Het leefbewust journaal - 7 maart 2019

1.000 Ronsenaars vechten tegen windmolen
Arctische walvissen passen dieet aan door klimaatverandering, bij zeehonden lukt dat niet
Beste vrienden maak je in je late adolescentie
BIG en de paarse krokodil
Bij de buren van de lelieteler daalt een nevel van pesticiden op de trampoline neer
Boek dr. Campbell - eet niet langdurig Vegan
Burgers gemeente Westerveld vinden bestrijdingsmiddelen in natuur en tuin
Burgers vinden ruim 50 bestrijdingsmiddelen in natuur en tuin
Consumentenbonden slaan alarm over acrylamide
De zon zie ik in het weekend
Dit zijn de voordelen van rode bieten
Eindelijk komt er een parlementaire enquête naar de gaswinning
Geneesmiddeloptie tegen gevaarlijkste malariaparasiet
Hoe gezonder je leeft, hoe beter functioneren je Natural Killer Cells
Hoog tijd voor een grensbelasting op klimaatvervuilers
Je vliegreis compenseren werkt averechts
Laboratoriumvlees blijkt toch niet zo goed voor het milieu
Lichamelijke gezondheid bij volwassenen met (zeer) ernstige verstandelijke en motorische beperkingen
Mantelzorgers verdwalen onnodig in 'de jungle' van zorgregels
Mary (14) stierf na dramatisch leven in hondenkooi
NZa - consequenties ggz in Wlz mogelijk 'te groot’
Omvorming naar andere natuur is voornaamste reden van ontbossing in Nederland
Permies.nl een online platform voor mensen om (eetbare) planten en zaden met elkaar te ruilen
Politie haalt eerste blokkeerfries van huis voor afname DNA
Provincies kijken naar elkaar bij intensieve veehouderij
Roken en alcohol, een dubbel probleem voor de hersenen?
Staatsbosbeheer doodde in februari ruim 400 edelherten in Oostvaardersplassen
Strengere wetten nodig voor zorginstellingen
Verklaring betreffende langeafstandstransporten van landbouwhuisdieren en transporten naar niet-EU landen
Verzoek de Nederlandse regering om het gebruik van niet-menselijke primaten in dierproeven te beëindigen
Vrijgegeven documenten bieden unieke inkijk in begin Hollandse Hennepoorlog
Wat is een bijna-doodervaring?
Wereldwijde vogelsterfte door economische expansie en landgebruik


Battling Bias in Nutrition Research
Can Big Pharma rein in excesses?
Can I Eat Quinoa on Keto?
Cardiologist hits back at vicious attack from statin pushers
Donald Trump never had the flu
Fermenteren - de betekenis en het proces simpel uitgelegd
Ginger to Help with Joint Pain?
Grand Solar Minimum Awareness Will Mimic Panic in the Titanic Sinking
Is Big Pharma Based on Fear?
Jongeren slapen niet door mobieltjes
Keto and Women's Hormones, Menopause, Causes of Hot Flashe
Klokkenluider Alie werd ontslagen na melden misstanden zorginstelling
Melania Trump has called for the media to put the opioid crisis ahead of gossip
Microplastics found in every marine mammal sampled in UK study
Once Banned 1918 Flu Being Studied in Secret?
Ontspannen omgaan met THT/TGT
Plastic Revolution
Prescription Nation - Part one puts antidepressants under the spotlight
Rate of plastic pollution will double by 2030, says WWF
Stray Dogs Ask Teens To Help Save Their Friend | The Dodo
Sunlight is the Best Disinfectant
The Gary Null Show - Vaccines, Are they safe?
Vaccination hysteria
We tested NYC water for lead and the results were confounding
What Does the Color of Urine Tell You About Your Body?
What Is The Governments Role In The Current Vaccine Immunization Schedule?
Why Are More U.S. Mothers Dying and What Can Be Done?


105 children a day having rotten teeth taken out in hospital
5 Healthy ‘Shots’ To Alkalize Your Body in the Morning
A Case of Severe Drug-induced Liver Injury Caused by Over the Counter Herb (Cinnamon)
A pill to slow AGEING could be on the horizon
Add more of this vegetable to your diet to help boost life expectancy
Advances in stem cell treatment gives hope to millions with 'incurable' diseases
Aluminium hazard in transfusions?
Analyzing postmortem brains for autism? Proceed with caution
Another Video Explores Ridiculously Dangerous 5G Technology and the Absurdity of Gov’t Agencies
Authoritarian Apple blocking all films that are critical of technology
Autoantibodies and sudden cardiac death (HPV vaccin)
Bacteria-killing glass offers hope in fight against hospital infections
Base water contamination fight moves to Congress
BBC Retracts Fake Extreme Weather Claims
Bedtime protein for bigger gains? Here's the scoop
Blue-enriched White Light to Wake You Up in the Morning
Brain clue to 'broken heart' syndrome
Can't stand the rain? How wet weather affects human behaviour
CDC Data Reanalysis Shows Strong, Statistically Significant Relationship Between MMR Vaccine & Autism
Celiac disease and severe vitamin D deficiency
Claire’s removes three cosmetic products following US alert over asbestos
Common chest infection puts babies at risk of hospitalization for asthma in preschool years
Could You Live Without Plastic?
Council urged to stop spraying 'harmful' weed killer in Newcastle
Dandruff could be key to Crohn's disease - Scientists discover the fungus also resides in the gut
Data shows an increase in younger women having heart attacks
Deep sleep important for brain to clear out toxins
Despite Climate Risks, Fracking Is Going Global
Diabetes type 2 - the ‘superfood’ snack you should be eating to avoid high blood sugar
Diabetes' sworn enemy could ultimately be a valuable ally
Did you know that CT scans increase your cancer risk by a whopping 35 percent?
Diet may be an important factor for Influenza A virus exposure in wild African mammals
Do NOT carry heavy baby car seats, new mothers are told because they can cause the BLADDER to slip
Does cognitive function affect oral health during aging?
Doubling up on blood thinners increases risk for excessive bleeding
Drinking water after exercise could actually CAUSE cramps – not prevent them
Due to humans, extinction risk for 1,700 animal species to increase by 2070
Ear infection or heart disease?
European New Car CO2 Emissions On Rise Again
Exercise and weight loss efforts significantly reduce risk of tumors
Facebook used the Irish government to lobby in Europe according to a leaked memo
Fasting-mimicking diet holds promise for treating people with inflammatory bowel disease
FDA Bans Cancer-Causing Food Additives, but Won’t Enforce Until 2020
First CRISPR therapy administered in landmark human trial
Folate and Vitamin B12 in Morbid Obesity
Gabapentin Attenuates Oxidative Stress and Apoptosis in the Diabetic Rat Retina
Glyphosate Use in Forestry Drifts on Wild, Edible Plants, Leading to Lasting Contamination
Harmful trace metal emissions from human activity now exceed all natural sources combined
Hot chocolate helps people with MS
How Chinese Medicine Can Help Complement Cancer Recovery
Improved the gut of IBS-patients with transplantation of feces
Is the Flu Vaccine Really ‘Working Well’ This Year?
Italy faces olive oil crisis as climate change and disease cuts harvest by a record 57%
Ketamine-based drug approved for treating severe depression in US
Magnesium and vitamin D, The perfect pair?
Male dolphins swim in family bachelor groups
Many patients with atopic dermatitis experience symptoms of anxiety and depression
Melania Trump Urges Americans To Stop Trusting Big Pharma
Mercury exposure found to alter the migration behavior of birds
More Arctic Sea Ice Than 1922
Most diabetics who lose a stone and a half can reverse the condition, landmark study suggests
NIH study of brain energy patterns provides new insights into alcohol effects
Only 9 tbsp of olive oil a week can improve erectile dysfunction by up to 40%
Pesticide labelling on conventional wines should be mandatory
Philip Morris paid for India manufacturing despite ban on foreign investment – documents
Putin’s Scientists Predict Mega U.S. Earthquake In ‘Two Weeks!’
Putting the brake on our immune system’s response
Rarest orangutans 'doomed' by Indonesia dam project
Scientists create new fillings made of same material in BUMPER CARS
SDSU study finds ways to reduce secondhand smoke in homes with children
Sepco - a Sustainable Solution to the Waste Crisis
Sleep tight! Researchers identify the beneficial role of sleep
Social anxiety disorder may increase risk of alcoholism
Solomon Islands struggle with nation's worst oil spill
Sporty women are likely to have more sexual partners
Statins linked to higher diabetes risk
Stressed IBS sufferers exhibit a distinctive microbial signature in the gut
Study examines effect of herbal medicine product on bedwetting in children
Study finds robots can detect breast cancer as well as radiologists
Study says fasting can boost brain health, increase weight loss
Support Aluminum Toxicity Research Effort by Professor Christopher Exley
The Big Problem With Climate 'Realism'
The link between crop burning and respiratory illness is a health and economic timebomb
The rotten state of our children's teeth
The tiny tweaks that can age-proof your BRAIN
The unusual bacterial link between colorectal cancer and tooth decay
Transcendental Meditation helps military veterans with PTSD, mental health
Using sugar substitutes won't really help you lose weight, says study
Vaccins and sudden Cardiac Deaths in Young People
Want bigger muscles? Drink a protein shake before bed: Late-night intake increases gains
What causes pain in the penis?
When We Say 'Pharma Greed Kills,' This Is What We Mean
Why are there still anti-vaxxers?
Why MS sufferers should avoid fizzy drinks
Why you should be worried about machines reading your emotions
Why Your Couch Could Increase Your Poison Exposure by 600 Percent
Worlds saddest elephant dies after 43 years alone in zoo

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