashes with virologist over anti-lockdown protests
Biden Admin Creates ‘Vaccine Hesitancy’ Map To Help Activists Target Vaccine Skeptics Door To Door
Biomarkers of cytokine storm as red flags for severe and fatal COVID-19 cases
Brisk walking for two-and-a-half hours a week could prevent early death caused by lack of sleep
Can Depression Be Caused By Low Thyroid? – Dr. Martin Rutherford
Cancer neuroscientists identify a key culprit behind pediatric brain cancer’s spread
CDC bribes medical organizations to back vaccinations for kids
China’s ‘Bat Woman’ Involved in Military’s ‘Secret Programme’ on Coronaviruses
China’s Covert Genetic Bioweapons To Target Races Based On Specific DNA
Covid Delta variant pours into France, strain now accounts for 20% of all cases
COVID19 vaccination increases mortality of unvaccinated European children
Dinosaurs May Have Been Going Extinct Before the Asteroid Hit Earth
Doctor describes ‘SPOOKY’ medical technology that could ‘CHANGE EVERYTHING’
Dr. Harvey Risch explains much of the fraud used to sink HCQ–video presentation to Marseille last week
Duke study reveals mechanisms of increased infectivity, antibody resistance of SARS-CoV-2 variants
E-cigarettes versus nicotine replacement treatment as harm reduction interventions for smokers who find quitting difficult
Environmental and occupational exposures associated with male infertility
Ex-CDC boss roasted for calling Delta variant a ‘heat-seeking missile’ for unvaxxed as Israel says HALF of infected had Covid jab
Experts Warn Florida Tower Disaster Is Climate Emergency ‘Wake-Up Call’
Exposure to common chemicals wreaks havoc on your hormones
Fauci, Big Tech, Democrats and Wuhan Colluded, All In it Together
FDA has finally decided “certain high-risk groups” should avoid the dental amalgam
Finland suggests increase in Covid cases is linked to fans returning from St. Petersburg following Euro 2020
Food Insecurity and Mental Health
German Greens reject plagiarism allegations
Girls Are Leading Hawaii’s Teen Vaping Epidemic
GOP Lawmaker Accuses Chinese Communist Party Of Concealing Crucial COVID-19 Facts
Half of Adults Infected in Latest COVID-19 Outbreak Were Fully Vaccinated
How a COVID-19 infection changes blood cells in the long run
How Fasting Influences the Autonomic Nervous System
How The Real Truth About Health Gets Suppressed In Several Health Studies
Human molecule blocking toxic forms of Parkinson’s-related protein identified
Individualised homeopathy may be useful for acne therapy
Infections Are Rising in Scotland but Hospitalisations Remain Low
Irish government is planning to open up indoor drinking and dining to fully vaccinated people only
Is This Normal? “I Can’t Multitask”
Ivermectin cured my mother of covid – Dr Nijon Eccles
Ivermectin treatment in humans for reducing malaria transmission
Lockdowns have led to an increase in excess mortality
Low BMI levels can increase risk of endometrial cancer in obese Asian women
LSL60101 compound reduces neuroinflammation and improves cognition
Making seawater drinkable in minutes
Mandatory vaccines for Montreal high schoolers?
Many of us feel ‘empty’ – understanding what it means is important for improving our mental health
Max Igan “Reclaiming the Earth – steps towards a collective awakening”
Mental health toll from isolation affecting kids on reentry
MEPs want COVID-19 restrictions standardised across Europe
MIT and Harvard engineers design mask that detects Covid-19 within 90 minutes
Mobile phones in schools “affect children’s mental health and wellbeing”
More Efficient Tests May One Day Replace Endoscopy
Nature and NYT say Covid mRNA vaccine boosters are not necessary, despite the CDC push
Neonatal meningitis – the immaturity of microbiota and epithelial barriers implicated
New corona mass test up to 100 times more sensitive than rapid antigen tests
New Meta-Analysis Finds “A Large Reductions In COVID-19 Deaths” Possible Using Ivermectin
Newly Discovered ‘Sleeper Phase’ in Stem Cells Could Advance Brain Tumor Treatment
Next Pandemic May Spread from Super Bugs in Hospitals, Expert Warns
North Korea Covid outbreak fears after Kim Jong-un warns of ‘huge crisis’ in ‘antivirus fight’
Northwest heat wave demonstrates world’s growing cooling needs
Nutrient Timing to Balance Female Hormones with Dr. Mindy Pelz
Opioid makers, distributors go on trial in New York
Outdoor play in shorter, more frequent windows can boost physical activity in early learning settings
Pakistan Under ”Pressure” From US Over Ties With China
Patients with debilitating symptoms are being treated like political pawns
People living with HIV/AIDS have a significantly higher risk of suicide
PFOS in U.S. Ambient Surface Waters
Quarter of septic tanks inspected pose risk to human health or environment
Raising the Alarm on Myocarditis After Covid Vaccination
Rare heart inflammation linked to Pfizer and Moderna Covid vaccines is six times more likely to occur after second shot
Researchers identify key protein that allows cancer-destroying viruses to enter tumor cells
Resistant starch and diabetes
River warriors clean world’s most polluted river
Russians who forge vaccination certificates to violate Covid-19 regulations could get a year in prison
Sea Shepherd drone shot at in the Faroe Islands
Senator Ron Johnson Milwaukee News Conference
Serious questions about government funding Bill Gates’new confidence-trick, the NATRIUM nuclear reactor
Setbacks in early childhood development reveal underlying inequity, according to U-M study
Some COVID-19 patients still can’t smell after a year, while others experience distorted smells
South Africa’s latest COVID-19 lockdown puts spotlight back on vaccination failures
Starch and dental health
Stress and anxiety among physicians during the COVID-19 outbreak in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region
Study of 90 cities links green space access with increased happiness
Success in reversing dementia in mice sets the stage for human clinical trials
The Appalling Increase in Child Labor
The Brazilian Government Is Waging War on Indigenous Rights
The Left’s War on Gifted Kids
The US drug industry used to oppose patents – what changed?
There is no medical or public health case for the mass vaccination of children and young people
Three sensations that signal nerve damage caused by high blood sugar
Toto discusses the heatwave superstition and propaganda flooding the airwaves today
Transitioning Off Psychiatric Drugs
U.S. Sen. Johnson – To hold Press conference with families who want to be seen, heard and believed by the medical community
Unlocking the potential of viruses to fight cancer
Unvaccinated Royal Caribbean Passengers in Florida Will Be Required to Show Proof of Insurance
Vaccine side effects are not required to be reported by OSHA
Vaping Increases Susceptibility to Coronavirus in Mice
Weedkiller Paraquat Linked To Parkinson’s And Deadly Diseases
WHO scrubs its own website, quietly removing recommendation that children should not be vaccinated against covid
World Must Remove 1 Billion Tonnes Carbon Dioxide By 2025 To Meet Climate Goal