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Nederlandstalig nieuws

15 miljoen euro voor oplossing chronische rugpijn
Aantal medewerkers in zorg en welzijn groeit sterk
Afslanken met knoflook gaat zonder dieet en zonder spierverlies
Alcoholgebruik speelt een veel belangrijkere rol in evolutie dan eerst gedacht
Androidtelefoon verstuurt 340 keer per dag locatiedata naar Google
Boeren boos op Jumbo
Botulisme in Oostvaardersplassen, geen gevaar voor grote grazers
Consumenten beschermen door informatie te censureren
De kwaliteit van biologische wijnen is heel goed
De longen van Eindhoven
De mazelen-hype ontkracht
Digitale meter bedreigt zonnepanelen
Egels hebben het moeilijk door de droogte
Er gebeurt momenteel veel in de biologische bloemen
Gentse wetenschappers helpen immuuntherapie verder op punt zetten
Hoe kun je van binnenuit je huid voeden?
Ieder glas alcohol vormt gezondheidsrisico
In Argentinië regent het glyfosaat
Is te veel sporten slecht voor onze mentale gezondheid?
Klimaatmodellen zijn onbetrouwbaar
Kwart fysiotherapeuten twijfelt over contracteren
Laag niveau luchtvervuiling zorgt voor ernstige veranderingen in hart
Lianne Maan over laaggradige ontstekingen
LTO waarschuwt voor extreem gevaarlijke gassen uit maïs
Maatschappelijke onrust dreigt bij tekort Groningengas
Medisch onderzoek in de tang van multinationals - Geld gaat boven kwaliteit
Mens leeft gemiddeld jaar korter door luchtvervuiling
Moet de bureaustoel bij het grofvuil?
Nederlandse landbouw is helemaal geen lichtend voorbeeld voor de wereld
Regelen pgb en zorg voor gehandicapte kinderen jarenlange zoektocht
Regenwoud van Papoea ten dode opgeschreven
Smeltende IJszee legt Barentsz-route bloot, goudkoorts in Rusland
Stel op vakantie overlijdt vlak na elkaar
Sterke toename overdoses met pijnstiller oxycodon
Stop met weggooien van pasta, rijst en koffie waarvan de vervaldatum verstreken is
Te arm voor de tandarts
Wie zonnepanelen heeft, moet binnenkort een hogere elektriciteitsfactuur vrezen

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Video - Cancer Treatment Using These Minerals
Video - Cereal Giant General Mills Sued Over Glyphosate Residue
Video - Do Video Games Make You Violent?
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Omega 3 vetzuren gewonnen uit algen

Internationaal nieuws

A Global Environmental Threat Made in China
A story behind the Monsanto Cancer Trial — Journal sits on retraction
Air pollution is cutting the global life expectancy by up to TWO YEARS, worldwide study reveals
Anxiety, depression, other mental distress may increase heart attack, stroke risk in adults over 45
Apple patents device that constantly checks blood glucose levels
Bayer's Monsanto faces 8,000 lawsuits on glyphosate
Big tobacco has 'hoodwinked' governments worldwide and is secretly fuelling the black market
Big Tobacco is consistently overstating black market in cigarettes – new findings
Carbon emissions in African savannas triple previous estimates
Cardio exercise and strength training affect hormones differently
Caution needed when prescribing antibiotics to hypertension patients, study finds
Child dietary intake of folate and vitamin B12 and their neurodevelopment at 24 and 30 months of age
Chronic malnutrition in children - A new gut microbial signature
Chronic sinus inflammation associated with cellular changes
Climate change is melting the French Alps, say mountaineers
Curcumin alleviates colistin-induced nephrotoxicity and neurotoxicity in rats
Eat more blueberries to protect yourself from bacterial infections
For first time in 40 years, cure for acute leukemia within reach
Fresh and raw diets for dogs may have health benefits, study says
Friends who are former smokers are key to helping people with serious mental illness quit
From guts to glory - The evolution of gut defense
Gross Maladministration And The Illegal Entry Of GMOs Into India
Hangovers slow your brain down by lowering its electrical activity
High Prevalence of Diabetes in Those With Severe Mental Illness
History of heavy drinking linked to more aggressive prostate cancer
How hydrogen power can help us cut emissions, boost exports, and even drive further between refills
How sleep loss may contribute to adverse weight gain
How the temperature of your home could cause hypertension
How you can help fight the honey bee colony collapse disorder
Improving cell replacement therapy for Parkinson's disease
In battle over pesticide ban, Trump’s EPA aims to undermine the science
Introduction to the Optimized Brain, with Steven Kotler
Is Monk Fruit Sweetener Safe?
Kelp forests function differently in warmer oceans
Key brain processes are exactly the same regardless of sex
Menopause contributes to a decline in muscle strength - a crucial factor of functional independence in old age
Monsanto faces a surge in lawsuits following cancer ruling
Monsanto liable for Agent Orange damage, Vietnam reiterates
Monsanto-supported “coexistence” meeting focuses on bashing organic
Movement control - how our brain responds to unexpected situations
New biomarkers of inflammation identified as risk of polyneuropathy
New immunotherapy inhibits tumor growth and protects against metastases
New Technique Lets Us See Brain Cells Talk
On-again, off-again relationships might be toxic for mental health
Opponents to aerial spray of herbicides retain lawyer
Parents' behavior during playtime may affect toddler's weight later on
Pay attention to the 'noise' in your brain
Periodontitis and Platelet Count - a new potential link with cardiovascular and other systemic inflammatory diseases
Poor sleep makes you fat and weak by changing your DNA
Prison labor is modern slavery
Pro-vaccine media goes full conspiracy theory
Proteomic effects of wet cupping (Al-hijamah)
Researchers identify link between gut bacteria and eating for pleasure, as opposed to hunger
Rise in HPV-related cancers DESPITE rise in vaccine coverage
Scientists discover brain cells which can be activated to banish hunger and stop people overeating
Scientists find link between water pollution and morbidity in Murmansk region
Severe depression - Vagus nerve stimulator improves lives
Signaling cascade that repairs damaged nerve cells characterized
Suicides Are Increasing – And So Are Antidepressant Prescriptions
The molecular link between aging and neurodegeneration
The pathway to solving social media censorship – How President Trump can take on the tech tyrants
The Truth About E-Cigarettes And Teenagers
The youngest smoke more
To See Results on the Keto Diet, an Expert Says to Eat This Many Grams of Carbs
Turning agriculture waste into new industries
Two genes that regulate how much we dream
Two methods for measuring children's exposure to radio frequencies are compared
Vitamin D and calcium kidney stones
Vitamin D and tissue-specific insulin sensitivity in overweight/obese humans
Vitamin-rich diet tied to lower risk of frailty in older adults
What are the side effects of antibiotics?
What do Cochrane systematic reviews say about interventions for treating psoriasis?
What happens when a hurricane unleashes toxic chemicals?
White wine may be clouding both your head and the environment
Why are tropical forests so diverse? New study examines role of 'natural enemies'

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