Het leefbewust journaal - 22 januari 2019



34 nieuwe maatschappelijke diensttijdprojecten van start
Activisten drammen om einde sponsoring Concertgebouw door Shell
Allemaal elektrisch rijden is een illusie
Amerikaanse voedselveiligheid in gevaar door ‘shutdown’
Beoordeling technische dossiers hartklep implantaten
Bestuivende insecten zijn basis toekomstbestendige voedselproductie
Bleker helpt Baudet aan boerenstemmen
Bloedmaan boven Brabant
Darmbacteriën beïnvloeden misschien zelfs onze stemming
De pil en andere hormonale anticonceptie beïnvloeden je partnerkeuze
Dieet met veel vezels vermindert risico niet-overdraagbare ziekten
Dierfokkerijen moeten onmiddellijk worden gesloten
Dongen gaat verbrande kunstgrasmatten Tuf ruimen
Er moet meer samenwerking komen tussen voedingswetenschap en geneeskunde
Erkende pro-vaccin expert zwaait om - Vaccins kunnen wel degelijk autisme veroorzaken
Farma profiteert van sociale zekerheid
Farmasector brengt oude medicijnen onder nieuwe naam op de markt met veel hogere prijs
Gember voor een goede vetstofwisseling
Geurloos, kleurloos en dodelijk - let op voor CO-vergiftiging!
Italiaanse krant over een schokkende analyse van inhoudsstoffen vaccins
Jeugdbescherming in de knel, uit de knel
Kamerbrief wetsvoorstel verbod winstuitkering zorgverzekeraars
Klachten bekkenbodemmat eenduidig vastleggen
Lekkage dreigt bij winning aardwarmte, toezichthouder verscherpt eisen
Meer sigaretten verkocht in 2018
Nederlandse wetenschappers tegen de CO2 klimaat HOAX
Negenmaandenbeurs laat kersverse ouders het DNA van hun baby's testen
Oxfam stelt onrechtvaardig belastingbeleid aan de kaak
Patiëntenfederatie wil 'patiëntgeheim' voor medisch dossier
Pech voor klimaatdrammers
Politiebonden dringen aan op vuurwerkverbod
Reisdossier - Groenland
Rijswijkse vrouw bewusteloos na hoge concentratie koolmonoxide
Slechte luchtkwaliteit door stoken
Stop nu meteen uitzetten van asielkinderen
Verbondenheid met natuur vermindert ongemak en gedragsproblemen kleuters
Wat doen we met de morele standaard van de massa?
Ziekelijke burocratie in Stadskanaal

2 Ways To Connect With Like Minds In Your Area
3D Lower Mind Grid Has Been Desolved 5D Higher Mind Grid Stabilized For The Great Passage
Behind Purdue Pharma’s marketing of OxyContin
De vuurwerkramp en het frustreren van waarheidsvinding
Drie van de vier coalitiepartijen willen soepeler kinderpardon
Earth Catastrophe Cycle
Find Peace Of Mind During Awakening (Spiritual Awakening Tips)
Fractals for World Peace | The Key to the Universe
How pharmaceutical companies game the patent system
Is Your Fatigue Coming From the Epstein Barr Virus (EBV)?
Lunar Eclipse January 2019 Multidimensional Ascension
Scientists Warn of Abrupt Pole Reversal - Latest GSM & EU Models
Stop Snoring Sleep Apnea Naturally
Sunspots, Volcano, Top Science News | S0 News Jan.21.2019
The American money behind the anti-pipeline fight
The Arcturian Collective, Change is Coming and Change is Here
The Most Important Issue of Our Time for Humankind
The Third Secret of Fatima Revealed by The Legendary Robert Dean
Trump Admin Still Issuing New Offshore Drilling Leases In Spite Of Government Shutdown
Waarom is azolla een goed alternatief voor veevoer?
Why 'upgrading' humanity is a transhumanist myth | Douglas Rushkoff
Why Women Have Better Sex

40% of medical marijuana users quit taking other prescription drugs, study finds
6 Surprising Ways Social Media Changes Your Brain
A teen scientist helped me discover tons of golf balls polluting the ocean
Adulteration of ghee with additives ups health risk
Amid Suicide Attacks And Bombs, Kabul Faces A New Threat - Air Pollution
Antidepressant Withdrawal - An Unknown Disorder?
Antiepileptic drug use by people with Alzheimer's disease linked to accumulation of hospital days
App may work 'like Ritalin' on brain to focus ADHD sufferers
Baby left screaming in pain from steroid cream that left him covered with oozing scabs
Biofeedback from the brain will help students learn faster
Breastfeeding may protect mothers against depression in later life
British soldier sues Army over Q fever chronic fatigue
Cancer in your 20s is terrifying – too many of us are left to cope alone | Hannah Partos
China says doctor behind gene-edited babies acted on his own
China To Punish Officials Who Miss Air Quality Targets
Cooking fumes cause respiratory problems for chefs
Could flexitarianism save the planet?
Counting the Staggering Cost of Britain’s CO2 Emissions Reduction Policy
Dandelion Tea Helps Improve Your Liver Function, Digestion and More
Did a Military Experimental Vaccine in 1918 Kill 50-100 Million People Blamed as “Spanish Flu”?
Disturbing link found between opioid overdose deaths and Big Pharma gifts to physicians
Does being bilingual make children more focused? Study says no
Drugs may one day be delivered by ROBOTS we swallow
Ecological benefits of part-night lighting revealed
Elevated Depressive Symptoms and Disability Among Patients Newly Diagnosed with Diabetes
Exposure to certain chemicals may be linked to decrease in blood pressure during pregnancy
Foods you need to help calm anxiety
Founders of plastic waste alliance ‘investing billions in new plants’
France holds trial of firms accused of selling horse meat as beef
Genetic changes identified which may predict breast cancer relapse
Global mercury pollution threatens to impact the energy metabolism of birds
Growing gap between rich and poor is fuelling anger in France - Oxfam
Haze smoke affects butterfly caterpillars
How staying in shape is vital for reproductive success
How To Stop Hormonal Weight Gain
If you think cats are ‘aloof’ and antisocial, the problem isn’t the cats… it’s you
Is marketing of opioids to physicians associated with overdose deaths?
Magnesium Is a Key Regulator of the Balance between Osteoclast and Osteoblast Differentiation in the Presence of Vitamin D?
Medical benefits of cannabis SUPPRESSED and banned throughout most of the 20th century
Miracle puppy was euthanised but lived, pet rescue says
Neue Studie spricht von rund 120.000 vorzeitigen Todesfällen durch Feinstaub in Deutschland
New Drug Resistance Process Found in Bacteria
New study reveals local drivers of amplified Arctic warming
New treatment for liver parasites in vivax malaria
Night shifts - The toll they can take on your life
Nordic countries crying out for kids
Opioids don’t work well for chronic pain. So why do we prescribe them? | Mariam Alexander
Placentas adapt when mothers have poor diets or low oxygen during pregnancy
Reishi mushroom show tremendous promise in strengthening the immune system
Researchers conduct first population-based study of suicide risk in people with autism
Retired climate scientist-turned-skeptic says global warming narrative is completely bogus
Scientists find genes with large effects on head and brain size
Scientists find ‘fully unexpected’ signs of life in subglacial Antarctic
Signs of memory problems could be symptoms of hearing loss instead
Study Claiming Insect Decline Due To Global Warming Is Based On Faulty Temperature Data
Study says poor sleep linked to plaque buildup
Study shows 23-percent of antibiotics are improperly prescribed
The role of vitamin D in sleep disturbance
This Chinese herb fights off infection by reducing oxidative stress in your body
This Scientist Is On The Verge Of Curing Multiple Sclerosis For 2.3 Million Patients
Top Reasons to Make Magnesium a Priority
Trump's cuts devastate clinics in Zambia | Rebecca Ratcliffe
Two-minute trick to stop craving fatty food
Vitamin D deficiency is associated with an increased risk of LA abnormalities
Whether you are an apple or pear depends on your genes
Why some people NEVER catch a cold and how YOU could be one of them

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