Het leefbewust journaal - 28 maart 2019

Amerikaanse stad weert niet-gevaccineerden
Auteursrechtwetgeving gaat GroenLinks te ver
Bevolkingsonderzoek darmkanker blijkt succes
Bierbrouwers naar de rechter om reclamespotje over maisstroop
Bio-producten gemiddeld 1,75 keer duurder dan niet-biologische
Boek Het siliconenlek
Boycot Hema wijn pakt averrechts uit
Commissie kijkt naar schending medisch beroepsgeheim bij tbs
De nieuwe EU-internetrichtlijn heeft een zure censuursmaak
De tabaksindustrie had me precies waar ze me wilde hebben
Geluidswal Soesterberg werkt goed, maar is wel te lelijk
GoOV-app wordt in vijftig gemeenten gebruikt door jongeren met een beperking of autisme
Griep en psychische klachten zorgen voor forse stijging ziekteverzuim
Het bos valt uit elkaar
Hoe de uitputting van de aarde tegen te gaan
Hoe oestrogeen osteporosis kan voorkomen
Huisartsen op zoek naar nieuwe Q-koortspatiënten
Is er nu ook een zwanenkiller in de Hoeksche Waard?
Kabinet ziet geen probleem in sponsoring voorzitterschap EU door Coca-Cola
Lobbywerk olie-industrie gaat onverminderd door
Mediteren op doktersrecept - waarom is dat nog niet gebruikelijk?
Met schadelijke producten verdienen bedrijven aan mythes over de vagina
Minister aan zet om Straathof te stoppen
Minister aan zet om Straathof te stoppen
Morgan Freeman maakt bijenreservaat van ranch
Omstanders grijpen wel degelijk in bij noodsituaties
Onderzoekers Erasmus MC - pas op met kurkuma bij borstkanker
Ook andere artsen dreigen uit anti-rookkoepel te stappen
Pijn door fietszadels
PvdD stelt Kamervragen over brief omwonenden Schiphol
Rokende vaders meer risico op kind met hartafwijking
Stammen de mensen af van de apen?
Tekort aan zorgpersoneel? 'Dan denk ik, eigen schuld, dikke bult'
Toegepaste grond van Vink in Barneveld is vervuild
VR-therapeut helpt bij hoogtevrees
Vroege Vogels - Groepje reeën
Walvissen hebben door herrie communicatie-problemen
Water drinken kan bijdragen aan de levensduur
Wees eens discreet, zegt deze filosoof
Zeebaars sterft door plastic in maag
Zo ontdek je of je last hebt van ‘dode-billen-syndroom’


Allergies Start from the Stomach
An Oncologist Addresses Toxins, Viruses, and Stress
Anxiety and Panic Disorder
Are Vaccine Studies Influenced By Who Is Funding The Study?
Can Houseplants Improve Air Quality?
Candyce Estave Interviews John Gilmore on Rockland County NY State of Emergency Regarding Measles
Childrens sleep and asthma
Connecting Consciousness - Simon Parkes
Deep Nutrition and Metabolic Approach to Cancer
EU debates banning single use plastics
How come we are seeing a drastic increase in psychiatric suffering?
How to Avoid Getting Sick on an Airplane
How to discover your true Heart Disease Risk?
Hyperbaric Oxygen, IVC, and Ketogenic Diet
Judy Wilyman on Vaccines and Censorship in Australia
Justice Comes For Big Pharma
LA bans Roundup
Metals That Affect Thyroid Function
Phenotypes of Sleep Apnea
Reversing the Damage from Diabetes
Should I Trust Scientific Studies And University Studies?
Shrinking Greenland Glacier Surprises Climate Scientists With GROWTH
Sustained Cancer Cell Energy Depletion
The dark side of the solar power boom
The Gary Null Show - 03.26.19
The Root Cause of the Rise of Chronic Illness
The Science of Vaccines Forum - Robert F Kennedy
Vitamin C and Infection - New Applications
Waarom tot vervolging is overgegaan van de GGzE
What Animals Teach Us About Good & Evil - Jeffrey Masson PhD
Why Candida Causes Brain Fog and Fatigue (It Releases 70 Toxins)
Women and Cognition - Insulin, Menopause & Alzheimer's
Yellowstone Acting Up, Steamboat Geyser Erupts 42 Times Past Year


4 Hormonal Imbalances that May be Causing Your Brain Fog
A Billion Years of Evolution Suggests a New Approach for Alzheimer's Disease Treatment
A tech revolution in agriculture is improving yields and driving down waste
A1c blood test found to be unreliable in diabetes diagnoses
Advanced paternal age increases risk of early-onset schizophrenia in offspring
Air Pollution Is Worse Than Smoking
An update on oxysterol biochemistry - New discoveries in lipidomics
Artificial womb technology breaks its 4 minute mile
Big Pharma, Big Greed
Biogen - The End Of The Amyloid Era For Alzheimer's Disease?
Breast surgeon discusses the cancer case that "astonished" her as FDA weighs risks of implants
Britain’s couch potato lifestyles could be causing 50,000 deaths a year
Can music slow mental decline? Rice researchers aim to find out
Causes of diabetes decline or disappear when ‘zombie cells’ are removed, shows study
Childhood methylphenidate treatment predicts antidepressant use during adolescence
Chinese fishmeal plants leave fishermen in the Gambia all at sea
Chinese pesticide factory explodes, killing 78 people and injuring hundreds
Chinese solar panels plan will ‘lead to world DOMINATION’
Colorectal cancer increase in younger adults
Common medication may lead to obesity
Daily cups of coffee could slash risk of a stroke
Does sleep deprivation promote medical malpractice lawsuits?
Drinking orange juice daily may keep strokes at bay
Eating small amounts of red and processed meats may increase risk of death
EU consumption results in high carbon emissions from tropical deforestation, studies show
Evaluating Agent Orange Cleanup In Vietnam
Fasting Glucose Estimates Absolute Risk for CVD
FDA Kept Hundreds of Thousands of Breast Implant Incidents Hidden From Public
Gaps in the law cause pollution
Green and Red Lentils and Acute Postprandial Blood Glucose and Plasma Insulin Response
Grounds for hope - how coffee gets recycled as fuel
Gut Microbiota, a Potential New Target for Chinese Herbal Medicines in Treating Diabetes Mellitus
How eating vitamin C-rich foods like lemons can help improve blood sugar control in diabetics
How the brain 'mentalizes' cooperation
Humans can make new brain cells into their 90s
Infertility's roots in DNA packaging
Jury begins deliberations in Roundup trial phase 2
Kids’ phone use is creating a hidden 'epidemic' of weakened bones and fractures in later life
Latest global polar bear abundance ‘best guess’ estimate is 39,000
Learning a Bit about CO2 and Mass Hysteria
Life In The BBC Bubble - Biased, Bogus & Self-Satisfied
Lithuanian researchers develop smart wrist-worn device for monitoring atrial fibrillation
Medical cannabis may be harmful, MPs are told as drug trials show only 'moderate benefits'
Microgels let medical implants fight off bacteria
More children linked with greater risk of heart disease
New brain research challenges our understanding of sleep
Peer relations linked to smoking behavior in vocational students
Prostate cancer cells 'spit out' a protein that promotes tumor growth
Radioactive material released from Fukushima plant doubled up since last year
Restoring this enzyme's function protects against heart disease in lupus and beyond
Reverse cardiovascular disease with cherries
Scans spot inflammation in arteries before they harden
Scientific “groupthink” in Australia seeking to redefine EHS as unrelated to EMR exposure
Smartphone test spots poisoned water risk to millions of lives
Smoking Weed Before Sex Can Lead to Better Orgasms for Women
Study shows link between diet and autism symptoms
Superbug victim hoping to become the first to receive experimental life-saving treatment in Canada
Supermarket multi-buy offers boost junk food purchases
Technoference from phones is impacts sleep, health and productivity
The best ways to get rid of acne scars
The ex-poachers saving big cats in Russia
Understanding the connected, social brain
Understanding ‘blood-type’ diets
Untangling the brain's life-support network
US pediatricians call for soda taxes and less advertising of sugary drinks
What do the EU copyright reforms mean for the internet?
What to Feed Your Gut Bacteria
What to know about smoking and ulcerative colitis
Why I don’t ‘believe’ in ‘science’

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