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Nederlandstalig nieuws

Burning Souls houdt wake voor de 4000 omgekomen varkens in Asten-Heusden
De impact van seksueel misbruik van pleegkinderen op de pleegzorg
De klok gaat weer terug ‘Een koe kan niet klokkijken, dat zei mijn opa al’
De rol van obesogenen bij obesitas
De vraag naar bio-diepvriesgroenten is nog altijd stijgende
De zzper heeft het gedaan! Ziekenhuizen vallen om door torenhoge salariseisen
Dit effect heeft stress op onze hersenen
Ecologische sneakers lossen het klimaatprobleem niet op
Energie besparen doen we vooral voor de portemonnee, niet voor het milieu
Europees homeopathie overleg
Geweld en agressie tegen hulpverleners zal niet afnemen'
Gezondere stofwisseling door reguleren eiwit
Het plan achter het niet zo slimme Den Haag
Hiv stopt pas bij effectieve psychologische zorg
Hoe het brein leert tijdens de slaap
Hoe kurkuma het kankerverspreidende enzym DYRK2 remt
In de ongelukkigheid komen de grootste verbindingen tot stand
In levermos is werkzame stof gevonden die op wiet lijkt
Kies voor permanente wintertijd
Leeftijdsgenoten beïnvloeden schoolprestatie
Leverancier bepalend voor succes verantwoorde kleding
Lezing door Paul van Meerendonk over CVS
N-Acetyl Cysteine verhoogt het glutathion gehalte
NAC voorkomt celdood
Nederlandse poeptest doorbraak in TBC-bestrijding bij kinderen
Onacceptabel als ziekenhuizen zeggen dat ze zorg niet kunnen leveren zonder hulp ouders
Opgesloten dieren tentoongesteld in winkelcentrum in Oekraïne
Opnieuw massale protesten tegen Duitse bruinkoolmijnen
Roep om meer vuurwerkvrije zones
Scheveningen krijgt (niet zo) slimme 5G lantaarnpalen
Steeds meer werknemers in zorg schrijven zich als zzp'er in bij KvK
Tijgermug in 2018 in 15 gemeenten gevonden
Twintig miljard kilo bodemas in Nederlandse bodem, niemand weet precies waar
Veel led-lampen blijken voor storing te zorgen bij wifi, radio, tv en de huistelefoon
Verband tussen laag-normale schildklierfunctie en hart- en vaatziekten beter begrepen
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De laatste videoclips

14yo oil leak might become worst US offshore disaster
Are There Risks to Energy Drinks?
Author Naomi Whittel explains how intermittent fasting and protein cycling work
Beginners Yoga for Flexibility, Strength & Weight Loss
Coconut Yogurt Chia Seed Smoothie Bowl (Your New Go-To Breakfast!)
Do Squats Increase Testosterone
Does fear of reporting their own mental illness put doctors at risk of suicide?
Dow AgroSciences Accelerates Bee Collapse
Drinkwater is melkkoe overheid
E-Cigarettes in Youth & Tobacco Comorbidities
Functional Medicine as the New Paradigm
Getting Over Depression part 2
Herpes Simplex Causes Alzheimers
Hoe Dow Agrosciences net als Bayer de bijensterfte aanjaagt
Hoe gezond zijn onze ideeën over gezondheid?
Is perfectionisme de nieuwe volksziekte?
Is There a Correlation Between Poverty and Heart Diseases?
Kan fysieke inspanning ook te ver gaan?
Lithium Fever is Destroying South American Ecosystems
Natural Ways to Support Your Immune System
Niacin Sauna Detox Protocol with Bret Bouer
Ocean Plastic Recovery
Oxycontin Makers Will Not Market To Doctors Anymore
Paul Offit spreekt per ongeluk de waarheid over BMR en autisme
Research to use MRI and electrical stimulation to cure digestive disorders
The Gary Null Show - It is Flu Season, Flu Vaccine Propaganda Begins
This fungus lives on your scalp and may affect the genes you express
Under Our Skin
Use Vitamin D to Keep Viruses in Remission in Winter Months
Vaccinatie helpt niet tegen de bof
Wat vertellen onverwoestbare deeltjes over ons kwetsbare klimaat?
We Drilled Through The Ice Sheets And From Trapped Air Bubbles
Weurtse woede om windmolens op de grens met Nijmegen
Whale and dolphin captivity ban closer after bill passes Senate
What Are The Results From Long-Term Exposure To Antipsychotics

Omega 3 vetzuren gewonnen uit algen

Internationaal nieuws

A Closer Look at Antibiotic Resistant Genes in the Air
A Zero-Carbon Economy Is Within Reach
Another medical benefit of the soursop - It kills triple negative breast cancer
Apple and Samsung fined MILLIONS for slowing down smartphones
Apple is slammed for enabling censorship in China by ex-Facebook security chief
Are You Being Duped By the Egg Industry?
Arthritis - Tart cherries, strawberries and raspberries can help soothe joint pain
Bangladesh’s Deadly War on Drugs
Bayer/ Monsanto Loses Appeal Over Precedent-Setting ‘Round Up’ Pesticide Poisoning Case
Biomarkers facilitate early detection of glaucoma
Breathing Through The Nose Aids Memory
Calls For CHEMTRAIL Spraying To Stop ‘Global Warming’
Can tiny doses of magic mushrooms unlock creativity?
Can we limit global warming to 1.5 °C?
Cancer warning - how your height could reveal your risk of deadly tumours
Carrots are the best veggies to eat for eye health
Could thyroid screening make your baby smarter?
Could wearable technology help patients monitor blood pressure?
Could wind farms wipe out BIRDS? Populations are much smaller close to turbines
Deaths due to tainted herbal medicine under-recorded
Digital device overload linked to how first impressions are formed
Do YOU enjoy the misfortune of others? Then you may be a PSYCHOPATH!
Ecolabelling no help in sustainable seafood sales
Efforts to suck carbon from air must be ramped up
Few women told by doctor that breastfeeding can reduce cancer risk
Flu virus could evolve resistance to pandemic drug
Global Cooling Is Here
How the winter could prove deadly - Heart attack rates are highest when temperatures are below 0°C
Ian, after being vaccinated
Ice-age climate clues unearthed
Individual stress susceptibility and glucose metabolism are linked to brain function
Japanese Physic’s Professor: ‘The Globe Isn’t Warming Anymore’
Keeping phosphorus under control to improve the quality of patients with renal failure
Liverwort could have medicinal benefits of cannabis THC – without the high
Machine learning identifies antibiotic resistance genes in tuberculosis-causing bacteria
Moss Makes A Good Air Pollution Sensor
Multiple studies confirm that astaxanthin destroys cancer cells
New genetic pathways linked to severe lung disease in preemies
New study shows advertizing for alcohol is prevalent in UK television
Noise pollution from cargo ships could be killing off the love songs of humpback whales
Plastic to ride - Indonesians swap bottles for bus tickets
Pollution is to blame for up to 33million asthma-related A&E visits
Pork gelatine use in NHS vaccines 'disappointing'
Recent lawsuit says the chemical cocktail comprising Roundup is more toxic than just glyphosate on its own
Repeated interferon stimulation creates innate immune memory
Research shows that eating citrus fruits can reduce stroke risk
Research Will Employ Data Science to Determine Suicide Risk in Elderly
Researchers develop new devices to test retinal cells
Scientists uncover why knee joint injury leads to osteoarthritis
Scottish starfish have been feeding on plastic since 1976
Seaweed coffee cups could help ditch single-use plastics
Serotonin neurons contribute to fail-safe mechanism that ensures recovery from interrupted breathing
Sir David Attenborough's bid to save Scottish kelp
Smoke alarms using mother's voice wake children better than high-pitch tone alarms
Space travel alters the brain and can even affect astronauts' vision on long missions, study warns
Stem Cell Derived Parkinson’s Treatment Given To 10th Patient
Stress can impair memory, reduce brain size in middle age, study finds
Study finds glyphosate in cat and dog food
Study of 500,000 people clarifies the risks of obesity
Studying cellular fats reveals how to protect cells from the common cold
Surprising network activity in the immature brain
The Dark Story Behind Global Warming Aka Climate Change
The food supplement that ruined my liver
The HPV vaccine - Why parents really choose to refuse
The incidence of gastrointestinal disease increases with heat and cold
The Truth About “Fudged” Global Warming Computer Models
Trust in others predicts mortality in the United States
Vaccin victims - Ians voice
Where EU member states stand on upload filters and the “link tax”
Why do kids struggle to look up from devices? The answer is persuasive design.
Why Smartphone Dependence Is Ravaging a Generation

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