Nieuws 1.4.2021

38 volledig gevaccineerde mensen testen positief op COVID-19
5G – einde van de privacy | Karel Beckman met Jan van Gils en Elze van Hamelen
Ab Osterhaus noemt dodelijke bloedstolsels door AstraZeneca-vaccin ‘bijwerkingen’
AstraZeneca-vaccin krijgt nieuwe naam
Beantwoording Kamervragen over ‘subsidieslurpende mestfabrieken’
Belgische staat moet van rechter binnen de 30 dagen wettelijke basis voorzien voor coronamaatregelen
Beursanalist zet RIVM te kijk – Alle cijfers in het rood?
Covid vaccins richten volgen EU statistieken slachting aan in Europa
De psychologische factor van het coronaherstel
Dit is het verschil tussen biologische en reguliere courgettes
Duitsland stopt met AstraZeneca bij 60-minners
Een virus muteert..door straling
EMA – leeftijd geen risicofactor voor bijwerkingen AstraZeneca
Geconfronteerd met Parkinson – is er hoop op genezing?
GGD en RIVM wijzen naar elkaar voor niet halen vaccinatiedoel
Hologrammen van embryo’s geven schat aan informatie aan onderzoekers Erasmus MC
Italië onderzoekt dood leraar na toediening AstraZeneca injectie
Jeugdbeschermingsketen gaat er in de toekomst anders uitzien
Kernenergie is nergens voor nodig
Landbouw stoot na 760 miljoen subsidie nog evenveel stikstof uit
Last van lentekoorts? Dan wordt het tijd voor een voorjaarsschoonmaak in je lichaam
Marion Koopmans gaf een jaar geleden toe dat Chinese labs coronavirussen manipuleerden
Misschien zetten we tijdens online groepswerk toch beter die cameras af?
Mysterieuze hersenziekte stelt Canadese artsen voor raadsel
Onderzoek vergelijkt biologisch met intensieve landbouw
Orsted wil industrie Zeeland en Gent aan waterstof helpen
Overgevoeligheid voor pijn is vaak oorzaak van chronische pijn (Onderzoek VUB)
Parodontitis aanleiding tot verhoogde bloeddruk
R Getal Corona RTLZ nieuws spreekt RIVM tegen
Schandaal treft de Siciliaanse autoriteiten vanwege aantijgingen van COVID-19-datamanipulatie
Spanje – AstraZeneca alleen boven 65
Stap in de wereld van een kind met autisme, in plaats van andersom
Tropisch regenwoud verdwijnt in recordtempo, vorig jaar is een gebied zo groot als Nederland vernield
Veel te hoge uitstoot kankerverwekkend benzeen door Bossche asfaltcentrale
Verboden gif bereikt mens door middel tegen vlooien voor huisdieren
Veritas Vos Liberabit | 29-03-2021 | Aangifte tegen Rutte
Vezelrijk dieet beïnvloedt darmflora
Visieloos en Non-ideologisch noemt Prof. Cees Hamelink het gedepolitiseerde discours
Volgens neurologe Inge Declercq is het zomeruur ‘een ramp’ voor onze slaap.
Voorkom dat nieuwe GMO-technieken straks niet meer onder de bestaande GMO-wetgeving vallen
Wattenstaafjes en ethyleenoxide – een korte analyse
Wegwerp gezichtsmaskers bevatten een giftige, asbestachtige stof die de longen vernietigt
WHO-missie naar Wuhan levert vooral vervolgvragen op
Willem Engel wegens opruiing voor de politierechter – interview en registratie van rechtszitting
Windmolens voor onze datahonger?
Ziekteverwekkers liften gemakkelijk mee met microplastics


14 countries raise concern over WHO report on COVID origin
A group of Stanford scientists “hacked” Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine and published its entire genetic sequence on GitHub
Acute tryptophan depletion in healthy subjects increases preferences for negative reciprocity
After Canada, Germany Halts AstraZeneca Jabs For Under-60s Over Clot Risk
Alexis Hancock – Vaccine Passports – Who Really Benefits?
Alleviation of fructose-induced Alzheimers disease in rats by pioglitazone and decaffeinated green coffee bean extract
American gored by bull in Spain
Anti-inflammatory drug protects against lethal inflammation from COVID-19 in animal models
Are We Being Denied Good Health So Big Pharma Can Make Money?
Arkansas lifts mask mandate and makes everyone 16 and older eligible for COVID-19 vaccination TODAY
As French big pharma firm gets away with a FINE for 2,000 deaths, who can blame vaccine refuseniks for their distrust?
Asthma health visits decrease during COVID-19
AstraZeneca suspended again in parts of Germany over brain thrombosis fears
AstraZeneca vaccine – was it really worth it?
Australian researchers find new explanations in COVID-19 aerosol spread
Canada pauses AstraZeneca Covid vaccine for under 55
Cancer and Cell Phones | 5G Deception | Chris Moore and Dr. Devra Davis on Pittsburgh Now
Cartels Are Trafficking Drugs Through West Africa | The War on Drugs
Chronic inflammatory liver disease – cell stress mechanisms identified
Common Causes of Constipation
Confronting plastic pollution to protect environmental and public health
Court Paves Way for Deployment of 5G Wireless Antennas on Private Property
COVID-19 disrupting care for newborns
COVID-19 patients with dementia have higher risk for complications, mortality
Deadly Blood Clots Caused by Covid-19 Vaccine
Detecting cancer in the brain by scanning for salt
Dietary inflammatory potential, oxidative balance score, and risk of breast cancer
Does vitamin D improve symptomatic and structural outcomes in knee osteoarthritis?
Early breast cancer care largely safe and effective in pandemic
Effect of Chromium Supplementation on Blood Glucose and Lipid Levels in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Effect Of Vitamin C On Recovery
Entire City in Shock as Another Italian Professor Is Dead Following the AstraZeneca COVID Injection
Epidemiologists fear Covid-19 mutations could render existing vaccines ineffective in less than 1 year – survey
Experimental treatment offers hope of fertility for early menopausal women
Experts Warn Failure to Rapidly ‘Vaccinate the World’ Creates Dangerous Opening for Covid-19 Mutations
Fish farming plagued by pests and parasites
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis the latest Republican to speak out against the premise of vaccine passports
Fooling coronavirus with new decoy protein renders it impotent
Gene expression and Cancer Therapeutics
German state suspends AstraZeneca vaccine use for under-60s
Governors Lifting Mask Mandates ‘Know That They’re Not Helping,’ Senior White House COVID-19 Adviser Says
Hazardous Pesticide Breakdown Chemicals Found in Streams Nationwide, Raising Health Concerns
Herd Immunity Is Near, Despite Faucis Denial
High-fiber diet may play a role in controlling the inflammation associated with COVID-19
How a smart thermometer saw Covid-19 coming before the experts
How conspiracy theorizing may soon get you labelled a Domestic Terrorist
How Gene Editing Can Threaten Your Health And Safety – By Author Jeffrey Smith
How lockdown changed the sex lives of young adults
How Streptococcus pyogenes can survive on skin and cause skin infections
How to lose visceral fat – Liquorice oil led to significant decreases in visceral fat
How to Unclog Your Ears
Hundreds of COVID-sceptics hold demonstration in Nuremberg
In fish, parents stressful experiences influence offspring behavior via epigenetic changes
Is the Great Reset meant to establish the New World Order?
Israel – Pfizer’s Chosen People
Lack of SALT is Draining Your Energy on Keto
Magnetic Anomalies Across the Solar System
Medical experts spread word about harmless COVID-19 vaccine reactions
Microplastic And Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria – The Double Threat
More Censorship – Netizens Theorize Biden Administration Behind YouTube Removing Dislike Count
Namibian villagers fight against oil giant
New study suggests following a vegan diet could help control blood sugar for sufferers of type 2 diabetes
New technology could replace Pap smear in cervical cancer screening, researchers say
One man’s dedication sees a new forest grow in Burkina Faso
Pandemic stress, boredom caused some PA residents to increase cigarette use
Perth scientists make breast cancer research breakthrough
Profiling immuno-metabolic mediators of vitamin B12 deficiency among metformin-treated type 2 diabetic patients in Ghana
Research confirms ingredient in household cleaner could improve fusion reactions
Research shows how a sugary diet early in life could mean memory trouble later
Researchers reveal SARS-CoV-2 distribution and relation to tissue damage in patients
Scientists discover new genetic disease that delays brain development in children
Scientists find 55 new environmental chemicals in pregnant women, newborns
Sexually Transmitted Infections – Adopting a Sexual Health Paradigm
Spain tightens COVID-19 restrictions, mask wearing rules
Study contributes to our understanding of how cocaine withdrawal affects brain circuits
Study shows how viral distribution of SARS-CoV-2 in the human body relates to tissue damage
Sunbathers will have to wear face masks this summer on Spanish beaches
Tackling the toxics in plastics packaging
The diabetes epidemic is already upon us – can technology save us?
The operation formerly known as Warp Speed
The White House urged the World Health Organization to take additional steps to determine the origins of COVID-19
This addiction to lockdowns has to end
Trapped Dolphins – The Slaughter Continues
Turning to Dr. Google may not be as anxiety-inducing or misleading as believed, study finds
Twitter Censors Famed Epidemiologist Martin Kulldorff
Twitter Censors Science | Kate Wand
Two Thirds of Farmland at Risk of Pesticide Pollution
Vaccine Passports Are A Terrible Idea
Vandana Shiva – Bill Gates Empires Must Be Dismantled
Vitamin A for nerve cells
Vitamin D deficiency is the primary cause of covid hospitalizations and deaths
We Are Human, We Are Free – Building Worldwide Nonviolent Resistance to the Great Reset
WHO chief criticises lack of data access from China
WHO draft report says animals likely source of virus
Why April may be the most important month for climate action ever
Why combining farms and solar panels could transform how we produce both food and energy
Why Is Everyone in Texas Not Dying?
Why Watching the Glycemic Index and Limiting Sugar Are Not Enough to Beat Diabetes
Why women do not use contraceptives
Wind energy could lead to creation of 50,000 jobs in Ireland, new report claims
With Great Caution, Scientists Seek Covid Treatments in Old Drugs
Worst health scandal in France