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  Het leefbewust journaal - 21 juni 2019

900 dode varkens gevonden in schuur in Winterswijk
AH Jumbo e.a. passen hun misleidende vanillevla aan
Biologische kruiden uit Ghana en Ethiopië
Bliksemexpert - militairen Ossendrecht deden precies wat je niet moet doen
Controle voedselveiligheid schiet tekort
Diabetespatiënten hebben baat bij extra aandacht voor mondgezondheid
Eerste hittegolf van het jaar verwacht
Er is een verband tussen voeding en gezond oud worden
Gaan we massaal aan het kweekvlees?
Hoe ziet het voedsel van de toekomst eruit?
In China is het mazelenvaccin verplicht. Waarom zijn daar dan toch 700 mazelenuitbraken geweest?
Leerlingen raken beschadigd door passend onderwijs
Leren van verschillen tussen patiënten
Mensen vaker met soa-klachten naar de huisarts
Nederland spil in internationale apenhandel
Nieuw huis voor witte dolfijnen na jaren gevangenschap in China
Omega-3 vermindert agressie
Omwonenden Tata bezorgd om gezondheid
Problemen met luchtkwaliteit in kinderopvang
Relatie darmflora en rusteloze benen en slaapproblemen
Sinusitis in de kiem smoren
Stikstofuitspraak Raad van State bedreigt bouwplannen
Verzet tegen 5G neemt explosief toe
Verzoek de Nederlandse regering om het gebruik van niet-menselijke primaten in dierproeven te beëindigen
Vitamine B5, de testosteronvitamine
Yoghurt helpt tegen voorstadium darmkanker
Zigzaggend maaien voor de bloemen en bijen in Amersfoort


200+ New Science Papers Fit Skeptical Position On Climate Alarm
A generation of Canadian children was given radiation treatment and never warned of the cancer risks
A New Algorithm Uses Your Facebook Profile, Posts To Predict Your Medical Conditions
Abnormally fast heartbeat linked to a higher risk of dementia
Acute water shortages hit parts of India amid searing heat wave
Alcohol Boosts the Risk of Breast Cancer. Many Women Have No Idea.
Ammonia pollution damaging more than 60% of UK land
Another cancer-causing chemical found in widely used blood-pressure pills
Antidepressants can reduce the empathic empathy
Atrial fibrillation linked to increased risk of dementia, even in stroke-free patients
Bayer asks trial judge to reverse $2 billion Roundup jury verdict
Brain anatomy links cognitive and perceptual symptoms in autism
Buried reports hide details of medical device failures
Can planting billions of trees save the planet?
Can probiotics and other factors be used reliably to benefit health?
Can vitamin D protect against age-related macular degeneration or slow its progression?
Canada approves multi-billion-dollar pipeline project just one day after declaring ‘climate emergency’
Canadian researchers find link between gut bacteria and fibromyalgia
Cancer-sniffing dogs detect lung cancer with 97% accuracy
Cancers caused by unnecessary radiation treatment to children in 1940s and 50s
Cannabis addiction gene that could make people more likely to abuse the drug is discovered by
scientists in a 'really important' breakthrough
Canola oil — When a great oil isn’t so great after all
Children exposed to adult radiation levels from CT scans
Cold-war spy photos reveal ‘doubling’ of glacier ice loss in Himalayas
Countries risking spread of superbugs by failing to monitor antibiotic usage
Credit scores can be predicted by your online behavior, study claims
Depression in your twenties linked to memory loss in your fifties
Did a Military Experimental Vaccine in 1918 Kill 50-100 Million People Blamed as “Spanish Flu”?
Divorce can contribute to children's obesity, researchers find
Do Women Experience More Stress Than Men?
Drug to reduce brain inflammation CURED tinnitus in mice
E-Cigarette Explodes in Teen's Mouth, Breaks Jaw, Blows Out Teeth
Eating Cheese Could Actually Make You Live Longer, Science Says
Experts Warn of Climate Tipping Point as Scientists Find Permafrost Thawing 70 Years Ahead of Schedule
Flesh-eating bacteria are invading once untouched US beaches
Florida Wants To Import Medicine From Canada
Four fifths of women do NOT know alcohol causes breast cancer
Genetic determinants of low vitamin B12 levels in Alzheimer's disease risk
Harvard Scientists Make ‘Landmark’ Discovery in Synthesizing Anti-Cancer Molecules Found in Sea Sponges
Here’s How Sugar Makes Your Anxiety Worse
How many ways will the Environmental “Protection” Agency (EPA) ignore toxins for its corporate friends?
Is decaf coffee harmful to health?
Jurubeba, a nightshade common in Brazil, found to have liver protective, analgesic and antioxidant properties
Labelling people "anti-vaxxers" ignores real roots of their concerns
London's toxic school runs - how polluted is the air children breathe?
Lyme disease - Why does joint pain persist?
Majority of children in care have experienced significant abuse and neglect
Map exposes the extent of China’s ‘human farms’
Marijuana Study Finds CBD Can Cause Liver Damage
Meet the New York couple donating millions to the anti-vax movement
Melanin-concentrating hormone neurons in hypothalamus increase REM sleep
Millions with neurological diseases could find new option in neurostimulation devices
Mini robot may help detect colon cancer
Minocycline reverses diabetes-associated cognitive impairment in rats
More car use during pregnancy can put unborn babies at risk
More Than 200 Commonly Used Drugs Are Known to Cause Depression as a Side Effect
N-Acetyl Cysteine Is Associated With Dopaminergic Improvement in Parkinson's Disease
Nanoparticle additives in your food
Neuroscientists find anatomical link between cognitive and perceptual symptoms in autism
New Study Links Toxic Sept. 11 Dust to Prostate Cancer
No Correlation Between Atmospheric CO2 & ‘Fossil Fuel’ Emissions
Noise pollution creates havoc for birds, study shows
Population of Earth to reach 9.7 billion in 2050
Prevent bone loss from osteoporosis with capillary wormwood
Radioactivity levels abnormally high in France’s Loire river
Relationship between VITAMIN D and chronic periodontitis
Researchers Find Radioactive Particles from Fukushima or other Nuclear Disasters Could
Stay in Environment, Human Lungs for Decades
Researchers Identify Enzyme That Suppresses Immune System in Breast Cancer
Scaffold Helps Cells Repair Torn Meniscus in Lab Tests
Seattle Fire’s notorious 'cancer house' evacuated following tests for toxins
Serotonin linked to somatic awareness, a condition long thought to be imaginary
Siberian Polar Bear Seen Far Inland Not Caused By Sea Ice Loss
Sleeping expert reveals the three changes to make to your bedtime routine
Smart speakers can monitor for cardiac arrest, may help save lives
Squandered Big Tobacco Money a Cautionary Tale in Opioid Cases
Study finds increase in cigarette smoking among minority teens after college affirmative action bans
Teflon Toxin Safety Level Should Be 700 Times Lower Than Current EPA Guideline
The EU’s war on African migrants
The obesity rate is dropping among US preschoolers, study shows
The pollution diet - antioxidant foods to eat if you live in a toxic city
Think carbs are the enemy? Your gut disagrees.
This Ayurvedic herb displays powerful cardioprotective effects in diabetics
Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Program
UK river is 'more polluted than Great Pacific Garbage Patch'
Um, we’ve been doing the keto diet all wrong without realising
US air quality is slipping after years of improvement
US school pupils to be drug-tested for nicotine to tackle ‘vaping epidemic’
US suicide rates have soared 33% in less than 10 years
Use and abuse of opioid painkillers on the rise in France
Valproate decreases vitamin D levels in pediatric patients with epilepsy
Veterinarian warns of dangers from a grain-free dog food diet after FDA study
Was the blue beam of light when Chernobyl occurred REAL?
Why are dolphins dying on the Gulf Coast?
Yoghurt could reduce risk of developing pre-cancerous growths
Your Nose Knows When It Comes to Stronger Memories
Youth vaping an 'epidemic,' Ottawa Public Health says

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