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Dit is een lijst van ruim 400 links die ik de laatste 3 jaar heb verzameld mbt gezondheidsproblemen door
electromagnetische velden, dit is een selectie uit de 30.000+ links die ik per jaar op de site
deel. Voel je vrij om deze lijst te delen met anderen maar wel in de complete vorm, dus met credits, er zitten
namelijk heel wat uurtjes werk in. Ook de kosmos, zoals zonnevlammen en zonnestormen spelen een rol,
je kunt deze volgen via


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Opgroeien in de draadloze wereld
Geef kind geen smartphone
Evaluation of the potential of mobile phone specific electromagnetic fields (UMTS) to produce micronuclei in human glioblastoma cell lines
After years of secrecy, cellphone radiation risks are finally being revealed 
Scholen Israel willen minder WIFI belasting kinderen
Alasdair Philips (Clip 1) "Putting WiFi inside school buildings is inexcusable"
Wi-Fi in Schools - Dr. Stephen Sinatra M.D.
The serious health consequences of putting your laptop on your lap
Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields From Wi-Fi in Australian Schools
Effect of Mobile Phone Radiation on Cardiovascular Development of Chick Embryo
Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe - Electromagnetic Radiation, Health and Children
Ecologa EMF Afschermende muts
Voordracht Hugo Schooneveld op het SOLK symposium 25 jan. 2017
Video over de gevaren van draadloze communicatie en 5G i.h.b.

Human Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields from Parallel Wireless Power Transfer Systems
Kan straling van mobiele en smartphones, UMTS en wifi gevaarlijk zijn?
Kun je Kanker krijgen van je GSM ?
Elektromagnetische velden vergroten mogelijk kans op spierziekte ALS
Mobiele straling gevaarlijk? | Leendert Vriens
Smart Meters - Dr.Dietrich Klinghardt
Wereld Gezondheidsorganisatie (WHO) onder vuur
Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer? A New Court Ruling Reignites the Debate

Mobile phone use and risk for intracranial tumors and salivary gland tumors—a meta-analysis
Ziggo horizon box - extreem hoge stralingsintensiteit
Radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation from cell phone causes defective testicular function in male Wistar rats
Beperk de Straling - ''Slimme meters gevaar voor volksgezondheid''
Cell phone use affects workout intensity
Google Glass Alert - Potential health risks from wireless radiation
Ik ben ziek door slimme meter, mijn haar valt uit en ik kan amper lopen
Is koken op inductie schadelijk voor de gezondheid?
Development of a source-exposure matrix for occupational exposure assessment of electromagnetic fields in the INTEROCC study. 
Electricity exposure at work linked to risk of motor neurone disease 
Ook laatste protest tegen Zwolse zendmast afgewezen
Mobile phones damage male reproductive system 
Antennebureau - 143 masten erbij in januari
Fragment van Zembla & Heeft Eric van Rongen wel een geweten?
Cyprus Removes Wi-Fi from Kindergartens and Halts Wireless Deployment Into Public Elementary Schools

The effect of prenatal exposure to 1800 MHz electromagnetic field on calcineurin and bone development in rats
Bijen en elektromagnetische golven
Workplace exposure to electromagentic fields 'linked to ALS'
Are You Eating Yourself To Death? - David Icke
Vliegtuigen worden microgolfovens
Cell Phone Safety Guidance from the California Public Health Department
Recent Research on WiFi Effects
Microwave Towers & Faster Downloads - The Hidden Health Impact of Wireless Communications
Electrostress door zonnepanelen/omvormers
University of Nebraska-Lincoln reveals spray that could save us from 'doomsday' 
Whole house EMF shielding with T98 paint and GPA mesh under tiled roof
Cell Tower Radiation Caused Headaches, Rashes, Nausea, Sleeplessness
Children are at Risk From Wi-Fi In School - Testimony by Kristin Morrison
Teacher Testifies on Headaches and Wi-Fi Health Risks To Canadian Government
Ook ik ben smartphone-verslaafd
Telecom Worker Testifies on Fertility, Children. Learning Disabilities and Wi-fi Radiation
Testimony on the Health Risks of Wireless Technology by Sharon Noble
Inductiekoken - een waarschuwing
Smartphone interruptions - Are yours relentless and annoying? 
Bilthoven - Hoge zendmast in wijk 'drama'
Study of potential health effects of electromagnetic fields of telephony and Wi-Fi
Effect of electromagnetic waves from mobile phone on immune status of male rats
Extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields stimulation modulates autoimmunity and immune responses
When theory and observation collide - Can non-ionizing radiation cause cancer?
Suggest long-term cellphone use may increase the risk of brain cancer, among other health problems
Actrice Ali McGraw getuigt over de gevolgen van 5G zendmasten
Smart meters are destroying your health
Why We Should Oppose 5G on Health Grounds
A New Type of Li-Fi Has Reportedly Cracked 40 Gbps, 100 Times Faster Than the Best Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi Devices Increase Mercury Release From Dental Amalgams
Koeien van 5 melkveehouders slaan op hol door testen 5g netwerk
Children Ask To Stop Cell Towers On Their Playgrounds
Parent Testifies that Wireless Radiation Causes Heart Problems in her Child
PC - netvervuiling verminderen
School Districts Can Minimize Wi-Fi Radiation Exposure to Children With Simple Steps
The Unspoken Impacts of Smart Meters. Microwave Technologies RFs/EMFs “Harm Human Health”
Effects of RF-EMF Exposure from GSM Mobile Phones on Proliferation Rate of Human Adipose-derived Stem Cells
State kept secret guidelines on safe cell phone use
Influence of electromagnetic field (1800 MHz) on lipid peroxidation in brain, blood, liver and kidney in rats
The EPA Was Defunded from Studying Cell Phones
"Wireless is not safe" MD BOE informed of the American Academy of Pediatrics Guidelines
5G Means A Cell Tower Every 12 houses
American Academy of Pediatrics Recommends Children Reduce Exposure to Cell Phone/Wireless Radiation
"Concern About Wi-Fi Health Risks" Mother of Kindergartener
Wereldvreemde GGD wil EMF klachten niet echt serieus nemen
Mobieltje voor noodgevallen
Cell Phone Cancer Debate Heats up With Document Release
Cell phone radiation PENETRATES children's brains
Can living near power lines cause cancer?
Mobile phone use and risk for intracranial tumors and salivary gland tumors
Moeder uit Knegsel vraagt aandacht voor gezondheidsproblemen door smartphones
Is WiFi Really Safe? - David Icke
Wereldvreemde GGDérs die onderzoek Pall en Johanssen negeren
What role does electromagnetic signaling have in biological systems
PDF - Electromagnetische straling en je gezondheid
California government buried the truth about cell phone radiation causing brain cancer
Koeien van 5 melkveehouders slaan op hol door testen 5g netwerk
Tips om van je smartphoneverslaving af te komen
Exposure to extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields alters the behaviour, physiology and stress protein levels of desert locusts. 
The attention span myth 

Health risks of mobile phones - what we don't know might be killing us
Geen laptops en wifi in mijn koffiebar
Parents have a right to be informed on EMF exposure
Cell Towers Create A Hazmat Site, Why Would We want Cell Towers on Our Schools
Residing near AM radio transmitters raises leukemia risk 
Wi-Fi Health in Schools
500 Cell Towers! Health Concerns at the Santa Fe City Council 
US Actress Ali McGraw Testifies Against the 5G Cell Tower Rollout
Een oorzaak van slechte nachtrust die sterk toeneemt, is het GSM-gebruik
Effects of simulated mobile phone electromagnetic radiation on fertilization and embryo developmen
Effects of smartphone use with and without blue light at night in healthy adults
Personal radiofrequency electromagnetic field exposure measurements in Swiss adolescents
Experts find phone addicts experience 'phantom buzzing' 
Radiofrequency exposure in the Neonatal Medium Care Unit
Effects of long-term pre- and post-natal exposure to 2.45?GHz wireless devices on developing male rat kidney
Hoe blauw licht van je smartphone hersenen en lichaam kan beïnvloeden
Haarlemse flatbewoners doen beroep op gemeente - 'Haal die UMTS mast snel weg'
Columnist Ronald Veldhuizen naïeve idioot die telecomstandpunt nawauwelt
Brain tumors are increasing in Denmark 
5G komt eraan, hoe zit het met de gezondheidsrisico’s?
Are Cosmic Rays Making Your Electronics Freeze?
Can Satellite Signal Jamming Cause Health Hazards?
Industry-funded Scientists Undermine Cell Phone Radiation Science
Columnist Ronald Veldhuizen naïeve idioot die telecomstandpunt nawauwelt
Wi-Fi and Cell phone Frequencies Children Are Exposed to in A School Classroom
Doctor Who Stood Up to Monsanto & Declared Agent Orange Carcinogenic Cautions on Wireless
Dr. Lennart Hardell, Cell Phones, Agent Orange and Monsanto
Are you carrying your cellphone too close to your body?
Radiofrequency radiations induced genotoxic and carcinogenic effects on chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) root tip cells
Women's experiences of living with symptoms attributed to dental restorative materials and/or electromagnetic fields
Radio Frequency Technology damages Plant DNA in 48hrs and is carcinogenic, new research reveals 
Maurice de Hond stapt noodgedwongen op als bestuurder iPad-scholen
Common behaviors alterations after extremely low-frequency electromagnetic field exposure in rat animal model
Voor erkenning van EHS als handicap
Are cellphones bad for our health?
Effects of RF-EMF exposure from GSM mobile phones on proliferation rate of human adipose-derived stem cells
Milieuklachten (zendmast, straling e.d.) melden
ELF exposure from mobile and cordless phones for the epidemiological MOBI-Kids study
Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) in occupational and primary health care
Evaluation of the potential of mobile phone specific electromagnetic fields (UMTS) to produce micronuclei in human glioblastoma cell lines
GSM 900 MHz microwave radiation-induced alterations of insulin level and histopathological changes of liver and pancreas in rat
GSM-like radiofrequency exposure induces apoptosis via caspase-dependent pathway in infant rabbits
Een burgemeester veroordeelt voor weigeren plaatsen van een zendmast
Symposium SOLK & Elektrostress; Met SOLK ben je de KLOS
Bilthoven - Hoorzitting zendmast De Leyen 28 maart 19.30 uur
Kwaadaardige hersenkanker, toename in U.K. (en USA)
EMF exposure is causing insomnia, depression, anxiety, illness and memory loss 
A follow-up study of the association between mobile phone use and symptoms of ill health
Long-term cell phone use increases brain tumor risk
Effects of Single and Repeated Exposure to a 50-Hz 2-mT Electromagnetic Field on Primary Cultured Hippocampal Neurons
The Dark Side of Blue Light 
ELF exposure from mobile and cordless phones for the epidemiological MOBI-Kids study
Exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields from Wi-Fi in Australian schools
Cellphone radiation is warping the brains of children and adults 
Draadloze techniek brengt ernstige schade toe aan onze gezondheid 
Long-term exposure to 835?MHz RF-EMF induces hyperactivity, autophagy and demyelination in the cortical neurons of mice
Plaatsing zendmasten en gemeentelijk beleid
Maatregelen van overheden ter bescherming van de bevolking tegen EMV
Effects of exposure to 2100MHz GSM-like radiofrequency electromagnetic field on auditory system of rats
Mobile phone signal exposure triggers a hormesis-like effect in Atm+/+ and Atm-/- mouse embryonic fibroblasts
Physician States That Research Shows Screens Are Linked To Eye Damage in Children
FCC abandons safety, pushes untested 5G network on public 
Deze smartphone heeft de minste straling van huidige vlaggenschepen

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