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Nederlandstalig nieuws

Als de woorden in je hoofd haperend uit je mond komen
De magnetische noordpool maakt haast
Denemarken bouwt hek tegen Afrikaanse varkenspest
Deze olie van de cannabisplant is razend populair
Dierenwelzijnslabels grenzen aan consumentenbedrog
Door muziek bij operatie minder kans op verslaving aan pijnstillers
Eindeloos wachten op Griekse actie
EU dwingt Nederland tot invoering van de 5G Telecomwet
Fraude met biologisch vlees - controle onvoldoende
Hoe de zuivelindustrie misleidende studies ontwerpt
Hoe Monsanto stap voor stap een kritische journalist kapot wilde maken
Hoe raakt je brein toxines en afval kwijt?
Hoe zit dat nu met die internetconsultatie over de Telecomcode?
IPCC geeft het Westen onterecht de schuld van alle klimaatellende
Is boter echt terug? Wat zegt de wetenschap
Jaarlijks drieduizend minder gevallen van kinderastma als België fijnstofnormen zou halen
Martijn verkocht zijn huis omdat hij ziek werd van de stank van mestverwerker
Meer kans op uitzaaing borstkanker bij ongezonde darmflora
Mike Adams test zware metalen in water van multinationals
Misstanden bij productie slimme luidspreker Amazon in China
MIT en Harvard deden experimenten met radioactieve stoffen op gehandicapte kinderen
Nederlandse vrouw ‘Lisanne Hillen’ vangt zwerfdieren op in Turkije
Ontgoocheling over verdienmodel achter hernieuwbare energie
Ook Facebook heeft zich bij klimaatinquisitie aangesloten
Paddestoelen eten ter bescherming van je hersenen tegen dementie
Pikant eten beschadigt je hersenen
Plan om duizend bomen in Gouda te planten
Regering Trump keurt gebruik cyanide bommen tegen wilde dieren opnieuw goed
Sprookjes uit medialand over geoengineering
Twee derde Duitsers zegt bang te zijn om voor eigen mening uit te komen
Varkenspestuitbraken in Europa zeer zorgwekkend
Veel maagklachten en oorontsteking op vakantie
Vegan streaker toegetakeld bij wrede stierengewichten op Mallorca
Vijf nieuwe voedselbossen in de provincie Noord-Brabant
Waar je woont en werkt heeft invloed op je gewicht
Wiet veroorzaakt psychoses volgens steeds meer studies
Woonoverlast per 1 september verboden
Yoga en lopen blijvend effect voor mensen obesitas-gen
Youtube is tegen pesten maar snoert zelf de mond van andersdenkenden
Zelfs lage blootstelling aan luchtvervuiling is schadelijk
Zo ziet het leven van een zaadcel eruit

Leefbewust Webwinkel

Acerola kers
Chlorella alg (bron chlorofyl)
Natuurlijke multivitamine
Vitamine B12
Vitamine C
Vitamine D
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8 Factors Which Determine If You Will Absorb Zinc
A Dazzling Trio of Beautiful But Deadly Sea Creatures | Love Nature
Another pod of whales released from ‘jail’
As the Energy Increases, People Will Start Loosing Their Minds
Baby raccoon tangled in basketball net | Animalkind
Beating Food Addiction with Expert Robert Cywes MD PhD
Bewoners Helmond klagen over enorme stank in hun woonwijk
Breast implant a cancer risk for Qld women
Cosmic Ray Detector Coming To Oppenheimer Ranch Project
Documents Reveal Monsanto Surveilled Journalists, Activists & Even Musician Neil Young
Dr Kishore & The Suppressed Addiction Cure Big Pharma Doesn't Want You To Know About
How Women Are Leading The Way to a Conscious Food System
If Rice Is So Bad, Why Are the Chinese So Thin?
Is it Safe to Eat Shellfish With Heavy Metals?
Is Volcanic Ash Responsible for Summer Snow in the Northern Hemisphere?
Jager gooit geschoten vogel als grof vuil weg
Jakarta is polluted, sinking and overcrowded, so Indonesia is planning a new capital city
July's Diabetes Technology Report - Improved Freestyle Libre
One inspirational teacher using the Great Barrier Reef to turn around lives
Ozone Therapy For Pain, Autoimmunity, and Cancer with Tom Lowe - CHTV 285
Protect Yourself from Today's Most Significant Toxin
Pyramid Activations and the Light Grid
Renewable Energy is a Scam
Researchers Said Antibiotic Resistant Infection Deaths Over 150,000 A Year
Spain's cruel spectacle of tormenting bull calves
Stop 5G Global public group - Dr Russell Cooper
Surrounded by Razor Toothed Barracuda
Symptoms of Thyroid Problems and the Best way to Treat them | Dr. Boz
Temperatures plunge across Australia's south-east
The Last Magnetic Pole Reversal Lasted 22,000 Years
The Real Cause of Earth Warming
The Truth About Carbon Dioxide and Global Temperature
The Wrong Food Can Trigger Autoimmune Disease
This Underground Antarctic Vault Will Stash the Planet's Frozen Secrets
Which Foods Increase Happiness?
Why People Shrink With Age and How to Prevent It?
Why Women Live Longer than Men
Zelf groente en fruit oogsten in Oudenhoornse voedselbos

Internationaal nieuws

28 Days of AntiCancer Smoothies
A new method of tooth repair?
Abundant screen time linked with overweight among children
Alcohol exposure during pregnancy linked with dose-dependent increase in miscarriage risk
Antidepressant-like Effect of Ferulic Acid via Promotion of Energy Metabolism Activity
Antiviral drugs for hepatitis C reduce liver-related deaths by nearly half
Automakers Worried About Batteries Lurking In Older EVs
Bacteria May Impact Pancreatic Cancer Survival
Big Pharma Kills American Diabetics For Money
Blue Light From Screens Is Toxic To Eyes Warns French Health Agency
By censoring all voices that progressives don’t like, YouTube becomes the biggest bigoted bully of them all
Calcium is key to age-related memory loss
Can some medications cause deficiencies of your body’s nutrients?
Can This Vitamin Deficiency Make Dementia Worse?
Cell Phones Touching Body Exceed Safety Limits in U.S. and Europe Say Experts
China’s emissions ‘could peak 10 years earlier than Paris climate pledge’
Could a hormone jab be the answer to the obesity epidemic?
Could Bacteria Be The True Cause Of Diabetes, Stroke & Alzheimer’s?
Diabetes Diet - Reducing Carbs, Increasing Protein And Fat Intake Beneficial For Type-2 Diabetics
Disrupted Genetic Clocks in Schizophrenia-Affected Brains Reveal Clues to the Disease
English Summer Failing To Meet Alarmist Expectations
EPA won't approve warning labels for Roundup chemical
Family Conflicts Influence Outcomes for Children with Type 1 Diabetes
French Health Agency Issues 2019 Report On Health Effects Of Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields
Heatwaves & Flash Floods The “New Normal”? They Always Have, Hayley!
Help ease stress and anxiety with holy basil
Here Is Why Women Need More Sleep Than Men
Higher fish consumption and lower risk of central nervous system demyelination
Ice-Free Alaskan Waters No Problem For Polar Bears & Walruses
Illustrious MIT and Harvard Tested Radioactive Nutrition Experiments on "Retarded" Children
Investigating the efficacy of bioconverted mulberry leaf against diabetes
Low-level Alcohol Use Increases Miscarriage Risk
Magnesium Sulfate Protects Blood-brain Barrier Integrity and Reduces Brain Edema After Acute Ischemic Stroke
Medical research ranked higher by people receiving health-related news while they wait
Medicines liked the Pill, aspirin and antibiotics have hidden side-effects
Motor learning can be improved with brain stimulation
New study looks at health effects of eating marijuana
No Evidence Heatwaves More Common From ‘Climate Change’
No one understands Lyme disease
One million bees are moved to 4,000 above sea level in Spain
Pentagon Has Laser That Identifies People From A Distance—By Their Heartbeat
Pesticide linked to brain damage in children faces multi-state lawsuit
Record Low Temperatures Across European Russia
Reduced carbohydrate intake improves type 2 diabetics' ability to regulate blood sugar
Researchers identify direct toxic action of beta-amyloid in the brain
Researchers link dozens of genes to increased autism risk
Space to store radioactive water ‘will run out by 2022’
Teens who hit puberty later could face bone health issues later
The Fluorine Conundrum
The Miseducation Of America On 5G
The rape of the mind
The UN’s Food Police
Throwing cold water on extreme heat hype
Treating neurological disorders in children with oriental herbal medicine
Trump administration re-approved use of so-called “cyanide bombs” to kill wild animals
Unhealthy microbiome found to be linked to increased spread of breast cancer
War on cancer metaphors may do harm, research shows
We Could Be Witnessing The Death Of A Tectonic Plate, Says Earth Scientist
When your freckles could be a sign of the deadly condition
Why humans in Africa fled to the mountains during the last ice age
Wind power not to blame for major UK blackout


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