Het leefbewust journaal - 26 maart 2019

4 miljoen mensen zijn op een of andere manier actief als mantelzorger
Afvallen | Gezond, makkelijk en zonder dieet | Het kan!
Antwoorden op Kamervragen over pestciden en mest
Betalen om in de natuur te mogen
Bijna alle blikjes tonijn bevatten ‘ploftonijn’
Biologische producten vaak goedkoper dan A-merken
Defensiearts erkent fout in zaak klokkenluider
Depressie maakt nederig, manie overmoedig
Dotcom.radio nr 146
Dr Meehan over de slechte Deense BMR-autisme studie
Dr Sherri Tenpenny - Kudde-immuniteit
Greenwashing of echte beleidsommezwaai?
Hoe ga jij moeilijke verpakkingen te lijf?
Is waterstof het betaalbare alternatief voor gas in huis?
Janssen Pharmaceuticals koopt claims over bloedverdunner af
Kamerbrief over het klimaat in varkensstallen
Kamerbrief over o.a. zzp'ers die uitgesloten worden van verzekering (private AOV)
Kwetsbare patiënten betalen 5 keer meer apotheekkosten dan ‘gewone’ patiënten
Meeste kinderen verkiezen internet boven geld
Narcose kan helpen tegen trauma
Oekraďne boekt dankzij Associatieverdrag enorme overwinning met export plofkip
Overgewicht dankzij pesticiden in ons voedsel
Ten top gedreven medisch bedrog
Veel Nederlanders vinden verpakkingen lastig
Vlaanderen kleurt oranje - wat er aan de hand is op de akkers
VPRO Tegenlicht - ruimtepuinruimers
Wetenschappers ontdekken mogelijk kankerremmende bestanddelen in koffie
Wetenschappers openbaren hoe probiotica de darmflora van mensen kunnen beďnvloeden
Wie van het gas af wil krijgt een rekening
Word je creatiever als je je rechterhersenhelft traint?
Zorg voor ME patienten moet beter


5G apocalypse - The extinction event
6 Yoga Poses You Can Master
Are Chronic Diseases actually Autoimmune issues?
Barrie Trower on 5G
Cardiologist with Heart Disease and Scanning Insights
Chopping and sauteeing can fundamentally alter chemical properties of foods
Conflicts of Interest Between CDC and big pharma
Consequences of a Fatty Liver that Might Surprise You
Debate Over Eating Sprouted Beans
Dr. Gabriel Cousens Why Do You Say Low Cholesterol Is Not Ideal?
Gary Taubes - The Qualities of Calories
Global Warming & Vaccinations - Why Have A Debate When You Can Silence?
Healing Injured Brains with Ketones
How The Media Tries To Suppress Your Consciousness
Is Excessive Homework Harming Children?
Jeffrey Smith on Monsanto
Kundalini Reactivation
Sick or Ascension or Both?
The Ketogenic Diet, Women & Hormones
The Most Dangerous Diet In America by Joel Fuhrman, M.D.
The ONLY Carbohydrate that Lowers Your Insulin
The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Has Paid Out $3.7 Billion
These Alkalinizing Foods can Help Rebalance Hormones
Thyroid Complexities 2019 by Dr. Dan Zatarski
Waarom we in Nederland proefdieren hebben
What is Blue Planet LIVE? | BBC Earth


4 Ways too Much Calcium Harms Your Health
5,000 breast cancer sufferers could be spared chemotherapy if offered gene testing, study suggests
6 Adaptogenic Herbs that Lower Cortisol Naturally
A Dose of Anesthesia Could Blunt Traumatic Memories
A fail-safe mechanism for DNA repair
A1c test misses many cases of diabetes
Adipose hormone levels may be independent risk factor for obesity-related asthma
An update of the scientific evidence behind the microbiota-specific effects of common dietary patterns
Analysis of cavemen’s teeth shows they lived on ‘monotonous’ diet of reindeer and horse meat
Another possible consequence of the opioid epidemic - hormone deficiencies
Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect of melatonin on recovery from muscular trauma induced in rats
Are preventive drugs overused at the end of life in older adults with cancer?
Bacteria may travel thousands of miles through the air globally
Ban cars outside UK schools to tackle air pollution, teachers say
Black Elderberry May Reduce Upper Respiratory Symptoms
Causal link between vitamin D and total testosterone in men
CBD and Prostate Cancer Are Bitter Enemies
China’s Media Interference Is Going Global, Report Says
Coal is on the way out study finds fossil fuel now pricier than solar or wind
Cocoa may help curb fatigue typically associated with multiple sclerosis (MS)
Controversial study finds that brain differences between the sexes begin in the womb
Eight Signs You Might Be B12 Deficient
EU Parliament urged to strip ExxonMobil lobbyists of access badges
Exposure to prenatal secondhand smoke and early neurodevelopment
Fasting may protect against breast cancer
Gender-bending chemicals in DUST 'could be making children fat'
Greenpeace And Other Secret Sources Funding Attack On UK’s Energy Security
Half an onion a day keeps bowel cancer at bay
Having dry skin could be a sign you’re lacking vitamin d
How does estrogen protect bones? Unraveling a pathway to menopausal bone loss
How does tumor acidity help cancer spread?
How pollution could be killing your SPERM - Breathing in tiny toxic particles worsens semen
Israeli cancer treatment could be something special
La Pampa - the illegal mining city Peru wants wiped out
Later meal timing may contribute to weight gain
Light coaxes stem cells to repair teeth - Noninvasive laser therapy could radically shift dental treatment
Low-carb diet provides relief from knee osteoarthritis
Mainland verdict linking Roundup to cancer applies to Hawaii cases
Milk and yogurt intake and breast cancer risk
New evidence on the role of the gut microbiome in improving human health
Oceans are buffering the world from full impact of human-produced CO2
Oregon proposed legislation would require health officials to review independent studies on microwave radiation from wireless technology
Our favorite music memories are enough to resist Alzheimer’s and dementia
Particulate Air Pollution Exposure and Plasma Vitamin D Levels in Pregnant Women
Periodontitis gum regeneration treatment shows promise
Pharma industry should fund trials for medical cannabis
Powerful lithium-air batteries may soon "take batteries to the next level," reveals study
Pumped storage hydropower a 'game-changer'
Race and ethnicity influence fracture risk in diabetic patients
Rethinking good cholesterol - a clinicians' guide to understanding HDL
Sounds and vibrations are quite similar for the brain
Study shows sesame seed oil might be good for your heart
Thalidomide survivors owed apology and compensation from Government
The Faked Crisis - Polar Bear Expert’s Book Poised To Become Hot Seller
The Polar Bear Catastrophe That Never Happened
The story of GARP - A potential target for cancer immunotherapy
When neurons are out of shape, antidepressants may not work
Why Do Medicines Have Expiration Dates?

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