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Nederlandstalig nieuws

1 op 3 Vlaamse ouders ervaart soms gevoelens van ‘parentale burn-out’
Animal Rights verspreidt beelden die moeten aantonen hoeveel dieren het slachthuis zelfs niet halen
Artsen vinden dat de NVWA sjoemelsigaret uit de handel moet nemen
Borstvoeding tegen een beroerte
Canadese provincie daagt farmaceuten om verslavende pijnstillers
De voedingsindustrie stopt in steeds meer producten kunstmatige zoetstoffen
Door films als WAD ontdekken we hoe geweldig de Nederlandse natuur is
Door zeewier aan koeien te voeren stoten ze minder methaan uit
Engeland gaat verkoop energiedranken aan kinderen verbieden
Experimenten op 75 drachtige schapen door Wageningen Bioveterinary Research
Het kweken van insecten levert meer op dan melkkoeien houden
Het probleem is dat de mensen op een verkeerde manier activisme bedrijven
Kankerverwekkende polycyclische aromatische koolwaterstoffen in barbecue vlees
Naleving hygiëne en dierenwelzijn bij slachthuizen openbaar
Ook Nederlandse huisartsen schrijven vaker opioïden voor
Opvallend veel onderzoek naar ME/CVS door familieleden van patiënten
Parodontitis - Schade aan weefsel & bot die tand ondersteunen
Titaandioxide uit zonnecrèmes vervuilt stranden
Toezegging over arseen in de bodem
Train jij zo vaak? Waar haal je de tijd vandaan?
Vraag naar verslavingsartsen zal toenemen
VRE-bacterie aangetroffen in Canisius-Wilhelmina Ziekenhuis
Wij zijn op zoek gegaan naar een duurzaam alternatief voor koffie
Ze zien de hele wereld op hun smartphone maar vergeten zelf te leven

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Video - Artemisinin helps contain spread of malaria in Sudan
Video - Cholesterol Confusion Continues
Video - Dr. Axe's Morning Smoothie
Video - EPA has Increased Glyphosate Risk Levels In Food
Video - Fracking - Method In Their Madness - David Icke
Video - Frank Lipman | The Functional Medicine Tree
Video - Glycogen Stores & Electrolytes on the Ketogenic Diet
Video - Glyphosate Found in Even More Foods
Video - Glyphosate in Your Food & Another GOP Indictment
Video - Hard truths about pesticides - Stuart Agnew MEP
Video - How Iodine Deficiency can lead to Hypothyroid, Fibrocystic Breast Disease and Extreme Fatigue
Video - How the Food We Eat is Killing Our Economy
Video - How to Treat Jet Lag with Light
Video - Jonathan Kipnis Exploring Frontiers | Rethinking the Neuroimmune System
Video - Laxative Use & The Gut
Video - Mangroves - The Skin of Our Coasts
Video - One step closer to creating the world's first bionic EYE
Video - Rhinos - Killing & Corruption
Video - Rise in farm fatalities requires attention - Stuart Agnew MEP
Video - South African ocean lovers protect humans, sharks from each other
Video - Sulforaphane, Avmacol® & Real World Applications in a Brain Health Clinic in South Korea
Video - The Direct Line Between Childhood Trauma And Ending Up In Prison
Video - The EPA isn't taking its own advice on a pesticide that causes brain damage in children
Video - The New Food Pyramid (with lots of Avocados!)
Video - Waiting for the Grand Solar Minimum
Video - Weaponized Cell Phone Towers
Video - You Boob/Google Censorship Hammer Coming Down Soo

Omega 3 vetzuren gewonnen uit algen

Internationaal nieuws

100,000 homes in Germany now have battery-storage systems connected to the grid
A climate 'wake-up call'
Along With Monsanto, Chemical Giant Bayer Inherits Its Pests
Arctic sea ice is MELTING from below the surface as warm water from further south travels north
Atmospheric Pollution Affects Staple Foods, Cognitive Skills
Bayer's Weed-Killing Future Targeted in Appeal of EPA Approvals
Belly fat is the most dangerous, but losing it from anywhere helps
Book - Depression and Type 2 Diabetes
Brain implant could stop epilepsy seizures
Cannabis extract helps reset brain function in psychosis
Children suffering from tics can be helped by both group and individual therapy
Climate change increasing the prevalence of harmful parasite
Dementia patients suffering in silence
Depressed children 6 times more likely to have skill deficits, MU study finds
Device harvests energy from low-frequency vibrations
Drought increases CO2 concentration in the air
EPA should revoke Monsanto weed killer approval, groups tell U.S. court
European researchers develop a new technique to forecast geomagnetic storms
Exposure to heavy metals puts your heart at risk, new study finds
Failing immune system 'brakes' help explain type 1 diabetes in mice
Father's diet could affect the long-term health of his offspring
Fish populations could rise in warming climate with better management
Food activates brown fat
From deforestation to a 'lakes of toxic sludge'
Great minds may think alike, but all minds look alike
Here’s How Badly Air Pollution Is Choking Solar Energy
High Cholesterol Levels May Protect Against Parkinson’s Disease, Study Suggests
How psychology is being used as a weapon against children
If 9/11 Attacks Can Spark Trillions in War Spending, Why Can't US Find
Funding for Puerto Rico 'Marshall Plan'?
In battles over land rights, activists are branded as criminals - UN
Matcha green tea kills cancer stem cells in tests
Mayors urge governor to end fossil fuel production in California
Men who don't eat enough protein have weak sperm and fatter children
Mitochondrial Link to Inflammation Discovered
More olives? Med diet cuts men’s risk of impotence
MS drug could offer hope to thousands by slowing brain shrinkage
Music as therapy
Neolithic cattle farmers in Africa created wildlife hotspots because of the sheer amount of MANURE
New genetic marker could help diagnose aggressive prostate cancer
New tests identify contaminated drinking water in minutes, not weeks
New Understanding of Glaucoma
Novel therapeutic strategy for blood vessel related disorders, such as cancer and retinopathy
On the horizon - An acne vaccine
Pesticides in foods can harm human fertility
Researchers look at the potential of rice bran in treating cardiovascular disease
Restless legs syndrome brain stimulation study supports motor cortex 'excitability' as a cause
Rewarding children for going to school makes them MORE likely to skive
Sesame Seeds Reduce Inflammation in Knee Osteoarthritis
Snoring can DOUBLE your risk of developing gout - even if you have a normal body mass index
Stem cells show promise as drug delivery tool for childhood brain cancer
Study shows how our brain and personality provide protection against emotional distress
The Blue State “Vaccines For Depopulation” Study Is The Key
The case against Monsanto
The Dangers of Excessive Earwax
The fate of plastic in the oceans
The ‘Ethics’ of the Catholic Bishops? Freud Had a Name for That
To lose body fat, eat breakfast later, dinner earlier, study suggests
Vitamin D and heart health - Scientists discover that high doses reverse stiffness in arteries
What is Social Communication Disorder?
What is warming the Earth?
Why medically caused deaths continue to be ignored
Why synthetic marijuana is so risky

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