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Nederlandstalig nieuws

5G Internetconsultatie
Aanpassing regels verpleegkundigen zinloos
Afvallen is makkelijker in groepsverband
Artsen Curaçao luiden noodklok over grote tekorten in ziekenhuis
Bedrijven hebben energie jarenlang te duur betaald
Beperk blootstelling aan chemicaliën zo veel mogelijk
Buren in Beitem willen geen zendmast in hun achtertuin
Calamiteitenrapportages Inspectie Gezondheidszorg niet openbaar onder de Wob
CO2 heeft geen invloed op klimaatverandering
Darm duwt cellen 'overboord' als er zich chemische verontreiniging in ophoopt
De 5G-revolutie heeft ook een duistere kant
de dag van Henk
De Europese Unie moet de economische sancties tegen Rusland herzien
Druk sociaal leven verkleint kans op dementie
Dwangsom voor privékliniek die regels aan de laars lapt
Fabrikanten e-sigaretten verlangen naar Brits vertrek uit EU
Geen vogels in uw tuin? Maak je tuin vogelvriendelijk
Gemeenten kunnen binnenkort PGB-houders toetsen
Gezonde voeding lijkt sleutel voor het indammen van chronische ziekten
Gezondheidsproblemen na behandeling niet-gemetastaseerde borstkanker
Hebben we over 30 jaar nog genoeg voedsel op aarde?
Honger voor het slapengaan? Dit kun je het beste eten
Kruidenthee van eigen bodem
Microsoft luistert Skype-gesprekken af voor analyse
Na een periode van opwarming stijgt CO2-concentratie in atmosfeer
Nederland is een laf land geworden
Onderzoekers injecteren menselijke stamcellen in een apenembryo
Protest voor "volwaardig ziekenhuis" in Lelystad
Rapport werpt licht op het geheime klimaatplan van de Rockefellers
Reddingsschip Artsen zonder Grenzen mag niet tanken in Malta
Relatie hoge niveaus oestrogeen in baarmoeder en autisme
Sluit de probleemstallen!
Stop de vrijstelling van brandstofbelasting voor de luchtvaart in Europa
Strijders voor vrije artsenkeuze halen weer bakzeil bij NZa
Tumorcellen lichten op tijdens operatie
Waar komen al die bedwantsen toch ineens vandaan?
Waarom medicinale wiet de farmaceutische industrie verslaat
Waarschuwing voor directe link tussen chemicaliën en de ‘wildgroei’ aan beschavingsziekten
Wie bio-boert goed in Europa?
Zon en zee als natuurlijk medicijn
Zorgt bepaalde tandpasta echt voor wittere tanden?

Leefbewust Webwinkel

Acerola kers
Chlorella alg (bron chlorofyl)
Natuurlijke multivitamine
Vitamine B12
Vitamine C
Vitamine D
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24 HOURS of SUN - Lofoten Norway
3M Admits To Poisoning Tennessee River
A Slow Death by 5G Wireless Technology
Arctic Temperatures, Greenland Melt & Global Temperatures Don't Matter
Are climate change and land use linked?
Avoiding Fish for 5 Years Before Pregnancy
Biomarker to avoid safety risk for the sleep deprived
Chlorine vs. Salt Water vs. Ozone and Oxygen Swimming Pool Disinfection with Michael Geyer
Costochondritis and Tietze’s Syndrome
Dairy & Milk Causes Prostate Cancer - by Dr Sam Robbins
Dairy and Your Menstrual Cycle and Female Hormone
Derek Blumke – The Mad in America Veterans Initiative
Dr. Patrick Moore deconstructs a collection of myths about polar bears and climate change
Eating Breakfast VS Fasting 'Till Dinner (study review)
Egelopvang in Roosendaal komt geld én handen tekort
GeoEngineering - The Spraying Is On Double Time
Greenpeace – Saving the World or Driving You Crazy?
Heartbreaking financial elder abuse happening too often
How Exercise Affects Blood Glucose
Hydration is Key When Boost Natural Body Defenses - Dr Tom O'Bryan
If Sugar is so Bad, then Why is Fruit so Healthy?
Is man made climate change a myth?
Jeff Rose Healing Breast Implant Illness
Keeping Up With Your Kidneys
Meditation is NOT What You Think It Is
Minder bomen weg in Lage Bergse Bos
National energy regulator taking four wind farms to court over South Australian blackout
Nurturing Soil for Plant Health
Should I Try Fasting Instead of Hyper-Nourishment?
Technology is Destroying Our Kids' Empathy
The Resources And Climate Damage From Using The Internet, Cell Phones And Energy
Threat to the Amazon rainforest l A New Climate
We’re Saved – More than 12 Years, Here’s Why
What Doctors don’t want you to know about Cholesterol, Statins, Lipitor and Keto
What is Meat Glue? Is it Safe?
What You Should Know About the Stress / Heart Health Connection
Whistleblowing, civil disobedience, and discourse | Allison Stanger
Why are environmental activists under attack?

Internationaal nieuws

33% of new childhood asthma cases in Europe statistically linked to air pollution
5 foods that help reduce anxiety
A new food made from 'thin air' could be a game changer for our planet
A Simple Method to Improve Heart-Attack Repair Using Stem Cell-Derived Heart Muscle Cells
Adding more natural antioxidants to diet can reduce risk of cardiovascular disease in elderly
Are wearable pet devices putting our security at risk?
Autistic women twice as likely as autistic men to attempt suicide
Bayer says next glyphosate lawsuit likely to be postponed
Bexar County Prepares To Face Big Pharma In Billion-Dollar Opioid Trial
Big Pharma’s Trail of Greed, Power, and Cruelty Must Be Stopped
Big Tobacco's Worst Enemy Wants to 'Drive a Stake' Through JUUL's Heart
Bisphenol A induces apoptosis, oxidative stress and inflammatory response in colon and liver of mice
Brain Stimulation for PTSD Patients
Brazilian Amazon deforestation surges, embattled institute says
Can This Drug Solve the Opioid Epidemic?
China finds African swine fever virus in pigs transported to Guangxi
Climate change likely to increase human exposure to toxic methylmercury
Commonly used pesticides have turned honey bees’ habitats into a toxic world
Could a medicinal herb native to California treat Alzheimer’s?
Eating more plant-based foods may be linked to better heart health
Emotional support animals, or ESAs, have exploded across the US in recent years
EPA Sued for Not Banning Chlorpyrifos
Farmer landlord wants to use a helicopter to spray pesticides around our horse fields
Fluoride May Diminish Kidney and Liver Function in Adolescents
GM agriculture a ‘total failure’, greens say
Good heart health at age 50 linked to lower dementia risk later in life
Heart Inflammation Causes a Shift in Cell Fate Distribution
High lead levels found in two children after Notre-Dame blood tests
How does climate change affect children's health?
How pieces of live human brain are helping scientists map nerve cells
How the world’s dirtiest industries have learned to pollute our politics
How US regulators embrace toxic pesticides
Is microchipping humans a good idea?
It’s not just thimerosal that makes vaccines poisonous
Leaky Gut - A Key to Resolving Depression & Diarrhea
Low vitamin D levels linked to non-motor symptoms in patients with Parkinson's disease
Lyme disease - If left untreated, you could experience these ‘serious’ symptoms
Medical journals are paid to push lies about vaccine “benefits”
Medication in the environment affects feeding behavior of fish
Mercury levels in fish are rising despite reduced emissions
Monsanto blinded me with science
New Research Sheds Light on the Effects of Insulin on the Brain
NSAID use for osteoarthritis may bring on cardiovascular disease
Olive oil, just once a week, can lower your risk of a blood clot
Optimistic people sleep better, longer
Our rubbish is coming back to haunt us
Physician warns against exposure to harmful light
Protective Effect of Caffeic Acid Against Alzheimer’s Disease Pathogenesis
Red Meat May Raise Breast Cancer Risk
Scientists can now manipulate brains using smartphones
Scientists say many UTIs are caused by E. coli in food—when will the government believe them?
Stress in middle age increases Alzheimer risk in women
Supplementing with B vitamins can reduce risk of Alzheimer’s
The intestinal microbiota fuelling metabolic inflammation
The one major change you can make to help reverse the condition
Three novel treatments you may not know about
Top NASA chief issues grave warning of deadly collision - 'Not Hollywood'
US regulators probe link between vaping and seizures
Viruses aren’t all nasty – some can actually protect our health
Vitamin C is a well-known regulator of bone and cartilage metabolism
What You Eat May Actually Help Prevent a Type of Skin Cancer


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