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Nederlandstalig nieuws

Aanbestedingen in jeugdzorg zijn contraproductief
AMC mag eigen medicijn bereiden
België sloopt sterk beleid rond scheepsrecyclage
De macht van de Katholieke Kerk
Diagnose depressie, artsen kiezen te snel voor antidepressiva
Een nieuwe hartklep kan voortaan via de lies naar het hart
Gezondheidsrisico bewoners Barneveld niet uit te sluiten
Hoe ongezond is de acrylamide in onze frieten?
Hollandse tuinbouwers verdienen miljoenen dankzij Canadese wietteelt
Hondenspeeksel gevaarlijk voor de mens
Inspectie stelt onderzoek in naar UMC-studie met veertien doden
Is waterstof het nieuwe gas?
Jongeren vermageren en krijgen hartproblemen
Kamerbrief over besluitvorming einde wintertijd en zomertijd
Lobbyisten houden strengere regels voor implantaten tegen
Man overlijdt nadat verplegers longen spoelen met schoonmaakmiddel
Mensen, meld bijwerkingen implantaten
Microplastics en parabenen uit huidproducten
Milieueffectrapport Schiphol onvoldoende onderbouwd
Nederland is een elitocratie geworden
Nesteldrang; van alle zeugen, van alle tijden
Plotse sterfte 1 miljoen Zuid-Afrikaanse bijen door fipronil
Raad, niet college, stelt pgb-tarieven vast
Risicobeoordeling pesticiden schiet te kort
Roep om geluidsschermen langs snelwegen in 't Gooi
Tien bedrijven stoten groot deel uit van hele Nederlandse bedrijfsleven
Tweede Kamer wil vervolging dopingartsen
Verminder stankoverlast biogascentrale Bunschoten, anders moet de fabriek sluiten
Vier Nederlandse vrouwen naar rechter om ondeugdelijk implantaat
Vragen over onderzoek WHO naar medicinale cannabis
Waarom legkalkoenen niet uit kunnen
Waarom willen we LDL-cholesterol verlagen???
Waarom zijn de ‘gele hesjes’ zo boos?
Werkstraf en vrijspraak voor activisten Oostvaardersplassen
Wit vet - onze voorraadkast
Wmo, PGB en wijkteams - het duizelt mij en niemand voelt zich verantwoordelijk
Zeeuwse gasleiding wordt waterstofleiding - eerste stap naar landelijk netwerk



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Blood Bikers | Documentary | Omeleto
Both American and Asian ginseng are effective at treating fatigue in people
Fighting the Use of Electric Shocks on People with Disabilities
Greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise
Gum Disease Linked To Alzheimer's
Het Groene Oosten S6 - houtkachel vs pelletkachel
Home Remedies to Get Rid of Psoriasis
How Inequality Increases Environmental Damage for Everyone
Nupur Kohli vertelt over mentale fitheid
Relaxing Yoga Class for Back Pain with Julia Jarvis
Research Says That Losing a Friendship Is Worse Than a Romantic Breakup
Sun Dimming the Geoengineering Excuse Why Earth is Cooling
The Healthcare Industry is Destroying Us
US airbase blamed for water contamination in Germany, toxic chemical could cause cancer
Wat gebeurt er als de Atlantische Oceaan anders gaat stromen?
What are you trying to attract into your life?
Woman Gives Up Everything To Save All The Stray Dogs | The Dodo
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Internationaal nieuws

10 percent of bowel cancer patients can wait more than a year to start treatment
8 Natural Remedies that Make You Poop
A diet rich in this food has been linked to fewer menopause
Acne Diet Dos and Don’ts
Aged garlic extract balances your cholesterol levels, study finds
Another Obama Green “Success” Story Bites the Dust
Antibiotics could extend your life by culling older cells that can no longer divide
Antibiotics eliminate senescent cells associated with ageing
Association between liver enzymes and bone mineral density in Koreans
At-home HPV tests could be powerful tool for hard-to-reach US women
Autism may be more prevalent than previously thought
Bacteria that lives on EVERYONE'S skin is becoming resistant to antibiotics, scientists warn
Big pharma greed and bad government policy are hampering global efforts to end AIDS
Blue-green algae toxins found in air particles, study finds
Can herbal supplements or a vegan diet control or treat diabetes?
Chemotherapy revealed as toxic poison for every living cell in the human body
Climate change poses significant threat to nutritional benefits of oysters
Dads (Not Just Moms) Can Pass on Mitochondrial DNA, According to Provocative New Study
Diesel emissions report shows why action is vital to tackle health impacts
Discovery opens new opportunities to slow or reverse MS
Do Blue Light Blocking Glasses Actually Work?
Does alcohol give you a hangover or injury? Scientists uncover five types of problem drinkers
Does diabetes cause hair loss?
Drug companies are as greedy as drug cartels & only marginally less ruthless
Early detection of epilepsy in children possible with deep learning computer science technique
Early-life stress hinders development of neurons in mice, causing attention disorders
Evidence that diets supplemented with extract from Soursop leaves (Annona muricata L.)
can prevent the symptoms of fibromyalgia
Experts Explore the Role of Neurogenesis in Brain Disorders
Fay Sherret died after being infected with deadly bacteria and global authorities knew the risks
First sun-dimming experiment will test a way to cool Earth
Genetically determined vitamin D levels and change in bone density during a weight-loss diet intervention
Global Warming Increases the Risk of an Extinction Domino Effect
Google identifies 150 apps that infect Windows PCs with malware
Got menopause? Healthy lifestyle now is crucial for heart health
Higher vitamin D blood levels linked to cardiorespiratory fitness
How Cannabis got its high - Marijuana's mind-altering compounds came into existence due to a a VIRUS
Implants 'made of your own cells' could end back pain
Insulin pumps linked to more reports of injury and death than any other medical devic
Keep it complex - Study shows that previous research oversimplified Schizophrenia symptoms
Lack of sleep intensifies anger, impairs adaptation to frustrating circumstances
Largest study of CRISPR-Cas9 mutations creates prediction tool for gene editing
Microscope measures muscle weakness
Monitoring Jet Engines and the Health of People
New Database Tracks Faulty Medical Devices Across The Globe
New study links deficiency of CoQ10 to an increased risk of melanoma metastasis
Online gaming addiction in men affects brain's impulse control
Pharma company 'KNEW vaginal mesh implant would leave women in pain'
Pharma firm sold mesh implant despite pain warnings
Pulse radiofrequency therapy may ease back pain, sciatica
Researchers discover clues to brain changes in depression
Researchers regrow hair on wounded skin
Scientists achieve direct electrocatalytic reduction of CO2, raising hopes for smart carbon capture
Sluggish Brain Waves May Be Early Sign of Dementia
Solving a 75-year-old mystery might provide a new source of farm fertilizer
Storing CO2 underground can curb carbon emissions, but is it safe?
Students WALK out of school during Ivanka and Tim Cook visit to protest iPad education
Study reveals why older women are less healthy than older men
Study suggests using black mulberry to naturally treat acne
Sugars and microbiome in mother's milk influence neonatal rotavirus infection
Sun Could Incubate Next Flu Epidemic
Supplementing with vitamin C protects you from lead toxicity
Surf therapy offering hope, healing and a different approach to mental health treatment
Tai chi better than strength training and aerobics at preventing falls among seniors
Tanzania Orders Destruction of Monsanto/Gates' GM Trials Due to Illegal Use for Pro-GM Propaganda
The latest in dietetic junk food
The potentially deadly bacterium that's on everyone's skin
Thousands of bathroom heaters recalled over fire hazard fears
Toxic radiation would have been spread by Californian fire at nuclear site
Treating gum disease may help control type 2 diabetes
Veterans study points to suicide risk from multiple brain injuries
What causes heart disease – part 59
What Earth might look like in 200 million years
Whole-body pulsed EMF stimulation improves cognitive and psychomotor activity in senescent rats
Why jiggly makes us giggly: Researchers reveal why some words make us laugh
Why the last Ice Age is protecting half of Britain from climate change
Women who give birth to boys much more likely to have postnatal depression
Zapping the back with electrical currents reduces pain from a slipped disc

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