Het leefbewust journaal - 24 juni 2019

Nederlandstalig nieuws

1 op 3 wereldbewoners heeft geen schoon drinkwater
44 procent maakt zich zorgen om de gevolgen van de droogte in Nederland
Aanbieders geïntegreerde zorg vergeten patiënt te betrekken
Aangeboren hartafwijking staat meestal niet op zichzelf
Algenexpert waarschuwt voor fontein Binnenschelde
Boeren en burgers zijn boos en blij dat het asbestverbod van de baan is
De Eerste Kamer is opzettelijk verkeerd geïnformeerd over orgaandonatie
Dit is wat verzilting doet met de gewassen van boer Janse
Effecten DES bij kleindochters onderzocht
Esther Ouwehand in debat over PAS
Europese Commissie verbiedt "patattenpoeier"
Extra controles op dierenwelzijn vanwege de hitte
Facebook sluit pagina's Mike Adams en Dell Bigtree
Gevolgen stikstof-uitspraak Raad van State verdelen coalitie
Griekse autoriteiten censureren advertentiecampagne tegen wrede ezelritten
Hittestress bij varkens wachtend voor slachthuis Boxtel
Hoe de darmbacteriën van kinderen mee hun temperament bepalen
Informatie RIVM over veiligheid bmr vaccin onvolledig
Jakobskruiskruid is gevaarlijk voor paarden en komt steeds vaker voor
Kamerbrief over voortgang chroom-6
Kritiek op gebruik conclusie vaccinatie onderzoek Van Wijhe
Maak koolmonoxidemelders in vakantiewoningen verplicht
Onderzoek naar de veiligheid van vaccins en met name het bof-mazelen-rode hond (bmr)-vaccin
Onderzoekers AMC negeerden belangrijke wetenschappelijke gegevens
Ongezonde lucht rond babybedjes op kinderdagopvang
Partij voor de Dieren wil nieuwe discussie over stallen na honderden dode varkens
Radicaal klimaatplan Democraten wekt verbazing
Slaap is niet te koop, maar goed slapen is wel een kwestie van geld
Sporten doen we het best in de namiddag tussen 15 en 18 uur
Vaccineer jij dagelijks kinderen met het BMR vaccin op het consultatiebureau?
Verstoorde darmflora bevordert uitzaaiing van borstkanker
Vliegveld in zee moet serieus worden onderzocht
VVD-er Dijkhoff in het nauw voor bewijzen over vaccinaties
Wat als u de ouderdomsoogziekte cataract krijgt in Afrika?
Wat te doen bij gezondheidsklachten door brandharen van de eikenprocessierups?
Zorgen over 'wildgroei' van gezondheidsapps


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7 Wonderful Benefits of Chickpeas (Garbanzo Beans)
Beware of chemical sunscreens
Breaking Out of the Circle - Creating a Non-violent Revolution
Breast Cancer or Fungus?
Building The Brain With Alysson Muotri
Can diet change heal hypothyroid?
Can Gluten Cause RA?
Coconut Fish with Curry Mayonnaise
Destructive hail in Bologna, Italy
Diet and Exercise - Living With Prostate Cancer
Dr Justyna Sanders talks about her journey to discovering a whole, plant-based lifestyle
Fear Of Cancer Recurrence- 5 Ways To Lessen Your Anxiety
Help Stop The 5G Infrastructure
How Our Genes Effect How Much Alcohol We Can Consume
How to make a veggie burger
How toxic pig waste is poisoning a community in North Carolina
Invasief koraal rukt op
Managing the Side Effects of Prostate Cancer and its Treatment
Muziek - Slowburner - One for All, All for One
Orcas feeding on lumpfish (Cyclopterus lumpus) in northern Norway
Ozone Therapy, Dental Health, & Cancer
Resonance Beings of Frequency documentary film
Secrets of the deep ocean | The Economist
Should You Worry About Caffeine Dehydrating You?
Start Cleaning Up Your Life with These Simple Steps
The Gary Null Show - 06.21.19
The Mystery of Free Will - Donald Hoffman
This genetically engineered salmon may hit U.S. markets as early as 2020
Thousands of climate protesters clash with police
Understanding the Immune System
Use Oregano Essential Oil as a Natural Antibiotic
Where does Glucose come from? Understanding Glycogen with Dr. Boz
Which Fruits and Vegetables Boost DNA Repair?
Zucchini Fries

Internationaal nieuws

1/3 of Women Admit to Dating for Free Meals
A bacterial remnant may explain arthritis in Lyme patients
A Prebiotic/Anthocyanin Blend Improved Gastrointestinal Health and Impacted Skin Status in Humans
Acupuncture could effectively relieve depressive syndromes
Algae ‘Bioreactor’ on Space Station Could Make Oxygen, Food for Astronauts
An Anti-Aging Pill? Think Twice
As strong farmers pollute our water view
Bacteria live on our eyeballs—and understanding their role could help treat common eye diseases
Big Pharma’s Government Revolving Door
Climate science’s ‘masking bias’ problem
Could an Injection of Dead Cells Help Fight Cancer?
Couples who communicate more about sex tend to have better sex
Eating Junk Food During Pregnancy May Up Risk Of Autism In Kids
Environmentalists warn of dangers to wildlife when balloons are released
Experts say there is no ‘climate emergency’
Fix those dark circles
Flaxseeds can help you lose weight and improve your gut health
Gut microbiota composition is associated with temperament traits in infants
Here is how iron deficiency can impact your health
Hold the folic acid - Pregnant women are taking far too much
Johnson & Johnson faces multibillion opioids lawsuit that could upend big pharma
Juul is going to be in a hard spot to ever get their product approved
Maternal glyphosate-based herbicide exposure alters antioxidant-related genes in the brain and
serum metabolites of male rat offspring

Medics alarmed as rise of DIY beauty injectables leads to injuries
Monsanto’s herbicide liabilities become a massive headache for Bayer shareholders
Moringa Oleifera Leaves attenuates the colitis-associated colon cancer in vivo evidence
Neurological disorders secondary to vitamin B12 deficiency
Neuroprotective effect of omega-3 fatty acids on spinal cord injury induced rats
Onion extract may improve high blood sugar and cholesterol
Penafiel and Starkey water contained higher arsenic levels according to California nonprofit
Plant-Based Diet Leads To Crohn’s Disease Remission
Possible association between residential UHF-EMF exposure and ALS
Protective effect of cinnamon extracts against intestinal inflammation
Researchers find protein that might prevent, reverse diabetes
Resveratrol Relive Osteoarthritis Through Reducing Inflammatory Reactions
Seks opwekkende injectie voor vrouwen goedgekeurd in de VS
Spirulina platensis protein hydrolysate possessed anti-obesity effect in mice
Stressing about aging damages your brain, shortens your life
Study finds eating blueberries improves blood vessel function
Tobacco consumption and premenstrual syndrome
Toward Chinese and Western Medicine Perspectives Through Ultraweak Photon Emissions
Turmeric and saffron associated with decreased risk of overall and cardiovascular mortality
Vaccine drama on display in California’s Capitol
What is Monsanto doing in Puerto Rico?
Working out at home as effective as gyming

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