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  Het leefbewust journaal - 14 juni 2019

5G straling - Er zijn lichtpuntjes
Alleen subsidie voor zonneparken op plaatsen waar het elektriciteitsnet het aan kan
Als ze er baat bij hebben krijgen patiënten 'herontdekte' medicijnen vergoed
Apps die bijhouden hoe je slaapt, hebben weinig nut
CDC verduisterde onderzoeksresultaten BMR vaccin
Cruiseschepen stoten in Europa tien keer meer giftige stoffen uit dan alle auto’s samen
De 5G slachting - Amsterdam gaat dit jaar 3.850 bomen kappen/vervangen
De grote bomenkap - ditmaal de Bergse bossen
De pechoti-methode - wietolie toedienen via je navel
De schaduwkant van meditatie waar niemand over spreekt
De verkeerde mensen zijn veroordeeld voor de vuurwerkramp
Drinkwater stockeren in de ondergrond als oplossing voor tekort in zomer?
Ebola slaat over naar Oeganda
Eet meer noten voor je gezondheid
Europese markt dreigt te worden overspoeld met goedkoop kippen-, varkens- en rundvlees
Fransen krijgen te maken met onveilig voedsel
Gember en kurkuma zijn effectieve pijnstillers
Groentetuin voor minima in Helmond-West heropent na uitbreiding
Kinderen met complexe psychische problemen moeten sneller hulp krijgen
Klimaatverandering duwt tropische ziektes onze richting uit
Lachgas is niet zo onschuldig als mensen denken
Microplastics aan de Spaanse kust grotendeels afkomstig uit wasmachines
Nicotine in e-sigaretten vermindert afvoer van slijm
Nieuw bloedluismedicijn, zusje van Fibronil, roept weerstand op
NVWA-inspecties falen ook in Zuid Nederland
Ochtendmens worden kan je leren
Onderzoek daling sterftes bij asbestverbod
Onze medicijnketen is te afhankelijk van China
Partijen geschokt over rapport jeugdzorg
Plantaardige burger heeft toch vleessmaak
Politiek wil van minister Schouten sneller hardere maatregelen tegen landbouwgif
Proef met no cure, no pay voor dure medicijnen
Risico's aan sluiting kolencentrales
Tweede Kamer debatteert over landbouwgif
Varkenshandel uit Reusel exporteert tot twee keer toe zieke varkens naar België
Verzoek niet-menselijke primaten in dierproeven te beëindigen
Vrouwen die slapen met licht komen sneller kilo’s aan
Wetenschappers ontwikkelen universeel donorbloed dankzij darmbacterie
Wij zijn lichtwezens - Hans Zevenboom
Zorgen om tropische 'reuzenteek'


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Breast Cancer Prevention
Could a simple shot be a breakthrough treatment for PTSD?
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How to reduce anxiety and fear? What is anxiety?
It's All About Food - Sheldon Krimsky, GMOs Decoded
Modern technology helps Amazon tribe combat illegal poaching
More censorship on herbs
Permafrost is thawing rapidly. How much should we worry?
President Trump Remarks on the Opioid Crisis
Rodeo Cruelty Exposed in Springville, California
Roundup Cancer Attorney Brent Wisner Closing Argument | Pilliod v. Monsanto
Stop the Cycle of Emotional / Stress Eating
Take This Spice if You’re Over 35 in Order to Prevent Heart Attack And Stroke
The Best Diet to Prevent Heart Disease, Diabetes, Strokes
The Censorship Will Not Stop
The Real Cause Of Heart Disease
The Science That Will Change Your Future | Every CEO Uses It
Waste dumping controversy Pt 3
Waste dumping controversy Pt 2
Waste dumping controversy Pt 1
What happens under the ice in Antarctica?
What’s wrong with the internet? We’d rather “display” than communicate.


3M Knew About PFAS Food Contamination in 2001
A Biodegradable Label Doesn't Make It So
A gut feeling - microbiome changes may mean early detection of colorectal cancer
A New Light on Vitamin D in Obesity
A sauna session is just as exhausting as moderate exercise
Alaskans find more dead seals along warming Arctic Sea
Allicin alleviates acrylamide-induced oxidative stress in BRL-3A cells
Are Humans Really On The Brink Of Achieving Immortality?
Artificial light at night linked to weight gain in women in new study
Assam to study link of pesticides with emerging diseases
Bacteria such as E. coli detected in minutes by new tech
Bullying gets worse as children with autism get older
CDC Director, Are You Mistaken or Just a Liar?
Changing your meat-eating habits could mean a longer life
Clinical effect of vitamin D supplementation on psoriasis
Costly drug used to treat IBD didn't reduce hospitalizations or surgeries in Ontario
Cycles, Not Carbon Dioxide, Control Climate
Death by clubbing - the brutality of Thailand's pig slaughterhouses
Different ways to reduce consumption of sugary drinks
Early lifecycle UV-exposure calibrates adult vitamin D metabolism
Epilepsy drugs linked to increased risk of suicidal behavior, particularly in young people
Even foods in the same 'pyramid' group affect gut bacteria differently
Even ‘Normal’ Blood Lead Levels Can Be Toxic
FDA Overlooked Red Flags In Testing Of New Depression Drug
Flaxseed - An alternative to HRT for reducing menopause symptoms
Green tea polyphenols prevent lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammatory liver injury
Heart failure drug could be effective in treating leukemia
High blood pressure - This strange toilet habit at night could be a sign you have condition
High DDT levels in N.B. lakes decades after ban
Hydrogen Station Explodes, Toyota Halts Sales Of Fuel Cell Cars — Is This The End?
Indonesia plans permanent moratorium on new forest clearance
Is There a Connection Between Aluminum and Alzheimer's Disease?
Low vitamin D levels are associated with high viral loads in patients with chronic hepatitis B
Monsanto links up with Millenium on genome research
More Monsanto Transparency Issues Amid Roundup Litigation
Mouse study finds BPA exposure has transgenerational effects on gene linked to autism
Nation’s favourite drink can help control blood sugar
New Study Upends The Idea Of ‘Habitable Zone’ Planets
Our Sun Is Capable of Producing Dangerous 'Superflares', New Study Says
Patagonia Ice Sheets Thicker Than Previously Thought, Study Finds
Phthalate susceptibility depends largely on genetic heritage of individual
Polyphenols in plum exhibit anticancer properties
Should We Fear 5G’s Mass Rollout?
Smartphone addiction studies based on ‘flawed’ data, researchers say
State 5G Streamlining Bills Are Stripping Localities’ Basic Contractual Rights To Indemnification
Study confirms role of genetics in determining menopause age and familial longevity
Sunscreen Prevents Cancer, Right? Well, It’s Complicated.
The diet that’s shrinking your brain
The myth that your health is dictated by your genes is destroyed
The unusual smell in a room that could mean you have bed bugs
Toxic Air Leads to Premature Death in New York, Paris, London, Beijing, Berlin and Moscow
What All Mothers Need to Know About Vaccines
Where We Carry Our Fat Linked To Cancer Risk

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