Het leefbewust journaal - 6 februari 2019


Aanleg voedselbos Schijndel gestart
Aantal banen in zorg en welzijn neemt toe
Als we alle partijen tevreden willen stellen, hebben we twee Noordzeeën nodig
Amerikaanse farmaceuten klagen over Nederland
Artsen en diëtisten krijgen geld om voedingssupplementen voor te schrijven
Besef van emoties slachtoffers kan secundair slachtofferschap helpen voorkomen
De aarde kan best een paar graden warmer
De Zuidpool lijkt niet helemaal mee te doen met de opwarming
Deze studie laat zien hoe een populaire kunstmatige zoetstof de werking van je brein ernstig verstoort
Drinken we binnenkort melk van erwten om zuivel te vergeten?
Een derde van ijskappen Himalaya smelt zeker af
Eerst massaal sluiten, nu honderden nieuwe verpleeghuizen nodig
Efteling stopt met kindermarketing in supermarkten
Gezin Ronald bijna dood door koolmonoxide
Gezonde leefstijl leidt tot zes jaar langer leven
Hersenen van vrouwen zijn zo´n vier jaar jonger dan die van mannen
Hoe een maagverkleining de bloedsuikerspiegel dempt
Huisje, boompje, beestje is nauwelijks nog haalbaar voor twintiger
Iemand met overgewicht staat in huidige maatschappij met 2-0 achter
Killing fields update - ruim 800 herten Oostvaardersplassen afgeschoten
Kwart van kinderboerderijen is nu rookvrij
Milieuregels zorgen ervoor dat stalbrand zich sneller kan verspreiden
Minister hekelt lobby Amerikaanse farmaceuten
Nederland moet niet doorslaan in klimaatambitie
Neonic Pesticide May Become More Toxic in Tap Water
Op welk Nederlands water gaan we zonnepanelen leggen?
Ouderen herstellen met sensoren beter van heupfractuur
Ouders gluren massaal op mobiel van hun kind
Patiëntenstop door conflict reumatologen in Sneek
Rotorbladen windmolens niet recycleerbaar
Stadsboeren tevreden met voorzichtige start zelfoogsttuin
Stop Turkish Airlines' gruweltransport
Te weinig of verkeerd licht kan net zo slecht zijn als junkfood
Uitstekend artikel over de dramatische warmtepomp
UWV opdoeken en bestuurders aanpakken
Verslaafd aan pijnstiller, ik kon niet meer slapen
Vervuiling grond vuilstort raadsel voor Deventer
Vitamine B6 beschermt tegen Parkinson
Waarom je de vaatwasser altijd eerst moet laten afkoelen voordat je ‘m uitruimt
Wanneer zijn thoriumcentrales commercieel beschikbaar als energiebron?
Wat is het verband tussen slecht slapen en onze pijnervaring?
Wetenschappers waarschuwen voor een mini-ijstijd
Wintersoep van palmkool en witte boontjes
Zeewierteelt Noordzee kan miljoenen legkippen vervangen
Zeldzame vissen laten Japan vrezen voor aardbeving
Zijn terroristen psychisch ziek?
Zorg ervoor dat dierproeven voor cosmetica niet via de achterdeur binnensluipen


Adding Fat to Coffee - The Amazing Benefits (fat loss and more)
Animal Aid Unlimited, India
Are Cannabis Edibles Safe?
BNR Beter - Nieuwe site moet patiënten meer keuzevrijheid geven
Chemical Poisoning and Exposures; Detox Principles
Cooking The Brain with Cell Phones
DuPont Can’t Hide Their Toxins From The Public Anymore
Het Euro Evangelie de film
Keto and Food Allergies vs. Digestion Issues
Kidney Stones in Children by David J. Sas, DO, MPH
Lichttherapie voor parkinsonpatiënten
Marianne Williamson 2020 Official Announcement
Outdoor and indoor air pollution
Sleep Loss Increases Pain
The Dopamine Dilemma
The Gary Null Show - 2.04.19
The Uninhabitable Earth
US Army General Warns 5G is a Weapon
Wanneer krijgen vrouwen last van rammelende eierstokken?
What Causes Yeast Overgrowth?
Where do we want to be in 10 years and how can we get there? - Judy Cho
Why Is The Government Ignoring The Health Consequences From Dangerous Chemicals
Why Low-Fat is So Destructive!


12 Heartwarming Photos that Prove Farm Animals Love Us
A warming world increases air pollution
Adults 'can't keep up with technology'
An Alien Spaceship May Be Among Us, Says Harvard's Top Astronomer
Another Dog Food Recall, This Time From Brands Science Diet and Hill’s Prescription Diet
Antibiotic misuse in children still a concern in the US
Antibiotics may STOP the growth of new brain cells, concludes study
Anticancer mechanism revealed in yeast experiments
Anxiety on rise among the young in social media age
Assessing the effect of omega-3 fatty acid combined with vitamin D3 versus
vitamin D3 alone on estradiol levels
Bald men are more powerful than men with hair
Balloon-guided catheters provide better blood flow following stroke interventions
Big Ag’s Long Arms in Scientific Research
Bizarre Theory Linking Global Warming To ‘Polar Vortexes’ Resurfaces
Breaking the spell of aging
Breast cancer risk highest two decades after childbirth finds study
Cancer growth in the body could originate from a single cell
Cannabis oil could improve autism-related symptoms in teens
Cardiovascular and diabetes experts found least likely to disclose pharmaceutical company ties
Climate Alarmist Attacks Skeptics For Using Same Tactics
Complementary and alternative medicine use in adults with autism spectrum disorder in Germany
Could germs in your gut send you into depression?
Culprit found for honeybee deaths in almond groves
Dental and heart experts set to publish joint recommendations
Depression and anxiety in pet owners after a diagnosis of cancer in their pets
Detecting and blocking cyberbullying
Diabetes science - Tasmanian bluegum regulates blood sugar levels
Disturbing new study highlights the potential risks of "Franken-food" creations
DIY zapper that can relieve the agony of chronic 'suicide' headaches
DNA testing company admits to secretly sharing people's genetic data with FBI
Do These Tiny Organisms Hold the Key to Lab-Grown Food?
Drinking diet soda may increase the risk for a severe type of diabetic eye disease
Drinking this type of water may lower your blood pressure
Early Intervention in Autism Improves Language, IQ and Social Skills
Earth’s Magnetic North Pole keeps moving about and it could be a problem
Eating cheese reduces the chances of a heart attack
Enlarged prostate could actually be stopping tumor growth, simulations show
EU health official slams Greek minister for defying smoking ban
Europe’s most deprived areas ‘hit hardest by air pollution’
Expanding implant for patients with crumbling hip bones
German backlash against EU air pollution limits 'lacks evidence'
Germany's green suicide plan
Giant impacts caused by interplanetary collisions
Greece, 10 Years Into Economic Crisis, Counts the Cost to Mental Health
Gut bacteria may have impact on mental health
Harvesting wild genes gives crops renewed resistance to disease
Healthy diet can reduce depression symptoms
High pesticide exposure linked to loss of smell
Hope for diabetes cure after major stem cell breakthrough
How Is Vaccine Choice Not a Woman's Right?
How sleeping on the floor can be healthy
If You Want a Good Night’s Sleep, Do This
Investigative Footage into Planned Parenthood Abortions
Jamie Oliver is ‘informal adviser’ to top McDonald’s bosses
Judge REFUSES to gag anti-5G street light campaigner, stating
Learning transistor mimics the brain
Lobby group insider defended Monsanto against Séralini’s GMO maize findings to government agencies
Man killed after e-cigarette explodes in his face
Mindfulness and sleep can reduce exhaustion in entrepreneurs
More than 100 new gut bacteria discovered in human microbiome
New scan technique reveals brain inflammation associated with post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome
Newly discovered immune cells play role in inflammatory brain diseases
No, I won't go to bed. Early nights are for losers | Suzanne Moore
Novel enzyme discovered in intestinal bacteria
Only 5% of US teens get enough sleep, exercise, and time away from screens
Power Over Migraine Pain in the Palm of Your Hand
Researchers Find Alternatives to Pesticides
Scottish researchers find 100 genes linked to depression
Senator Sanders asks why drug, once free, now costs $375k
Stem cell breakthrough could help cure type 1 diabetes
Sugar is public enemy No 1
Synthetic Electric Shock - From Electrification to 5G WiFi
The global burden of pathogens and pests on food crops
The High Priests of the Green lobby and a shaky claim to the moral high ground
The last battle of the sexes is sleep...so who comes out worse, men or women?
Weighted blankets giving people a sense of safety and comfort
Where does this contamination come from?
WHO, Pharma, Gates and Government - Who’s Calling the Shots?
Why the UK’s CO2 emissions have fallen 38% since 1990
Xanax linked to more than 200 deaths
You may be losing bone when you lose weight
Zinc can protect against oxidative stress when it's taken together with chocolate and tea

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