Het leefbewust journaal - 3 april 2019

Accu van elektrische fiets vliegt in brand in Tilburg
Alles in de bodem is samenwerking
Antivaccinatiebericht van bestsellerauteur gaat viraal
Bang voor praten over angst - zelfs tegenover vrienden is het moeilijk
Bedrijfsarts moet meer weten van kanker
Bossen beschermen dieren en planten tegen klimaatopwarming
Brussel wil naam vegaburger verbieden
Canada warmt twee keer sneller op dan rest van de wereld
Ctgb wil 85 neonicotinoïden-studies openbaar maken
Dagelijks nog bijna 200 overtreders milieuzone Arnhem
De 8 leugens van Zorgverzekeraars Nederland over sterven thuis
Druk op pgb-houders en mantelzorgers groeit door
Een tegenstrijdige economische ontwikkeling
Extract van elfenbankje maakt fitter en sterker
Hoe Jori's schuld van 8000 euro uiteindelijk tot een kaakabces leidde
Hoe zestien hittegolven verdwenen uit de boeken van het KNMI
IJzer beschermt tegen PMS
Ik liet mijn borsten preventief amputeren na genetische test. Maar die bleek fout
Industrie past jaarlijks miljoenen tonnen risicostoffen toe in producten
Jonge kalfjes in ons land sterven 'omdat de boer te druk is'
Jongeren over hun toekomst (deel 3)
Katoenteelt kan duurzamer. Maar dan moet de industrie wel op de schop
Kinderen ontwikkelen PTSS wanneer ze hun trauma 'doordenken'
Klimaatimpact van de Nederlandse luchtvaartsector verdubbelt de komende dertig jaar
Lobbywerk olie-industrie gaat onverminderd door
Mensen met autisme komen moeilijk aan een baan, 55% zit onnodig thuis
Multivitaminepreparaten bevatten te weinig vitamine D
Niet halen van inspectie-aantallen door Skal lijkt inderdaad incident
Nog altijd gigantische stijging aantal huidkankers
Nu kankerpatiënten langer leven, moeten artsen 'meer letten op leven na ziekte'
Onderzoek naar stroomstootjes bij geheugenverlies
Privémisdragingen nu ook reden tot beroepsverbod
Rekenmodel voor subsidie elektrisch rijden in Klimaatakkoord is ‘ongeschikt’ voor de toekomst
Trump blaast beruchte Keystone XL nieuw leven in
Vooral avondmensen schijnen ‘s ochtends vroeg last te hebben van het verzetten van de klok
Wakker Dier geschokt door extreem hoge kalversterfte
Walnoten beïnvloeden genexpressies die verband houden met borstkanker
Wat is autisme?
Wat zijn AGEs? Over advanced glycation end products
Weerbaarheid slachtoffers vuurwerkramp Enschede veel groter dan gedacht
Zeespray beschermt je gezondheid
Zelfstandigen zonder verzekering
ZonMw lanceert online tool ondersteuning bij autisme
Zorgen om pgb 'Kwart kan geen gespecialiseerde hulp inkopen'


Alexx Stuart - Living a Low Tox Life
Are Online Trolls and Negative Comments Affecting Your Health?
Bobby Kennedy Jr discuss mercury in vaccinations 1
Bobby Kennedy Jr discuss mercury in vaccinations 2
Broken Brain 2 - Genetics and Your Brain
Cascading Impacts of Heatwave Hit Dolphins Hard
Christa Biegler - Understanding IBS, eczema & skin problems
Deep State Pro Vaxx Training
Do This for 20 Seconds, And Say Goodbye to Back Pain
Dr Nicki Steinberger - Wave Goodbye to Type 2 Diabetes
Earthquakes in the Western US will Open for Major Events
Holistic doctors tell the secrets about GcMAF brand new footage
How Strict Are Vaccine Safety Studies?
If You Recognize These Early Warning Signs, You Have Nutrient Deficiency
Industrial Fishing - Plundering the Ocean
Infrared View of the Sun and MASSIVE Spraying of Sky
Introduction to Coronary Calcium and the CAC Score - To Save Countless Lives
James Swanwick - Why Blue Light is Harmful to Your Sleep
Michael Ruscio - Healthy Gut Healthy You
New 3D Printed Burgers Made of Your Own Stem Cells
New vaginal mesh guidelines ignore 'thousands' of women
Plasticvervuiling in de Rijn
Prof. Bill Schindler - Are We Designed to Eat Meat?
Sleep Music with Soothing Ocean Waves for Children
Student-made robo-boat sets sail in China to clean up flotsam and jetsam
The Electrical Ferocity in Our Weather Systems is About to Uptick
Top 5 Behaviors Overcome Autoimmune & Improve Your Health
Treating Reflux in Babies with Diet
Using Keto for Breast Cancer with Dr. Veronique Desaulniers
What 5G ACTUALLY does
What about fiber? - Dr. Zoë Harcombe, PhD
What is Metabolic Syndrome? The truth behind Cholesterol


A Drug Shows an Astonishing Ability to Regenerate Damaged Hearts and Other Body Parts
All About Natural Plant-Based Cleansing Oils and If It’s Right For You
American ginseng could help diabetes patients to avoid high blood sugar
Asthma in parents shows slim link to autism in children
Avocado supply could be devastated in days if Trump closes Mexico border, experts warn
Beware a glacier’s tongue
Blood test could detect 90% of endometriosis cases
Can Organic Certifiers Be Trusted?
Carcinogen Found in Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo
Cardiopulmonary Effects of Fine Particulate Matter Exposure among Older Adults
CBD Takes on Big Pharma
Chemsex risk messages should target all, survey suggests
Choose 'Carb Refeeding' Over Cheat Meals To Boost Fat Loss
Cleaning up oil using magnets
Colombian tribe stands in way of oil exploration
Controversial weed killer dicamba could have outsized negative impact on consumer perceptions of pesticide safety
Demystifying GM food crop
Digital device overload linked to obesity risk
Do Computer Screens Age Your Skin?
Does Milk Cause Weight Gain Or Is It Bad For Digestion?
Early menopause raises bladder cancer risk for smokers
Early-Life Cadmium Exposure and Bone-Related Biomarkers
Eating dark chocolate every day improves your blood pressure in just a MONTH
EU Parliament must choose family farms over factory farms
Experimental 'hairdryer' could detect hidden heart disease
Facebook plans to curate ‘high quality’ news for its users from ‘trusted outlets’
Facebook reveals why you're seeing this post in your News Feed
Fury as health chiefs U-turn on dramatic decision to ban vaginal mesh
Gout treatment may help prevent obesity-related type 2 diabetes, suggests small NIH study
Growing corn is a major contributor to air pollution
Gut microbiome directs the immune system to fight cancer
Gut microbiota can help predict occurrence of colorectal cancer
Hands spread flame retardants, plasticizers throughout homes
How Immune Cells Help Tumors Escape Body's Defenses
Hypersensitivity, hearing problems could lead to early autism diagnosis
Impact of Long-Term Exposure to Wind Turbine Noise on Redemption of Sleep Medication and Antidepressants
Intestinal bacteria can be used to predict occurrence of colorectal cancer
Is social media making NBA players miserable?
Keto diet - is this new diet dangerous to your vaginal health?
Latest FDA Pesticide Monitoring Report reveals that nearly 50% of food samples contain pesticide "residues"
Measuring estrogen byproducts can help predict survival for breast cancer patients
Metastatic prostate cancer may have its own biomarker, UB research finds
New Genes Identified in Osteoporosis Risk
Nipsey Hussle murdered because of documentary he made about herbalist doctor
Older women benefit significantly when screened with 3D mammography
Pancreatic cancer patients could live for FIVE TIMES as long with new treatment
People with treatment-resistant depression at higher risk of developing substance use syndrome
Prenatal Phthalate Exposure and Subsequent ADHD Diagnosis
Research ties common heartburn medications to kidney disease and failure
Ryanair one of Europe's top polluters, EU data suggests
Sweden Glaciers GAINED Mass From 1970-2001 After Rapid 1920s-’60s Retreat
Swiss drugmaker Novartis must face doctor kickback suit, U.S. judge rules
The role of foods high in antioxidants in reducing the risk of age-related cataracts (ARC)
Thyroid disease can lead to heart problems
Tobacco use causes precancerous cells to 'fertilize' nearby cells with cancerous changes
UK university studies potential for this spice to prevent Alzheimer’s disease
We don’t want chlorinated chicken
Weight loss - How the 'love hormone' might help
What does air pollution do to our bodies?
What’s the worst case? Climate sensitivity
Where Does Fracking Wastewater Go?
Why a no-deal Brexit could lead to a shortage of medical products in Sweden
Your Child’s Brain on Videogames

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