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  Het leefbewust journaal - 5 juni 2019

117 kippenboeren naar rechter vanwege blokkades fipronil
Animal Rights wil transportverbod bij extreme temperaturen
Asbestdaken mogen langer blijven liggen
Bosbranden in Canada hebben verrassend effect in Verenigd Koninkrijk
Flessen sterkedrank vermelden binnenkort ook calorieën
Frans de Waal wil het publiek verplicht laten zien hoe dieren worden gehouden
Geitenstop Noord-Holland van kracht
Global cooling down under
Grote kans dat ‘genetisch gemanipuleerde’ kinderen niet heel oud worden
Hindernissen en oplossingen in de zorg
Hoe boer je met liefde voor insecten en vogels?
Hoe jeugdhulp wel beter en goedkoper kan
Huisartsen moeten niet te makkelijk medicijnen voorschrijven tegen depressiviteit
In 2023 moet elke kantoortuin energielabel-C hebben
Intermittent fasting
Kinderen van ouders met problemen willen meer ondersteuning en sneller hulp
Konikpaarden Oostvaardersplassen naar Wit-Rusland
Kus rokers niet te snel na sigaret
Leidse studenten willen brandwonden helpen genezen met eiwit uit inktvistanden
Maak kosten medicinale hennepteelt in eigen beheer aftrekbaar
Machtscentralisatie in de gezondheidszorg als oorzaak van ongelukken
Mantelzorgers bezwijken onder de mentale en financiële druk
Medicijnen worden vooral op mannetjesdieren getest
Medische zorg over de grens loopt nog niet
Menzis zet zaak ongeldig patent farmaceut door
Nederland in de clinch met Brussel over milieueffecten vliegroutes
Nieuwe samenstelling die antibiotica resistente superbugs doodt
Nooit meer een dagje helemaal offline
Parijs start onderzoek naar giftige dampen
Pepsi & co achter Nederlands voedingsadvies kunstmatige zoetstoffen
Schoolkinderen halen betere resultaten door middagdutje
Skal moet sanctiesysteem aanscherpen
Valt de wereldwijde biodiversiteit nog te redden?
Wetenschappelijk instituut in feite lobbygroep industrie


Autoimmune Secrets
Beyond Detox - Chris Shade, PhD
Brain detoxification through the brain lymphatic system - Marco Ruggiero, MD, PhD
Clinical Experience of Integrative Autism Treatment with Brain Lymphatic Drainage
Cranial Osteopathy and Autism - Shawn K. Centers, DO
Detecting neuroStorms in children and their parents
Diabetes & Oral Health
Duct Tape and Wart Removal
Endocannabinoid Medicine - Judy A. Mikovits, PhD
Five years of HPV vaccine Controversy in Denmark - Karsten Viborg
Forget What You Know About Probiotics - A Paradigm Shift
Heavy Metal Detoxification and Ozone Therapy - Karima Hirani, MD
HPV vaccine and lowered fertility
Is Your Computer Destroying Your Vision
Ketogeen dieet | De voordelen en nadelen
Lower Blood Pressure Simply by Cutting Out Sugar
Membrane Stabilizing Dietary and Lifestyle Aspects - Suzie Carpenter
Microbiota Transplant Therapy for Treating Gastrointestinal Problems in Children w ASD - James Adams
Missing X factors to Autism Recovery?
Nutrition and Paleodiet
Oil-eating bacteria could protect Arctic from impact of human activities
Overview of Biomedical Treatments for Autism - Stuart Freedenfeld
Paradoxical oncologic results of Gardasil in vaccinated women
PC Mag writer fired after exposing 5G health risk
Retroviruses, prions & the synergy of mercury, lead, aluminum and agrochemicals
Step by Step Approach to Natural Treatment Options for CIRS-WDB and CIRS-Lyme
The Changing Impact of Infections as we go through Life and Age
The Danger of Not Absorbing Fats
The Effects of Living in a House with Mold
The EMF Radiation Epidemic & the easy solutions - Cory Hillis
The Gastro-Neuro-Immune Triad and The Diet-Nutrition Setup
The Gut Microbiome and Autism - Why Poop Matters - James Neuenschwander, MD
The Neurobiology of Autism - Dr. Monique Andrews, MS, DC, DNM
The power of gratitude
The Truth About Smart Meters - Josh del Sol
The Wild West of Stem Cells in the United States - Roberta Shapiro
This Homemade Seasoning Will Help Your Indigestion
TOXYScreen - A Non-Invasive Method for Measuring Exposures to Heavy Metals and Toxic Organic Chemicals
UN Staff Member - 5G Is War on Humanity
Vaccines and neuroinflammation - Dr. Girolamo Giannotta and Nicola Giannotta


111 pesticides banned in other countries are used in Mexico
5G is exceptionally harmful to children
5G Wireless Technology Is War against Humanity
A diet of "ultraprocessed" foods drives disease, increasing the risk of early death
Ancient DNA is revealing the origins of livestock herding in Africa
At least 6 coffee cups per day increases heart disease risk, study finds
Bad sleep linked to poor health, risky sex in teens
Brush your teeth and use floss to slow down Alzheimer's
Can We Grow Enough Seaweed to Help Cows Fight Climate Change?
Cannabis Light Is Killing Big Pharma Profits
Cannabis-based drug can ease muscle tightness in patients with motor neuron disease
Chinese scientists find link between acne and common cold
Cleaning Roofs Of Radioactive Material In Fukushima
Curing Type 2 diabetes through diet is in the public good
Facebook says a ban on junk food ads for children could hurt the marketing of Spotify playlists
France to launch medical cannabis experiment in coming weeks
Genetic Mutation in “CRISPR Babies” May Shorten Lifespan
Google says issues affecting YouTube, Gmail, Google Cloud in U.S. resolved
Healthy Snacking Is All About Going Nuts Over Nuts
How Monsanto manipulates journalists and academics | The Guardian
Is it time to treat sugar like smoking?
Kwakzalverij - iedereen aan de statines
Managing Psoriasis with a Plant-Based Diet
My breast implants almost killed me
New drug therapy slows spread of pancreatic cancer
New study links air pollution with atherosclerosis
Noncoding Mutations May Play Unexpected Key Role in Autism
Outlawed bread chemicals in Europe are somehow considered perfectly safe by FDA in the USA
Pollution control of rivers can reduce impact of climate warming
Racism can increase inflammation in African-Americans
Sampling finds toxic nonstick compounds in some food
Scientific investigation reveals strong link between artificial outdoor light and insomnia
Solar minimum is here and ‘it is a bigger threat than CLIMATE CHANGE’
Some spices may be contaminated with lead, study reveals
Spraying Stem Cells Up The Noses of Mice Has Restored Their Sense of Smell
Starbucks Sued for Illegally Using Carcinogenic Pesticide Near Food and Beverages
Study finds DNA markers may be valuable in early detection of colorectal cancer
Sunshine the cure for crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis
The Effects of Dietary Improvement on Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety
Video games are turning teenage boys into lifelong addicts
Yale researchers describe role of gut bacteria in drug response

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