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  Het leefbewust journaal - 26 april 2019

1 op de 10 Belgen veroorzaakte al een ongeval of bijna-ongeval door zijn gsm-gebruik
Afvalverwerker Vink daagt onderzoeksbureau om vervuilde grond Barneveld
Als je onvoldoende aangeraakt wordt, begeeft je hart het
Antibioticum dat ook tumoren aanvalt na 30 jaar voor het eerst in labo nagemaakt
Beantwoording Kamervragen aanklacht tegen EU vanwege klimaatimpact houtstook
Betaalbare medicijnen laten grootste verzekeraars koud
Breinimplantaat vertaalt gedachten in woorden
Brussel wil af van transvetten
De huidige zorg voor trauma’s schiet tekort
Decentralisatie jeugdhulp werkt averechts
Dierenarts kan meer sturen in discussie veehouderij
Druktemaker Cesar Majorana over de wereldbank in Afrika
Een slaaptekort van 16 minuten volstaat voor een slechte werkdag
Expert reveals how air pollution can damage your skin
Facebook verwacht miljardenboete vanwege privacyschendingen
Factcheckers van Facebook ontmaskerd
Foutje in rekenmodel kost makreelvisserij certificering
Geestelijke gezondheidszorg blijft zorgenkindje van Belgisch gezondheidssysteem
Geluidsoverlast is schadelijk voor gezondheid
Gezondheidswinst mogelijk door ‘toegevoegd suiker’ op het voedingswaarde-label
Glycosylering in antistoffen
Het gebruik van primaten in biomedisch onderzoek
Hoe veilig is het gebruik van landbouwgif?
Huidsensor voor diabetespatiënt voorkomt nare vingerprik én hypo
IJsbeer Umka gedwongen verhuisd uit bewoonde wereld
Inentingen versus weerbaarheid
Kamer verbiedt verkoop van tabak aan minderjarigen
Kamerbrief over een rapport over milieu-effecten op de gezondheid van mensen
Kinderen moeten niet meer ‘s nachts in de cel worden opgesloten
Laat dineren en geen ontbijt is een dodelijke combinatie
Laat het nu alstublieft twee maanden aan een stuk regenen
LSP-weigeraars maken zich vooral zorgen over privacy
Maatregelen tegen milieubelastende microplastics uit kleding
Meer dan 13.000 glyfosaat-klachten tegen Bayer in VS
Mensen leven gemiddeld 13 maanden korter door luchtverontreiniging
Microbiële verontreinigingen gevonden in populaire e-sigaretten
Naast glucose zijn er de zogeheten essentiële suikers
Nieuwe rechtszaak Roundup-kanker onthult gezellige relatie tussen Monsanto en EPA
Omstreden plan voor verplichte observatie ‘tijdbommen’ nieuw leven ingeblazen
Open standaard is essentieel voor verduurzaming
Ouders en tieners tegen verplichte vaccinatie in Oregon
Politie valt na overlijden man binnen bij sessie met roesmiddel ayahuasca
Positief effect geneesmiddel op zenuwpijn-aandoening
Samen tegen de voedselverspilling
Sensor om zelf luchtvervuiling te meten: nieuw wapen voor de burger, of zoethoudertje?
Steun Kamer voor minder nachtvluchten groeit
Tegen of voor de boeren?
Verbod stookolie- en aardgasketels, verschuif de lasten op elektriciteit
Volgens Urgenda is het niet noodzakelijk om uw huis te isoleren
Vorig jaar verdween wereldwijd twaalf miljoen hectare bos
‘Afschakelplan’ voor water bij grote droogte in de maak


4 New Signs That You Could Be Developing Auto-Immune Disease
5G Is Not What You Think! Especially In China!
7 Foods You Should Never Eat | Gut Health
A New Molecule to Lower Mercury and its other Health Benefits
Achieving Optimal Glucose Control in Type 2 Diabetes
An Update on Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy With Dr. Debra Muth
Anti-bullfighting activists take to the streets over Seville Fair
Antibiotic resistance to kill more people than cancer
Can Antarctica remain a refuge for science and peace?
Cases of antibiotic resistant bacteria In U S neonatal intensive care units increasing
Climate Barbie gives non-answer to Loblaws questions
Dental Filling Toxicity Fear - A Myth or Actuality
Dr. Peter Breggin examines the motives behind psychiatric atrocities
Dying soil
Healing Yourself - Everything from Ozone to Bemer to Minerals and Supplements with Josh Macin
How To Live In High Vibe (Spiritual Awakening Tips)
How to Treat Insomnia Naturally
Inside The Rhino Horn Trade | Promo | Stroop
Is Fasting Healthy?
It's All About Food - Timothy Wise, Eating Tomorrow
Melatonin in Medicine and Dentistry
Microplastic Contamination and Seafood Safety
Over 40% Increase In Rate Of Diabetes If You Take Statins
P. Gingivalis and the Human Microbiome
Pharma exec indicted, Trump speaks on opioid crisis
Physical, Emotional, Energetic, and Spiritual Levels of Dentistry
Preparing for Drought - The Role of Soil Health in Water Management in Organic Production
Problems Associated with Heavy Metal Toxicity
Protecting Endangered Vegetables
Should You Take Off Your Shoes Indoors?
Should You Use Olive Oil as a Personal Lubricant?
The "roundup" on GMO's and Monsanto
The Gary Null Show - Acupuncture & Lara Logan on Media Bias
The Hidden Agenda Behind The FDA’s New Avandia Hearings
Thousands of indigenous people camp in Brasilia over land rights
Two intoxicated felines saved by firefighters after apartment fire
Vitamin E - Setting the Record Straight
Why are people with periodontitis more at risk of diabetes, heart disease and death?
Why We All Lie, How It Messes Up Our Lives, and How To Fix It
Would Big Pharma Put Cancer In Your Pills To Save A Nickel?
You Don't Want to be on the Receiving End of a Caiman’s Bite


1.3 million US teenagers have high blood pressure
5G Wireless Technology Is the “Stupidest Idea in the History of the World”
700 Marine Species Might Go Extinct Because of Plastic Pollution
A combination of sensory stimuli can help soothe crying babies
A Common Food Additive Is Linked to Insulin Resistance
A comparative study on the effectiveness of herbal extracts vs 2.5% benzoyl peroxide in the treatment of mild to moderate acne vulgaris
A good night's sleep may be in sight
A Perfect Storm of Cosmic Rays
A Respite From Record Losses, but Tropical Forests Are Still in Trouble
Air pollution poses risks for childhood cancer survivors
Amnesty says Hong Kong office hit by China-linked cyber attack
Antarctic penguins suffer ‘catastrophic’ breeding failure
Anti-Vaxxers Banned from Raising Money on GoFundMe
Anticholinergic drugs may be increasing your risk of dementia
Association of Occupational Pesticide Exposure With Immunochemotherapy Response and Survival Among Patients With Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma
Asthma-causing bugs found in e-cigarettes for the first time
Basil extract can cut back on cholesterol levels in the body
Being a couch potato weakens your bones
Brain Implant Device Allows People With Speech Impairments to Communicate With Their Minds
Breakthrough in diabetes stem cell research
China Goes Green - Will Produce Hydrogen Vehicles
Chronic heartburn linked to one of the fastest-growing cancers in America
Compounds in chocolate are good for your heart
Consumption of beer, sugary drinks, and tea linked to kidney disease
Could BMI and Obesity Risk Be Genetically Destined?
Couples who sleep in separate beds ‘have better sex’
Data Show March Mean Temperatures Have Not Been Warming Alarmingly As Claimed
Don’t Know What to Believe About 5G Technology?
Dozens of Americans file lawsuits claiming they got cancer from contaminated blood pressure drugs made in Chinese factory
Echoes of Big Tobacco fight in Big Pharma hearings
Excessive use of sugar leads to Alzheimer
Eye implant improves vision in people with age-related blindness
FDA refuses request to ban brain-damaging chemical from food packaging
Fighting Lead Poisoning With Fruits And Vegetables- Flint Residents
First major study of proteins in patients with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia
France to invest €6 million in free breakfasts at public schools
From Movement to Mindfulness, Cancer Care Gets Holistic
Gaming associated with impaired social skills for some girls, but not boys
Genetically modified virus may shrink incurable brain cancers
GERD medication found to disrupt nutrient absorption, increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease
Ginkgo seeds may help keep skin blemish-free, but there's a catch
Habitual coffee consumption and risk of falls in 2 European cohorts of older adults
Health chiefs 'ignoring warnings' over e-cigarette risks
Here's how rising air pollution is likely affecting your health
High Body Fat Linked to Possible 'Brain Shrinkage'
How cortisol affects exposure therapy for anxiety disorders
How long did Andersen use pesticide in drinking water?
HPV-Oral Cancer Link Spotlights Health Disparities Among Men
Immunotherapy Could Be Game Changer In Cancer Treatment
Intracellular Aluminium in Inflammatory and Glial Cells in Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy
Johns Hopkins researchers uncover role of neurotransmitter in the spread of aggressive cancers
Lack of vaping product marketing regulations endangers kids
Lawmakers and media are being conned, as nuclear industry manipulates climate change ruless
Listeria and salmonella found at 20% of US ice cream facilities
Long-term antibiotic use increases heart risk for older women
Lux Leaks, Panama Papers spur EU to better protect whistleblowers
Make This Non-Toxic Spray to Keep Ants Out of Your Kitchen
Mental Health of Children and Young People in England, 2017
Microwave Emissions From Cell Phones Exceed Safety Limits in Europe
MINI-ICE AGE warning as solar minimum hits ALL-TIME HIGH
More Skeptics Citing Ocean Circulation As Climate Driver
NASA make plans for ‘Armageddon’ scenario of asteroid STRIKING earth
New Study Confirms Electric Vehicles Worse for Climate than Diesel Cars
Not getting enough Vitamin D could lead you to serious trouble
Oat oil, found in colloidal oatmeal, has anti-inflammatory effects on eczema
Obesity can break down protective blood brain barrier; trigger memory loss
Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid intake norms and preterm birth rate
One in four people have been diagnosed with a mental illness
Parkinson’s Results Beyond Researchers’ Wildest Dreams
Patients being left in the dark over statins
Playing video games generally not harmful to boys' social development
Red meat and colon cancer - The evidence remains weak
Relationship Between Homocysteine, Folate, Vitamin B-12 and Physical Performance In the Institutionalized Elderly
Researchers identify neurotransmitter that helps cancers progress
Role of Vitamin-D Deficiency in Term Neonates with Late-Onset Sepsis
Scientists Solve 3D Structure of Melatonin Receptors, Path to Better Medications in Sight
Stripping Animals of Emotions is “Anti-Scientific & Dumb”
Students hope to cut ties that bind seizure sufferers
Study identifies a hormone that may hinder weight loss
Study reveals how general anesthetics affect the brain
Study shows that psychotropic plants can help treat diabetes
The Benefits of an Anti-Inflammatory Diet
The Effect of Vitamin D Supplements on Clinical and Para-Clinical Outcomes in Patients With Multiple Sclerosis
The Effects of Two Vitamin D Regimens On Ulcerative Colitis Activity Index
The mobile game that can detect Alzheimer's risk
The natural comeback of tropical rainforests in the savanna region
The science on vaccines is settled?
There Are Toxic Fungi in Space and No One Knows If They're Dangerous
This Is Your Brain on Cholesterol
Two Simple Proofs To Expose Climate Simpletons
Using blood thinners in heart failure patients associated with reduced risk of thromboembolic events
Using reflexology to aid your weight loss goals
Vast expanse of rainforest lost in 2018
Vitamins and minerals that can boost oral health
What did we find in the MMRV (Priorix Tetra) vaccine?
What If We Could Stop Lung Cancer Before It Starts?
Why you can’t resist indulging in high calorie food
Woman wakes up from vegetative state after 28 years

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