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  Het leefbewust journaal - 7 juni 2019

Aangerand in het ziekenhuis
Acupunctuurmeridianen bestaan
Bayer ook in Australië aangeklaagd door kankerpatiënt die link legt met gebruik van Roundup
De helft van alle kindersterfte in Afrika te wijten aan honger
Dierziektemonitoring op door activisten bezette varkenshouderij Boxtel beëindigd
Door sámen te verduurzamen komen de bewoners van Haarle tot een goed resultaat
Eerste van 64 extra AED’s langs kustlijn
Glucosesensor verbetert levenskwaliteit diabetespatiënten
Hartfalen opsporen met 3D-geprinte hartkamer
Help! De bijen verdwijnen. Wat imkers niet mogen weten.
Het Grote Tonijndebat
Hoe de Amerikaanse overheid eigenaren van zonnepanelen liet barsten
Hoe overheerst 1% van de bevolking de massa van 7 miljard?
India kampt met ernstige ziektegolf door extreem vervuilde lucht
Is de Nutri-score gebuisd?
Kamerbrief over evaluatie maatregelen gehandicaptenzorg thuis en voorkomen zorgval
Klopjacht op journalisten die Australische belangen schaden
Langere bewaarplicht voor medische dossier
Mensen die water uit plastic flesjes drinken consumeren extra microplastic
Nederland bouwt 2 gigawatt aan drijvende zonneparken
Omwonenden Tata Steel willen onderzoek naar gezondheidsrisico’s
Onderzoek naar toegenomen sterfte grijze walvissen VS
Openheid over verwardheid is hard nodig
Propolis laat insuline beter werken
Rutte noemt kritiek uitstel klimaatcijfers onterecht
Sluit kliniek Den Dolder per direct
Smaakstoffen in e-sigaretten verhogen het risico op hart- en vaatziekten
Spiermassa opbouwen | Zowel voor de vrouw als de man!
Tientallen giftige stoffen gevonden in wegwerpluiers
Van blauw naar grauw… de hemel boven Amsterdam op zaterdag 1 juni 2019
Verbeteren van darmbacteriën helpt mogelijk tegen psychische problemen
Verplichte verzekering brengt veel zzp’ers aan de bedelstaf
Water als grondrecht
Zeer lage dosissen pesticiden verkorten het leven van bijen en veranderen hun gedrag
ZN bindt farmaceuten de bel aan
Zo krijgt de farmaceutische industrie zelfs gezonde mensen aan de medicijnen


7 Reasons for Bloating, Especially on Keto (Ketogenic Diet)
Dr. Sarah Hallberg on Carb Restriction as a Sustainable Diabetes Treatment
Hormones, Inflammation & More!
How do we Heal from GMOS and Roundup? by Jeffrey M. Smith
How One Woman Is Transforming the Food System
Is it Gluten or Something Else?
Man on social media praised for helping disabled pets
Mass Censorship Hits Youtube In Wake Of The Vox Steven Crowder Battle
Pfizer chose to ‘hide’ cure for Alzheimer
Plant Pigments, Phytonutrients and Antioxidants
Probiotics, When & How - Know The Cause With Doug Kaufmann
Shocking Antibiotic Affects on Gut Health
The Gary Null Show - 06.05.19
The Role Of Geomagnetic Field Intensity In The Evolution Of Humans And Large Mammals
The Truth About Chlorinated Chicken | Trailer
What you should know about vaping and e-cigarettes | Suchitra Krishnan-Sarin
YouTube is banning thousands of “conspiracy” and fake “c ure” accounts


1st generation CRISPR babies will likely die young, scientists warn
5G Opposition Increases in the Pacific Northwest
A critical look at those responsible for the opioid epidemic in the United States
Aging and the secrets of our genes
Air pollution kills 100,000 Indian kids every year, study finds
An update on the problem of osteoporosis in people with epilepsy taking antiepileptic drugs
Antarctica’s coastal stations were in fact cooling
Avoid These Types of Disposable Packaging for Health Reasons
Beer Phytoestrogens
Benefits of Ginger for Menstrual Cramps
Britain's canals and rivers could be plastic free if visitors picked up one piece of rubbish
Cellphone Radiation — Russian Roulette
Chemicals in biodegradable food containers can leach into compost
Chernobyl - How 65 percent of compensation was NOT paid for by Soviet Union
Childhood abuse may cause more hot flashes, study reveals
Childhood concussion may lead to long term cognitive and behavioural problems
Clean Eating May Lead To Eating Disorders Says Study
Diet drinks could be making your children overweight
Dietary Supplement Ingredient Linked to Miscarriages, FDA Warns
Do images of food on kids' clothes influence eating behavior?
Dutch government proposes minimum price for CO2 emissions from 2020
Elevated parathyroid hormone with low vitamin D may predict atrial fibrillation
Epilepsy drugs during pregnancy linked with later childhood behavioral problems
Everest is becoming more polluted and more dangerous due to global warming
Everything You Need to Know About the GAPS Diet
Existential Risk of Climate Crisis Could Lead to Civilizational Collapse by 2050
Extending sleep may lower cardiometabolic risk
FDA Confirms Toxic Nonstick Cookware Chemicals Are Contaminating Our Food and Water Supply
Five childhood vaccinations have been tested positive to being contaminated with glyphosate
France to ban destroying unsold goods, targeting Amazon, luxury brands
From Glyphosate to Front Groups - Fraud, Deception and Toxic Tactics
Heartburn drugs that millions take 'for years' linked to higher risk of an early death
Herb used in weight loss and memory supplements is linked to miscarriages and birth defects
High salt intake inhibits tumor growth in mice, shows study
Hope for Parkinson's as researchers REVERSE symptoms in mice
How a brief dip in air pollution affects the body
How past solar activity saw temperatures PLUNGE around the world
How to Block Breast Cancer’s Estrogen-Producing Enzymes
Killing the Unkillable Cancer Cells
Lamar Odom says ketamine helped him overcome his anxiety, depression
Leaked FDA Documents Reveal Dangerous 'Forever Chemicals' in Meat, Poultry, Milk
Lower Serotonin Levels Associated with More Severe Fibromyalgia
Magical medical mushrooms?
More Journalists Are Being Killed, Arrested and Assaulted as Authoritarianism Spreads
New study sheds light on how blood vessel damage from high glucose concentrations unfolds
New Trouble for Bayer because of Monsanto's weed killer
Obesity linked with greater symptomatic severity of multiple sclerosis
One in five young women have self-harmed
Pregnancy hormone loosens ‘frozen shoulder’
Red and white meats are equally bad for cholesterol
Researchers Restore Beta-Cell Function by Deleting Old Cells
Stay Hydrated to Keep Your Glucose Level in Check
Study examines potential misuse of anti-anxiety medication
The 5G War — Technology Versus Humanity
The tragic truth behind all of those people posing with wild animals for Instagram pics
Traditional Herbal Medicines for Diabetes Used in Europe and Asia
Unsalted tomato juice may help reduce cardiovascular disease risk
Weekend effect on hospital mortality not a good indicator of care quality
Why is sleep the best medicine?

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