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  Het leefbewust journaal - 23 mei 2019

2e klimaatmythe - zeespiegelstijging versnelt en wordt steeds dreigender
Aanpak van ‘vergeten’ broeikasgas kan klimaatklapper opleveren
Afrikaanse landen vragen om soepelere wetgeving ivoor- en olifantenhandel
Alcoholisten vindt je vooral onder keurige ouderen
App kan oorinfectie bij kinderen aantonen
Bijna kwart van huizen in regio Amsterdam kampt met schimmel of vocht
Bruno Gröning - Hulp en genezing langs geestelijke weg
Chemiesector lapt Europese veiligheidsregels aan laars
Cholesterol of consumptie van eieren verhogen niet het risico op een beroerte
De Europese democratie bestaat niet meer
De markt voor vleesvervangers is goed voor zo’n 140 miljard dollar
De zoveelste jonge renner met plotse dood door een hartstilstand
Duikers vinden veel troep op de bodem van de Waddenzee
Europese Commissie probeert miljoenenfraude Tsjechische premier Babiš toe te dekken
Friet uit een bakje van suikerriet in Eerselse cafetaria
Hartkloppingen, stress. Wanneer stopt dit?
Hoe de media ons willen laten wennen aan geoengineering
Hoe reinig je een verstopt lymfenstelsel?
Inval bij veevoederbedrijf Hendriks Group in Baarle-Nassau
Jarenlange uitstoot lachgas Chemelot niet gemeld
Landelijk Meldpunt Zorg ontving ruim 6600 klachten
Massale mestfraude in Vlaanderen
Medicijnen krijgen er een tweede bijsluiter bij
Meer tijd en aandacht voor ouderen door flinke toename personeel verpleeghuizen
Meldpunt Animal Rights - stop de vergassingen
Melkkoeien stoten aanzienlijk minder methaan uit door zeewier
Meten waarden patiënten met wearables voorkomt gezondheidsprobleem
Miljoenen Noorse zalmen dood door algenplaag
Minister Schouten verdoezelt agrarische export
Minister stelt geluidseisen aan warmtepompen buiten
Moet Europa de landbouw 'groener' maken?
Monsanto hield ook in Nederland een soort zwarte lijst bij
Niet alleen calorieën maken ons dik
Nieuwe sekswet is gevolg van massahysterie MeToo
Overheidscampagne Waarzitwatin schiet tekort in bescherming consument
Prada stopt met dierenbont
Stent in plaats van nieuwe ader bij etalagebenen
Tabaksproducten zullen vanaf 1 januari 2020 allemaal in hetzelfde neutrale pakje verpakt worden
Vrouw na hartstilstand vaak slechter af
Waarom rusten zonder te slapen wel degelijk heilzaam is
Waarom zijn koolgewassen zo kwetsbaar voor zwartrot?
Weinig inspraak zorgverzekerden
ZEMBLA-podcast met Jos van Dongen over 'Slachtoffer van het Wereld Natuur Fonds'


Antarctic whales an indicator for world environmental health, scientists sa
Report Your Social Media Censorship Before It's Too Late
Supercharge Your Gut Microbes with Intermittent Fasting
What happened when an Indian drug company offered affordable AIDS medication


2-metre sea level rise 'plausible' by 2100
60% of e-cigarette users say they want to quit - but only a quarter have tried, study finds
A berry healthy heart study
A China Food Crisis More Danger Than Trade War?
A comparison of the effect of supplementation and sunlight exposure on serum vitamin D and parathyroid hormone
A smart system helps children with autism improve socialization skills
Algorithm Steers Catheters to the Right Spot to Treat Atrial Fibrillation
Amazon Tribe Wins Lawsuit Against Big Oil, Saving Millions Of Acres Of Rainforest
Antibiotic treatment slows Alzheimer’s symptoms in male mice
Association between mobile phone use and neck pain in university students
Association Between Vitamin D Deficiency and Suspected Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
Autistic people with intellectual disability often excluded in studies
Avoiding Adult Exposure to Phthalates
Bayer hires law firm to probe Monsanto data collection
Bayer, Dow, L’Oreal using potentially harmful chemicals illegally
Bayer-Monsanto lawsuits spell 'end of chemical era', NGO says
Berkeley Lab Project to Pinpoint Methane 'Super Emitters'
Big Food turning to regenerative agriculture to meet sustainability goals
Big Pharma Will Now Hold Patent for CBD/THC Cancer Treatment
Big Polluters Hijack Shipping Talks to Slow Decarbonisation Progress
Blue light-blocking glasses may help tech-obsessed teens sleep better
Brain study may explain why depression is more common in women
Broccoli and Kale can help fight against Cancer
Can Muscle Strength Reduce the Incidence of Type 2 Diabetes?
Can this protein significantly reduce insulin overproduction?
CBD oil may help limit cravings and anxiety in heroin users
Chemicals in shampoo, toys and floorboards may 'raise your risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes and be toxic to your liver’
Chicken Consumption & the Feminization of Male Genitalia
Coffee Consumption Alters Microbiome and Improves Gut Motility
Common chemicals can increase risk of metabolic disorders
Dead cells disrupt how immune cells respond to wounds and patrol for infection
Diabetes sufferers warned of ‘secret’ liver disease threat
Did you know over-the-counter cold medicines can harm your heart?
Diet plans need to be made based on meal timing, not calorie intake
Discovery in mice could help remove roadblock to more insulin production
Do you have black stains on your teeth?
E-Cigarettes Appear to Reduce Body’s Ability to Fight Flu
Earth to be BLASTED by particles after HOLE opens on Sun
Eating more fruit and vegetables is a more efficient way of improving gut bacteria to help curb anxiety
Female Firefighters More Likely to Suffer PTSD, Contemplate Suicide
Freeze-dried gut bacteria could be the key to tackling asthma, Alzheimer's, Parkinson’s disease and even cancer
Greenland Glaciers Growing Again
How a Plant-Based Diet Manages Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms
How did the amyloid hypothesis go from promising to perilous in the search for Alzheimer’s treatments?
How scientists uncovered ‘SHOCKING’ 650,000-year-old find below ice
Is there a connection between pH levels and cancer risk?
Long before global warming, a “consensus” of scientists warned that global COOLING
was responsible for extreme weather events
Low vitamin D levels after colorectal cancer surgery leads to higher deaths
Malaysia to send back some plastic scrap to source
Mass killing of male chickens expected to prompt groundbreaking decision in Germany
Migraines appear more likely to be caused by histamine rather than ethanol
Monsanto kept ‘watch lists’ in seven EU countries
Nanoparticles are in our food, so are they safe?
Natural environments favour good bacteria
New autism research on single neurons suggests signaling problems in brain circuits
New Culprit for Multiple Sclerosis Relapses
New fluorescent sensor can detect migrating cancer cells
New ocean acidification monitoring station in American Samoa
Parkinson's disease and long-term exposure to outdoor air pollution
People In Higher Social Class Have An Exaggerated Belief That They Are More Capable Than Others
Pet ownership linked to higher risk of IBS
Plastic straws, stirrers and cotton buds to be banned in England
Potential role of N-acetylcysteine on chlorpyrifos-induced neurotoxicity in rats
Sale of bee-killing insecticide up big time in Denmark
Serotonin enhances learning, not just mood
Small molecule drug could be an effective strategy to treat glioblastoma
Solving Medication Overload - America's Other Drug Problem
Southern Research team aims to discover new, safer antimalarial medicines
Study finds farm pesticides on Italy's playgrounds
Sugar Doesn’t Boost Your Mood; It Deteriorates It Further
Teens made up most of e-cigarette maker Juul's Twitter following
The Battle Over Air Quality near Factory Farms on Maryland’s Eastern Shore
The effect of n-3 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids and lipoic acid on the heart in
the ovariectomized rat model of menopause
The Effects of Sleep in Adults with Prediabetes or Recently Diagnosed Untreated Type 2
The epigenetics diet - A barrier against environmental pollution
The FDA struck the wrong balance on its oversight of the e-cigarette industry
Using Antibiotics May Increase Risk of Developing ALS, Swedish Study Suggests
Worried about your blood sugar? Experts recommend checking your magnesium levels
Xenon gas 'may prevent an early death and long-term cognitive impairment' in patients who
suffer traumatic brain injuries

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