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Nederlandstalig nieuws

Afhandeling schade door gaswinning in Groningen wordt volledig publiek
Alle Limburgse ziekenhuizen over budgetten zorgverzekeraars heen
Cliëntondersteuners kunnen niet onafhankelijk werken
Expert kindermishandeling - schaf falende verplichte screening af
Gemeenten teleurgesteld over opzet wietproef
Gemeentes willen weten hoe (on)gezond hun bevolking is
Gezond binnenklimaat als visitekaartje naar binnen čn buiten
Helft Utrechtse gemeenten heeft vuurwerkvrije zones, maar hoe zinvol is het?
Het beste afleidingsmanoeuvre om de wereld niet te redden
Het recht op de eigen voorhuid
Hoe Bulgaarse journalisten miljoenenfraude met EU-subsidies onthulden
Iedereen profiteert, behalve de boer
Jongeren met licht verstandelijke beperking online zeer kwetsbaar
Jongeren vullen leegte op in Amersfoorts verzorgingstehuis
Laagopgeleiden helpen meer in hun omgeving
Lage koolhydraatinname verhoogt metabolisme
Maakt Ototech einde aan bewegingsziekte?
Nieuwe woonwijk Vliegbasis Soesterberg moet zorgen voor natuurbehoud
Omstreden luchtwassers bij veehouderijen in Horst aan de Maas
Relatief veel kankersterfte in Nederland
Residuen van bestrijdingsmiddelen in bodem van ruim 80% van Europese landbouwgrond
Screening op kindermishandeling
Speciale games helpen kinderen met angsten en ADHD
Stichting Veteranen Search Team zoekt naar vermisten
Studenten van Comac voeren actie tegen samenwerking UGent met Monsanto
Tabaksindustrie ziedend om aanstaand preventieakkoord
Tablet maakt kinderen dik, slechtziend en onhandig
Tankers lozen elke dag illegaal kankerverwekkend gas vanaf de Waal
Veganisme niet bevorderlijk voor de botgezondheid
Verplichte digitale detox in dit vakantieresort op Bali
Voor acute klachten werkt onze huisartsenzorg prima, maar voor chronisch zieken niet




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5G and the TRUMP ADMINISTRATION.They want it deployed as fast as possible
Aquaponics Demonstration Farm in a Greenhouse Tour
Asparagus is a highly alkaline food for scrubbing out the kidneys, bladder and protecting liver heal
Breast Cancer Survivor Testimony on 5G Small Cell in Washington DC
Bunschotenaren zijn stank van biogascentrale helemaal zat
Covering Recent Fake News & Fake Science on GMO's, Fluoride, and Vaccines
Do GMO Crops Mean We Can Use Less Crops To Grow Them?
Farming + Land use Cause 24% of Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Fish Poachers Arrested
Hoe kan je veilig bruinen?
Music Therapy - Drumming away stress one beat at a time
Muziekvideo Oceanen - They can't go on without you
Prof Terry Hughes on plans to use fans and sunscreen to protect the Great Barrier Reef
Rods And Magnets To Treat Prostate Cancer
Scientists Alarmed at Mysterious Radioactive Heat Source Melting East Antarctica
Should I Workout While I am Fasting?
The dangers of environmental journalism
The Dirty Palm Oil Story
The Science of Sleep
Trump, Israel back 5G deadly genocide
Verizon, Crown Castle and Industry Panel at DC 5G Small Cell Hearing
VPRO Tegenlicht Meet Up 141 - Deep fake news
What Banana Color Is Best For Your Health?
Your Food Could Be PACKED With Inedible Wood Chips

Internationaal nieuws

Active and passive maternal smoking during pregnancy and risk of having a child with polydactyly
Agent Orange used as herbicide throughout the Kimberley
Aluminium in brain tissue in autism
An incredible window into the brain
Anabolic steroids may raise risk of premature death in men
Association between paternal smoking at the time of pregnancy and the semen quality in sons
Association of herpesviruses and stroke
Association of thirty-year alcohol consumption typologies and fatty liver
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Risk of Posttraumatic Stress and Related Disorders
Bleeding gums a glaring symptom of vitamin C deficiency
Breastfeeding and long-term maternal metabolic health in the HUNT Study
Caffeine in tea, coffee may be equally risky to fetus
Canadian researchers invent quick test for E. coli in food
Children with arthritis lack vitamin D
Cold temperatures set regional records for Thanksgiving
Could an anti-global warming atmospheric spraying program really work?
Curcumin promotes burn wound healing in mice
Dealing with the Family Trauma of Addiction
Effect of Flying at High Altitude on Early Exposure of Paracetamol in Humans
Endangered Species Being Slaughtered by Environmentally Friendly Wind Farms
EU Scientific Advice Mechanism in lockstep with US government, GMO lobby
Exploring causality of the association between smoking and Parkinson's disease
Food sources of fructose-containing sugars and glycaemic control
Genetic Link Found in Fatty Liver Disease
Greenhouse gas levels in atmosphere reach new record highs
Health benefits of ginger- especially for men
How a dust storm, and hazardous air quality, can harm your health
How can farmers produce more food without more pollution?
How do touchscreens affect toddlers’ play, learning and social skills?
How exercise can lessen the symptoms of menopause
Human ancestors not to blame for ancient mammal extinctions in Africa
Hypnotherapy could help relieve irritable bowel syndrome symptoms
Impact of Nicotine and Other Stimulants on Sleep in Young Adults
Increased risk of inflammatory bowel disease in families with tonsillectomy
Is it cruel to bring animals on a plane as 'emotional support'?
Life expectancy among women has stalled due to a 'rise in obesity'
Magnesium is essential for muscle health and recovery
Most US teenagers try weed before alcohol or cigarettes, study finds
Neuroprotective effects of vitamin D on high fat diet- and palmitic acid-induced enteric neuronal loss in mice
Neuroprotective role of astaxanthin in hippocampal insulin resistance
New Zealand’s north and south islands are moving closer together after 7.8-magnitude earthquake
One in EIGHT children have mental health problems
One in four women say taking the contraceptive has damaged their mental health
Over half of former intensive care patients suffer from anxiety, PTSD or depression
Phthalates exposure as determinant of albuminuria in type 2 diabetes subjects
Poorest dying nearly 10 years younger than the rich in 'deeply worrying' trend for UK
Potassium Iodide for Cutaneous Inflammatory Disorders
Pycnogenol Protects against Pentylenetetrazole-Induced Oxidative Stress and Seizures in Mice
Research Shows Static Physical Activity More Beneficial Than Dynamic
Risk of exposure to air pollution among British children with and without intellectual disabilities
Scientists Give Humans Ability To Sense Earth’s Magnetic Field
Share more DNA to protect your privacy in databases
Shifting focus from catching cheats to positive education is key to protecting clean sport
Smart toilets could spot diseases, says health expert
Some climate scientists still struggle to cope with people who disagree
Study Doesn't Support Widespread Use of Statins in Elderly Patients
Study Finds GMO Corn Lacks Nutritional Value
Sugar Addiction - From Evolution to Revolution
Super-high levels of toxic aluminum found in brains of autistic patients
Temperatures are so hot, that Arctic sea ice extent is rapidly increasing
The Case for a Low-Carb Diet Is Stronger Than Ever
The effect of coenzyme Q and selenium on kidney in rats
The personality traits which mean men have the most sex
Things Have Gotten So Stupid, We’re Now Politicizing Food
Tube 'junk food' advert ban announced by London mayor
US state cigarette tax increases and smoke-free legislation in relation to cigarette expenditure |
across household socioeconomic circumstances
We have weaker bones than our hunter-gatherer ancestors
What do psychopaths and creatives have in common?
Why Japan finds coal hard to quit

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