Het leefbewust journaal - 4 april 2019

1 op de 3 printjes binnen een week kantoorafval
5G is een ziekmaker, geloof de propaganda van de overheid niet
Afschieten wasberen wreed besluit
Als ik had geweten van mijn autisme, was ik misschien niet aan kinderen begonnen
Angstige herinneringen uitzetten
Animal Rights filmt ruwe behandeling kalveren
Bespiegelingen van een wetenschapsjournalist - Het ketogene dieet
BPRC, geen proefdieren ? geen onderzoek!
Brussel wil een vinger in de Appingedamse pap
Commissie Europees Parlement roept op tot verbod benaming ‘groenteburger’
Dagbesteding gehandicapten sterk onder druk
Duurzaam bosbeheer helpt niet tegen klimaatverandering
Een stukadoor van 50 jaar kan zich niet behoorlijk verzekeren
Effect roken en zwangerschapsvergiftiging op vruchtbaarheidsproblemen
EU - heel Europa ‘van aardgas los’
Europese gezondheidsprijs tegen kinderobesitas
FBI onderzoekt of ‘Pharma Bro’ vanuit de gevangenis zaken doet
Geldstromen Jeugdhulp Jeugdwet/gemeenten volgen vanuit de kant van het kind
Gemeenten betalen geen reële pgb-tarieven
Gevaarlijke darmbacterie in gehaktballen en hamburgers supermarktketen Boni
GGZ en Wmo pakken gezamenlijk psychosociale problematiek aan
GroenLinks kan eigen klimaatplannen niet zomaar doorduwen
Grond Vink was vervuild en mocht niet in woonwijk liggen
Haast met vaccinatiewet na uitbraak crèche
Het negatieve veranderen in het positieve
Hobbyfokkers die konijntjes doden overschrijden morele grens
Kamer wil opheldering Dekker over 21 vergelijkbare 'Michael P.-gevallen'
Kamer zeer kritisch over zaak-Faber
Kinderen geïndoctrineerd op naschoolse opvang
Milieuschadekosten houtkachels 5 tot 12 keer hoger dan schoonste gasgestookte CV-ketels
Ministerie negeert risico op ramp bij spoorvervoer gevaarlijke stoffen
Nederlanders gebruiken veel vaker en veel langer zware pijnstillers
Nestlé introduceert 100% plantaardige Garden Gourmet burger
Niet 21 maar 24 gewelds- of zedendelinquenten onterecht vrij
Nieuwste hype - melanine-injecties om bruin te worden
Ongeluk en verdriet delen met dierbaren, wie durft?
Ouders met autisme 'Ik werd nooit geknuffeld'
Pesten en autisme, blaming the victim?
Proefdieren grote groeimarkt in China
Ruim 200.000 Nederlanders aan verslavende pijnstiller, de nieuwe heroïne
Steeds vaker erkenning van EHS van werknemers door rechtbanken
Tientallen dode dieren gevonden op boerenerf in Leuvenheim
Voorzet is gespecialiseerd in begeleiding/behandeling van mensen met autismespectrumstoornis (ASS).
Wat gebeurt er bij stress?
Weer meer meldingen seksueel misbruik scholen
Werknemers met autisme zorgen voor diversiteit in een bedrijf


Alzheimer's and Sustainable Energy Intersect With Computational Chemistry
Autoimmune Diseases - Fungus Mimicking Cancer
Controlling Your Appetite After Meals
Does Food Affect Your Brain’s Health?
Drug Safety and Media Shaped by Big Pharma
Eat These Foods to Diminish Dementia Risk?
Foods With The Strongest Links To Cancer by Joel Fuhrman, M.D.
How emissions from big industrial polluters are undermining Australia’s climate efforts
How Fungus Can Hurt You - Know The Cause With Doug Kaufmann
How I'm making bricks out of ashes and rubble in Gaza | Majd Mashharawi
How to Cure Tonsillitis Fast and Naturally
Is the Ketogenic Diet safe for Seniors?
Late-night eating and melatonin may impair insulin response
Leaky Gut | Natural Remedies to Heal the Gut
Mysterious disease causing paralysis in children
Popular Non-Alcoholic Tea Actually Contains Alcohol
Protecting our right to health in the 'Brussels EU'
Stop Fighting Over Stupid Stuff
The Gary Null Show - 04.02.19
The Women of Three Mile Island
This is why we need YOU to take part in Cakes For Apes
Thousands of women suffering after vaginal mesh surgery 'disregarded' say campaigners
What Causes Adrenal Fatigue
What’s causing more children with autism?
Why seaweed could be Australia’s best hope for reducing agricultural emissions


3 of a family commit suicide by consuming pesticide
A magic bullet to capture carbon dioxide?
A soft spot for stem cells helps cornea healing
Alcohol misuse is more common in the armed forces than post-traumatic stress disorder
Amyloid PET associated with changes in clinical management of patients with dementia
Anti-evolution drugs could keep gambling bacteria from developing antibiotic resistance
Anti-inflammatory plant-based diet helps reduce gingivitis
April 2019 And It’s Snowing In Saudi Arabia
Are healthcare providers 'second victims' of medical errors?
Babies who battle infections are up to 20% more likely to commit violent crimes in later life
Bad neighbourhoods speed up ageing, says Scottish study
Bill Gates says there could be a way to predict Alzheimer’s using a voice app that listens for ‘warning signs’
Blue light could treat superbug infections
Brit activist who battled oil companies found 'burned to death' in Amazon hostel
Can plastic made from seaweed solve ocean pollution?
Cancer treatment uses genetically modified cells to fight tumors
Children born into poorer backgrounds show key differences in early brain function
Climate Change Agenda Is Being Driven By Hysteria, Not Facts
Common pain reliever may increase stroke risk in people with diabetes
Compounds derived from common hop plant thwart cancer cells
Could jet lag make your brain more resilient?
Current science shows how magnesium supports normal brain health and function
Despite Growing Contamination Crisis, PFAS Chemical Use in U.S. Swells
Effect of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Exposure on Sperm DNA
Extra Holidays Confuse Japan Workaholics
Horrific kitten-slaughter tests halted by US government
How 1 hour of brisk walking can benefit people with osteoarthritis
Human Sweat Ducts Act As ‘Antennas’ For 5G Radiation
Is sugar the key to treating lung problems?
Kids exposed to flame retardant PBDE are at risk for lifelong liver or cardiovascular problems
Klobuchar Claims She Will Take on Pharma, Has Taken $400,000 From the Industry
Light pollution, The dark side of keeping the lights on
Mortality among adults on autism spectrum almost double the rate of general population
Mosquitoes drawn to lactic acid smell in human sweat
New Insights on Liver Injury in Men Taking Body Building Supplements
New Study Supports That Glyphosate Causes Cancer
Omega-3 fatty acid supplements, hypothyroidism could lower risk of T-zone lymphoma in dogs
Pesticide use and risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoid malignancies in agricultural cohorts from France, Norway and the USA
Pollen exposure at birth and adolescent lung function, and modification by residential greenness
Psychostimulants play a major role in fatal strokes among young adults
Raw Nuts and Seeds That Support Collagen Production in the Body
Research shows impact of poverty on children's brain activity
Researchers detect minute levels of disease with a nanotechnology-enhanced biochip
Researchers link airborne toxin, harm to Southwestern Ontario newborns
Restaurant dishes labeled gluten-free often are not
Scientists Create an Artificial Cell That Makes Its Own Energy
Shift work increases diabetes and heart disease risk
Sleeping pill use linked to greater need for blood pressure medications
Spinal manipulation can help ease low back pain
Study discovers two rare genetic variants associated with Alzheimer’s
Study shows how shift work can have long-term effect on heart disease and diabetes risk
Superbugs on the march in the Middle East
Switzerland- Excessive levels of pesticides found in small streams
Thailand Prepares Masks For ASEAN Summit Due To Air Pollution
Thalidomide scandal - How Australia's response has 'lagged behind'
The human skin as a sub-THz receiver - Does 5G pose a danger to it or not?
Toxic air lowers life expectancy by 20 months
Toxic air will shorten children's lives by 20 months, study reveals
U.S. health officials alarmed by paralyzing illness in kids
Vitamin B12 identified as the inhibitor of a key enzyme in hereditary Parkinson's disease
When less is more - the beauty bloggers exposing the industry's wasteful secret
Why Low dose radiation can be more dangerous- more cancers per person than at high doses

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