Het leefbewust journaal - 23 februari 2019

1.500 werknemers uit de gehandicaptenzorg betogen
Anti-vaxxers zijn dement?
Bloedtest toont hoeveel pijn we echt hebben
Boeren in Oost- en Zuid-Nederland vrezen opnieuw aanhoudende droogte
Botswana overweegt vrijgeven olifantenjacht
Brief van de Stichting Vaccinvrij naar het College voor de Rechten van de Mens
Chroom-6 - het nieuwe asbest?
David verliest onderbenen na overdosis cafeďnepillen
Die zeespiegel wil toch ook maar niet stijgen…
Docenten gaan lessen over psychische gezondheid op de kaart zetten
E-bike heeft meer toekomst dan de elektrische auto
Er komt geen compensatie voor hogere energierekening
Ford waarschuwt over emissietesten
Horeca ziet menukaart met calorievermelding niet zitten
Kostprijzen jeugd-ggz in kaart gebracht
Luchthavenbesluit Lelystad bomvol fouten
Maandelijks worden 26,5 miljoen dieren geslacht in België
Medicijnresten in water worden schadelijk
Oekraďense pluimveegigant MHP ontvangt mogelijk opnieuw Europees ontwikkelingsgeld
Ontwikkeling van hersenkanker in Noorwegen volgt mobiel gebruik
Onverklaarbaar veel dode dolfijnen op Franse stranden
Ook afname weidevogels op biologische boerenbedrijven mogelijk gevolg van aanwezige pesticiden
Opvallend hoe doodstil MSM is over aankomende EU-online-censuur
Salmonella kan mensen besmetten dankzij slimme truc
Stel kinderen niet bloot aan parfums en conserveermiddelen
Sterke spieren helpen bij langere gezondheid
Stress en het kwetsbare brein
Thuis koken veroorzaakt fijnstofpiek waar een straat in Londen u tegen zegt
Tips om prostaatvergroting te voorkomen
Uitrol 5G is gestoord, hoogleraar luidt noodklok.
Vaccinatieschade is geen mythe, de levenslange schade door de BMR
Veel natuurdebat vindt plaats op sociale media
Vereenvoudiging regelgeving Wajong
Verstandelijk beperkt en achter de tralies
Via voeding aanmaak witte bloedcellen verbeteren
Volle yoghurt als antidepressivum
Vragen over lot van konijnen in toekomstig anti-slangengiflab in Deurne
Wiebes onderzoekt gevolgen KNMI-meetfouten voor Groningers
Zeeschip stoot te veel zwavel uit
Zwaan met vuurwerktrauma leert weer lopen in boodschappentas


13 years fighting uranium mining in New Mexico
Are You Cancelling Out the Benefits of Your Omega-3s?
Arsenic pollution - A toxic legacy of France's gold rush (part 2)
Benefits of Aloe Vera - Clues to Parkinson's Disease
Can Activated Charcoal Supplements Interfere with Birth Control?
Daniel Siegel introduces the Wheel of Awareness
Dr. Martin Pall To The NIH "The 5G Rollout Is Absolutely Insane."
Ease Headaches with Ginger, Watermelon and Cucumber?
Enhance your meals with superfoods
FDA mishandled Fentanyl prescriptions
How Does Insulin Affect The Body - Amy Berger
How The 5G Rollout Might Crush Our Health And What To Do About It - Nicolas Pineault
How To Ensure a Brighter Future For the Planet - Martin Rees
Kremlin orders ‘whale prison’ case be resolved by 1 March
Kun je met je eigen hulporganisatie een groot verschil maken?
No studies showing safety of 5G - 7th Feb 2019
Salk scientists uncover how high-fat diet drives colorectal cancer growth
Second Strategy to Cooking Broccoli
So You’ve Been Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes?
The Art and Science of Iridology with Glen Depke
The practice of energy medicine
This Recipe Will Improve Your Memory and Keep Your Brain Healthy
Treesje werd jarenlang seksueel misbruikt door priester


5G - Harmful effects of a new technology
Aluminum poisoning of humanity and Earth’s biota by clandestine geoengineering activity
Alzheimer's breakthrough may come from bone marrow experiment with mice
Arctic sea ice melting scam is dead
Are magnetic and electromagnetic fields of anthropogenic origin potential threats to early life stages of fish?
Asian women who immigrate to U.S. may have higher breast cancer risk, research finds
Astaxanthin suppresses cigarette smoke and lipopolysaccharide-induced airway inflammation
Australia approves dumping of 1 million ton of sludge near Great Barrier Reef
Babies are made to drink breast milk only
Beat Ill Effects Of Air Pollution With These Lifestyle Changes
Can mixing household cleaners kill you?
Can you eat pineapple if you have type 2 diabetes?
Casein - The Disturbing Connection Between This Dairy Protein and Your Health
CDC Issues Public Health Warning for Fluoride Toothpaste
Changes in brain anatomy may reflect autism traits
Children exposed to air pollution on their way to school have stunted cognitive development and memory problems
China uses DNA to track its people. The US is helping
Chronic copper exposure elicit neurotoxic responses in rat brain
Climate Alarmists Flounder As Polar Bears And Penguins Thrive
Could saffron be as effective as stimulant medicines in treating ADHD?
Debunking The 97% Climate Consensus Nonsense
Duvall landscaper claims Roundup caused his cancer
Excess Body Weight and the Associated Cancer Burden
FDA’s new proposed rule would update regulatory requirements for sunscreen products in the U.S
Genetic defect linked to pediatric liver disease identified
Germans develop breast cancer blood test
Global health burden of glaucoma has increased
High schools not prepared for coming 'tsunami' of children with autism
High-dose vitamin C can treat dengue fever and Zika virus
High-Fat Diet May Be Bad for Your Gut Bacteria
How diabetes causes muscle loss
How I ended up with my own medical device while investigating the Implant Files
How Obesity Affects Vitamin D Metabolism
Insecticide exposure can increase the likelihood of children getting cancer by 50%
Neuroscientists Discover New Form of “Wireless” Brain Communication
New Law in Australia Discourages Testing Cosmetics on Animals
Omega-3 trial for prison inmates to see if it curbs violent behaviour and improves mental health
One in 13 teenagers has experienced PTSD, research finds
Pharmaceutical residues in fresh water pose a growing environmental risk
Prenatal plastic chemical exposure can affect kids' motor skills
Pro-and prebiotic supplements may be effective to revive healthy digestive system function in autistic patients
Shrinking biodiversity severely threatening food supply - UN
Silicon Valley bureaucrats deciding who gets freedom of speech
Smartphones help UB researcher better understand the nature of depression and anxiety
Stopping inflammation from becoming chronic
Study links diabetes and back pain
Tens of thousands of UK children have PTSD due to bullying and violence, Lancet study finds
Tobacco companies push sweet mini cigars on black teens
Trace amounts of glyphosate in Canadian foods spur more questions about safety of Monsanto’s Roundup
Triclosan added to consumer products impairs response to antibiotic treatment
Video games could help uncover your hidden talents
We can pay for pollution now or later—and the price is lower now
You could be damaging your teeth by using teeth-whitening products, dentists warn

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