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  Het leefbewust journaal - 30 mei 2019

84 procent ggz-instellingen vraagt bijcontractering
Aanpassing regels Wajongers maakt (meer) werken lonend en stimuleert onderwijs
Allergie beschermt tegen angststoornis
Amerikaanse producent vegaburgers opent fabriek in Nederland
B12 heeft invloed op de darmflora
Bijna een op de vijf mensen meer dan één tekenbeet
Boeren en jagers niet blij met uitspraak rechter over vossenjacht
Bos van de toekomst
Brabantse steden tobben over de wietproef
Broccoli en bloemkool beschermen tegen kanker
Cijfers VWS over tekorten in zorg te rooskleurig
De wasbare luier wint aan populariteit
Diabetespatiënten van medicijnen af dankzij gezond eetpatroon
Dik persoon heeft in ene wijk vaker diabetes dan in andere
Discussie over nieuwe streefwaarde cholesterol
Eet je genetisch gemanipuleerd voedsel als je er meer over weet?
Er zijn grote veranderingen op komst, o.a. een mini ijstijd
EU-burgerinitiatief voor belasting op kerosine
Ga je te lang over je grenzen? Dan geef je fibromyalgie de kans
Haarlemmers in opstand tegen bomenkap stadsbos
Hang geen net over het balkon tegen vogels
Herten bij Japanse stad Nara overleden door eten van kilo's plastic
Hoe kijken de dierenactivisten tegen de stalbezetting in Boxtel aan?
Huisartsentekort steeds nijpender op het platteland
Kamermeerderheid tegen aanleg buisleidingen Chemelot voor gevaarlijke stoffen
Kwart sjoemeldiesels nog niet aangepast
Meer schepen vissen de zeeën almaar leger
Micro-duikbootjes kunnen geneesmiddelen gericht naar ziek orgaan brengen
Natuurlijke medicatie voor dieren
Niet te veel omega-6 gebruiken tijdens de zwangerschap
Nieuwe barsten in het paleodieet, zetmeel wel in dieet
Nieuwe DNA-thuistest voorspelt gevoeligheid voor THC
NVWA waarschuwt voor overschrijding melamine in Disney-servies
Omstreden bomenkap Achterhoek uitgesteld
Ondervoeding bij ouderen groot probleem
Ooievaarsdrama in Wamel - alle jongen dood
Ook in Utrecht duikt de 5G bomenziekte spontaan op
Op welk tijdstip kun je supplementen het beste innemen?
Parkinson verspreidt zich van cel tot cel in de hersenen langs kleine kanaaltjes
Rechtszaak om miljarden tegen farmaceut in VS om 'opiatencrisis'
Specialist ouderengeneeskunde en arts verstandelijk gehandicapten in basispakket
Sportvelden nog lang niet vrij van landbouwgif dat mogelijk kankerverwekkend is
Stikstofbeleid in strijd met EU-wet
TNO zakt door het ijs – sommetjes ontbreken
Veenoord wordt geteisterd door klemmen die katten verwonden
Waarom zijn vezels goed voor het hart?
Wat er gebeurde met varkens in stallen was strafbaar
Werken wordt lonender voor Wajonger
Werkgeluk! Blij zijn op en mét je werk
Zet varkens in tegen voedselverspilling
Zijn schoonmaakmiddelen slecht voor je gezondheid?


5G Technology, The Greatest Conspiracy of All Time
Comprehensive Nutritional and Dietary Intervention for ASD - James B. Adams, PhD
David vs Monsanto | Trailer | Available now
Detoxification and your health - Christopher Shade, PHD
Dr Gary Fettke - Disease-causing effects of high carbohydrate diets
Early Life Stress, Dysautonomia, Vertebral Subluxation and Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Immersive Mixed Reality - Surviving the Tornado
Is Broccoli Really Good For You? Scientific Facts Reveals The Truth…
Lack of information around health effects of vaping
Marcus Alexander Talks About the Microbiome Biology and Social Networks
Muziek - Owsey - Thousands of Summer Twilights
Muziek - Yultron - The Bottom ft. Kellin Quinn
Navigating & addressing the underlying causes of Neurological Inflammatory Conditions
Obesity and Severe Obesity Forecasts Through 2030
Pain Medicine Alternatives - Interview With Mark DeBrincat
Pediatric All-Natural Treatment Options for Brain & Digestive Health Jodie A. Dashore
The Gastro-Neuro-Immune Triad and The Diet-Nutrition Setup
The incretin effect and insulin resistance - Dr. Mike Eades, MD
The ONLY Fat That Can Cause Insulin Resistance
The Whole Body Approach to Autism - Kathleen DiChiara, FDN-P
Use Keto (Ketogenic Diet) to Balance Your Hormones


33m polluting cars still on EU roads after Dieselgate scandal
5G From Space - Not One Inch of The Globe Will Be Free of Radiation
6 months later, gene-edited babies stir new interest, debate
A quarter of the world's children are denied a safe and happy childhood, charity warns
A Randomized Clinical Trial of Group Acupuncture for Painful Diabetic Neuropathy
Air pollution associated with high risks for birth defects
Allergan to recall textured breast implants in Canada
Almost one in three men have 'weak bones and are at risk of osteoporosis' scientists warn
Ancient star explosions unleashed APOCALYPTIC storms and caused humans to WALK UPRIGHT
Apple Trees Threatened by Grand Solar Minimum, Failures to Adapt
Are weed tampons the answer to period pain? | Arwa Mahdawi
Autism and Depression
Ayurvedic medicine shown to greatly benefit diabetics
Belgian report blasted for critique of vegan diet
Benefits of green diets much greater for men
Blood test can predict dementia
Brazil sues Big Tobacco over health costs from smoking
Broken brain cells repaired in dementia mouse model
Can essential oils prolong the shelf life of bread?
Conspiracy Theory Links Nostradamus’ Prophecy to Yellowstone Eruption
Constipated woman 'lost 10 years of memory' after straining too hard on toilet
Cranberries join forces with antibiotics to fight bacteria
Cranberry extract makes bacteria more sensitive to antibiotics
Do Highly Sensitive People Have Autism?
Drug Companies Accused of UK Price Fixing
Eat this cheap pulse to help reverse type 2 diabetes symptoms
Eating polluted seafood can weaken your immune system
Eight hours of interval sprinting can reverse negative effects of menopause
Emails show Trump EPA overruled career staff on Wisconsin air pollution
Energy drinks may increase blood pressure and risk of electrical disturbances in heart
Evaluation of effect of roasted lentil flour as functional food in menstrual bleeding reduction
Factory-farmed Chickens Responsible for Many Human Infections
Farmers need more help with mental health issues, report finds
France to ban widely used crop fungicide over health concerns
Global study predicts more than 50% rise in chemotherapy demand by 2040
High-fat meals increase triglycerides and lower HDL cholesterol in obese, insulin-resistant individuals
How cutting down on saturated fats made me look and feel five years younger
How rewriting the way we make food can help fight air pollution
If your poop stinks to "high heaven" and you have to wipe incessantly, you're eating wrong
Immune discovery may improve cancer therapies
Is the acrylamide in coffee harmful to health?
Is the MMR Vaccine Causing Shellfish Allergies?
Long-term health effects of armed conflict could last years after bombs stop falling
New compounds could be used to treat autoimmune disorders
New Pacemaker Harvests Energy from the Heart
One in five girls and young women bullied about periods
Overweight teen boys have higher risk of heart muscle damage as adults
Pesticides explained - the toxic chemicals in up to 70% of produce
Political corruption and Chinese demand for ivory killing elephants - study
Polytoxicity — Why Chemical Safety Studies Cannot Be Trusted
Recovered Addict Talks About Lawsuit Against Big Pharma
Red Sea May Be Cooling Rather than Warming
Researchers study the warming effect of consumed ginger
Resveratrol activation of AMPK-dependent pathways Is neuroprotective
Scientists create bioplastic for food packaging which degrades in two years
Serum Levels of Vitamin D, Retinol and Zinc in Relation to overweight among Toddlers
Severe air pollution can cause birth defects, deaths
Sexual harassment is a 'major public health issue' in Sweden
Simulation neurons in amygdala allow animals to reconstruct mental state of others
Skin inflammation induced by ambient particulate matter in China
Spirulina consumption effectively reduces anti-inflammatory and pain related infectious diseases
Stroke study finds mouth bacteria in brain clots
Study finds link between ambient ozone exposure, carotid wall thickness
Superbug-killing compound found effective in bacteria causing pneumonia, UTIs
Taking care of an autistic kid taught me so much about myself
The Alzheimer's-Cholesterol Connection
The effects of Chinese herbal medicines for treating diabetic foot ulcers
The functional highly sensitive brain
The Mass Dumbing Down of Humanity is Now Confirmed by Scientists
The Mass Media Is Poisoning Us With Hate
The selfish case for saving bees - it’s how to save ourselves | Alison Benjamin
This is why Canadian waste keeps ending up in Asia
Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicines among Cancer Patients
UTIs are actually caused by exposure to contaminated chicken
Vitamin C's antioxidant power found to reduce glucose levels in diabetics
Voortslepende discussie over 5G is een schijngevecht
We tested baby food sugar levels in South Africa
What You Need to Know About Tick Prevention for Dogs and Cats
Women cleaning at home or working as occupational cleaners had accelerated decline in lung function

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