Nieuws 1.2.2021

Actiegroep artsen en burgers wil ivermectine in NHG-richtlijn
Arnhem laat runderen op dioxine onderzoeken
Baby’s blootgesteld aan passief roken hebben meer kans op gedragsproblemen
Ben ik dan wèl een klimaat’ontkenner’?
Beperk overspringen virussen door minder te reizen
Berber Pieksma, huisarts heeft zich openlijk gekeerd tegen het coronabeleid
Burgers verliezen rechtszaak tegen een multinational
Datalekken GGD te wijten aan totale desinteresse
De toekomst van Schiphol… meer overlast?
De wankele wetenschap van Covid-19 leidt tot paniek
Duitsland sluit grenzen voor landen met veel coronamutaties
Elf mensen hebben een financiële claim ingediend tegen hun ziekenhuizen
Grootste ingreep ooit tegen moderne slavernij in Brazilië
Honderden arrestaties in Brussel, ‘betogers willen vrijheid terug’
Is mobiel gebruik gelijk Russisch roulette?
Jaarlijks 600 overlijdens in Antwerpen door luchtvervuiling
Kafka in de huisartsenpraktijk
Lichtvervuiling veroorzaakt toename van vroeggeboortes
Lockdowns tegen covid, of tegen angst?
Mensen met ‘androgyne hersenen’ hebben minder mentale problemen
Mondkapjes hebben schadelijke gezondheidseffecten volgens meerdere onderzoeken
Neem onderzoek naar laagfrequent geluid bij windparken serieus
Oproep aan de politie (van een voormalig forensisch arts)
PCR test-schandaal – WHO geeft toe dat de cijfers niet kloppen
Premier De Croo zegt eindelijk waar het op staat
Reborns helpen bij autisme, alzheimer en verlies van een kind
Schade coronamaategelen uit zich in duizenden doden
Schriftelijke Kamervragen van SGP over uitrol 5G
Simpel hersenonderzoek voorspelt beter juiste antidepressivum dan de psychiater
Spaanse studie ontdekt drie nieuwe symptomen die kunnen wijzen op coronabesmetting
Stop de wereldwijde uitrol van 5G-netwerken totdat veiligheid is bevestigd
Toeslagenaffaire en klimaatbeleid
Trauma bij kinderen kan ontwikkeling en behandeling van ms beïnvloeden
Twee derde van de 65-plussers heeft een tekort aan vitamine D
Versoepeling van de coronarestricties m.b.t. het grensverkeer tussen België en buurlanden
Wat de farmaceutische industrie blijft verzwijgen
Wat doen we onze kinderen aan met ingrijpende maatregelen?
Wat je mag verwachten in 2021 van het financiële systeem
Wist je dat mensen in Frankrijk begraven worden als chemisch afval?


Biltse ‘herenboeren’ trekken stekker uit landbouwproject
Breast Implants, Mold, Metals, and Hidden Infections
Cancer’s connection to toxins–What you should know
Cancer-Causing Breast Implants Spurring Lawsuits
Covid-19, Age and Severity
Dr.SHIVA LIVE – The mRNA “Vaccine.” What It Is & How It Works
Foods to Improve Athletic Performance and Recovery
Great Reset – Klaus Schwab will Mensch und Maschine verschmelzen
How the masses were manipulated to accept fluoride poisoning
Informed consent medisch experiment
Making Energy Prices Skyrocket
My Eight Go-To Side Dishes to Keep Glucose Low
Neuro-inflammation in Autism Spectrum Disorders – by Dr Michael Elice
New Lawsuits Link Cancer Deaths To Breast Implant Patients
Publishing vaccine supply information jeopardises national security, says Prisons Minister
Steeds meer Brabantse boeren bouwen megastallen nét over de grens
The corruption of evidence based medicine-Statins for diabetics
The Great Reset is a ‘hiding in plain sight’ agenda
The story of the Signal app and the CIA
Very Few Pesticides Have Been Properly Tested For Safety


10 Reasons that SARS-CoV-2 Is an Imaginary and Theoretical Virus
A diet high in trans fats linked to a significantly higher risk of dementia among the elderly
A Takedown Of Dr ‘Fake’ Fauci In An Unexpected Place
Acupuncture treatment of diabetic peripheral neuropathy
Aerosol particles cool the climate less than we thought
Air pollution and indoor settings
Anosmia, the loss of smell caused by COVID-19, doesn’t always go away quickly – but smell training may help
AstraZeneca, Germany and over-65s – how to interpret confusing vaccine data
Babies get Covid-19 antibodies from mothers while in the womb
Being indoctrinated at public school is “safe” for children, but doing anything else will spread coronavirus
Big Tech Is Controlling What You See Online
Bill Gates, Big Pharma and entrenching the vaccine apartheid
Brain connectivity reveals ADHD in kids with 99% accuracy
Brits ignore health issues thinking they’re ‘too young’ to worry
Can microwaves decontaminate virus particles in aerosols?
CDC Issues Sweeping New Mask Mandate For U.S. Travelers, Extends Eviction Moratorium
Childhood trauma affects development, treatment of multiple sclerosis
Childhood trauma could affect development, treatment of multiple sclerosis
China Genetics Firms Covertly ‘Harvesting’ Americans’ DNA Via COVID Tests, Claims US Intelligence
Clinical expert shares her insight on neurodiversity
CNA Nursing Home Whistleblower
Cooling Effect of Clouds Generated by Shipping Overestimated
COVID effect leads to fewer heart surgeries, more patient deaths
COVID-19 vaccines do not make women infertile
COVID19 Infection & Transmission In 5-13 Year Olds ‘Minimal’
Does Calcium Overload Mark Dendritic Spines for Destruction?
Dutch Court Orders Shell Oil to Pay for Harm Done to Nigerian Farmers
Early results we have are not encouraging for 60 to 65-year-old people concerning AstraZeneca vaccin
Electromagnetic Fields, 5G and Health – What About the Precautionary Principle?
European Medicines Agency Deletes Vaccine Caused Infant Death Data – Falsifying Official Records
Exhausted ITU staff reveal brutal truth of coronavirus frontline
Explaining to your child why behavior is wrong may not always work
Extracts from AstraZeneca contract released – and EU refuses to budge
Genes that dance to the circadian rhythm
Get ready for your COVID anal swab
Health Care Workers Dies After Second Vaccine Dose, But Family Tells Others to Get Vaccinated
Heart defect that kills thousands of young people each year including Sir David Frost’s son could be spotted early thanks to new blood test
Here’s a graph they don’t want you to see
How COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’ May Destroy the Lives of Millions
How Does COVID-19 Affect the Brain?
How Is Diabetes Affecting People Working Long Hours and During Night Shifts
Individuals Diagnosed With Autism At Three Times Higher Risk Of Suicide Attempts
Infants exposed to second-hand smoke may develop behavior problems later in life
iPhone 12 disrupts Calgary man’s medical implant, Apple issues warning
Lifestyle, genetic issues behind sudden cardiac arrests in y ..
Mediterranean diet may reduce risk for prostate cancer progression
Microbiome as Mediator of Diet on Colorectal Cancer Risk
More Cell Towers Linked to Higher Deaths From Cancers in Brazil
Newly found Fukushima plant high radiation to delay cleanup process
Novel therapy-resistance mechanism promoting the growth of breast cancer brain metastasis
One-third people in US unlikely, hesitant to get Covid jab
Our gut-brain connection
Over 400 Scientific Papers Published In 2020 Support A Skeptical Position On Climate Alarm
Patients in Brazil were simultaneously infected with TWO coronavirus variants
People who eat foods high in saturated fats including bacon and cheese are less likely to develop acute pancreatitis
Pesticide Exposures Information – Who is entitled to What and How Can They Use It?
Planting more trees linked to lower rates of depression in urban areas
Prevalence of MRSA nasal carriage among pregnant women in Copenhagen
Racism has a physical impact on the body – here’s how
Remdesivir disrupts COVID-19 virus better than other similar drugs
Researchers Claim 100% Accuracy Predicting Autism Risk Factors in Mom’s Blood
Scientific Fraud – Prof. Alexander Lerchl (5G Scientist)
Some bacteria grow resilient to antibiotics by changing shapes
The Microwave Delusion by Brian Stein
UCLA scientists use ultrasound to jump-start two more coma patients’ brains
UK lockdowns ‘could lead to 100,000 non-Covid deaths’
UK Wants To Use Children As Covert Agents To Spy On Their Parents
US officials increased Covid-19 risk when they were ill-prepared to meet first batch of Wuhan evacuees
Vulnerable children most at risk from online harm
War Criminal Tony Blair Calls For COVID-19 Immunity Passports
Weak and strong cells bonding boosts body’s diabetes fight
Why Are We Allowing Big Pharma’s Patents to Artificially Limit Supply?
Women undergo less aggressive open heart surgery, experience worse outcomes than men
Women who develop high blood pressure after birth at greater risk of chronic hypertension