Het leefbewust journaal - 26 februari 2019

100% van alle haverproducten bevat glyfosaat residuen van Monsanto/Bayer´s Roundup
Alles wat u niet wist over vaccinatie
Belgisch slachthuis voor de rechter
BMW gaat vrijuit in dieselgate
Dit is waarom je vaker aan ochtendseks moet doen
Doodgeschoten en gedumpt - negen zwanen gedood in twee dagen
Gestreste student krijgt hulp van universiteit en gemeente Utrecht
Gezocht - een alternatief voor katoen
Hoe de auto-industrie ijskoud zijn gang kon gaan
Mannen en vrouwen zijn om verschillende redenen jaloers
Nepnieuwsbestrijding is mogelijk erger dan de kwaal
Nu al tekenbeten door hoge temperaturen
Spanje is het gezondste land ter wereld
Test Aankoop wil strengere normen voor acrylamide in voeding
Verhuisde konikpaarden Oostvaardersveld aarden goed in Groningen
Wandelaars duwen gewonde bruinvis terug in zee
Zeewieroogst voordat de broedval van mosselen plaatsvindt
‘Pink Slime’ mag voortaan ‘gemalen rundvlees’ heten

Another New Study Links Cancer & Glyphosate
Better Skin and Health from Cleaning the Liver
Brengt je groendak je geld op?
Can Aspirin Delay the Onset of Alzheimer’s?
Does Wearing A Bra Affect Your Breast Cancer Risk?
Health Up Your Favorite Smoothie with This Berr
How cellphone contracts spread EMF illnesses
Ketones Prevent Muscle Loss, Scientists Say
Sal Kroonenburg over de klimaatnep. Studium Generale TU Delft
Scientist captures incredible close encounter with killer whale in Antarctica
The Most Accurate Method to Determine Your Blood Sugar is Not A1C
What is Sjogren's Syndrome?
What is the Schumann Resonance and How Does it Affect Us?
Why Mold May Be At The Root Of MANY Illnesses

5G wireless technology rollout, and politicians have yet to address safety concerns
88 dead elephants discovered in poaching hot spots in Botswana, Africa
A doctor's quest to understand why so many physicians die by suicide
A gene involved in ADHD could be related to addictive substance use
Acupuncture therapy is an effective and safe treatment for patients with fibromyalgia
All publicly funded Australian research could soon be free for you, the taxpayer, to read
Arctic Alarmist Meltdown Increases To Record Levels
Autism In Children On The Rise In Northern Ireland
Bayer faces second trial over alleged Roundup cancer risk
Better options needed for children at higher risk of premature heart disease
Breastmilk microbiome linked to method of feeding
Can Yoga Treat Depression?
Cat owners pass on personality traits to their pets, study suggest
CDC to study chemical exposure at Fairchild Air Force Base
Chemicals in e-cig flavors could harm respiratory tract
Childless women are 72% more likely to die of cancer than mothers
China and Russia Have Modified the Atmosphere Above Europe to Test Possible Military Application
China's genetically engineered twins were secretly given brain enhancements
Consumer goods companies preparing for climate change impact
Dessert may be beneficial to diet, according to research
Does cooking a roast pollute a room?
Drug pollution in rivers at damaging levels for animals
Eating Junk Food Can Raise Risk Of Bipolar Disorder, Depression
Effects of Resistance Training On Insulin Sensitivity
European Journalists Point Out That Article 11 Will Enrich Publishers At The Expense Of Journalists
Experts suggest diabetics should eat carbs at the end of meals to help maintain blood sugar levels
Experts warn of growing health risk from plastic
Facebook is receiving intimate information from phone apps
Fat cells work different 'shifts' throughout the day
Future is not looking good for thorium nuclear reactors
Geoengineering is a dangerous distraction
Here's how diabetes causes muscle loss
Higher Daily Fiber Intake, Less Risk for Disease
How a certain bacterium communicates and makes us sick
How big tobacco keeps cancer rates high in countries like mine
How Potassium Can Help Your High Blood Pressure
How to Develop a Healthy Gut Ecosystem
Is Coconut Oil Safe To Use On Your Skin?
Is Your Gut to Blame for Your Depression?
Israeli scientists discover new method to predict spread of melanoma
Japanese Anti-Vaccine Group Says It Will Begin To Vaccinate Following Gov. Pressure
May have found a cure for Alzheimer`s
Millimeter wave exposure induces apoptosis in human melanoma A375 cells in vitro
My breast implants were poisoning my body
NAFDAC bans use of methyl bromide as pesticide
Neuron-derived estrogen key to making memories
New Green Deals, Same Junk Science
Patient groups take big money from drug companies, study shows
Peppermint Tea May Help Relieve Headaches
Prenatal DHA prevents blood-pressure increase from obesity during childhood
Regular dietary peanut consumption after immunotherapy may extend allergy treatment benefits
Say Goodbye to Arab Oil and Hello to Israel’s Car That Runs on Air and Water
Scientists Develop a Material That Kills 99.9% of Bacteria in Drinking Water Using Nothing But Light
Smoking Associated With Risk of Arthritis, Says Study
Split and continuous sleep in teens impact cognition and glucose levels differently
Testing in France shows tampons are contaminated with glyphosate
Testosterone in Males as Enhanced by Onion (Allium Cepa L.).
The hot weather isn’t climate change – it might actually be ‘the Foehn effect’
The Rise Of The Silicon Brain
The three friends behind a $1bn healthy fast-food firm
There's so much that bonobos and chimps can teach humans
US opioid deaths jump fourfold in 20 years; epidemic shifts to Eastern states
Vitamin D levels can now be measured with your hair
Wake up to children’s exposure to pesticides
What is causing honeybees to die off in Northern California?
Why toxic methylmercury production increased in a Great Lakes estuary
Yes, fish oil drugs can protect your heart, say two major studies
YouTube Just Demonetized Anti-Vax Channels

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