Het leefbewust journaal - 20 februari 2019

Aangespoelde zeekoeten waren verhongerd
Aantal kip-kiloknallers bereikt recordhoogte
Advocaat vraagt om groot gezondheidsonderszoek veteranen
Afrika droogt uit met dank aan het Westen
Afvalwater van makers van antibiotica is soms zelf haast een antibioticum
Akkoord over lagere EU-uitstootnorm voor trucks
Alcoholgebruik meten via haar en nagels
Als sluierbewolking wordt voorspeld gaat het vaak om chemtrails
Beantwoording Kamervragen over privacyregels
Bouwers en bewoners bang voor meer giftreinen door Eindhoven en Helmond
Commerciële DNA-test kan vertekend beeld gezondheid geven
Daan had paniekaanvallen en maakte een 'moed-verzamelboek' om anderen te helpen
Darmflora beïnvloedt diabetes
De hersenen aan- en uitzetten met geluid
Deze 'speelgoedbootjes' van IKEA maken grachten schoon
Een klimaatconsensus, werkelijk?
Een verstandelijke beperking dan geen hulp met stemmen?
Eickhout smeedt Europees akkoord voor schone vrachtwagens, ondanks Duitse tegenwerking
Friese ziekenhuizen concentreren hoogwaardige prostaatkankeroperaties op één locatie
Geen extra geld chroom-6-affaire, slachtoffers stappen naar de rechter
Geld voor medisch specialisten blijft op de plank liggen
Gemeenschappelijk Landbouwbeleid EU moet veel groener
Gezond voedingspatroon kan symptomen van depressie verlichten
Groentjes roosteren is even schadelijk als smog
Hier is de keiharde belofte, gedaan door uw nationale nepnieuwsbestrijder
Hoe belangrijk zijn de eerste 1000 dagen van een baby?
Hoe de smartphone onze relaties beïnvloedt
India wil CO2-uitstoot beperken, maar niet ten koste van groeiende middenklasse
India wil CO2-uitstoot beperken, maar niet ten koste van groeiende middenklasse
Kabinet erkent gebruik verouderde cijfers bij berekening energienota
Kamervragen brief ambtshalve toekenning kindgebonden budget
Kartelwaakhond steekt vinger op tegen farmaceuten
Koken zorgt voor enorme luchtvervuiling in huis
Kritiek op studie naar wereldwijde afname insecten neemt toe
Liefdadigheid creëert afhankelijkheid
Meer BIG-registraties verpleegkundigen, fysiotherapeuten en verloskundigen
Meerdere landen verbannen wifi & smartphones rond scholen
Minderwaardige wijn met valse etiketten als dure Toscaanse wijn in ons land verkocht
Ministerie erkent blunder met energierekening
NAC, veelzijdige longbeschermer
Nederlandse kinderen zijn niet te dik (zolang ze uit de juiste buurt komen)
Onduidelijkheid over eigen bijdrage Wmo
Optimale hoeveelheid dopamine verbetert het cognitieve vermogen
Oud-bewoners verzorgingshuis Tuindorp-Oost maken manifest voor betere ouderenzorg
Patiënten in actie tegen 'pillenchaos'
Ruim honderd klachten over 'burnpits' Defensie
Toeristen filmen titanenstrijd tussen komodovaranen
Utrechtse gemeenteraad vreest zwijgcontracten in de jeugdzorg
Waarom schamen we ons voor onze vulva?
Zonlicht versterkt prestatieverbeterende werking nitraten


Aluminium adjuvants and HPV - Christopher Exley
Are there Micro-Plastics in Your Salt?
Can we re-use waste water from the Industry
Can we restore corals reefs in our oceans?
Cities Cannot Stop 5G Implementation
Dead Dolphins on the French Coast - Sea Shepherd France Begins Patrols
Deltaplan Waterstof
Do Mobile Phones Affect Sleep?
Does Aluminum In Vaccines Affect A-Babies Health?
Does Fat Make You Fat
Dr. Mercola Interviews Benjamin Bikman on the Physiological Effects of the Ketogenic Diet
Endocrine Complications of Obesity
FBI Is Using DNA Tracking Database That Targets Entire Population
Geef ouderen hun stem terug
Geen extra geld voor slachtoffers in chroom-6-affaire
Gluten Sensitivity Testing
Grand Solar Minimum is the Real National Emergency
How Mold Toxicity Can Affect You
Is Mom’s ‘Mental Workload’ Causing Health Issues?
Jimmy (27) overleed aan drugs in zorginstelling
Marijn Poels on Patreon
Pas op met commerciële DNA test
Probiotics for Depression
Replacing Adderall with a Keto Diet | Dr.Boz
Resistance Radio - Ex-agricultural leader turned dairy industry critic
Spelenderwijs circulair bouwen
The Difference Between Total Carbs & Net Carbs
The Gary Null Show - 02.18.19
The story of plastic
Toxic Mold Encore with Jill Carnahan MD.
Use A Drop Of This Oil To Improve Your Vision Naturally
Vrijlating zeehonden Ouddorp
Why So Many Americans Are Getting Sick


10 Common Cosmetic Ingredients That Are Derived From Animal Products
100 Percent of Oat Products Tested Positive for Glyphosate
A shared past for East Africa's hunter-gatherers
A Single Earthquake Can Move Millions of Tons of Carbon into Earth's Deepest Trenches
Accelerated risk of mobility loss for people aged 60+ tied to excess weight/inactivity
Altered Brain Activity Patterns of Parkinson’s Captured in Mice
Antibiotic resistance spreading faster than thought
Antimicrobial reusable coffee cups are less likely to become contaminated with bacteria, study shows
Are there supplements I should avoid when taking blood thinner drugs?
Authorities develop new DNA tool to detect food fraud and expose misleading labelling
Canadian children still not getting enough vitamin D… cancer rates continue to climb
Children in drought-hit rural Australia forced to grow up prematurely, according to UN
CNIC researchers identify a very early marker of cardiac damage triggered by cancer treatment
CRISPR gene editing makes stem cells 'invisible' to immune system
Disturbing CDC statistics show that opioids have killed more people than the Vietnam War
Do Dams Increase Water Use?
Early marker of cardiac damage triggered by cancer treatment identified
Environmentalists seek tougher EU curbs on Balkan coal power plants
Extreme weather is often caused by gravity waves rather than climate change
Government vaccine expert witness turns whistleblower, tells truth about vaccines causing autism
Great white sharks could help cure cancer in humans
Have researchers found a new approach to treating aggressive cancer?
How a brain scan could diagnose autism in NEWBORNS
How domestic violence affects women’s mental health
How the Brain Keeps Its Memories in the Right Order
How to Avoid Fatty Liver Disease
How to Reduce Acne Through Your Diet in Just One Week
Influenza and common cold are completely different diseases
Is this why vaccine pushers are such mean people?
Is “German New Medicine” the Path to Healing in the 21st Century?
It’s possible to be depressed while appearing happy
Je denkt misschien dat deze pijnstiller onschadelijk is
Ketogenic and Low-Carb Diets Beyond Weight Loss and Diabetes
Limiting These Foods To Combat Gastro-Intestinal Problems
Lupus strongly linked to imbalances in gut microbiome
Mayo Clinic Research Shows Measles May Cure Cancer
Mental AND physical exercise found to be beneficial for neurodegenerative disease sufferers, even in late stages of illness
Mice study suggests link between obesity, autism
Monsanto’s $125 Million Deal to Flood The Market With Gene-edited Foods
Most people think of bananas when they think of potassium
Mouse study reveals how chronic stress promotes breast cancer stem cells, identifies vitamin C as effective therapy
Mushroom are alternatives to red meat, chicken – Adodo
NASA scientists discover FIVE new previously unknown strains of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in SPACE
Neuroscientists Say They’ve Found an Entirely New Form of Neural Communication
New map of infant brain may aid early diagnosis of autism
New protocol could ease diagnosis of bacterial infections in infants
Oral antifungal drug used to treat yeast infections linked to higher rates of miscarriage
Our brains indicate how well depression will respond to treatment
Plastic Threatens Human Health at a Global Scale
Public Health Warning Issued for Fluoride Toothpaste
Radiation From Smartphones May Impair Memory In Teens
Revolutionary tablet may stop pain for millions
Science proves that that you feel more empathy towards a family member than to a stranger
Scientific Duo Gets Back To Basics To Make Childbirth Safer
Scientists Create New Map of Brain’s Immune System
Scientists discover mysterious new communication mechanism in the brain
Scientists discover what causes strep to turn deadly in kids and new mothers
Scientists Make Breakthrough In Advanced Kidney Cancer Treatment
Stop Antibiotic Use in Citrus Production
Study finds neuromelanin-sensitive MRI as potential biomarker for psychosis
Supplementation with N-Acetyl Cysteine Affects Motor and Cognitive Function in Young but Not Old Mice
Teeth can be used to predict mental health problems
The Connection Between Natural Remedies for High Blood Pressure and Diabetes with This Plant
The Link Between Menopause and Alzheimer’s
The people who have stopped buying new clothes
The pollution from cosy fires could raise your risk of dementia
The two best potassium-rich BEANS to lower high blood pressure
There are 3 ways to reverse type 2 diabetes
There Are Three Types of Perfectionist
Toxic herbicides used during the Vietnam War are still causing cancer and reproductive disorders across generations, study finds
Tuberculosis - Commandeering a bacterial 'suicide' mechanism
UK will apply food tariffs in case of no deal, Michael Gove says
Vaccinated children face a 3000% increased risk of dangerous allergy, stunning new science finds
Vitamin A may improve the insulin-producing beta-cells
Watchdog demands food makers clarify ‘multigrain’ content
What Is Liverwurst and Is It Good For You?
Why being deficient in vitamin C puts you at extreme risk of various diseases
Woman suffering chronic Lyme disease desperately searches for a cure

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