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Nederlandstalig nieuws

Actie voor behoud ziekenhuizen, geen andere ziekenhuizen in gevaar
Antwerpen behoort tot gebieden met de meeste vervuiling door stikstofdioxide (NO2)
De darmflora van zuigelingen kan latere obesitas voorspellen
Dieren uit 'zoo from hell' gered
Facebook blokkeert foto van kind dat verhongert wegens "naaktbeeld"
Karnemelk is geen gekarnde melk
Koffie goed voor rosacea patienten
Komt Dongen ooit af van de enorme hoeveelheid kunstgrasmatten?
Minder vlees is altijd beter – voor dieren, mensen én klimaat
Nog meer aandacht voor rookvrij maken speelplekken kinderen
Over het doorbreken van de zwijgcultuur bij missers in ziekhuizen
Plan om Nederlandse producten voorrang te geven in supermarkt
Razendsnel afslanken via de receptoren voor kou en nicotine
Schoolkinderen moesten bij Shell festival verklaring tekenen
Shell doet aan kindermarketing met festival
Speeltuinen en zwembaden moeten rookvrij
Strengere regels veevervoer
Toekomst van onze ziekenhuizen
Vapen e-sigaret beïnvloedt wondgenezing nadelig
Volksgezondheid wil kleinere dozen slaappillen, 10 is meer dan genoeg
Wie later ontbijt, heeft meer kans om af te vallen
Zo manipuleert Monsanto al jaren de EU

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Omega 3 vetzuren gewonnen uit algen

Internationaal nieuws

3D 'organ on a chip' lets scientists continuously monitor cells in real-time
3D mammography can detect more tumours than conventional techniques
8 Ways to Increase Stomach Acid Levels, Naturally
A plant from the coffee family, India madder, found to improve white blood cell count
A third of French bee colonies died last winter
Air pollution kills 600,000 children each year
America shouldn’t trust Saudi Arabia with nuclear technology
Anti-Goop doctor publishes study confirming vaginal jade eggs do NOT belong women's vaginas
Are supplements safe and do they work?
Are we living inside a Matrioshka Brain?
Are we losing one of our biggest CO2 sinks?
At Harvard Chan School, nano safety is no small concern
Australia's changing relationship with alcohol
Ben-Gurion University researchers achieve breakthrough in process to produce hydrogen fuel
Big Pharma, Big Tobacco, Big Wireless - What’s in Common?
Bigger brains mean bigger risk of cancer
Bombshell New Study Calls For Ban On Pesticide Family Tied To Brain Damage In Kids
Braingasm - Sex and your synapses
Cancer's most deadly assassin exists in every cell
Children’s brains reorganize their language centres after lesions
Chimpanzees can tell a stranger from a family member by smelling their URINE - just like dogs
Chinese traders play down impact of new animal feed guidelines on soy demand
Cigarette pictorial warning labels most effective when including body parts, testimonials
Coastal Pacific Oxygen Levels Now Plummet Once A Year
Decision made in case against Arctic Oil in Norway
Diabetes medication may protect against a common cause of blindness
Diabetes type 2 - the ‘awesome’ drink you must have after dinner to slash high blood sugar
Direct infant UV light exposure is associated with eczema and immune development
Drugs' side effects in lungs 'more widespread than thought'
Ecolabels alone don't work
Emotional attachment to the household and fear of being a burden on the family lead elderly people to live alone
Eucalyptus essential oil found to help manage diabetes
Evidence mounts that an eye scan may detect early Alzheimer's disease
Exit From The Matrix - Waking Up To Infinity
Frailty may lower kidney failure patients' likelihood of receiving a transplant
Glyphosate is Genotoxic to Human White Blood Cells at Low Concentrations
Honeybees at risk from Zika pesticides
How the Greenland ice sheet fared in 2018
Interleukin IL-22, a new target to inhibit the progression of liver disease
Jane Bradley - Infected blood is a scandal overlooked for too long
Japan announces new plan to drain radioactive Fukushima water DIRECTLY into the Pacific Ocean
Large amounts of antimicrobial substances in Swedish sewage treatment plants
Lifetime peer influences, and parenting, predict adult coercive relationships
Link between what we see and how we remember 'breaks' as we get older
Malaria - Sniffer dogs to help in fight to eradicate disease
Mesh implants investigation suffered from ‘Systematic failures’
Much-Needed New Antibiotic Shows Great Promise for Treating Gum Disease
My fight for justice goes on
New study explains why high carbohydrate diet induces obesity in some but not others
New study reports dogs successfully diagnosed malaria by sniffing socks worn by African children
No chance for bacteria on implants
Novel insights into the heart health benefits of cocoa flavanols and procyanidins
Nutrient Profiling - Friend or Foe?
Obese mice lose a third of their fat using a natural protein
Onions are good for your immune system
Oral curcumin shows no benefit in reducing inflammation following vascular surgery
Ovarian Cancer - The Forgotten Killer
Philip Morris’ cigarette ad – a classic case of smokes and mirrors
Rise of the machine - Robots in the workplace could trigger an 'apocalypse', professor warns
Seashores NOT reefs were the ‘cradle of evolution’ for early fish around 420 million years ago
Sex, drugs and estradiol: why cannabis affects women differently
Sniffer dogs could detect malaria in people
Soy destruction in Argentina leads straight to our dinner plates
Stem cells can differentiate into neurons and may be useful post-stroke therapeutics
Studies show Coconut oil can offer unique benefits to your brain
Study explains why tall individuals are more prone to cancer
Study finds unexpected levels of bromine in power plant exhaust
Surprising network activity in the immature brain
Testing cells for cancer drug resistance
The breast-shaped baby bottle that could transform feeding time for busy dads and mothers
The gut microbiota in infants of obese mothers increases inflammation and susceptibility to NAFLD
The long-term effects of alcohol demand on retail alcohol markets
The murder of Ján Kuciak and freedom of the press in Slovakia
The protective effect of cheese consumption at 18 months on allergic diseases in the first 6 years
These popular products can cause headaches
This is how air pollution damages children’s health
Throwing nature under the bus - GMO bees and robo-bees
Turning cells against pancreatic cancer
Weed-killing wheat and cancer-causing oats for breakfast, anyone?

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