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Nederlandstalig nieuws

NL - 'Ballonbehandeling' kan spuiten bij suikerpatiënt wellicht voorkomen
NL - Berggorilla’s zijn verzorgende en behulpzame vaders
NL - Bestrijding geuroverlast ontbreekt bij integraal duurzame stallen
NL - Bij een grote stalbrand gaat altijd alle aandacht uit naar het leed van een boer
NL - Bij gebruik fluorochinolonen verhoogd risico op verwijding of scheur binnenwand aorta
NL - Brandstichting kan nog niet worden uitgesloten
NL - De doodsoorzaak van mensen onder de 40 moet standaard worden onderzocht
NL - De EU gaat wegwerp plastic verbieden om het wereld ‘plastic probleem’ op te lossen
NL - Dieet rijk aan visolie kan verspreiding en groei borstkankercellen vertragen
NL - Een compleet disrespect voor levende dieren die levend zijn verbrand
NL - Een gezin produceert jaarlijks zo’n tweeduizend kilo afval
NL - Een goed onderhouden verwarmingsketel kan levens redden
NL - Eerste 5G rechtzaak in Groot-Brittanië is gewonnen
NL - Evidencebased beleid
NL - Franse steden en milieuorganisaties dreigen met rechtszaak tegen Total
NL - Gewichtsverandering en vroege tekenen van knieartrose
NL - Het antikanker-effect van citroenmelisse
NL - Het is óf chemisch óf biologisch - een tussenweg is er niet
NL - Hoe kan het inkomen van arme boeren in ontwikkelingslanden wél stijgen?
NL - Hoe krijg je de plofkip op het menu in het Europees Parlement?
NL - Honden wreed geëuthanaseerd op Curaçao
NL - Illegale stroperij van neushoorns bedreigt mens en natuur
NL - In Medisch Centrum Leeuwarden haalt slechts 11 procent personeel de griepprik
NL - Instrumenteel gebruik van dieren moet stoppen
NL - Kachelbranche wil strengere normen tegen fijnstof
NL - Kamerbrief over aanpak vermijdbare sterfte in ziekenhuizen en patiëntveiligheid
NL - Kinderen besteden meer tijd aan smartphone dan aan buiten spelen
NL - Kindermishandeling geeft verhoogd risico op artritis op volwassen leeftijd
NL - Koolhydraatbeperking maakt bloedvaten enkel bij vrouwen soepeler
NL - Kopertekort doet vetcellen zwellen
NL - Limburgse wanbetaler heeft hond terug na inlossen schuld
NL - Medicatie is de derde grootse doodsoorzaak in de wereld
NL - Miljarden kilo's giftig as van afvalverwerkers als AEB kwijt
NL - Net gevaccineerd? Verspreidt die ziekte niet
NL - Nog nooit zeewier geproefd? Dan mis je iets!
NL - Terugroepactie Jakavi (15mg) wegens vervalsing
NL - Verschil in genotype heeft invloed op effect escitalopram
NL - Waarom legalisering van XTC gezondheidsschade en slachtoffers voorkomt
NL - Wat zijn de ervaringen van kinderen en jongeren in het aardbevingsgebied in Groningen?
NL - Waterbedrijven protesteren tegen duurder kraanwater
NL - Wintertijd - jetlag van een uur
NL - Ziekenhuizen Flevoland en MC Slotervaart vragen uitstel van betaling aan
NL - Zorgschip Zonnebloem kan niet meer over Rijn

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Massive censorship existing in a country that deplores censorship?
Pay attention to your body's master clock | Emily Manoogian
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The 15 year old who was severely injured by the HPV vaccine
The Amazing Benefits of Cauliflower
The Gary Null Show - 10.22.18
The Importance of Progesterone for Hot Flashes
The life of a sow on a factory farm...
The Meaning of Green: Ecolabels and Why We Celebrate Them
There Is Mercury In Your Tuna Fish And Swordfish, And Pharmaceutical Drugs In The Water
Wat is het effect van overdreven taalgebruik?
What if we KNEW Chronic Disease could be Reversed?
What is Behind the Bias in Mainstream News Coverage?
What should my blood sugar target be? by Dr Katharine Morrison
Zero Point Activation Code Triggered October to December 2018
Zo pakt Milou (23) viespeuk aan

Omega 3 vetzuren gewonnen uit algen

Internationaal nieuws

A broken heart can be fatal, new research suggests
Abdominal obesity common among women in rural Indonesia
Air pollution and noise increase risk for heart attacks
Air pollution leads to millions of ER visits for asthma attacks worldwide
Antipsychotic Drugs Don't Ease ICU Delirium Or Dementia
Arctic Sea Ice Thickness Increasing For Ten Years
As American Public Turned To Opioids, OxyContin’s Founder Tapped A Private Swiss Bank
Asbestos Imports Surge as Trump White House Moves to Keep Deadly Carcinogen Legal
Avoiding the hippocampus during whole-brain radiotherapy prevents cognitive side effects
Bayer Stock Crashes After Monsanto Cancer Verdict Upheld By Judge
Best supplements for the heart - the vegetable drink that could prevent hypertension
Big animals the key to reducing fire risk
Brain cancer - why killing the fastest growing cells may not be the only treatment
Brexit and pesticides
Cancer, Simian Virus 40 (SV40), and Polio Vaccine Fact Sheet
Celery is an underappreciated vegetable
Children are breathing dirty air – and parents are being left to fix it
Chinese State Newspapers Argue Over Genetically Modified Soybeans
Cholesterol — for a new life?
Climate and the Hysterical And Confused Media
Common genetic link found in lung conditions, study finds
De Aldi wil slechts 6 euro voor 19.5 kilo bananen aan kwekers
Diabetes warning - the exercises you should AVOID to prevent high blood sugar
Disclosure of payments by pharmaceutical companies to healthcare professionals in the UK
E-cigarettes and a new threat - How to dispose of them
Earlier puberty linked to mother's smoking during pregnancy
Flavoured capsule cigarettes pose a threat to smokefree goal
Football players' concussions linked to dyslexia gene
For the organic farmer - Chickens fed a low-protein diet with balanced amino acids are healthier
For the organic farmer - Grow healthier plants with organic fertilizer mixed with compost tea
Formaldehyde – not sulfur dioxide — may be the key to China’s stubborn problem of wintertime air pollution
Fracking at Lancashire site paused after seismic event detected
Free online casino games linked with higher risks of gambling problems for young people
Genetic Factors Impacting Nutritional Requirement
Glyphosate War Stirs Chemical Storm
Helping blood cells regenerate after radiation therapy
Helping others improves your mood in two different ways
Here's Fresh Evidence the Drug War Is a 'Horrific Failure'
How stress associated with social stigma affects autistic people
How to get rid of visceral fat
How to help protect yourself from vaccine administration injury
How your dog tells the time - Newly-discovered neurons in pets' brains can 'turn on like a clock'
Illegal’ attempt to weaken EU pesticides rules backed by UK could increase cancer risk
Imported pulses to be tested for glyphosate contamination
In Argentina, researchers collected up to 67,2 ugr glyphosate per liter of rain water
In breach of REACH - Europe’s chemical dieselgate
Insulin discovery a game-changer for improving diabetes treatments
Irish Famine victims' heavy smoking led to dental decay, new research reveals
Is hair loss a side effect of metformin?
Lead accumulation in shin bone may be associated with resistant high blood pressure
Legoland should be renamed ‘Deep Fried Crap Land’
Let's store solar and wind energy – by using compressed air
LibDem leader wants TV ads for sweet stuff banned
Managing high blood pressure in diabetics may prevent life-threatening organ damage
Many Supplements Still Contain Dangerous Stimulants
Mathematicians propose new hunting model to save rhinos and whales from extinction
Morning stiffness, hurting joints?
MRSA link to baby's death investigated
Mucus, cough and chronic lung disease - New discoveries
Natural mouthwashes clean your mouth just as well as chemical ones WITHOUT the side effects
Neuroscience Confirms Your Subconscious Shapes Your Reality
New combination treatment flips the switch on melanoma cells
New study finds harmful pesticides lurking in NYS homes
Normal function of ALS and dementia linked gene determined for the first time
Overuse of antibiotics 'risks return to dark ages of life-threatening surgery'
P&O cruise ship dumped 27,000 litres of waste on Great Barrier Reef, Senate hears
Painkillers during pregnancy can bring forward puberty in girls
People stay in unhappy relationships out of selflessness
Philip Morris anti-smoking ads slammed for hypocrisy – and it’s easy to see why
Power sector ‘concerned’ about new EU data privacy rules
Scientists Find Genetic Link to Deadly Pancreatic Cancer
Short questionnaire may detect GI disorder in autistic children
Study confirms association between breastfeeding and lower risk of maternal hypertension
Study reveals how the brain overcomes its own limitations
Study sheds light on differences between male and female fat tissue, and health
Study shows deep-sea creatures swallowing plastic since at least 1970s
Studying cellular fats reveals how to protect cells from the common cold
The 60 Minutes Fukushima nuclear infomercial
The antioxidant activity of artichoke (Cynara scolymus)
The Clear Skin Diet
The man trumpeting in favour of cow horns
The Relationship between Vitamin D and Periodontal Pathology
To keep your blood pressure in check, don't forget to brush and floss
Trump taps ex-Monsanto exec to lead wildlife agency
U.S. judge affirms Monsanto weed-killer verdict, slashes damages
Web scraping - How to harvest data for untold stories
Weniger Pestizide, mehr Bildung – Insektenforscher stellen Plan vor
What are the determinants associated with fasting hyperglucagonemia in type 2 diabetes?
What are the effects of black mold exposure?
What causes multiple sclerosis?
What keeps Arctic scientists awake at night?
What the flu does to your body, and why it makes you feel so awful
When you lose weight, where does the fat go?
Why coffee is an essential prepper item - even if you're not a regular coffee drinker
Why is my tongue burning?
Why washing your hands well is so important to protect your family from the flu

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