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Nederlandstalig nieuws

8 jan - Wil jij leven in je gewenste situatie?
Als huisartsen meer tijd hebben voor patiŽnten, dalen de zorgkosten
Alternatieve energie bron Screems
Behalve onze longen lijden alle organen alcoholschade
Blijven werken aan bewustzijn van burgers
De kerststress beneemt me ieder jaar het zicht op wat werkelijk belangrijk is
De West-Afrikaanse vis verdwijnt niet meer naar Europa, maar naar China
Diabetes door overslaan ontbijt
Dit is het meest waardevolle dat je een kind kunt meegeven
Duurzame kringlandbouw in 2040
Europees Parlement - Verbeter de aanpak van gewasbeschermingsmiddelen
High-tech foie gras maakt dwangvoederen overbodig
Hoe alcohol je hersenen om de tuin leidt
Hypnotherapie kan mensen met prikkelbaredarmsyndroom helpen
Inheemse plantensoorten cruciaal voor toename biodiversiteit in bermen
Japan gaat opnieuw op walvissen jagen
Jongeren slikken steeds meer ADHD-pillen
Kerngezonde drieling wordt enkele uren na vaccinatie autistisch
Landbouw is een uitputtingsslag voor jonge boeren
Leuk, een DNA-test. Maar ken je de privacyrisicoís?
Medicinale cannabis met THC verlicht pijn bij fibromyalgie
Nog 8 pluimveebedrijven volledig geblokkeerd vanwege fipronil
Omstreden zorgdirecteur spendeert tonnen zorggeld aan luxe en casino
Psychiatrische patiŽnt overlijdt eerder door leefstijl en medicatie
Vaccin-schandaal in ItaliŽ aan het licht
Voer eenden gezond voedsel, geen brood
Voor het eerst met hiv besmette cellen vernietigd
Vrijwilligerswerk in Zuiden maakt betere artsen in thuisland
Wat is de aarde in werkelijkheid in de macrokosmos?
Wat is de invloed van de stand van de planeten bij springtij, aardbevingen en tsunami's ?
Waterstof geschikt voor aardgasnet
Wijzigingen in wetten en regelingen 2019
Wortel-tomatensoep met tijm
Zes mythes over de zorg doorgeprikt
Zo overleef je de decembermaand als je hooggevoelig bent


'Mini ice age' could hit Earth in 15 years, study reveals
5G is Carcinogenic, Neurotoxic and Genotoxic! - Dr. Gina Loudon and Kevin Mottus
7 Exercises to Relieve Nerve Pain In a Few Minutes
Are You Ready to Leave Negative Polarity
Argentine Patagonia tribe sues Exxon, Total for contamination
Balance Your Hormones Through Diet
Chemo"The-Rapy" INCREASES Cancer
De morele instorting van Cochrane - Interview met Peter GÝtzsche
Does Apple Cider Vinegar Burn Your Stomach?
Earth Catastrophe Cycle | $21 Trillion
Earth's Magnetic Fields Now In Flux
Effective Cold And Flu Home Remedies - Ashley James
Falsified Data and Autism
Fatal (Meteo) Tsunami Indonesia 22 Dec 2018
Find Out If You Are Dehydrated - Simple Test
For people, fixing the world must come from the heart
Green Blood Therapy
Group emotions and thinking, change of frequencies
Hoe de vis verdwijnt van de eettafels in West-Afrika
How Much Has The Rate Of Autism Increase In The Last 60 Years And Why
How to Get Teenager to Eat Healthy
How to Make (Copper) Chloride
Industrial Agriculture Is Destroying Our Soil, Water, Climate, Seeds, Pollinators, Climate
Itamar Kool Vlog 52 - Een bietburger?
Learn about PPI's and their negative side effects
Melt Away Holiday Stress with Relaxing Foot Massage
More Foods Found To Contain Monsantoís Roundup Poison
Mount Etna has 'flank eruption' - BBC News
Nations Set Upon Each Other, Bolton & Israel W Trump On Troop Withdrawal
Natural Drink Help You To Eliminate Joint Pain
Nestle Vs Mexican Coffee Farmers
Parkinson's & The Appendix - Does Your Appendix Put Your Brain At Risk?
Ponies Abused at Idiotic Pulling Event
Puppy stuck in tar unable to move saved
Recovering from Depression and Physical Illness
Recovering from Depression and Physical Illness
Remember When Rivers Were So Polluted They Caught FIRE?
Stop Oil Drilling In The Gulf Of Mexico
Streptozotocin Diabetes is a Viral Disease
Tapering After 30 Years of Medication
The 2 Main Causes Of Diabetes by Gabriel Cousens, MD, MD(H), DD
The Growth Of Mental Illness Cause By These Foods by Joel Fuhrman
The Opioid Epidemic Could Have Been Stopped Years Ago
There's 270 Vaccines In The Pipeline And Thousands Of Vaccine Trials by Del Bigtree
Understanding, Avoiding, and Managing Common Prostate Problems
Washed-up turtles rescued in aftermath of Sunda Strait tsunami
Why Aren't We Allowed to have Free Energy
ďSafe LevelsĒ Of Exposure Donít Exist When It Comes To Monsantoís Glyphosate Poison


300 blind mice uncover genetic causes of eye disease
Africans paid 69 cents an hour to be bitten in GMO mosquito trial
Amazing benefits of amla
Amazon Is Now Selling Weighted Blankets For Anxious Pets
Bees can count with just four nerve cells in their brains
Brain activity predicts fear of pain
Breast cancer drug impairs brain function
Can visualizing air pollution inside your home change the way you live?
Could a DNA vaccine help treat Alzheimerís disease?
Disregard for bee safety a serious concern
Ethical 'respeggt' eggs could save billions of male chicks from slaughter
Expert reveals the rituals of indigenous peoples who honored the sun thousands of years ago
Fat Is Important for Our Health but It Must Be the Right Kind
Fiber - The key to good health
Fish skin is cheaper than bandages Ė and children relish looking like superhero Aquaman
Fluoride is a neurotoxin that damages your brain
GMOs in Many Foods Will Go Undisclosed Under Trumpís Final GMO Rule
Groundbreaking electric powered device turns water into hydrogen and oxygen
Groundbreaking new study reveals how the inner ear processes speech
High cholesterol diet trigger changes in immune system
Holiday Heart Attacks Are Most Common On Christmas
Hotter days will boost Chinese residential electric use
How dietary fiber and gut bacteria protect the cardiovascular system
How to spot a psychopath? Itís all in their EYES!
Illegal pesticides pose questions on rice safety
Increased risk of heart attack, stroke in months leading up to a cancer diagnosis
Influences of maternal diabetes on fetal heart development
Kidney patients are the most complex patients
Lavender oil protects the liver and kidneys against oxidative stress
Magnesium Oxide - Is This Supplement Helping or Hurting You?
Medication For Severe Acne, Isotretinoin, Alters Skin Microbiome
More Foods Found To Contain Monsantoís Roundup Poison
New epigenetic study reveals how guinea pig fathers pass on adaptive responses to environmental changes
Omega-3 fatty acids found to suppress the growth and spread of breast cancer
Papaya keeps the heart healthy
People who drink moderate amounts of coffee each day have a lower risk of death from disease
People with schizophrenia experience emotion differently from others, 'body maps' show
PM2.5, O3 pollution associated with development of Alzheimerís disease
Potential link between Alzheimer's and gut health to be probed in first-of-its-kind study
Radium - one of the great cautionary tales of our times Ė Stephen Mansell
Relying on proton-pump inhibitors to relieve heartburn can leave you vulnerable to superbugs
Research finds massage to be a beneficial and safe therapy for back pain
Scientists study Canadian medicinal plants to explore natural cures for diabetes
Six Months of Regular Exercise Can Lend a Cognitive Boost
Sustainable 'plastics' are on the horizon
Taking meat off the menu Ďcould damage healthí, warns academic
The big chill - the health benefits of swimming in ice water
The common causes of candida overgrowth
The More Whole Grains, The Less Prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes
Vitamin D can STOP the development of liver problems, researchers find
Why do people believe in God? Researchers reveal the 'cognitive and social adaptations' of religion
Women with slim hips are more at risk of diabetes and heart attacks
Worried about your privacy? Turn off your smartphone's location tracking settings
Yale-led team examines impact of diet intervention on autoimmunity in mice

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