Het leefbewust journaal - 24 januari 2019


"Bloedsuperwolfmaan" werd allicht getroffen door meteoriet
1,7 miljard euro aan pgb's onzeker of foutief
2,3 miljoen meer varkens dan de officiële cijfers vermelden
5 misverstanden over de warmtepomp
Artsen willen medisch toezicht bij dwangzorg
Baarmoeder waarschijnlijk geen steriele omgeving
Britten tackelen sluikreclame op sociale media
Davos 2019 had afgelast moeten worden
Denk eerder na of je wel gereanimeerd wil worden
Deze actie helpt echt tegen het gebruik van wegwerpbekers
En Jesse denkt dat bedrijven dat niet doorberekenen…
EU-dialoog' met jongeren is verkapte oproep tot overgave aan massa-immigratie
Europees Parlement verwerpt verplichte verzekering voor e-bikes
Feitenoorlog tussen activisten en varkensboeren rond registratie varkens
Franse overheid waarschuwt voor schadelijke stoffen in wegwerpluiers
Grote voedseltransformatie nodig om onszelf en de aarde leefbaar te houden
Helft geproduceerde voedsel, wordt niet gebruikt waarvoor het bedoeld is
Het pensioenstelsel zakt langzaamaan door zijn financiële hoeven
Het psychologisch immuunsysteem
Hoe groter de windturbine, hoe efficiënter de energie van wind in elektriciteit wordt omgezet
Hoe voeden we tien miljard mensen zonder de planeet uit te putten?
Intensieve landbouw in Nederland herstelt geen kringlopen
Kamer van Koophandel wint Big Brother Award
Koorts verandert immuuncellen zodat ze infecties beter aankunnen
Multinationals grote winnaar in onderzoek naar belastingpraktijken in EU-lidstaten
Overheid laat zzp’ers in geldnood vaak in de kou staan
Q is de voetbalclub, de Anons de supporters
Relatie verhoogde stresshormoon niveaus en vormen van huisvesting
Samenwerking NVWA en Marktplaats tegen verboden aanbod
Voordelen van Kurkuma bij Arseen Blootstelling
Vraag Forever 21 om te stoppen met wol
Waarin een klein land wel groot kan zijn
We zijn zelf het medicijn
Weidevogelstand in Flevoland gaat verder achteruit
Zieke bomen Amelisweerd geïnspecteerd
Zorgminister De Jonge onderscheiden als 'privacyschender'


5G Apocalypse Scientists and Environmental Groups Call to Stop EXPERIMENT
Coal miners have been inhaling deadly silica dust for decades
Dirty gas pipeline, MidCat, between France and Spain has been CANCELLED
France never stopped colonizing Africa
Gele Hesjes Emmen
Good information on medicines for women worldwide
Hersendata als voorspeller van suïcidaal gedrag
Het Groene Oosten S6 - Lokale initiatieven
Highly Sensitive People - Healing Your Wounds
Is Chinas censored internet winning?
Leg Cramps at Night (Nocturnal Cramps)?
Major Polar Disruption, Don't Miss The Last Words
Marcel van Roosmalen over de sneeuwval in Nederland
Medical Robots Inside Your Body
Oceans Are Warming Far Faster Than Scientists Estimated
Plastic Pollution - An End in Sight?
Potato-Corn Latkes
Should You Take Eat Dairy (calcium) with Kidney Stones?
Simple Carbs Threaten the Brain
Sleep and Memory
Tim Hofman over CDA toch achter ruimer kinderpardon
What Is Hidden From Us
Who Is Making Money From The Vaccine Industry by Mark Blaxill


A Low-Salt Diet May Not Be Essential After All
A muscle protein promotes nerve healing
A surprisingly early replacement of Neanderthals by modern humans in southern Spain
Advocates Want Medical Marijuana Treatment For Severe Autism Patients Regardless Of Age
African medicinal plant shown to effectively reduce E.coli strains in the body
Ancient climate change triggered warming that lasted thousands of years
Antibiotics kill gut bacteria, which could be bad for your bones
Are we killing the cure?
Aspirin lowers heart attack risk but raises risk of dangerous bleeding
Asthma rising among 'generation rent' as damp and mould boost emergency hospital visits
Baby spends four days in hospital fighting for her life with HERPES after being pecked on the lips
Bayer asks California judge to limit evidence in another Roundup cancer trial
Beantwoording Kamervragen over behandeling postnatale depressie door UWV
Blocking toxic-protein production in ALS
Breastmilk Sugars Differ in Pregnant Women on Probiotics
Cause of bone loss in joint implant patients uncovered in new study
Children as young as five should be offered 'smartphone therapy'
Cigarette smoking associated with increased risk of peripheral artery disease in African-Americans
Coke Caught Influencing Health Policy Again, Increasing Obesity
Curcumin outperforms prozac for reducing symptoms of depression
Debunking the solar-cycle/North Atlantic winter weather connection
Early diagnosis of prediabetes could lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease
Eating a Western diet makes you more prone to listeria as it makes the immune system less capable
Famed activist Erin Brockovich takes up fight for California wildfire victims
Families in Indiana cancer cluster of 60 kids call on Trump to restrict chemicals
Farm manure boosts greenhouse gas emissions -- even in winter
Google Chrome ‘could soon start blocking popular ad blockers’
Gum disease may cause premature labour
Heart disease may begin in the WOMB
Holocaust survivors with PTSD and their offspring exhibit more unhealthy behavior patterns
How fast food and a bad diet are ruining your sex life
How psychological science is benefiting the world
How the Corruption of Science Contributes to the Collapse of Modern Civilization
Indonesia battles to clean up rivers
It may be possible to restore memory function, preclinical study finds
Just a phone scan away - website reveals ethically sourced food
Liver, potatoes and Vitamin D
Mainstream Media Is Literally Making People Sick
Major Polar Disruption, Don’t Miss The Last Words
Malaysia could curb French purchases if palm oil use is restricted
Meet the ‘mindful posters’ the influencers driving a social media revolution
Menopause and the workplace
New study establishes causal link between climate, conflict, and migration
Parents' mental health problems increase risk of reactive attachment disorder in children
Psychologist reveals why Marie Kondo tidying ‘can make you feel worse’
Recent study concludes that even low levels of arsenic can cause kidney disease
Scientists turn carbon emissions into usable energy
Secondhand smoke knowledge, sources of information, and associated factors among hospital staff
Some pregnant women don’t believe cannabis is harmful to their fetus
Stress hormone is key factor in failure of immune system to prevent leukemia
Stressed? Having a partner present -- even in your mind -- may keep blood pressure down
Study links low education level to smoking while pregnant
Study predicts how air pollutants from US forest soils will increase with climate change
The free-market groups helping the tobacco industry
The Hidden Ecosystem Floating on the Ocean’s Surface
The invisible workload of modern mothers, damaging their mental health
The role of vitamin D in autoimmune hepatitis.
To Fight Fatty Liver, Avoid Sugary Foods and Drinks
Transplants increase 50% for alcohol-related liver disease, study finds
UK has biggest fossil fuel subsidies in the EU, finds commission
Vaccines Contain Fetal Cells
White blood cells related to allergies may also be harnessed to destroy cancer cells
Why Fibromyalgia Patients Should Consider Vitamin D Supplements

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