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  Het leefbewust journaal - 27 mei 2019

300 ganzen bezetten recreatiestrand in Breda
Annique (10) wil gordels in een bus
Belgisch ziekenhuis stuurt patiënten het bos in, letterlijk
Belgische arts Kris Gaublomme is vrijgesproken – en de media zijn bevooroordeeld
Biologisch boeren met boer Jaring Brunia
Darmflora heeft invloed op ontstaan allergie
De Nederlander wil niet betalen voor dierenwelzijn
Doodgeslagen egel in Voordorp zorgt voor geschokte reacties
Een marathon lopen is voor je lijf net zo traumatisch als een hartoperatie
Europees landbouwgeld zou naar kringlooplandbouw moeten gaan
Foto’s bewijzen dat er iets verborgen ligt onder een Egyptisch tempelcomplex
Geen medicijn voor de bijna volledig verlamde Laura
Giftige matrassen en een slapende overheid
Heibel om het IPCC
Het Einde van de “Ecologische Voetafdruk”
Het is onzin dat klimaatverandering een bedreiging vormt
Hoe herken ik bedorven tonijn?
Hulpverlening heeft handen vol aan gewelddadige ex-gedetineerden
Kaag - snel psychosociale noodhulp in crisisgebieden
Lekkende vaccinnaalden – het probleem is na vier jaar nog steeds niet opgelost
Nederlander positief over milieuzones, maar ergert zich aan regels
Nederlandse mediwiet in trek
Nieuwe Europese copyrightregels leiden tot censuur
Ondervoeding in België ongelijk vergoed
Onderzoek wijst erop dat extra vitamine D bloedarmoede vermindert
Onderzoeksjournalist Bouma wijst op blinde vlek VWS rond sjoemelsigaret
Onnodige vertraging bij uitwisseling patiëntengegevens
Ontslagen traumachirurg was al eerder in opspraak
Privacywet - mag je wel foto's maken tijdens de schoolmusical?
Regering moet stoppen met liegen
Snoozen voor het opstaan? Het brengt je stress en helpt niets
Sterft de tijger uit door pindakaas?
Tweede Kamer roept minister Schouten tot de orde
Wat betekent de privacywet voor jou


5G dolphins massmurder by navy's submarine
Addressing Cavitations, Hidden Infections, and Root Canals with Dr. Gerry Curatola
An effective non-drug treatment for Schizophrenia
Ask The Blood Detective - Cancer and Nutrition - does it work!
Brain Function Will Disintegrate In 5-10 Years (wifi, 5G)
Can Mold Contribute to Autoimmune Disease
Corporate Media Confused - More Ice, Less Ice, More Rain, Less Rain
Does current research suggest aspartame is safe?
Dr Aseem Malhotra - The impact of dietary changes in the context of modern medicine
Dr Jason Fung - Novel management of diabetes and insulin resistance
Dr. Michael Eades - 'Incretins, Insulin, and Food Quality'
Eight Million Salmon Killed Within a Week In Norway
Gardasil - Fast-Tracked and Flawed The Australian connection - Helen Lobato
Hormone Optimization w/ Dr. Daniel Pompa
How Binge Drinking Effects Your Heart
How to Catch a Mud Dragon in Virtual Reality
How to identify toxic hidden mold 3
Is Most of Your DNA Junk?
Natural ADHD Solutions - A Roadmap Without Pharmaceuticals Part 1 of 2
Natural ADHD Solutions - A Roadmap Without Pharmaceuticals Part 2 of 2
Neuroprosthetics and deep brain stimulation
Sea Turtles | Baby Turtles | Love Nature
The ER Hyperstress Theory of Autoimmunity and Autism - James Lyons-Weiler, PhD
The Gary Null Show - Jordan Peterson & Helen Lewis debate
The Incredible Story of how Antibiotics Created Modern Agriculture and Changed the World
The Medical Costs of Gardasil Vaccine Injuries Sherri J Tenpenny
The social, economic & health chaos that a single vaccine has created in Carmen de Bolívar, Colombia
These Conditions Linked to Gut Health
Toxins, Genetics, Gut Permeability and Inflammation create Perfect Storm for Auto Immune Diseases
Understanding and Managing Soil Biology for Soil Health and Crop Production
Use Ginger Lemon Water to do Intermittent Fasting Longer
Use Vitamin B1 for Hyperthyroidism Symptoms
Vaccine adjuvant induced disease
Viral interference and Imprinting of immunity
What happens when the body attacks itself?
Which Vegetable Binds Bile Best?
Who's getting Rich From Moroccan Hash? | Trailer | Coming Soon
Why idea that mental illnesses are caused by chemical imbalances is wrong


7 dietary factors may increase your risk of cancer
A Colonialist Land Grab Is Happening Right Now in Congo
A Compound of Chinese Herbs Protects against Alcoholic Liver Fibrosis in Rats
A natural way of treating rheumatoid arthritis with qiang-huo
Alkaline Diets, Animal Protein, and Calcium Loss
Apple bought a start-up that was working on monitoring asthma in children
Are Calcium Supplements Safe?
Are Fungi Resistant to Antifungal Medications?
Association between vitamin D and risk of cardiovascular disease in Chinese rural population
Atlanta creates first food forest in Georgia, largest in U.S.
Baby boys who are exposed to toxic air in the womb may have worse thinking skills
Bayer consolidates pesticides business in Basel
Berberine May Ease Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression
Bipolar disorder may be linked to Parkinson’s disease
Brazil sues tobacco companies to recover public health costs
Can 5G phased array antennas generate Brillouin precursors?
Canada Sues Opioid Producers for Damages, Public Sector Cost
Cases of thyroid disorder on the rise, many lack awareness
China caught emitting ACTUAL greenhouse gases that are harmful
Deactivating specific protein with drugs reverses inflammation, scarring of liver in NASH patients
Developed nations live in shadow of looming garbage crisis
Doctors dismissed Spanish flu as being a 'minor infection' before the 1918 pandemic
Dried Apples vs. Cholesterol
Drug-resistant infections - If you can’t beat ‘em, starve ‘em, scientists find
Einstein Was Right - You Can Turn Energy Into Matter
Engineers create strong, sustainable solution for passive cooling
European e-waste poisons Africa‘s food chain
FDA wants food expiration dates standardized with 'best if used by' to cut waste
How does a high-fat diet influence vitamin D metabolism?
How Our Gut Bacteria Can Use Eggs to Accelerate Cancer
If Truth Be Told About Aluminum (Aluminium), A Neurotoxin In Vaccines
Is Facebook undermining democracy in Africa?
Light Cigarettes Are Just as Likely to Cause Lung Cancer Deaths
Mothers-to-be should avoid eating snacks doused in vegetable oil
New research reveals how cancer exploits wound healing process
New Swiss Studies Claim 5G Increases Body Temperature of Insects
Opponents of Pesticide Ban Receive Big Contributions from DowDuPont
Oversized meals at restaurants around the globe are linked to obesity, warn researchers
Paleo–The Diet of Our Ancestors?
Pee in the Pool Toxic or Just Gross?
Phosphate Additives in Meat Purge and Cola
Plumbagin, a compound present in carnivorous plants, has anticancer potential
Poor Glycemic Control Linked to Sarcopenia in T2DM
Scientists found hormonal link between diet and obesity
Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D is associated with obesity and metabolic parameters in US children
Sleep is the best immune booster
Soil communities threatened by destruction, instability of Amazon forests
Sperm counts are on the decline – could plastics be to blame?
Supplementing with vitamin D found to help reduce insulin resistance in adults
The dirt on money laundering
The DNA diet - How knowing your genes can help you fit into your jeans
The Government Is Serious About Creating Mind-Controlled Weapons
The link between Vitamin D and insomnia
The Western diet can impair memory function
Vaccination Mortality Data, Research of Prestigious Medical Doctor Suppressed
What Causes Stress Fractures in Runners? Can Diet Contribute?
Why smelling good could come with a cost to health
Women are happier without children or a spouse, says happiness expert
You Will Probably Never Want To Eat Genetically-Modified Food Again

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