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  Het leefbewust journaal - 29 april 2019

4e klimaatleugen - klimaatverandering door CO2
Achteraan in auto niet langer veiliger dan vooraan volgens studie
Alle fundamenten van het klimaatbeleid staan op instorten
Amerikaanse vishandelaren klagen Noorse zalmkwekers aan
Amerikanen censureren Doornroosje om ’seks’
Australisch plan om 2 miljoen katten af te maken weer onder vuur
Bodem vliegbasis Soesterberg is verontreinigd door blusschuim, schoonmaken kost miljoenen
Burger King opent in binnenstad, opmars fastfood in Eindhoven niet te stuiten
Devra Davis (epidemiologist) over het gevaar van draadloze apparatuur
Die filterbubbel waar je in zou zitten, bevat nu nog wel wat gaten
Eerste Naakte Haver à la Rineke van Nederlandse bodem
Er zit plastic in zeezout
Exoskelet van TU Delft soepeler in de heupen
Fakenews Franse overheid mbt protesten
Gehoorschade oplopen zonder het door te hebben
Hazelnoten overladen het lichaam met voedingsstoffen
Hoe terecht is het slechte imago van 'poepbacterie' E. coli?
Honderden liters spaghettisaus verkocht voor goede doel zijn mogelijk besmet
Hongert het verwijderen van suiker uit uw dieet kankercellen uit?
Immunotherapie verergert pinda-allergie
In Nieuw Zeeland draait het vanaf nu om welzijn, niet om geld
Japan neemt het voortouw, geen verplichte vaccinaties en geen BMR-prik
Je bent je eigen proefkonijn als je designerdrugs gebruikt
Kinderen moeten sneller vaccinatie tegen mazelen krijgen
Luchtverontreiniging risico voor kinderen die kanker hebben overleefd
Microplastic in ons voedsel
Mijn moeders hart stopte en nu zit er in het mijne een gat
Miljoeneninjectie gemeenten om zorgtekorten te lijf te gaan
Naakte haver brood
Naar een nieuw normaal, maar dan gezond
Nederland - geen vuiltje aan de lucht?
Ouders onderschatten vaak overgewicht van hun kinderen
Rechtspraak stralingsrisico’s moet op de schop
Roundup blijft molensteen om nek van chemiereus Bayer
Scholen Besparen Energie
Stop met het beschuldigen van vaccin-kritische ouders
Toekomst zonder drijfmest in veehouderij
Varkens in Nood wil Nederlandse actie tegen wrede ruimingen Chinese varkens
Vroeger kregen we gewoon de mazelen, maar vanwaar nu deze hysterie?
Waarom Hepb in vaccin voor baby? Veilig?
Waarom sommige landen heel graag willen dat je je voortplant
Zeshonderd onderzoekers willen dat EU nodeloze ontbossing in Brazilië stopt
Ziekenhuizen weten vaak totaal niet van elkaar wat ze precies doen
Zijn er binnen vijftig jaar meer doden dan levenden op Facebook?


100% Reliable Climate Predictions
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8 Coconut Gadgets put to the Test
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Ask The Blood Detective - High Blood Sugar is Dangerous
Can Reducing Environmental Toxins and Improving Nutrition reduce Autoimmune Diseases?
Can Skipping Breakfast Kill You | Alarming New Study
Controversial vaccination bill moves forward
Expanding Mind – Decriminalize Nature
FDA Finds Increase Of Seizures Linked To E-Cigarette Use
How Much Will Plant Based Diet Reduce Disease Rates?
How Protein Builds Muscle (No Broscience)
Mind Body Medicine - Mandy Flanders & Ashley James
Muziek - Christopher Cross - Sailing (Official Audio)
Tackling lead in drinking water at child care facilities
The Kaufmann Protocol, Why we age and how to stop it.
The MOST Important Vitamins For the Eyes
The Mother of All Epidemiological Studies Says This About Total Cholesterol
Why We Need To Be Taking Super-Immune Mushroom Extracts
Yes, You Can Lose Weight While Eating Carbs


25 Reasons CO2 Does Not Cause Global Warming
A Devastating Review of the Green New Deal
A lack of circular RNAs may trigger lupus
Acupuncture to Promote Recovery of Disorder of Consciousness after Traumatic Brain Injury
Addition of Vitamin B Complex to Prime Solution in Cobalamin-Deficient Patients to Prevent Postoperative Delirium
Anti-inflammatory drugs improve depression
Antibiotics may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease in women
Artificially Sweetened Beverages and Stroke, Coronary Heart Disease
Association between serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D and diabetic kidney disease in Chinese patients with type 2 diabetes
Austria Proposes Censorship Law to Ban Anonymous Online Comments
Autism in girls often isn’t diagnosed for a surprising reason
Autism Symptoms, Loneliness Moderated by Capacity for Pleasure
Baby dolphin found with stomach full of trash
Bayer Faces New Weedkiller Hurdle as Brazilians Plan U.S. Visit
BBC Lies, Again, About Record Easter Warmth In The UK
Boosting male fertility with diet, weight loss
Canada’s ban on oil and gas in marine protected areas an important win for wildlife
Canadian newcomer children's bone health and vitamin D status
Chicken is often the culprit in U.S. food poisoning cases
China’s ‘artificial sun’ project to harness nuclear fusion energy
Consuming ice water dampens the digestive fire, or agni
Could a cure for blindness come from Mother Nature?
Effects of Resveratrol on the Mechanisms of Antioxidants and Estrogen in Alzheimer's Disease
Environmental Risk Factors for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
Flint Still Doesn't Have Affordable Water
Fluoroquinolone-related adverse events resulting in health service use and costs
Garlic Beats Drug In Detoxifying Lead Safely From Body
Gene repair improves seizure and memory in adult mouse models of autism
How Google Is Helping The US Government Violate Your Privacy
How photos of sun revealed anomalies so big 'they could SWALLOW Earth'
Humans at risk of extinction as bee numbers plummet
Impact of prescription drug monitoring programs on opioid exposures in children
Inflammation After Exercising May Play A Roll In Slowing Down Cancer Growth
Japan’s Medical Freedom - No Vaccine Mandates And Healthier Children
Linguistic markers of autism in girls
Malaria still a big killer - Epigenetics is key to finding its Achilles heel
Music and mindful music listening may help people who have suffered strokes recover their impaired cognitive abilities
New book discusses how Intermittent fasting affects your body
New Monsanto documents expose cozy connection to Reuters reporter Kate Kelland
No safe amount of alcohol during pregnancy
Non-smokers who develop lung cancer are hugely disadvantaged
NUIG study finds statins over-used among Irish population
Online bullying can cause post-traumatic stress-like symptoms
Peppermint oil helps people with non-cardiac chest pain
PepsiCo slammed for suing Indian farmers over potatoes
Prozac generation - Dark truth about life in ‘Lucky Country’
Punishing polluters - why large fines are an important step
Purdue Pharma 'Poured Gasoline on the Fire' of Opioid Epidemic
Researchers examine the barriers to vaccination in immunocompromised children
Researchers reveal key to targeting dormant cancer cells
Rewriting The Past At NOAA’s Ministry Of Truth
Scientists aboard a single sailboat have identified nearly 200,000 marine virus species
Sea of Plastic Discovered in the Caribbean Stretches for Miles
Study illustrates eligibility for statin use in people without cardiovascular disease
Thailand Is About to Legalize Medical Marijuana and It Could Change Everything
The Climate Rebellion May Be Growing, But Big Oil Keeps on Drilling
The Dangers of 5G to Children’s Health
The Effect of a High-intensity Interval Training on Plasma Vitamin D Level in Obese Male Adolescents
The effect of water temperature and voluntary drinking on the post rehydration sweating
The Long-Term Algae Extract (Chlorella and Fucus sp) and Aminosulphurate Supplementation
Modulate SOD-1 Activity and Decrease Heavy Metals
The Panama Papers in Ecuador - not even an earthquake could stop their reporting
The short-chain fatty acid propionate increases glucagon and FABP4 production, impairing insulin action in mice and humans
The Statistics Tell Us That American Boys Are Falling Behind In Just About Every Area
The Thyroid-Fertility Connection You Need To Know About
Time-restricted eating beneficial for blood glucose
Toxic space fungi detected on International Space Station
Trump Releases Plan to Reopen California Public Lands to Drilling, Fracking
UA to Study Link between Prenatal Exposure to Pesticides and Childhood ADHD
UCLA study suggests vitamin D may be a safe, seizure-minimizing epilepsy treatment
Upside to Immune-Related Toxicity in Cancer Immunotherapy?
Uric Acid and Its Correlation with Various Metabolic Parameters
Why A Chernobyl-like Financial Disaster Is Inescapable
Why are people with severe gum disease more at risk of diabetes, heart disease and death?
Your car's exhaust is giving kids asthma
Zero-emission EU industry ‘within reach’ but costly

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