Het leefbewust journaal - 12 februari 2019


5G-technologie is misdaad volgens internationaal recht
Aantal doden in het verkeer opnieuw gestegen
Actievoerders leggen bloemen om 2500 verbrande varkens te herdenken
Atlete die na haar derde Gardasil-vaccin in rolstoel belandde sleept Merck voor de rechter
De ACM gaat zzp'ers beschermen tegen contracten van energiemaatschappijen
De EU gomt individuele naties uit
De klimaatwet van Groen is een peperduur luchtkasteel
De regering wil dat vrijwilligers, stagiairs en zzp’ers ook bij wet worden beschermd
Een op de vijf huisartsen weigert onterecht patiënt
Enorme achterstand keuringen arbeidsongeschikten
Gebieden met vuilere lucht vertonen meer sterfgevallen door beroerte
Geen klimaatprotest scholieren deze week
Greenpeace trekt ten strijde tegen Rabobank om financiering megastallen
Guus Berkhout zet een nieuw internationaal klimaatinstituut op in Nederland
Het verschil in hersenconnectiviteit kan autisme verklaren
Idee voor circulaire proefboerderij in Brabant
Is slapen op je linkerzijde echt beter?
Kernenergie? Nee, tenzij
Miljoenen voor Amsterdam UMC om zelf medicijnen te maken
Nieuw kankermedicijn blijkt te werken waar andere middelen falen
Nieuwe wetgeving medische hulpmiddelen erg veeleisend
Slachtoffers chroom-6 spreken in raad Tilburg
Veel gezonde bomen gekapt in Woerden
Velen zien de Europese Unie als een speelbal van multinationals
Verkeerslawaai Parijs maakt mensen ziek
Zeespiegelstijging door MICI sterk overdreven
Zijn er over 100 jaar geen insecten meer?


5 Best Tips For Preventing & Shortening Colds & Flus
61% Fake Climate Data
7 Tips to Optimize Your Sleep Sanctuary
Ark of Taste - 5,000 Products
Davos 2019 - Searching for Truth
De 5G nachtmerrie
Detox GMO Chemicals From Your Body
Disease X - Confronting a New Era of Biological Threats
Dr. Tent - 2011 - Cancer, Ecoli, Vaccines, MS & Minerals
Earth is talking; everything is talking; are you listening?
Earthquake Signals, Flood Disaster, The Brick
Een gesprek over verhoudingen en gelijkwaardigheid
Empathy, trust and compassion have driven the growth of healthy societies for millennia
How Much Sugar Are We Eating Compared To Our Ancestors?
In Groningen maken ze flessen van houtsnippers
Is het jouw schuld dat je kind een allergie heeft?
Keeping the New Portals Open
Mireille Hopman van TriUnity vertelt over talentontwikkeling van mensen met autisme
Nepal Cracks Down On NGO Workers Exploiting Children
Put a Glass on Your Door Handle, It Will Save Your Life!
Secret government funding for psychosurgery
Stop Saying I LOVE YOU (Official Trailer)
Take Excellent Care of Yourself and Feel Excellent
The Real Culprit That Causes Heart Disease
The War On Anti Vaxxers - David Icke
UK aid group helps refugees build new lives
Wat zijn de nadelen van nachtwerk voor de gezondheid?
Why Is Earth's Magnetic North Shifting?


A toxic crisis in America’s coal country
Anti-opioid protesters target New York's Guggenheim over Sackler family link
Blood sugar tied to fracture risk in type 1 diabetes
Blueberries improve communication between brain cells
Can We Use Improved Genetic Risk Scores to Predict Diabetes?
Cancer therapy rays that blast away heel pain which affects an estimated SIX MILLION Britons
Could a Root Canal Be the Cause of Your Chronic Health Problem?
Dementia Patient Overdosed, Bruised When He Died
DNA puzzle uncovers rare chromosome defects
EPA decision soon on chemical compounds tied to health risks
Ethiopië eist het patent op oergraan teff met succes terug van Drentenaren
EU countries agree on copyright reforms
Exercise-Linked Irisin May Protect Against Neurodegeneration
Facial trauma malpractice lawsuits favor physicians, Rutgers study finds
Failure to tackle link between meat and cancer a ‘dereliction of duty’ by government
Generic drug companies conspired to fix drug prices and rake in billions by cheating customers, lawsuit says
GMO Bt Crops May Not Be as Safe as Advertised
Happiness research - the long-term effects of life events are overestimated
High levels of toxins found in cow’s milk
Hot cocoa can stave off the flu
How does poor gut health affect vitamin C and E in metabolic syndrome?
How Emotions Impact Cognition
How to Make Your Own Deodorant
I'm scared for the lives of children - Hospital warns of FAKE car seats
Insects could die out within 100 years ‘leading to global collapse of nature’
Is autism really more than one spectrum?
Light Therapy Targeting Brain Plaque
Major New Zealand wildfire expected to burn for weeks
Memory Loss Could Be a Sign of Hearing Loss
Neuroscientists show how the brain responds to texture
New cancer drug that acts as ‘Trojan horse’ shows promise in patients with various cancers
New heated tobacco device is as toxic as vaping and traditional cigarettes
New study finds that toxic chemicals found in nail polish enter women’s bodies just hours after application
New target could help protect vision following optic nerve trauma
Non-Smoking-Associated Lung Cancer
NUS marine scientists find toxic bacteria on microplastics retrieved from tropical waters
Opioid prescriptions for pets surge, mirroring human crisis
Oral contraceptives could impair women's recognition of complex emotions
Organ trafficking in Egypt
Pesticide exposure now linked to killing healthy bacteria in the mouth
Potent marijuana edibles can pose a major unrecognized risk to patients with cardiovascular disease
Rising global sea levels may actually be beneficial for coral reef islands in the long-run
Scientists warn of 'largest extinction event on Earth'
Six minutes of exercise a week cuts women’s risk of bone thinning
Son's death' after he suffered allergic reaction to anti-psychotic drugs
Stem cell therapy helping once-paralyzed dogs walk again
Study explores patterns of adenoid and tonsil growth in teenagers
Study finds correlation between lead in the blood and knee osteoarthritis
Study identifies new target to prevent, treat alcoholism
Study reveals complementary medicine use remains hidden to conventional medicine providers
Supplementing with carnitine and vitamin E reduces risk of heart attack
The Endocannabinoid System and the Important Role It Plays in Human Health
Third of antibiotics prescribed by doctors are 'unaccounted for
Vaccinating against chickenpox often causes shingles, even in children
Vitamin C helps type two diabetes
Watching TV more strongly linked to obesity in children, finds study
What is love – and is it all in the mind?
Why super glue is a crucial survival supply in a first aid kit
Women's hormones play role in drug addiction, higher relapse rates
Young people and women in EU farming
Your genes could impact the quality of your marriage

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