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Nederlandstalig nieuws

'Ademloos' over de dappere strijd tegen de gewetenloze asbestindustrie
Aandeel boerenlandvogel daalt van 50 naar 20 procent
Achterban ChristenUnie wil zekerheid dat laagvliegroutes Lelystad Airport verdwijnen
Batterij stuk, pacemaker dood
Beantwoording Kamervragen over mogelijke halvering aantal tabaksdoden
Belgische overheid houdt duizenden incidenten met implantaten geheim
Chinese wetenschapper - eerste genetisch gemanipuleerde kinderen al geboren
Cruiseschip beboet voor luchtvervuiling
Dierenarts Saskia Van Rooy opnieuw belaagd en gestalkt door jager
Dotcom radio 25-11-2018
Dutchbat – Militairen bleken op gifbelt gestationeerd
Er verdwijnt 4 keer zoveel oceaanwater in de aardmantel als gedacht
Gaat vliegtuiglawaai rust in Tiel verstoren?
Gebitten van tieners gaan achteruit, minder gaatjes 5-jarigen
Gegoochel met cijfers geluidsoverlast Lelystad Airport'
Het Noordpool ijs was in de jaren ‘30 van de vorige eeuw nog minder
Het religie en wetenschap verbindende antwoord op een aantal grote menselijke vraagstukken?
Huisarts niet alert genoeg op dierenziektes die kunnen overslaan op mensen
Ibuprofen voor het sporten? 'Het is van de zotte'
IGZ - bespreek risico implantaat zorgvuldig
In implantatenland is de fabrikant koning
Lege of kapotte pacemakers - moet je ‘de rommel’ ook opruimen?
Maak Lelystad Airport inzet van provincieverkiezingen
Medische implantaten gekoppeld aan zwaar letsel en overlijden
Ons basisinkomen volgens Rutger Bregman
Pillenindustrie melkt sociale zekerheid en patiënt flink uit
Slecht toezicht op medische implantaten brengt mensenlevens in gevaar
SP Limburg wil stop van groei vluchten Maastricht Aachen Airport
SP wil kleinschalige woongroepen voor ouderen in Amersfoort
Veel bier bevat bestrijdingsmiddel glyfosaat
Volop kansen in Ecuador voor biologische teelt
Vrienden en familie verhogen kans op roken kinderen in UK
Weten wat boeren beweegt om natuurinclusieve landbouw effectiever te kunnen stimuleren
Wilsum heeft schoon genoeg van het gedoe rond Lelystad Airport
Zilveren Kruis Achmea is het symbool van het nieuwe graaien



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6 Foods That Are Toxic If You Prepare Them Incorrectly
9 Brain Exercises to Strengthen Your Mind
Drug Companies Lobbying To RAISE Drug Prices For Senior Citizens
Ex pharma exec gives explosive speech on vaccines before CDC advisory committee
Exit glyphosate, or enter glufosinate ?
Illegale actiewandeling door Redichemse Waard
Is Your Diet Causing Your Arthritis? [Or Making It Worse?]
Migraine Pain Relief Finally | 3 Years Of Migraines (With POTS)
Profitable Backyard Farm uses Hydroponics to Grow Food Fast
School walvissen aangespoeld in Nieuw-Zeeland
Top 5 Natural Threats to Global Civilization
Truth! Hidden in Plane Sight
Waarom oprechte aandacht van levensbelang is
What is Really Behind the Increase of Atmospheric CO2?
Your Body Needs More Magnesium?

Internationaal nieuws

1,000 patients died in three years ‘after having faulty implants'
7 Ways to Recover from a Bad Night’s Sleep
A review of the pathways of human exposure to poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs)
A Roundup Trial Roundup
Anti-Globalist Inventor Of The Web To Launch Web 3.0
Anti-obesity effect of garlic oil on obese rats via Shenque point administration
Autoimmune condition rise costing UK up to £13 billion a year
Bayer fights transparency of industry studies on pesticides, GMOs
Biodiesel by-product helps fuel come clean
Biological aging caused by cancer treatments correlates with cognitive decline
Blueberry polyphenols extract as a potential prebiotic with anti-obesity effects
Breast cancers enhance their growth by recruiting cells from bone marrow
Cancer Diagnosis Associated with Increased Suicide Risk
Cancer Treatments May Affect Cognitive Function By Accelerating Biological Aging
Children's healthy and unhealthy beverage availability, purchase and consumption
Climate change could be causing miscarriages in Bangladesh
Cochrane‘s Centre Directors now claim that emails are being intercepted & blocked
Could an anti-global warming atmospheric spraying program really work?
Crosstalk between Estrogen Signaling and Breast Cancer Metabolism
Dating apps could cause an 'explosion' in HIV cases because young people are having more anal sex
Diabetes and heart disease can be diagnosed by simply shining a LIGHT on your skin
Diabetes UK charity is slammed for signing £500,000 'blood money' deal with Pepsi producers
Drinking water sucked from the dusty desert air
EMF Pollution and Disease – The Untold Truth
Empathy Is Rooted In Cognitive Neural Processes Rather Than Sensory Ones
Europe's eyes in the sky are helping to solve energy, land-use problems in Africa
First nose drop rich in 'good bacteria' that could prevent deadly meningitis being trailled in UK
Found, Inside Dead Sperm Whale - 100 Plastic Cups, 4 Plastic Bottles, 25 Plastic Bags, 2 Flip-Flops
France - Parisians want more local and organic produce
French Government Starts Phase-Out of Glyphosate With Online Farmer Platform and Herbicide Tax
Genetic risk score for autism associated with outcome in CBT
Gut bacteria “signatures” predict how the body will respond to poor food choices, predicting risk for diabetes, heart disease
Here's How Smoke from California Wildfires Affects the Human Body
High fat diet increases cognitive decline and neuroinflammation in a model of orexin loss
How does potassium enter cells?
How The BBC Quietly Obliterates And Rewrites Science News
How to disinfect a wound almost instantly
Hypnotherapy could help relieve irritable bowel syndrome symptoms
Industry turns up the heat to avoid plastics regulation spurred by public demand
Inflammation and depression in Pacific youth
Inside the fight over juice in Canada’s Food Guide
Leading Greek Professor of Oncology says “Cancer is being defeated”
More children choosing screen time over outdoors activities
Music May Improve Social Communication in Kids with Autism
N-acetylcysteine prevents glutathione decrease
New region of the brain discovered that could help cure Parkinson's
Not doing what you're told isn't a mental disorder
NYT reporter demands we become ‘hysterical’ over ‘climate change’
Obesity epidemic may be fuelling the rise in childhood asthma
Of the two big shifts in the energy market, one is a surprise
Orange Juice Tests High for Toxic Glyphosate
Organic farmers protecting Italy's rich food tradition
Plastic Straw Ban Crusades Are About Progressive Virtue Signaling
Playing youth football could affect brain development
Powerful earthquake hits Fukushima, nuclear disaster city
Preserving Beta-cell Function in Youth Newly Diagnosed with Type 2 or Prediabetes
Prof. Heinz Wanner lehnt es ab, IPCC-Kritiker als Leugner zu bezeichnen
Researchers develop new surgical technique for studying the thymus
Six women working at the busiest border port in the US developed cancer within 30 months
Spying on bees reveals pesticides impair social behavior
Strong painkillers increase the risk of hip fracture among persons with Alzheimer’s disease
Survey finds 94 percent of Americans waste food at home, but simple changes can help
Survey of school nurses reveals lack of bathroom policies and bladder health education
The average American has 160 grams of caloric sweeteners available per day
The END of fatal food alergies?
The Real Attention Deficit Disorder
Thousands of women 'dying from heart attacks needlessly because they get worse care than men'
Toddlers should sleep in a crib until they are three years old
Top foods to boost your eyesight and vision
Trazadone associated with similar risk of falls and major fractures as antipsychotics in seniors with dementia
Trump Wants Coal-Friendly Wheeler to Run the EPA Permanently
Weight likely cause for one-fourth of asthma cases in kids with obesity
Weight loss procedure shrinks both fat and muscle
What your office emails REALLY mean
Why DO boobs sag? World-first study will try to answer the age old question

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