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5G hel - Kabinet wil een 5G-mast op elke straathoek
Bietensap brandstof voor Vierdaagse
Braziliaans bedrijf keert 95 miljoen euro uit na dodelijke dambreuk
Britten verbieden import grotere eiken in strijd tegen processierups
Den Haag heeft alleen oog voor de lusten van Schiphol en negeert de lasten
Dictatuur van de jeugdzorg
Duitsland komt met vaccinatieplicht voor mazelen
Einde aan ‘bodemloze put’ Midden-Groningen
Elon Musk onthult vooruitgang ‘gedachtelezer’
Frits liep gevaarlijk TBE-tekenvirus op en is er slecht aan toe
Functie en gedrag gelinkt aan variaties hersenstructuur
Gemeenten verplicht mee te werken aan 5G
Gesjoemel met stikstof moet echt afgelopen zijn
Grootschalige witwaspraktijken in uien- en aardappelsector
HagaZiekenhuis in beroep tegen boete voor gluren in patiëntendossier Barbie
Het taboe over ketonen doorbroken
Horrortransport van 70.000 schapen naar de Perzische Golf
In twee weken al 83 uitgeputte egeltjes door droogte in opvangcentrum
Kunnen we windturbines volledig uit hout bouwen?
KWR onderzoekt microplastics in Nederlands drinkwater
Langetermijneffecten van Q-koorts op psychosociaal functioneren
Meer teken verspreiden meer ziektes in België
Michael Pilarczyk en Duko Kanij over ongekende kracht lichaam en geest
Nieuwe behandeling om kankercellen op te sporen gelukt in LUMC
Onderzoek naar relatie kruidenrijk grasland en koegezondheid in Overijssel
Ook aan zuivel kleeft bloed
Palmolie - een geschenk van God of een misdaad tegen de menselijkheid?
Partij voor de Dieren verliest Kamerlid
Raad van State zet streep door verbreding A27 Amelisweerd
Rechtbank vernietigt 12 verleende PAS-natuurvergunningen in Utrecht, Gelderland en Flevoland
Samen tuinieren is goed voor je mentale welzijn
Samen Veilig / Veilig Thuis hanteert geheime cliëntendossiers
Seksuele beelden doen hetzelfde met mannen- en vrouwenbrein
Silent Protest tegen de Namibische zeehondenjacht
Stankoverlast van destructiebedrijf Rendac in Son
Vele tientallen ernstige oogklachten door eikenprocessierups
Vertrekkend Kamerlid Dierenpartij voelde zich gekooid
Waarom omgevingslawaai hard op weg is een grotere killer te worden dan luchtvervuiling
We zijn steeds dommer aan het worden

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Cancer as a Metabolic Disease
Do No Harm – How An Alternative Approach to Cancer Research Landed Charles Pixely in The Slammer
Experts Warn of Major Solar Flares Blanketing Earth with Major Cataclysms
How I became Lupus-Free
Monsanto Monopoly Results In Our Favorite Foods Tainted With Roundup Poison
Stossel - No Filming on Farms
Straling van WIFI dringt ons lichaam binnen
The Gary Null Show - Nuclear Energy
Van landbouwgif naar wilde bloemen
Water Phone Charger
What supplements should you take if you have your thyroid removed?

Internationaal nieuws

11,000 Wikileaks documents related to Fukushima
6 Ways the Sun Affects Your Mental and Physical Health
80,000 chemicals haven't been adequately tested
A dietitian explains why your low-carb diet is actually making you fat
A prebiotic used in TCM can regulate lipid and glucose metabolism, improving outcomes of metabolic disease
A teacher shows that a bull in a square full of people does not attack anyone if it is not threatened
Ancient DNA extracted from Neanderthal fossils of Gibraltar for the first time
Animal cruelty in Turkey
Antibiotics May Have Harmful Effects On Lungs
Antidepressants linked to dementia
Apple Watch saves man's life after warning him of heart problems
Army Corps Admits to Dumping Toxic Water Into Florida Estuaries Without Telling Public
Associations of physical activity, ?-amyloid with cognition, neurodegeneration
Best diet for reducing harmful belly fat
Better than bone broth? Many health gurus are switching to mushroom broth
Breakthrough material could lead to cheaper, more widespread solar panels and electronics
Can we find a cleaner way to extract hydrogen from water?
Children used as poison detection devices
Climate change weakens fragile French coastline
Clouds, Solar Cycles Play Major Role In Climate Change
Congo Army Razes Illegal Homes Near Giant China Mine
Consciousness and Brainwaves – The Arcturian
Could a year's waste circle the Earth four times?
Daily exercise could protect the brain against Alzheimer’s disease
Dementia patients see improvement through music
Diet Rich In Refined Carbs, Red Meats Linked With Increased Risk Of Colorectal Cancer
Diving Deeper Into the Metabolism of the Autistic Brain
Doctor raises alarm on syphilis & chlamydia outbreak
Drug Companies Saturated US With 76B Pain Pills in 6 Years
DSM supplied vitamin D mix in recalled Hill's dog food
European farms, wildlife parched in post-heatwave drought
Exposure to Sunlight Linked to Winning Against Several Diseases
Facebook Accused of Injecting ‘Hidden Tracking Codes’ In Your Photos
Foods that are good for hyperactive kids
Furniture, mattresses and upholstery containing flame-retardant chemicals
Gut bacteria found to help protect brain and central nervous system from harmful viruses
Gut microbes protect against neurologic damage from viral infections
High-Intensity Statins Are Associated With Increased Incidence of Hypoglycemia During Hospitalization
Higher iron levels associated with a lower risk of heart disease
Higher temp coffee provides more antioxidants than cold brew
HIV Lurking in Spinal Fluid Linked to Thinking Problems
How Healthy Is Oat Milk, Exactly? The Answer May Surprise You
How the brain distinguishes between voice and sound
How we evolved to be obese - Over-eating turns on fat-saving protein
Indigenous Amazon Reservation Invaded by 20,000 Miners, Bolsonaro Does Nothing
Information on alternatives to hazardous pesticides
Investigation exposes vaginal mesh “scandal” that has left thousands of women irreversibly harmed
Japanese Mothers Find High Levels of Radiation in Food Post-Fukushima Disaster
Journal criticised for study claiming sun is causing global warming
Lutein and other nutrients occurring in leafy greens benefit eyes, cardiovascular system and more
Menstrual cups 'as reliable as tampons'
Mental illness takes a toll on your body and years off your life
Military is among the worst polluters
More Bad News For The Global Warming Fraudsters
Most polluted city in Americas struggles to change
New therapy shows promise in preventing brain damage after traumatic brain injury
NHS ME/CFS Clinics Lax on Treatment Harms, Study Finds
Non-Renewable Resources Never Really Run Out
People All Over The East Coast Are Suddenly Being Attacked By Flesh-Eating Disease In 2019
PFAS Crisis Expands As Millions Of Americans In 43 States Are Exposed To Toxic Chemicals
Pomegranates suppress cancer stem cells
Reducing burnout and stress symptoms with rhodiola
Researchers try to make ICU less traumatic for patients, families
Restoring Soil Health and Saving Americans From Cancer, Chronic Disease
Should We Increase Our Protein Intake After Age 65?
Sick Children Among Cancer Victims Suing Monsanto Over Roundup
Study confirms heart benefit of soy as FDA reviews this claim
Study identifies potential markers of lung cancer
The Dangers of LED Lightbulbs
Vitamin D deficiency linked to mild cognitive impairment in Alzheimer's
We can predict that when the Sun dims the Earth will cool
Why Is Big Pharma Heading To Canada For Its Cannabis Patents?
Women's Stronger Immune Response to Flu Vaccination Diminishes With Age
Yet Another Study Finds Trigger Warnings May Be Harmful
York researchers develop blueprint for protecting physical health in people with mental illness


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