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  Het leefbewust journaal - 13 juni 2019

40 jaar na kernafval-demonstratie Gasselte is opslag zoutkoepels weer actueel
440 of 432 Hertz, hoe zit het eigenlijk?
ADHD, maak geen ding van druk gedrag
Arts met persoonlijke problemen mag zich nooit meer inschrijven
Beta-glucanen vormen waardevol voedingssupplement in de viskweek
Bewoners tegen vliegtuigoverlast
Boswachter Marieke Schatteleijn gaat op zoek naar reeën
Burgers onder 35 vertrouwen mainstream media amper
Campagne tegen ouderenmishandeling van start
De rijkste plantaardige bron van vitamine K2
De zieke taal van onze gezondheid
De zoektocht naar pillen en vaccins als alzheimerwonderolie is tijdverlies
Dierenactivisten en het doorbreken van de muur van zwijgen
Draagbare sensor waarschuwt je voor allergenen in voedsel
Een zesde van zeeleven is binnen tachtig jaar verdwenen
GAIA vraagt invoerverbod paardenvlees uit Zuid-Amerika na schokkende beelden
Genezen van kanker zonder chemo of bestraling
Gepersonaliseerde zorg wordt de norm
Goed tandenpoetsen kan Alzheimer voorkomen
Herstel van beschadigde organen
Hoe u grip houdt op uw persoonsgegevens
Huid en lever weten zonder hulp van je brein hoe laat het is
Insecten als veevoer - revolutie of 'quasi-groen'?
Intensieve glykemische controle geen langdurig effect
Japan hervat commerciële walvisvaart
Kinderen in jeugdzorg onvoldoende beschermd tegen geweld
Klimaatgekkies verstoren vergadering Tweede Kamer
Leuvense onderzoekers ontdekken potentiële behandeling tegen verkoudheid
Luisterprobleem bij kinderen heeft vaak meerdere oorzaken
Meer buiten spelen, omdat het leuk én gezond is!
Minister beschermt niet de bijen, maar de giflobby
Minister Schouten steunt liever de chemische industrie dan de bijen
Natuurbeschermers zijn bezorgd over drijvende zonnepanelen
Neuroloog doorprikt mythe rond ‘hersendood’
Partij voor de Dieren wil luchtkwaliteit van alle scholen weten
Pilot met kleikorrels om blauwalg in Binnenschelde in Bergen op Zoom te bestrijden
Ramon maakt Mexicaanse bonensoep en gevulde avocado
Relatie orale bacteriën en beroertes ontdekt
Rond 2025 is roken verboden rondom zorginstellingen
Stijgend zeepeil doet aantal “spookbossen” toenemen
Suriname gebruikt mangrove als wapen tegen zeespiegelstijging
Uitschrijven donorregister
Verdubbeling stops in de spoedzorg
Vijf maatregelen voor verbeteren leefklimaat van dieren op een vakantiepark
Waakhond krijgt 3,4 miljoen euro extra voor handhaving AVG
We eten wekelijks tot vijf gram plastic
Wereldwijde opwarming overschat t.g.v. 70-jarige cyclus in oceaansysteem
Werkstress? Na jarenlange studie wordt een burn-out officieel erkend als een ziekte
Yoga van toegevoegde waarde bij borstkanker
Zeeuwen worden heel oud
Zon gaat al onze elektronica smelten


Amazon tribe battle rainforest decimation - with old and new tools
Banning Factory Farming - It’s About Your Food
Climate Wars, Fighting Against the Weather
Coping with Trauma through Yoga & Holistic Healing—Juliet Gutierrez
Damning inquiry says Oxfam cared more for it's reputation than sex abuse claims
Deep Sleep Stimulation - 8 hours
End Live Export - Warning distressing footage
Felicity Thomas and Richard Byng - Poverty, Pathology and Pills
Food for Health by Vandana Shiva, Ph.D.
Germany may end mass killing of male chicks | DW News
Grass Fed Products Goes Beyond Just Omega 3 Fatty Acids
How to Get Rid of Gallstones Naturally
Hygiene, infections, and autoimmune disease
Is Your Anxiety, Stress and Worry Occurring From Missing Gut Microbes
Major Food Companies Paying Out Millions In Settlements Over Mislabeled Foods
New and Old Ways of Abusing Children
Paul Connett and Bob Dickson on Water Fluoridation
Pineapple Ginger Smoothie
Since October 1, the US has eperienced the coolest, wettest weather on record
Spice it Up - A New Way to Use Curcumin
The Aging Spine

Internationaal nieuws

7 Foods That Can Help Balance Your Hormones and Alleviate PMS
8 Natural Ways to Boost Your Glutathione Levels
A healthy gut means a healthy body – but how does it work?
A Musical Brain May Help Us Understand Language And Appreciate Tchaikovsky
Active preschool kids have healthier hearts
Antiaging therapies could help prevent dementia
Apple Stem Cells Offer Hope for Aging and Damaged Skin
Are you electrosensitive?
Assessment of Toxic Effects of Ochratoxin A in Human Embryonic Stem Cells
Attacking the root cause of the opioid crisis in Indian Country by suing big pharma
Big data 'can stop malaria outbreaks before they start'
Can a new lotion make chemotherapy cold caps work even better?
Can gluten mess with your mind?
Canada bans capture and breeding of dolphins, whales
Canada to Ban Single-Use Plastics as Early as 2021
CO2 Will Not Cause A Food Shortage
Compound from aged garlic demonstrates anti-cancer activity
Could eating every 15 minutes cure infertility
Could floating cities help people adapt to rising sea levels?
Cut out unhealthy carbs for super-speedy results
Deadly U.S. medical HOAXES that 200 million Americans still believe
Debunking The Life Expectancy Myth
Demand for soy and meat by major brands driving deforestation
Did Pfizer Really Quash an Alzheimer's Cure? Not So Fast, Say Researchers
Dolphins form friendships through shared interests just like us
EFSA issues new advice on phosphates
Evaluation of Mobile Phone and Cordless Phone Use and Glioma Risk
Facebook banned Natural News for “off-platform” article that Natural News never posted to Facebook
Farmers defy govt norms, plant illegal GM seeds
Genetic liability for depression increases suicide attempt risk
Genetic marker linked to increased risk of diabetic peripheral neuropathy
Global Warming Morphs into the Solar Minimum
GMO Wheat Escapes Lab, Grows in the Wild
Green groups sue Trump administration for gutting offshore oil safety rules
Greenpeace North Sea oil rig protest prompts injunction
Gulf of Mexico’s oxygen-starved ‘dead zone’ approaches record size
Half an hour of sun exposure daily may lower risk for pediatric IBD
Having a Cheat Day on the Keto Diet Could Be Detrimental to Your Health
Heartburn Drugs Can Lead to Fatal Heart or Kidney Disease
High levels cholesterol can protect seniors against cognitive impairment
How the brain changes when mastering a new skill
How to truly decolonise the study of Africa
Human pancreases could be grown in RODENTS using stem cells in a bid to one day cure type 1 diabetes
Hundreds of new pesticides approved in Brazil under Bolsonaro
Huntsman found guilty of animal cruelty after activists' secret filming
Impact of Insulin Treatment on Cardiovascular Outcomes
In Greece, a rebel organic farm goes against the grain
Inside Facebook’s Struggle to Moderate Two Billion People
Low testosterone can cause body hair loss
Making medical marijuana legal does not prevent fatal opioid overdoses
Many breakfast cereals still contaminated by weed killer
Marineland whistleblower hopes ban on whales in captivity sparks global movement
Medicinal cannabis trial begins for Australian veterans with PTSD
Mid-Sized Farms Are Disappearing. This Program Could Reverse the Trend.
Mobil sought to fight environmental regulation, documents show
Monsanto’s Weedkiller Still Contaminates Foods Marketed to Children
Music festival lighting 'can trigger epileptic fits'
Nearly 150,000 Bornean Orangutans Lost Since 1999
New evidence questions use of saline fluids to resuscitate critically ill children with sepsis
New lawsuit against Monsanto alleges Roundup is harmful to human gut health
Nitrate pollution of US tap water could cause 12,500 cancer cases each year
Obesity ups risk of being bullying victim, perpetrator
Painkillers no panacea for headache
People do have a ‘type’ when looking for love, scientists suggest
People with Untreated “White Coat Hypertension” Twice as Likely to Die from Heart Disease
Positive Effect of Low Dose Vitamin D Supplementation On Growth of Fetal Bones
Postpartum depression in new dads often missed
Red yeast rice improves endothelial function by reducing inflammation, alleviating oxidative stress
Reverse Engineering the Brain
Scientist Speaks Out Against Monsanto For Really Good Reason
Scientists declare nearly 400 medical practices 'ineffective'
Secrets Of Cannabis Revealed
Siberia to become habitable due to warming globe
Sleep habits linked with blood sugar control in diabetes and prediabetes
Sleeping with lights or TV on tied to obesity
Smoking pot can reduce fertility in women
Social media use contributing to poor mental health in Indonesia, research finds
South African government sued over coal and industrial air pollution
Starve Cancer Cells of Glutamine
Study reveals amygdala’s role in complex decision-making
Surgically implanted 'chips' improve memory by up to 37%
Toxic Discharges Suspected From Almost 500 Industrial Facilities Across U.S.
Toxic flame retardants found in newly manufactured children's car seats
U.S. dentists prescribe opioids far more often than British counterparts
UK accused of 'silently eroding' EU pesticide rules in Brexit laws
Undetected diabetes may double risk of heart attack, periodontitis
Vaccine Damage is Far Greater Than Long-Held Views
Vitamin D and estradiol help guard against heart disease, stroke, diabetes
Weeds Are Still Here. How Do Pesticides Hurt Us?
What makes Stevia 200 times sweeter than sugar
Yorkshire village faces petrochemical giant in anti-fracking fight
You Don’t Need That Bulky CRT Oscilloscope Anymore

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