Het leefbewust journaal - 31 december 2018



24 hoogleraren en experts ondertekenen manifest tegen indoctrinatie door voorstanders klimaatplannen
40 dagen niet drinken - Ik heb de voordelen gemerkt
43% consumenten wil btw terugverdienen door naar een goedkopere supermarkt te gaan
80% Nederlanders wil lagere btw op groente en fruit voor gezondheid
Assistentiehonden nog steeds de dupe van vuurwerk
Bacterie uit "geneeskrachtige" Ierse grond stopt de groei van gevaarlijke bacteriën
De alarmbel luidt voor de gevolgen van de klimaat- en energieplann
De onmisbare rol van CO2 bij het leven op aarde
Deze dierenarts helpt de dieren van daklozen
Digitale rijstkorrels
Een op de drie Nederlanders zegt wel eens eenzaam te zijn
Galapagoseilanden verbieden vuurwerk om ecosysteem te beschermen
Gas wordt megaduur in 2019
Geef geen dier als geschenk
Grauergorilla's door inteelt en mutaties met uitsterven bedreigd
Griepepidemie losgebarsten
Groep demonstranten is dieren in circusshow Carré helemaal beu
Grote grazers gestolen uit Oostvaardersplassengebied
Huisdieren vluchten voor vuurwerk
Hydrohub gaat duurzaam waterstof produceren
Ik overweeg voortaan in een groen hesje boodschappen te doen
Kan het ‘candida-syndroom’ de oorzaak zijn van darmklachten?
Kies voor landbouw afgestemd op de lokale afzetketens
Meerjarenstudie naar kinderen met Q koorts
Minister Schouten liet mij als bioboer gewoon stikken
Ook van plan om te stoppen met roken?
Overspoeld door Oekraïense plofkip
Overstappers zorgen voor drukte bij zorgverzekeraars
Relatie luchtvervuiling en ziekte van Alzheimer in Mexico stad
Slechte luchtkwaliteit na jaarwisseling verwacht
Stamceltherapie in India is Linda's laatste hoop om MS te stoppen
StemZeWeg - Op naar de Spannendste EU verkiezingen ooit
Supermarkten blijven eten ook nog wat gezonder maken volgens oude afspraken
Vliegtaks is een melkkoe
Vuurwerk gooien op hulpverleners is onacceptabel
Waarom Nederlanders massaal Facebook verwijderen
Wetenschappers ontdekken eiwit dat helpt bij afvallen


'Millions at risk' of drug-resistant malaria
11 Warning Signs You Never Want to Ignore
9 Things Your Feet Can Tell About Your Liver
A man and a tiger struck up an unusual friendship in Indonesia
Are You Enslaved by Time?
Ask The Blood Detective - Why You Can’t Think
Big Pharma Medications, & A Bit OF My Effexor Experience
Bored at work? Your brain is trying to tell you something.
Canada's Barbaric Policies Toward Native Peoples
Childhood infections linked to mental illness
Deep Sleep is the window to Cosmic Consciousness
Epidemie aan burn-outs en eetstoornissen
Guys Rush Onto Thin Ice When They See A Stranded Deer
Healing Collective Trauma - Thomas Huebl
Herbalist shows you how to create an electromagnetic mesh blanket
How much Fukushima Radiation reached the Coast NW, Neah Bay, WA
How To Fix Our Broken Food System
How to Slow Brain Aging by Two Years
How Trump’s EPA is changing the public health benefits around mercury
Is Distilled or Reverse Osmosis Water Better?
Natural Hormonal Balance - Dr. Ginger Nash & Ashley James
Natural Tricks To Destroy Acid Reflux
Pesticides Are Killing Our Bees And Pollinators That Pollinate 1/3 Of All Our Food
Research in mice suggests production of brown fat could help battle obesity
Spotlight on HPV Vaccines Symposium
Take Back Your Health From the Grips of Chronic Illness
The History of Weather Control
The Inward Journey Home ~ Global Earth Repair
The Relationship Between Fracking and Oil
The Unique Benefits of Propolis (Bee Glue)
There is a Spiritual Meaning to the Tingling You are Feeling on the Top of Your Head
Verbod op consumentenvuurwerk gaat er komen
Waarom je tóch (€€€) even naar je zorgpremie moet kijken


5 Ways to boost brain health
6 Conditions that May Be Linked to Your Estrogen Levels
A boundary dance of amyloid stepping into dementia
A New Year’s Resolution to Make the World a Better Place by Volunteering for Animals
Antipsychotics Tied to Higher Risk of Death in Children
Association of exposure level to passive smoking with hypertension among lifetime nonsmokers in Japan
Australian researchers have developed a test that can detect cancer cells in 10 minutes
Best Foods and Beverages to Protect the Liver
Big Pharma faces big year in court as states, tribes sue over opioid epidemic
Boys' weight in puberty tied to adult diabetes risk
Can You Believe There Are Cockroach Farms in China?
Cardiologist slams 'incorrect' diet advice from the World Health Organization
China’s alternative medicine empire is under fire
Chloryrifos is Dangerous, but Hasn’t Been Banned
Chrysanthemum Tea Helps Soothe Your Senses and Promotes Optimal Health
Could drinking alcohol be associated with better survival in patients after heart failure diagnosis?
Curry’s sea-level rise study disputes climate-disaster predictions
Daily Consumption of Chocolate Rich in Flavonoids Decreases Cellular Genotoxicity
Doctors still prescribing testosterone to men with heart disease, despite risks
EARTH’S magnetic field could be about to FLIP, wreaking havoc for global technology
EU's shocking €1BILLION plan to grow SILICON BRAINS in a lab
Fake islands bring a Dutch lake back to life
Flavonoids in Cancer and Apoptosis
Genetically Modified Children
Good Sleep Helps Kids Become Slimmer, Healthier Teens
Google’s marketing of children’s apps misleads parents, consumer groups say
High sugar intake is associated with an increased mortality risk
How ancient cures could be key to tackling superbugs
Infanrix Hexa confidential report for EU authorities
Infanrix Hexa – 65 Toxins Found. All Risk. No Benefit.
Injecting alcohol into prostate could shrink it
McDonald's Animal Abuse Shown In Times Square
New bill aims to regulate production and use of pesticides
New Calculations May Finally Make Fusion Energy a Reality
New device from Ont. firm could revolutionize diabetes care
Reducing alcohol use could help quit daily smoking habit
Short-term effect of the New Nordic Renal Diet on phosphorus homoeostasis in chronic kidney disease
Significant association between vitamin D deficiency and the occurrence of chronic stable angina
Study PROVES chemicals in shampoo and toothpaste are altering sex hormones in adolescents
The Mumbai 'toxic hell' where poor are forced to live
The staggering costs of decreasing CO2 emissions
These Foods Narrow Your Blood Vessels
U.S. limits on coal plant mercury emissions too costly
Universal Basic Income Is Easier Than It Looks
Vaccinegate - Initial results on Infanrix Hexa chemical composition
Walnut Protein Hydrolysates Play a Protective Role on Neurotoxicity
What Foods Are Banned in Europe but Not Banned in the U.S.?
Why bad gut health might be the root of all your problems
Young eco-warriors use their smarts to combat environmental concerns

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