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  Het leefbewust journaal - 8 mei 2019

11 mei Lezing dr. Gábor Lenkei in Amersfoort
8.000 werknemers uit de zorgsector voeren actie in Brussel
Animal Rights heeft bewijs hoogzwangere koeien in slachthuis
Beleid Passend Onderwijs haalt niets uit
Bijen vliegen veel minder ver na blootstelling aan pesticiden
Boete voor zorginstelling voor misleidende informatie over polisaanbod
Brandgevaar in meterkast na plaatsen slimme meter?
Burn-out? Focus dan op werk
Can the Keto Diet Ease Your Worst PMS Symptoms?
Chemicaliën in zonnebrandcrème kunnen door de huid heen in het bloed terechtkomen
Darmflora is voor 75% verantwoordelijk voor onze weerstand
David Attenborough en het klimaat
De donkergroene Duitse consument wil steeds vaker Demeter-gecertificeerde kasgroenten
De financieringsstromen van Europese partijen en hun wetenschappelijke bureaus
De invloed van je huwelijk of relatie op je gezondheid
De serie de Outsiders
De uitstervingsgolf van planten en dieren is nog af te remmen
Elektrolyten voorkomen spierkramp beter dan alleen water
Gaat onze darmflora aan de haal met ons gemoed?
Gastro-intestinale (maag-darm) aandoeningen na het ontvangen van het BMR-vaccin
Gebitsproblemen in jeugd verhogen later de kans op aderverkalking
Gebruikers medicinale cannabis dreigen met rechtszaak tegen federale overheid
Gemeenten lieten steken vallen in jeugdzorg
Gerechtshof doet uitspraak in rechtszaak voor meer gezonde lucht
Gezonde leefstijl voorkomt depressies
GGD onderzoek toont slechte weerstand Utrechtse studenten aan
Groenlinks stemt tegen ballonverbod in Zwolle
Hersenatlas identificeert immuuncellen die mogelijk betrokken zijn bij hersenaandoeningen
Het leven van een klokkenluider - Roelie Post
Hoe krijg je die piepkleine plastic deeltjes uit het rioolwater?
Hogere eisen bestrijdingsmiddelen van supers vanwege bezorgde Denen
Honderden producten onterecht verkocht als biologisch
Medicijnresten in kraanwater
Milieudefensie verliest 'luchtkwaliteitszaak' opnieuw
Muggen en infectieziekten
Neurostimulatie-studie bij dwarslaesie krijgt vervolg
Niet roken tijdens zwangerschap verlaagt kans op vroeggeboorte
Nieuwe techniek helpt mensen met burn-out dubbel zo snel weer aan het werk
Ontmoeting met een wijze man
Sociaal-psychologe hekelt onafgebroken indoctrinatie door MSM over klimaat
SOS, een onzichtbare epidemie
Student strijdt tegen stress
U ruikt bijzonder onfris
Vaccinatie en zelfbeschikkingsrecht
Veel mis bij Samen Veilig/Veilig Thuis
Wat doen de Niagara Falls en Grand Canyon met ons brein?
Wat kun je eraan doen om je libido te verhogen?
We worden met z’n allen op enorme schaal belazerd
Zeehond van ernstige verwonding hersteld en vrijgelaten
Zorgverzekeraars vechten vonnis ongecontracteerde zorg aan
Zorgwekkende stagnatie groei hernieuwbare energie

12 Ways You Can Be Vitamin B1 Deficient
5G - Weaponizing the Airwaves
5G will disrupt the ability to forecast weather
A Strategy for Preventing Autism Disorders - Walsh
About 5G, Infertillity iPads, Blue Light and More
Advanced Nutrient Therapies for Brain Disorders- William Walsh
Circadian Rhythm and Mood Control
Clean Water for All?
Comparing Candida to Yeast - Know The Cause With Doug Kaufmann
Could This Deficiency Be an Underlying Cause of ADD?
Cruelty, Abuse at the Beyond Barriers Rodeo
Del Bigtree Vaccine Safety & Freedom of Choice
Dr. Mercola Interviews William Walsh
END THE BREAST CANCER EPIDEMIC in 55 minutes - Joe Imbriano
Epigenetics and Autism Prevention
Folic Acid Causes Adverse Reactions in Undermethylated Depressed Persons
Forced vaccination - agenda SB276
Forget Gun Control-THIS Could Stop School Shootings
Here's how fasting affects our gut health
How Deforestation Looks From Space
How iron deficiency and inflammation can make you fat
How Stem Cells Can Benefit People with Bad Knees
Is Alzheimer's Disease A Nutritional Disorder?
Oxidative Stress Vulnerability & Behavioral Disorders With Dr. Bill Walsh
Pole Shift imminent The Safe Zones
Potential Danger With ADD/ADHD Medications
Sleep Better | Mastering Your Circadian Rhythm
The Big Problem with Gluten-Free
The case for longevity politics
The Five Biotypes of Depression and Advanced Nutrient Therapies
The Gary Null Show - 05.06.19
The Role of Methylation and Epigenetics in Brain Disorders
The Roots of the Obesity Epidemic
The Seeding. Interview with the Creators. The Richard Dolan Show.
What is the Plan? It is YOU.
What Your Doctor Might Not Know About Depression
William Walsh, PhD Nutrient Power & Heal Your Brain

3D-printed vascular networks pave way for artificial organs
4 sunscreen ingredients may need further testing
A former corn-syrup lobbyist is drafting new federal dietary rules (seriously)
A Mother's Exposure to Pesticides During Pregnancy May Raise Children's Autism Risk
Accuratere kaakoperaties door 3D-beelden en 3D-printers
Anti-Diabetic Effects of Gynura Bicolor Aqueous Extract in Mice
Antibiotics in wastewater
Antioxidants protect hot hogs from sperm DNA damage
Arsenic in drinking water damages hearts of young adults
Bacterial toxin research could improve pesticides and help treat cancer
Ban brain-harming toxic pesticides in school lunches
Big pharma execs found guilty over doctor bribes in US
Bittersweet ending to neonicotinoid pesticide case
Cancer and chemicals in Reserve, Louisiana
Cancers Plateaued as Roundup Use Grew, Jury Hears
Catastrophe as France’s bird population collapses due to pesticides
Cats 'Farm' Bacteria in Their Butts
Chronic stress augments esophageal inflammation
Clinical trial tests innovative procedure to open blood-brain barrier in the fight against Alzheimer's
Cows carry flesh, but they carry personality too
Denver to vote on decriminalizing 'magic mushrooms'
Detox and lose weight with these 10 anti-inflammatory vegetables
Development and durability of measles antigen-specific lymphoproliferative response after MMR vaccination
Dietary grape powder effectively boosts cytokine production
Drinking Excessive Diet Soda May Increase Risk Of Diabetes
End oil, farm subsidies to save planet
Factory Farming and Fossil Fuels Are A Double Whammy for Ecosystems
French Farmers Sue the State Over Mystery Cow Deaths They Blame on electromagnetic Fields
Geneva blocks the erection of 5G mobile antennas
Getting less than 6 hours of sleep increases your risk of cardiovascular disease by almost 30 percent
High levels of dioxins in eggs laid in Ghana linked to flame retardants in electronic waste
High-sugar diet might make food less enjoyable, promoting obesity
Homemade cat food diets could be risky
Hospitals Vaccinating Patients by Force Without Their Knowledge
How GMO Seeds and Monsanto-Bayer’s Roundup Are Driving US Policy in Venezuela
How Taking Anti-Depressant Drugs Can Kill You, Part 3
How up to one in five prostate cancer victims may have a genetic defect
How zapping your legs with tiny electric currents could help ease heavy snoring
Is 5G Worth the Risks?
Kenyan Doctors Find Anti-fertility Agent in UN Tetanus Vaccine
Lead contamination found in baby teeth of children living near Exide battery plant
ME is a systemic neuroimmune disease
Melting permafrost ‘crisis’ debunked by historical record
Mercury poisoning case linked to unlabeled skin products
Monsanto, The EPA is meant to protect us
Multiple Studies Show That Alcohol Is The Real “Gateway Drug” For Teens
Music can help heal you
Nanoparticles can aid in stroke therapy
New Study Links Glyphosate Pesticides to Advanced Liver Disease
Newer diabetes drugs linked to 'flesh-eating' genital infection
Pregnant women who snack on nuts during their first trimester are 'more likely to have a smart child'
Prison tobacco ban significantly reduces secondhand smoke
Researchers find protein that suppresses muscle repair in mice
Rheumatoid arthritis drug diminishes Zika birth defects in mice
Science’s War on Medicine
Scientist shares nutrient therapies for autism, ADHD, mental disorders
Scientists capture the immune system killing bacteria in the blood by making 'bullet holes' in its targets
Scientists develop device to detect bacteria in minutes, not days
Secondhand smoke from vaping could be harmful to children
Severe Health Risks of 5G Have Been Covered Up
Skin-related stem cells could be used to regenerate vital part of the nervous system
Social media deplatforming is only the beginning
Studies determine link between air pollution and increased autism risk
Study finds surprising link between food additives and hardened arteries
The Complicated Link Between Breastfeeding, Postpartum Weight Loss
The GAPS Diet Can Supposedly Cure Illnesses Like Anxiety and Depression
These foods can help you burn belly fat
Transplanting gut bacteria alters depression-related behavior, brain inflammation in animals
U.S. Plastic Forms Mountains After It's Exported to Malaysia
What are the symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency?
What will it take to stop humans from destroying nature? Canadian prof has an answer
What you need to know about preservatives
When biodegradable plastic is not biodegradable
Why some health enthusiasts are drinking ginger
Why you should NEVER clean your ear with a cotton bud

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