Het leefbewust journaal - 31 januari 2019


1 op de 4 kinderen heeft dringend hulp nodig
Akkoord kinderpardon net op tijd voor debat
Al die Uber ongelukken zijn geen toeval meer
Alcohol is het nieuwe roken
Autostuur viezer dan openbaar toilet
Biggen verdienen, net als alle jonge dieren, een onbezorgd leven bij hun moeder
Braziliaanse mijnbouwindustrie reguleert zichzelf, dambreuk toont de gevolgen
Daling Ritalin gebruik, en nu puin ruimen
De magnetische noordpool verschuift sneller dan ooit gemeten, hoe zit dat?
Depressieve mensen eten vaker ongezond
Duizenden bomen Lage Bergse Bos nu echt tegen de vlakte
Facebook betaalde tieners om ze te 'bespioneren'
Fastfoodrestaurants in Utrecht in 5 jaar tijd verdubbeld
Flosdraad van Zijde/bijenwas, alternatief voor teflon
Fruit kan mogelijk verschillende hersenziekten vertragen
Geen palmolie in onze tank! Stop subsidies voor palmolie in biodiesel!
Gezinsbond start petitie tegen wachtlijsten in gehandicaptenzorg
Gezond eten op school? Soms zijn balletjes in tomatensaus makkelijker
Groen licht voor luchtkwaliteitsonderzoek in Eersel
Hersenontsteking bij autisme bestrijden met voedsel
Het gaat hard naar beneden met de circa 220 pensioenfondsen
Hoe kunnen muizen helpen om kanker te bestrijden?
Inspectie tikt Jeugdbescherming op de vingers om zwijgcontract
Jarenlang onderzoek naar incidenten in ziekenhuizen
Klimaatgekte dendert door
Landbouwmest verhoogt de uitstoot van broeikasgassen
Liander maakt zich zorgen dat klanten energierekening niet kunnen betalen
Medicinale cannabis met een hoog gehalte THC effectief als pijnbestrijding bij fibromyalgie
Moet je écht naar dat congres in Berlijn? Pak dan eens de fiets
Moeten we uit schrik voor de publieke opinie dan maar de rechten van kinderen overboord kieperen?
Mutatiesnelheid bij mensen is recent afgenomen
Onderzoek naar cellen om kanker beter te behandelen
Overleg over groei van Schiphol lijkt op mislukking af te stevenen
Overmatig voorschrijven van antidepressiva bij oudere patiënten
Restauranthouder kan flink verdienen door zijn voedselverspilling te meten
Steun voor klimaatdoelen brokkelt af
Subsidie elektrische auto alleen voor rijken
Traumaheli in de knel door geluidsregels
Vraag TUI Group om te stoppen met het steunen van orkamishandeling
VS zet zich schrap voor ijzige week - gevoelstemperaturen tot 50 graden onder nul
Wat kun je doen tegen plaquevorming in de hersenen?
We zijn er voor cliënten (burgers) – houd toch op
Zorgbudget voor mensen met handicap heeft enorm aanzuigeffect


6 things not to leave in your car in the cold
Are Carrots a Great Source of Vitamin A?
Are You a Pleiadian Star Seed?
Case of children missing limbs remains unanswered amid erratic govt. investigations
Coming Clean About Vaccine Safety
Dangerous Side Effects of Pain Medications [Part I]
Dangers of Paleo & Keto Diets
Day 4 - The Real Truth About Health Free 10 Day Conference
Do cleaning queens champion healthy living or gender stereotypes?
Dr. Mercola and Dr. Bryan Walsh Talk About Basic Blood Chemistry and Health Optimization
Generic Drug “Cartel” Busted In Pricing Collusion Scheme
Getuigen-verslag orgaandonatie in de Eerste Kamer
Global Warming - A Scam To Introduce Agenda 21/30 - David Icke
Hoe komen jongeren aan hun nieuws in het moderne medialandschap?
HPV VACCINE ON TRIAL - Seeking Justice for a Generation Betrayed
Is Medicine Imploding?
Joe Rogan Experience 1234 - David Sinclair
Kinderpardon blijft nog jaren doorspelen, dat zag je eerder ook
Light is the Most Abundant Energy on Earth
Multiple Lawsuits Claim Cereal Companies Are Lying About Their Health Benefits
North Korea Pollution - Air increasingly toxic as push for coal grows
Official Vaxxed II - The People's Truth Trailer
Plotkin on Vaccines Continues; Pediatrician Dr. Larry Palevsky; Homeopathy in Danger
Poland meat scandal causes concern in Europe
Relationship Changes During Awakening
René Siegerink heeft een slim zonnepaneel ontworpen
The dismissal of Peter Gotzsche from the Cochrane Institute, that he helped found
The Gary Null Show - 1.29.19
Verzet tegen biomassacentrale
Volgens Marcel van Roosmalen denken 'ze bij het CDA dat we achterlijk zijn'
Waarom geef je kat je kopjes?
What Influence Does Industry Have On The Politicians, Media, Universities, Scientific Studies


15 foods that increase estrogen levels naturally
26 home and herbal remedies for male menopause
A Better Explanation Of Climate Than ‘Greenhouse Gases’
Aging and chronic diseases share genetic factors, study reveals
Association of 25-hydroxyvitamin D with HDL-cholesterol
Bangkok schools closed over air pollution concerns
Big Pharma's Ties to Experts Advising Congress on Drug Costs
Bricks Made From Human Waste Could Be The Future of The Construction Industry
Can Antibiotics Make Your Birth Control Less Effective?
Cancer cure? MAJOR breakthrough as scientists claim they will complete antidote THIS YEAR
Cannabis oil and sugar-free diet helped my brain tumour to disappear
Cells that destroy the intestine
Cherries are ideal bedtime snack
Climate change may increase congenital heart defects
Clot buster use differs between black and white stroke patients
Coping with tinnitus and depression
Degenerative Food & Farming System Poses Mortal Threat
Drink this tea on a daily basis to soothe skin condition’s itchy rash
E-cigarettes linked to higher risk of stroke, heart attack, diseased arteries
Early anthrax cases linked to horsehair shaving brushes
Elixir of life FOUND? Inside forgotten Cornwall cave said to have 'secret healing powers'
Engineering a cancer-fighting virus
EU proposes ban on 90% of microplastic pollutants
Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields of High Voltage Overhead Power Lines and Female Infertility
Farmers are being lied to about the “amazing benefits” of toxic biosludge
For some whales, sonar may provoke suicidal behavior
Funding to help hospital staff manage night shift fatigue
Genetic effects of radiation, and other pollutants, in children of Gulf War veterans
Growing up in dirty air 'quadruples chances of developing depression'
Herbs Offer Help in Treatment of MRSA Staph Infections
How the Meat Industry Reacted to the New Cancer Warnings
Indigenous village faces existential threat from Brazil dam burst
Infection during delivery linked to greater risk of stroke after delivery
Is soil contamination by a glyphosate commercial formulation truly harmless to non-target plants?
Israel's InterCure to ramp up medical cannabis production
Lack of sleep can make pain worse, study shows
Lack of sleep is 'epidemic' among Canadian teens
Low levels of neonicotinoids are present in commonly-consumed fruits and vegetables sold in the US
Mobile-phone microscope detects the 'silent killer' of honey bees
Morning larks are less likely to have depression
Neuroscientist shows how our brains dehumanise homeless people - video
New smart knee implants could monitor changes in activity as they happen
New study analyzes cost effectiveness of smoked cannabis to treat chronic neuropathic pain
New Study Shows Link Between Siblings, Autism And ADHD
Night shift can damage your DNA
Night Shifts May Cause DNA Damage That Contributes to Chronic Diseases
No US Childhood Vaccines Were Placebo Tested
Opioid epidemic fueling a rise in infection-related stroke
Opioid use for osteoarthritis varies widely state-to-state
Overwhelming Evidence Of Climate Collusion
Passive exposure to pollutants from conventional cigarettes and new electronic smoking devices (IQOS, e-cigarette) in passenger cars
Plastic pollution causes mussels to lose grip
Radioactive Cesium-137 diminishing in 2 Fukushima rivers
Research into outdoor and protective clothing seeks to shake off fluorochemicals
Retreating Ice Exposes Arctic Landscape Unseen for 120,000 Years
Signs you are low on vitamin C
Sleep, mood affect how 'in control' older adults feel
Study reveals how social interactions influence body image
Study shows dangerous bee virus might be innocent bystander
Study shows oversized meals to be a factor in obesity
Supplementing with omega-3 can improve sperm motility and quality of seminal plasma
The Great SSRI Scam
The Miseducation Of An Entire Generation - Climate Change
The story of how we destroyed our world with plastic – and how to fix it
Thousands of women get unnecessary mammograms before breast reduction surgery
Top 3 Dangers of LED Lights
Truth, Honor & Integrity show 1/24/19 - Thomas Williams
UK warns social media could get banned, as 30 families blame tech giants for children’s suicides
Vaping Addicts Have No Treatment Options
Vegan diets are best for gut hormones and satiety, according to new study
Vitamin C reduces cataract risk by a whopping 30%
Vitamin D could lower the risk of developing diabetes
Vitamin D may lower glucose levels and reduce risk of developing type 2 diabetes
What Is This Polar Vortex That Is Freezing the U.S.?
Why do we need fats in our diet – the truth about fats
Working women with children are up to 40% more stressed
Workplace foods a source of unhealthy calories

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