Het leefbewust journaal - 11 juli 2019

Nederlandstalig nieuws

82-jarige teelt verse andijvie voor de voedselbank
Achmea stapt uit kolen en teerzand
Bacterie verrast tumor van binnenuit met kankertherapie
Beantwoording Kamervragen over zorgverlof
Beperkt vuurwerkverbod kabinet onvoldoende voor veilig verloop jaarwisseling
Braziliaans mijnbouwbedrijf Vale moet schade van dambreuk op zich nemen
Bruins past meldplicht BIG-nummer aan
De effecten van hormonen op menselijk gedrag zijn subtiel
Dierenwelzijn geen prioriteit voor minister Schouten
Door kruisbessen te eten houd je een stukje inheemse landbouw in leven
Ecuadoraanse plantagearbeiders gaan gebukt onder moderne slavernij
Elektronische sigaretten beschadigen hersenstamcellen
Gezondheidsrisico’s door lage concentraties koolmonoxide
Google-medewerkers luisteren mee naar uw gesprekken
Help mee en prioriteer 5G op de agenda bij Milieu Defensie
Hoe het schrijven van brieven kan bijdragen aan je mentale gezondheid
Hoe weet je dat er troep in je eten zit?
Kas zonder glas kan 100% bestrijdingsmiddelenvrij
Klimaatscepticus maakt opnieuw heibel over het IPCC
Massaal niets kopen, kan dat de fast-fashionindustrie een hak zetten?
Miljoenen weggesluisd uit thuiszorgorganisatie Privazorg
Minister betreurt onrust over proefscenario nachtvluchten op Maastricht Aachen Airport
Nieuw groen schoolplein in Gouda zorgt voor biodiversiteit in de stad
Noten zorgen voor een beter seksleven
Nutriscore op ontbijtgranen maakt verschillen direct duidelijk
NVWA hoefde kippenboeren niet voor fipronil te waarschuwen
Opmars dodelijke bacterie meningokok lijkt gestuit
Partij voor de Dieren wil pas op de plaats voor drijvende zonneparken
Stoppen met alcohol is goed voor je humeur
Tekorten voedingsstoffen veroorzaken problemen bloedsuiker
Toestemming om orka over te brengen naar Tenerife blijft overeind
Urine-onderzoek kan hartinfarct voorkomen
Vogels, vleermuizen en sluipwespen bestrijden eikenprocessierups
Waanzin, Engelse ziekenhuizen verkopen e-sigaretten om roken terug te dringen
Waarom vegan burgers vaak nog steeds ongezond zijn
Welk risico heeft het eten van vlees op antibioticaresistentie?
Winstuitkering in de thuiszorg aan banden
Zomaar stikstof uitstoten mag niet meer

Leefbewust webwinkel

Acerola kers
Chlorella alg (bron chlorofyl)
Natuurlijke multivitamine
Vitamine B12
Vitamine C
Vitamine D
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5G demonstratie Den Haag
6 Important Functions of Magnesium
Best Foods for Colon Cancer Prevention
Chemical sunscreen covering Ireland
First Grand Solar Minimum Global Food Shock is Here
Geomagnetic Reversals Can Trigger Glaciation
How You Can Improve Gut Health and Autoimmune Conditions
Indigenous people should have a seat at the decision-making table
Instead Of Using Pills To Solve Nerves Problems
Muziek - Fragile Wonder by Paul Mottram
New research shows how dangerous hand dryers are for young ears
President Bolsonaro has “declared war” on Brazil’s indigenous peoples
Sea Shepherd Helps Rescue Shark from Illegal Driftnet
Sea Shepherd Returns to Africa's Largest Marine Protected Area
The Gary Null Show - A Slow Death by 5G Wireless Technology
The medical watchdog accused of putting patients at risk
Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Autism and Multiple Sclerosis - Christian Diaz, MD
Vaccinegate Nederland Bruno Bruins & Frank Ruesink
What to Feed your Cat with Dr. Jennifer Levitsky
Why Climate Change Won't Be Solved Easily
Why Receding Hairline?

Internationaal nieuws

3 Drug Giants Win a Legal Victory Against Trump
62°C Celsius Temperatures in Kuwait burn trees into Flames
9 deer at famed park in Japan die after eating plastic bags
90 Scientists - Global Warming is a Total Hoax
A 3D-printed heart with blood vessels has been made using human tissue
A Finnish Startup Is Making Food out of Carbon Dioxide
A highly effective, cheap, easy-to-use, safer treatment for heavy periods
Addicted to Ran, Ovarian Cancer Cells Stop Moving When Deprived
Aggressive breast cancers more likely to hit black and younger women
Air Pollution Is Reducing the Number of Viable Eggs in Ovaries
Amateur footballer left blind from a parasite after he showered with contact lenses in
Anesthesia Study Yields New Insights into Neuroscience of Sleep
Astronomical US drug prices see people drive to Canada for life-saving insulin
Atypical eating behaviors may be a new diagnostic indicator for autism
Bacteria revealed at smear test could identify women at high risk of ovarian cancer
Bad friends may exacerbate the menopause
Bayer appears serious about settling Roundup lawsuits
Black women more likely to experience sexual harassment in the workplace
Blue light exposure at night may sabotage your keto diet efforts
Can the Ayurvedic Diet Actually Help You Lose Weight?
Canadian aid worker jailed for nine years in Nepal for raping two boys
Cats kill more than 1.5 billion native Australian animals per year
CFIA study finds imported 'genuine' honey often mixed with added sugar
Chevron joins producers' rush to evacuate Gulf of Mexico oil platforms
Chronic kidney disease patients are excluded from clinical trials
Cloned mini-brains could boost research into autism, other disorders
Compound in lemons found to protect against epileptic seizures
Device could bring both solar power and clean water to millions
Ditch fizzy drinks! Six artificial sweeteners in diet drinks are 'TOXIC to your gut bacteria'
Doctors are helping to fuel the superbugs crisis by handing out too many antibiotics to patients who don't need them
Drop in air pollution a major boost for solar power in China
Eating More Fish Makes Spermatozoa Better Swimmers
Fear of predators increases risk of illness
French Researchers Have Transformed A Toxin Into Antibiotics
From centenarians' genetic code, a potential new therapy against cardiovascular diseases
Growth Failure in Preterm Infants Tied to Altered Gut Bacteria
Insulin nasal spray may boost memory in obese teens
Irish bird populations suffering serious decline
Israeli scientists invent new tooth fillings to fight recurrent decay
Japan weather bureau says El Nino appears to have ended
Lack of protective vaginal bacteria linked to high ovarian cancer risk
Light therapy could replace opioids as main treatment for cancer treatment side effect
Methyl vitamin B12 can protect cells from amyloid-induced cytotoxicity
Middle-aged women with toxic friendships are 'more likely to break their BONES'
Nearly 200K People Have Signed Up to Steal Alien Secrets from Area 51 in Late-Summer Raid
Nearly half of American adults have cardiovascular disease
Nepal continues to import pesticides at an alarming rate
New study links problematic smartphone use to poor academic grades, alcohol misuse and mental health problems
Short film reveals the lunacy of water fluoridation
Switching off this enzyme reversed prediabetes in mice
Targeting Cancer Stem Cells in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
The EU must not de-regulate gene-edited crops and foods
The power of the brain to fight opioid addiction
The power of the gut
Top male athletes the most attractive, but the opposite is true of women
Traumatized son shares video of maggots in hospitalized father's mouth
Tubbs Fire Firefighters Have Elevated Levels Of Toxins In System
Vitamin D Important for Preeclampsia Prevention
Weed killer glyphosate to be banned in public areas
What happens in the brain when we are bored?
Women have just as many sex dreams as men do
You can’t be radical enough when dealing with the climate crisis


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