Het leefbewust journaal - 23 januari 2019


Beeldschermgebruik is bij uitstek een sociaal probleem geworden
Bekkenbodemmatjes kunnen (ernstige) complicaties geven
Biologisch pluimveehouder gaat paddenstoelen telen
Cholesterol veroorzaakt geen hart- en vaatziekten
Column Joop Oonk - De verkettering van cholesterol
Darmbacteriën beïnvloeden misschien zelfs onze stemming
De kloof tussen arm en rijk neemt wereldwijd alleen maar toe
De zorgverlener moet meer zijn dan een voorbijganger
Depressie moet bespreekbaar zijn
Diabetesmiddelen geven kans op gangreen
Dirk informeert over vet en suiker in zuivelproducten
Doel van de Europese Unie, opheffing nationale soevereiniteit
Druivensap maakt slanker, verbetert cholesterol
Duurzame bakstenen, gemaakt van schimmels
EU is 10 jaar te laat met voedingsprofielen
Gezond eten voor jezelf en de planeet doe je zo
Hoe de overheid zich laat pluimen door farmabedrijven
Hoe havenbaas Fernand Huts de duurzame landbouw een hak zette
Hoe ontkomen we aan het globalisme?
Hoe visolie je beschermt tegen luchtverontreiniging
Hulpcellen in het brein hebben rol bij het slaap-waakritme
Immuunsysteem voor geboorte al volwassener dan gedacht
Kleine stroomleveranciers in grote problemen
Landelijke tarieven moeten Wmo betaalbaar houden
Maak van je angst geen vijand
Meer varkens betekent meer gezondheidsproblemen
Met 1500 privévliegtuigen naar Davos om over het klimaat te hebben
Mogelijke uitkomst voor toekomstige patiënten met zenuwschade
Mogen mensen die niet geloven in klimaatverandering deelnemen aan het debat?
Nederlanders lijden ondanks klimaatdram niet aan vliegschaamte
Nieuwe syndromen ontdekt na onderzoek naar DNA-fouten
Op zoek naar het verdwenen plastic
Overal in Nederland wonen mensen permanent in vakantieparken
Plan kernenergie VVD ‘zo dood als een dodo’
Publieke personen in het mondiale machtsspel
Sommige mensen minstens tijdelijk beletten kinderen te krijgen
Stuur een zienswijze over Lelystad Airport
U gaat niet meer stemmen?
Verkeerd licht net zo slecht als ongezond eten
Verschuivingen zorgverzekeraars
Voorkom dat patiëntgegevens vogelvrij worden
VVD blijft uitzetstop asielkinderen blokkeren
Waarom de zorg anders moet
Wereld Natuur Fonds gelinkt aan landjepik en mensenrechtenschendingen
Zieke Freek Vonk legt in Filipijnen opnames stil
Ziet u iemand verward rondlopen bij dit vriesweer?
Zit je vast in een destructieve relatie?


Air pollution in Hungary accounts for thousands of premature deaths a year
Bacon Brussels Sprouts
Bewoners Slinge Flats eisen aanpak schimmel
Capers Nutrition and Health Benefits. Healthy Eating
Changing DNA in a Cell With No DNA
Do Apricot Seeds Work as an Alternative Cancer Cure?
Drink Olive Oil Every Day For These Incredible Benefits
Energy Update and My Story for the Full Moon in Leo
Experts onderzoeken of kankermedicijnen beter op weefsels in plaats getest kunnen worden
Exploration - Going To Mars
Exploring the Hidden Face of our Dark Deep Ocean Planet
Failing To Clean Up One Of The World's Most Polluted Rivers
Gaat de maximumsnelheid van 130 naar 100?
Health Challenge - Varicose Veins
How To Make Your Own Spice Blends
Human Embryonic Kidney cells in our foods
Is supermarkt-sushi echt Japans?
Lyme Disease - a Biological WEAPON Invented By the U.S Military?
New Earth - Message to Humanity from Grandmother Butterfly
Phytochemicals From Plants Protect Your Health by Brian Clement
S Korean capital struggles with fine dust pollution
Stem Cell Therapy–The Biggest Breakthrough in Healthcare
Surviving A Breakup - Russell Brand
The End of Ice & the Destruction of our Planet (w/ Dahl Jamail)
The health hazards of air pollution in Ivory Coast
Triggers of Hormonal Imbalances
Trumps Sends A Message To The [DS] & The [CB]
We waren gebruiksvoorwerpen voor de nonnen van De Goede Herder
Weesbeertjes kunstmatig in winterslaap gebracht
What Is the Best Diet For Diabetes?
Whats So Bad About High Fructose Corn Syrup?
Where does the human soul go when it leaves the body at the point of death?


A memory pill? Cognitive neuroscience’s contributions to the study of memory
A Quarter Of Prescriptions For Antibiotics In The United States Would Be Useless
A single protester stops a gold mining company from drilling after chaining himself to its equipment
Air pollution affects happiness not just health, scientists find
Amid Climate Change Worries, Davos Elites Prefer Private Jets: Report
Ancient climate change triggered warming that lasted thousands of years
Antarctic krill population contracts southward as polar oceans warm
As health experts predict a vaping ban, what do e-cigarettes really do to the body?
Aussies warned it’s ‘hotter than hell’ as heatwave continues to fry country
Blood test could detect the onset of dementia decades before symptoms are noticed, study finds
Body size may have greater influence on women's lifespan than men
Bowel cancer on the rise among younger Australians
Brain biomarkers identify those at risk of severe PTSD symptoms
Cambridge University releases a brain-training app that improves concentration akin to Ritalin
Can Coffee Protect You from Parkinson’s Disease?
Common Food Additives May Promote Anxiety and Reduce Social Behavior
Consumption patterns of people who eat mostly organic foods are linked to better nutritional and health profiles
Could YOUR headaches be a sign you are lacking vitamin B12?
Delaying Newborn Baths Boosts Breastfeeding, Study Finds
Dentists and health groups mock soft drink ads in latest campaign
Doctors hope this revolutionary technology will help save millions of lives
During Government Shutdown, Trump Urged to Halt Fracking Permits
Effects of dietary supplementations and herbs on migraine
Energizing the immune system to eat cancer
EU countries split over copyright overhaul
Faecal transplants work best when stool samples are given by 'super donors'
Fascinating study finds that men who eat 4 cloves of garlic per day smell more attractive to women
France - The least-contaminated fruit and vegetables
Genes Affect Where Body Stores Fat
Having stressed out ancestors improves immune response to stress
Heartbreaking picture of dolphin ‘killed by rubbish’ on British beach
Hope for epileptics as scientists discover device implanted in the brain cuts seizures by 93%
How to chemically alter your mood without getting arrested
Immune system found to tap into chaos theory to regulate itself
Increased levels of serum leptin in the early stages of psychosis
Interview on Microplastics - Never Good News Having Particles in Your Brain
Is award-winning Reuters reporter a Monsanto “puppet”?
Is college bad for your brain?
Is pollution making you depressed? Sadness spikes when air quality drops, study finds
Mobile robots could save lives during emergency evacuations
Modern Warming Was Driven By ‘Primarily Natural’ Factors. Global Cooling Has Now Begun.
Mouse studies show 'inhibition' theory of autism wrong
Near-term climate prediction coming of age, study shows
Neurofilament in Blood Foretells Early Onset Alzheimer’s
New insight into cell membranes could improve drug testing and design
New ocean warming paper contains „factual errors and misleading statements”
New research finds that artificial intelligence can dramatically cut time needed to process abnormal chest x-rays
No amount of alcohol is safe for pregnant women due to genetic risk
Noninvasive Light-Sensitive Recombinase for Deep Brain Genetic Manipulation
Novel medical device developed by NUS researchers harnesses magnetic field to speed up muscle recovery
OMRF discovers compound that could fight deadly cancer
Palm oil industry is deploying tactics similar to those of the alcohol and tobacco industries
Pesticides discovered in 83% of examined European soils
Planet Nine may not EXIST, so what is behind solar system chaos?
Prostate cancer - How immune cells promote tumor growth
Protein-secreting device implanted in epileptic rats reduces seizures, improves cognition
Radiation physics constraints on global warming - CO2 increase has little effect
Return of Light meditation was a huge success
Rubbing your elbow or toe after you bang them may really help
Same media that blacklisted the March Against Monsanto now silencing Angel Moms, whose children were murdered by illegal aliens
Scientists discover a new kind of blood vessel in our bones that could help treat arthritis
Scientists Find ‘Surprising’ Ancient Life Under Antarctic Lake
Scientists may on the brink of a breakthrough – Sue Armstrong
Secret to sepsis may lie in rare cell
Sex Drives Are Slacking & I Feel Lacking
Shocker - the dangers of Ultrasound
Significant Disparities between Educational Groups in Smoking during Pregnancy
Somalis turn a profit by transforming their scrap plastic
South Korea's Moon calls for early warning system with China to fight dirty air
Staying off social media is not enough to protect your privacy, study says
Supermassive black hole at centre of the Milky Way is blasting a ‘jet’ directly at Earth
The diversity of rural African populations extends to their microbiomes
The Government Is Keeping Your Child's DNA
The Great Global Warming Hurricane Myth
The natural sciences can’t solve the climate crisis alone
The new elite’s phoney crusade to save the world – without changing anything
Tiny skin patch the size of a dollar coin uses your sweat to measure health risks without a needle
UH researchers links environmental microbiomes to human health
Unexpected link found between feeding and memory brain areas
US agribusiness lobby calls on Trump to target UK food and environment rules in Brexit trade deal
Vaccines are the Only Products for which Big Pharma is faced with No Liability for Injuries
Warn, Teach, and Revisit Metformin
We must recognise that childhood trauma can affect someone’s whole life
What happens to your teeth when you have a sugary drink?
Why bloating and fatigue could be a sign you need a medieval cure
Why did it take 40 years for me to be diagnosed with autism?
Why Greenhouse Gas Warming Is Physically Impossible
Why the Australian government will not advise the public on wireless technologies’ risks to health
Women should do no more than an hour of exercise a day
Yale scientists examine how an immune system protein helps suppress HIV
Young Aussies are bombarded with huge amounts of sugary drink marketing

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